Cole’s Lucky We Have No Defenders…

Cashley Cole Can F*ck Right Off…

Arsene Wenger has spoke out about Cole and said he wants him to stay at the club, even though the stupid tw*t is hell bent on moving and just about p*ssing off every one at Arsenal at the same time.

Where does this guy get off?

The only position we are stuggling at the moment is at the back. Philippe Senderos is out for up to 3 months, Sol Campbell left us this summer and Lauren & Eboue could be doubts for the start of the new season.

And Cashley knows it.

And another reason why he’s getting away with what he wants is because he’s English.

A lot has been made about the lack of English players at Arsenal and with the departure of Campbell only Cole and Theo remain. With Theo unlikely to start many games next season Cole knows that his ‘English-ness’ is a major factor in not being dropped.

Even Arsene Wenger has said publicly that he wants Cole to stay.

Why the hell would you want this idiot to stay after what he’s been up to? After all, we have Clichy and Flamini who are more that capable replacements.

And we could get at least £15 million for Cole!

Any other manager would kick him out of the team, regardless of talent – examples include Cantona at Leeds, Stam & Beckham at United and even Mutu at Chelski.

Some people are saying Wenger is just saying he wants Cashley to stay to make sure we get the best possible price.

Who knows?


10 thoughts on “Cole’s Lucky We Have No Defenders…

  1. Sell the c*nt – but not to chelsea. Do a deal with Real or whoever to get the best price and/or players in exchange. There’s no way we should sell to our domestic competition.

  2. This is all bollocks, the deal is already done (other then the right price) why do you think Chelsea went for the over the hill Brazilian.
    Because they know we won’t sell to them!!!!

    Oh please lets have no winging fuckers on this blog, Coles a greedy backstabbing cunt with the morals of an ally cat & that’s the end of it, “no debate”.

  3. Agreed Mohan. Wenger’s got to be setthing right now as much as we all are. But I hear that Clichy’s doubtful (again) for the start of the season. Does he start Gilbert, Toure, Hoyte, and Flamini? Or Cygan instead of Hoyte. I’m shuddering. It has to be Thuram as Wenger claims we’re priced out of Davies deal. I’m getting a bad feeling about all of this. But Who knows, maybe Connolly is ready for 1st team, at 19 though? I suppose Adams and Senderous were up to it.

  4. Flamini. But he’s got an inflammation in his foot as well. We’ve got great depth at FB, but injuries are doing us in.

  5. Have to agree with everyone!
    Little ungrateful cunt! Wasn’t it only last season he said he wanted to be Arsenal Captain one day… Good way to go about it!
    Even if he doesn’t get on with anyone at board level, keep you head down, play your heart out, win back the fans and who knows…
    But no, he has to keep on with these poxy appeals after been found guilty 3 times by different panels, claim he’s gonna launch a Bosman type claim against us & the football world (WAAAAHHH)… NOW THIS!!
    Best left back in the world, or not, FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR CLUB!! (just not to Chavski)

  6. Can someone please explain to me why we now seem to have no money for transfers? For ages now we have been told that the budget for the stadium was seperate and that AW has quite a transfer kitty at his disposal. Now, spending is limited to net 12m a year. No Juventus players because the wages are too high, and we are not going to make any major signings during the remainder of this summer. I personally feel that we need to splash the cash, and I’m a little concerned. Perhaps we need to seel the tit Cole to get some cash?

  7. We need to buy some defenders and quick! Especially at centre-back, with Senderos out for 3 months!

    We should swap Cole for Gallas and Arsenal & Chelsea would both be happy!


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