Wingers, Wingers, Everywhere….

The latest transfer speculation confuses me – we’ve been linked with numerous wingers, including Javier Saviola, Franck Ribery (although now his agent denies it), and the latest transfer talk is a £5.5 million bid for Chievo Verona winger Franco Semioli.

Although we’ve lost Robert Pires in the summer to Villarreal, we have brought in Tomas Rosicky who can either play in the hole or on the wing. We also have Jose Antonio Reyes – who I think will still be at Arsenal this coming season, Alexander Hleb, Freddie Ljungberg and even Robin van Persie can play wide.

So it doesn’t make sense to me.

After having decent World Cups, Rosicky and van Persie will be looking for first team places this season, Hleb has gradually improved throughout his first season in England and even Theo Walcott will be getting a few first-team opportunities this season.

We don’t need anymore attacking players – Wenger has been grooming the likes of van Persie, Jose Reyes and Walcott to make an impact soon. And don’t forget they’re still kids!

In other news, the new Real Madrid President is yet talking b*llocks again after he said Cesc Fabregas would sign for them. Cesc has turned around and told basically told Real that they can f*ck right off and he’s staying at Arsenal.

Good lad!

And it appears that Cashley Cole is getting married to Girls Are Loud singer Cheryl Tweedy tomorrow, but he has apparently snubbed Arsene Wenger and not invited the Arsenal Manager.

A real nice way to thank the man who gave him his first ever start for the Arsenal first team.

With his upcoming book where he apparently blasts Arsenal for their treatment of him during the Chelski scandal you really have to wonder what the f*ck the guy is doing.

He’s not exactly a fans favourite anymore and to keep pushing Arsenal and their fans just seems totally ludicrous thing to do!

He’s a decent player and at the end of last season things seem to have settled but if he wants to keep taking the p*ss then Wenger should kick him out of the club.

But he’s only one of two English players in the squad isn’t he?

If it was up to me, like most Arsenal fans I wouldn’t be bothered if the versatile Mathieu Flamini was our left back for the start of the Emirates Era.

Cashley can go and join the Galactic Olds!


35 thoughts on “Wingers, Wingers, Everywhere….

  1. Don’t be confused, just remember that it is just speculation, nothing more. I suggest you block out the media for the nesxt few weeks or else your brain might suffer irreparably.

  2. Should you be running this sort of website when you are so ignorant that you think Saviola is a winger?

    Wise up. And realise that 95% of the speculation is pure tabloid bullsh*t. Wenger will not be buying any Wingers because we already have Reyes, Rosicky, Hleb and Ljungberg, so why would he?

  3. i still don’t believe ashley wants to leave, but if indeed he really wants to go then he is very free to do so as no single player, no matter how big he feels he is, can or should hold arsenal or arsene to ransom. i believe in professor wenger to unleash his magic in that position, remember we still have clichy and flamini. GUNNERS 4 LIFE.

  4. i love reading your articles. you are 1of da few arsenal fans that i can relate to. however i must disagree with what you said about not signing another attacker. i think saviola wont fit into our team as we need more of a box striker not a deep lying striker as like you said we have reyes and van persie. but ljungberg is injury prone reyes inconsistent i dont think it would be any harm signing ribery. but more importantly we should be signing a centre back. get back with your thoughts.

  5. Ashley Cole can go to Real or Chelsea – Flamini got us to the Champions League final and what happened when Cole played?

    We bloody lost!

  6. I have to agree with you on this! We certainly dont need attackers with Bendtner, lupoli and Ryan Smith will also be given a few more oppertunities this season. Dont forget Alliadier is back as well! If we can keep our players fit then left wing Rosicky, right wing Hleb and Henry with partner Van Persie will have opposition crapping in their pants!!!

    What we need is a decent defensive midfielder to fill the hole Gilberto leaves if he is either injured or has another inconsistent season and another Central Defender to make sure we never have to call on Cygan!!

  7. does anyone else think that as usual arsenal won’t bring in any more players for next season? it seems like the same old story every year.

    the only position we need to strengthen is at the back, but next season we’ll have lauren & eboue at right back, cole, clichy & flamini at left back, senderos, toure, hoyte, gilbert & er… cygan at centreback.

    i reckon mr wenger will just give it a go with what we’ve got!

  8. Ashley Cole is a cunt. Why? 2004 Arsenal went unbeaten and won the title as we know. Less than a year later in early 2005, he meets up with Mourinho because Chelsea are about to win the league. Says he loves Arsenal and one day would like to be captain. What a cunt. Just because Arsenal were having a shit season, he wanted out. If it was now he did it, I wouldn’t blame him after Arsenal’s shit season domestically last term. Point is, he wasted no time in wanting out. Greedy, two faced bastard. Hope Sheryl sits on his cock and snaps it. Giving him pain and a fractured cock..

  9. Saviola certainly can play as a wing forward as evidenced for the Argies this past WC and anyway, at 24 he could still be “wengered” and made to play anywhere in that forward line.

    No need for the likes of Ribery though Curtis Davies would be nice. Maybe Thuram for CL but not for more than a year – in prem he would be diced by top pace…

  10. Saviola is a striker naturally, but he could also play as a winger. The author was not entirely wrong there. Why the bashing?

  11. yeah thuram would get done in the prem by the pace of Roberts,Drogba and Bellamy……Idiot , check who he dealt with at the world cup again….Ronaldo,Torres,Toni and he also don’t do too bad in Serie A week in week out …..idiot , Saviola is not a wing forward as thats one of the reasons he’s leaving Barca , they wanted him there last year , he’s a central forward , Wenger would never use him wide….fucking idiots that have no knowledge …go support spurs.

