Which Name & Number Did You Go For?

Hleb’s Time To Shine…

Just bought my brand new Arsenal home shirt and had HLEB 13 printed on the back. I really think (and hope) that this guy is really going to be a major star in our team next season!

Lasy year I had FABREGAS 15 on the away shirt and HENRY 14 on the redcurrant kit. The away kit is staying the same except for the ‘Fly Emirates’ logo on the front so I won’t bother getting the new away strip – even though Cesc has changed his number to 4 this season. Do’h!

Last Season’s Shirt With Fabregas 15…

So which name and number did you go for on the back of your new Arsenal shirt? Or did you even bother with one at all?


56 thoughts on “Which Name & Number Did You Go For?

  1. I have BERGKAMP and 10 on my new shirt!

    Dennis is still the MASTER and I will miss him! I will buy my Bergkamp shirts for the next years to come aswell!

  2. I thought these shirts were not due for release until after today. I pre-ordered mine from the club shop ages ago and have still not received it yet 🙁

    Not going to put a name on mine though.

  3. Just “GOONER TILL I DIE” for me…
    I’ve had that twice, on me shirts, on each time we’ve won the double (98 & 02)… so if we do get our 4th double this season, you know were you read it first… Suppositious B.S. i know…

  4. im thinking no.14 with ‘Titi’ on the back…henrys nicknames..are they going to release another new kit this season?

  5. the club screw enough money out of the fans with the season ticket… double the price of Utd….

    we should get a free shirt with every renewal…

    the shop apparently is selling a lot of “Cunt 3” shirts, though

  6. i’m buying a shirt for my little brother. what do you think i shud get put on it. i was thinkin FAB 4 or Van Persie 11 but then again he is obsessed with henry – lyk all little kids..But he’s got the henry 14 last year


    Can’t you see the big picture at the top of the article or are you blind?

    I usually get something stupid. (Those of you that go may have seen me with always outnumbered never outgunned in our invincibles season?)

  9. Hope AW pulls a great transfer coop and fcuck Barcelona…I believe there is only one player in the world who can as good replace DB10. So keeping my figers crossed for.. Ronaldinho 10 in a red and white of my beloved Arsenal……

  10. Yeah and I was hoping we could build a time machine and sign Cruyff circa 1976, Maradona circa 1986, Pele 1962, Tony Adams 1994, Beckenbauer 1974 and John Jensen. Like to see Chelski try to compete with that!

  11. Ronaldinho should grace the Premiership before the end of his career – after all he’s won everything he could want at Barca.

    Wouldn’t want to know what his buy-out clause would be though!

  12. 3 Shirts with BERGKAMP 10 for me!

    1 for playing football
    1 for watching football
    1 for the rest of the day

  13. Number 5? WHOOOO!!!!! Cheaper for me then : )

    So Toure 5, Senderos 6? Keown and Adams Anyone?


  14. Not worthy – the barca brat Fartigas isn’t fit to kiss Vieira’s boots let alone have his shirt – I’m totally disgusted with AW – he must have a thing about young dark haired Spaniards [cos Reyes and Farty are useless in the rough and tough of the premier league

  15. You realise the Arsenal club shop no longer prints the official player size letters and numbers. The letters should be 3″ tall and numbers 10″. The ones in the shop today were smaller (as they have been the previous 2 seasons). Dunno why they stopped doing the usual ones!

    Gonna order the shirt from a site on the web that I know will print the correct numbers. ROSICKY & 7!!! IN!!!!!

    : -)

  16. Gas, why don’t you give it up? You’re either a Barca supporter mad at him for leaving despite the fact that if he didn’t he still wouldn’t be in their first team. Or you’re a jilted girlfriend.

  17. has anyone got the shirt they pre-orded from arsenal.com?? bcos i orderd mine ages ago and it still hasent came!:(

  18. Bergkamps number 10 will not be given away for the next 2 or 3 seasons! Wenger says, that shows the respect for Bergkamp! They should have had retired the number 10!

  19. no my last year away 1 i got cygan 18, and on the away 1 i got sabastien larson, on this 1 im hoping for ashley cole or maybe pascal crygan again his our heart ov the defence, if only we broght djimi traore and glen johnson and knight from fulham .. that wud b such a gd defence
    traore — crygan — knight — johnson


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