ZZ Loses His Top & Henry Suffers Yet Again…

What Can You Say About That?

What a crazy World Cup Final! I fancied the Italians before the game but it was the French who finished the game stronger and probably should have won the game before penalties. But what most people will talk about is the moment of sheer madness from Zinedine Zidane in the 110th minute.

After a seemingly nothing incident with Marco Materazzi the French captain just turned to the tall Italian defender and gave him a vicious headbutt to the chest!


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the incident – totally insane!

And the more you see it the worse it gets!

It is debatable whether Zidane’s absence would have made a difference to the penalties but he would have surely taken one and we’ll never know if it would have changed the outcome.

The fact is that the Italians are now World Champions which is an amazing achievement considering all the turmoil that’s happening back home.

And Fabio Cannavaro lifts the World Cup after winning his 100th cap for Italy.

And for Thierry Henry another major final ends in cruel defeat.

First he suffered to the hands of Barcelona in the Champions League Final after leading for so long with 10 men and then tonight he lost out on his second World Cup trophy on penalties.

The 2005/2006 season ends in despair for Titi.

And I have to say I haven’t been a fan of Raymond Domenech’s tactics used for Franch and Thierry Henry throughout the tournament.

Henry has been so isolated in every World Cup game it was untrue. Because of Zidane’s age and lack of pace he never got close enough to Titi to give him any real support and the wide players Ribery and Malouda are very average players.

France really missed a player like Pires who would have given France so much more creativity in a 5 man midfield.


14 thoughts on “ZZ Loses His Top & Henry Suffers Yet Again…

  1. Maybe if Henry wasn’t such an arrogant twat, I would feel bad for him.

    2 Finals, 2 unimpressive performances. He ain’t no World Class player.

  2. Well I for one thought it was a fantastic headbutt, I mean he delivered it with such amazing power and thrust… lol. Seriously, it was a joke, a disgrace, and in those brief exchanges – Materazzi must have really said something to piss him off because you just don’t DO THAT!! I hope that ppl remember him for being “the master” of the beautiful game not for being “the lunatic and martial arts master” of the beautiful game.

  3. Ryan,

    I’m surprised your mum let you stay up. How come you didn’t take the opportunity to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants?

  4. ryan is the biggest nonentity i’ve ever known as a football fan. what does he even know about henry that he’s making such derogatory statement about the king . a couple of questions for you twat.
    1. is arsenal ( where the team is built around henry ) the same team as france (where the team is built around zidane ).
    2. is arsene wenger raymond domenech or roger lemerre.
    food for thought.

  5. I take it your saying a “Player like Pires” meant a player like, and not PIRES!

    And this entire argument of Henry not being used properly is all in the minds of excuse-making Arsenal fans.
    He didn’t play well, simple as.

    Ribery, average?
    What more could you have wanted.
    Next you’ll say Fabregas was brilliant.

  6. I think Zidane is a legend – brilliant headbutt!

    Not like Figo’s little pansy headbutt – Zidane really pole-axed Materazzi! F*cking brilliant! He could have just had a sly dig at him but no, he went for the blatant smash to the chest!

    What a way to go! “F*ck everyone!” he was thinking and he just didn’t give a f*ck.

    Zidane has gone up in my estimations!

  7. Great Head-butt – have a look at this link to see what caused it.

    A Nipple Cripple – who would have thought such an ‘old school’ move would win the world cup.


    I thought Henry had a better game – although the system just doesn’t work for him and playing with Zidane is never going to work. Zidane slows thing far to much for Henry.

    Lots of speculation about Ribery which I think would be a great signing. we will see – the next couple of weeks should be busy – let’s hope so.

    As for you Ryan – You are a Tool of the most useless variety, a clown from a family of clowns, a spinning bow tie wearing, large shoed, mini fire engine driving, bucket of tinsle throwing smoker of cock.

  8. I enjoy a good head butt! as long as the player is punished for it, which he was. surely this confirms that use of video footage can be used at the top level of football to get decisions correct.

    I will still remember Zidane as being the player he was when I think about him in years to come. this was nothing other than a footnote of a glittering career.
    at least Zidane caused the italians some pain…

    anyone know what was wrong with Henry when he came off?

  9. Why am I not surprised about any “Ribery” speculation, although I must say I was impressed with him?
    A great head-butt from a great player, he always did things with style, so he could no longer reach the heights of yesteryear with his feet, “so like all great player he used his head”.

  10. ribery wouldn’t add anything to our team! we’ve already got van persie, rosicky, reyes, freddie and hleb who play wide so why woud we want him?

    it’s just paper talk!


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