  12. But all you ever wibble on about Gelbs is how we MUST have English players! (Given England’s brilliiant WC showing I can see why, what spiwit.

  13. The bashing is because a) its speculation about Saviola b) one of his main reasons for leaving Barca was because they wanted to use him as a wing forward c) you should research before posting on a site viewable to thousands…..

  14. Never said we MUST buy English. Just replace the shit like Cygan with it. Doesn’t matter what nationality a player is, if he treats the club like shit, he should be sold or rot in the reserves until their contract runs out.

  15. He`s leaving because they dont need him. Lets see him play wide next season and then restart this debate. IDIOT chump. Thuram would not last in a new lg which is 3 times faster than Serie A for an entire season – is that not a reasonable suggestion?


  16. Let’s save our anger on each other. Let’s get crash Cole’s wedding and do him up the arse with Chelsea flag. That way, his arsehole be so sore he won’t be able to run..

  17. Cashley can stick it, The Arsenal are bigger than any player ask Henry, Cole is not Worthy of the Red shirt, however he should remember what happened to Viera And other leavers over the past few seasons. He is pussy whipped what Cheryl says goes little C**t, sell him and buy Curtis a proper man not a F**king boy

  18. Please do me a favour – Ashley Cole is one of our best players – don’t keep on going on about him. There’s not one of you who wouldn’t be attracted by new employees who offered a good wage increase. Stop being hypocritical.
    Ash has given alot to Arsenal and IS the best left back in the world. Be proud of him. If you want to have a go, get rid of the Barca brat Fartigas.
    I can’t believe giving him Pv4’s shirt – he’s not even fit to kiss his boots.

  19. What bollocks. What’s the major difference between 70k a week or 120,000k a week? What can you get with 120,000k that you can’t 70k? Football isn’t a normal job. In fact, it isn’t a job. It is a laugh, and a hobby. These cunts know nothing about the real world. Overpayed fuckers.

  20. You Unnatural Mother fcucker, Cesc is the MOST CREATIVE PLAYER of his generation. He is the NEXT MARADONA. Cashley cole is just above average. Or as good as Kerrea Gilbert or Clichy. I don’t care if he join Chelsea, We will be stronger with Clichy, Kerrea Gilbet, Justine Hoyte. Hoyte has better attitude and pacier than Cole

  21. We have enough talent to cover all positions, including a defensive midfielder – Lauren, Gilberto and Song.

    CB’s we have a few of those as well, and some that can play a couple of games there in case of injury….

    If we buy a striker, who will sit, Henry, Van Persie, or Adebayor? We have 3 4th choice strikers – Lupoli, Bendter and Aliadiare. So they will stand in front of the progress of these youngsters….

    I reckon that Wenger is going to stand firm this year. Where else would he possible strengthen?

  22. if cole is about to jump ship (as looks increasingly likely) and campbell has gone, our english contingent just disappeared…. maybe that is no bad thing if our national team are anything to go by

    i will be sad about ashley is he goes… i really think he’s a good player but he is incredibly greedy and has no morales… a dangerous combination in anyone as stupid as him
    i understand that it started with his agent trying to up his wages, which is perfectly reasonable, but it spiralled out of control and he has ended up fucking himself, the fans and everyone else up the arse (with his mobile)

  23. Well it was Vieira that told Cole to talk to Chelski, so it’s no surprise he was sold to Juventus last season.

    Maybe the days of loyalty of the likes of Henry and Cesc are just a rarity these days – all footballers are just out for themselves!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Cesc wanted to jump ship in a couple of seasons if we don’t win anything – it’s when a team is struggling that you find out about what the player is really thinking, i.e. Chelsea rent-boy Cashley Cole!

  24. I will sell that cheating cunt Cole.Tweedy and Victoria will love in Real.I will get my 25 mil and sign Torres,Davies and Ribery

  25. We just can’t/won’t sell Ash to Cheatski—he will go abroad or not go at all. He can sit and rot in the reserves

  26. Love Ashley Cole and would love him to stay, but he’s starting to piss me off bleating about how Arsenal have stitched him up. He went to an illegal (in football terms) meeting meeting and had illegal negotiations. You were caught red handed Ash, it was you doing the stitching so stop being a nob and playing the victim. With Dennis going I don’t see that we have anyone to play that deeper role – maybe Rosicky?? Or maybe Saviola? Rosicky has said himself that he prefers to be played central rather than wide, so maybe everyone’s mistaken thinking he’s Pires replacement. Above anything else though we need a Centre Half, esp wih Swiss Tony out for the start and a Central midfielder who can win tackles and get stuck in. Otherwise it doesn’t matter if we sign Pele or Maradona, the like sof Bolton and Blackburn will kick our arses off the pitch again and we’ll end up fighting the Yids for 4th!! Sound familiar???

  27. lets sell cashley and use the money to buy someone who wont piss off arsenal and snub arsene. the greedy cole can go join ranks and sulk with the rest of the benchwarmers at chelski HAHa. speaking of sales i hope we sign buffon and cannavaro with the cashley income

  28. we only have 1 out and out winger at arsenal now, Reyes. He is the only sort of player we have who will take on defenders and burst down the wing, to deliver a great cross. Ljungberg used to be able to do this job but his legs are going and he is becoming much more less potent. So maybe we need a new right sided winger? Hleb and Rosicky play as Fabs wud play on the flank.. that is, as a right sided midfielder, very different from a winger. Wingers Wingers everywhere? we have 1


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