Exclusive: Emirates Stadium Photographs

The Emirates Stadium: It Looks Phenomenal!

I’ve just found a couple of links that show some great photographs of the New Emirates Stadium. Not sure if you guys have seen these but I thought I’d post them up for you anyway!

Emirates Stadium Photographs – 12th June
Emirates Stadium Photographs – 20th June

And there’s also some great shots taken by the Official Arsenal Photographer that can be seen here.

There are two galleries, dated the 12th and 20th of June so you might have already seen them but I haven’t so I thought I’d share them just in case you haven’t.

From the pictures it looks totally state-of-the-art and I’ve been to places like The Nou Camp and The Millennium Stadium but Arsenal’s new home looks better than those!

I’ll be seeing you guys at Mr Bergkamp’s testimonial! 😀


10 thoughts on “Exclusive: Emirates Stadium Photographs

  1. I’m going to the testimonial to the best Arsenal player in my lifetime as well (I’m only 12!!!) 😀

  2. The guy has posted many more than that – he has pictures going to July !!

    Click on the second link here, and change the 9 at the end to an 11 – shows you inside Diamond Club and more around stadium

  3. Get with the program man! These pics have been around for months, Scouse Dave has posted pic sets up to emirates11.

    How can you claim “exclusive” in your header, when these pics have done a full 76,365 laps of the internet? Pretty much every arsenal site has had these photos many times over.

  4. its true. these photos have been round the block more times than zidanes sister (allegedly).
    but perhaps arsenal4life is not as sad as the rest of us and doesn’t spend his days trawling the internet for the slightest sniff of exciting Arsenal news, at the worst time of the year!

  5. What a bunch of saddos 🙂 Thanks for the pics info – first time I’ve seen them, but then I’m not an internet junkie! Stadium is looking awesome!


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