Transfer Disaster For Arsenal By Doing Nothing!

Not really a great day for Arsenal in the transfer market.

Today we found out that Barcelona have bought Lilian Thuram and Gianluca Zambrotta from Serie B Juventus.

That means Arsenal won’t be buying the experience they need at the back that Thuram would have offered, especially with Senderos out for 3 months and the surprise loan of Kerrea Gilbert to Cardiff City.

And the Zambrotta deal to Barca also means we’ll even weaker at the back, since he was a Chelsea target.

With Asier Del Horno moving to Valencia, and another left-sided player Damien Duff looking certain to complete a move to the Magpies, it looks certain that Cashley is off to Stamford Bridge.

Losing out on Thuram, loaning Gilbert and losing Cole when we’re weak at the back as it isn’t a good day for the Arsenal!


40 thoughts on “Transfer Disaster For Arsenal By Doing Nothing!

  1. thats harsh of you calling Ashley that way…he’s unsettled thats all because of the directors proble, Arsene will bring him back

  2. No that isnt, not harsh in the slightest. He talks to Chelsea behind our back,wants to leave. So we offer more money, he still wants to leave. All this, we havent backed him enough is bullshit, we’ve always been behind him. Evene when the Chelsea stories came out

  3. that was spot on mate!!!
    but surely if he lets cole and gilbert go for the season then Wenger may have a youngster up his sleeve or maybe an experienced defender you never know. We are always in for Trabelsi each year and i could see us moving for someone like Chivu or Davies. You have to keep faith in arsene because he was been right on so many other transfers. I jus think that he mite be being a sly little man, and have a secret plan up his sleeve

  4. agreed.
    He has something up his sleeve.
    Davies can play left back and of course center back, so that would be good.
    I think we bay be in for Trabelsi for free (contract runs out in a bit) AND davies.
    With the unbeatable backline of..

    Eboue (Lauren)……Davies(Senderos) Toure (Cygan, the great)….Clichy (Trabelsi)

    The young and expeirienced combination works great for defences.

  5. alway love wenger he’s world class all the way, a little slow but i think he’ll bring in some player.cause he know this year arsenal can keep up with chelsea or even win it too who know with little luck anything can happen
    any how this year i feel that arsenal will be very strong than most people think with rosicky it’s gonna be great year so just hole on people

  6. Flamini – Cygan (Senderos) – Toure – Eboue / No problem. This lineup killed last season. So we loose Cole? Did he even play a full match last year? ..and Campbell? Do we even want him?

  7. I might be a bit pissed but I think Wenger wants players who are hungry and want to fight week in week out – and that means young players who want to prove themselves.

    Cole is still a class player but thinks he’s the dogs b*llocks like most of the England players. If he wasn’t so much up his own arse he’d still be useful to us.

    But as it is he wants the celebrity and is shagging that Girls Aloud bird – he wants to be flash like Beckham! And we all know how that ends!

  8. Cashley can fuck right off, now matter how good he is, no player is bigger then our club, and that;s how it always will be.If we sign Davies we will have a young, determined backline, ready to fight for the badge, and thats what we need.

  9. Gilbert’s loan is fine by me. He needs the experience, and we’ll have to be in a very bad situation if we miss him, since we have Eboue, Lauren and Hoyte.

    Wenger promised us one or two signings, so lets wait and see. If he doesn’t miss out on his transfer targests like last summer (with Robinho and Baptista), then we should be more than ok.

  10. i think arsenal need to look at the weak area in the squad and go and spend because alot of the over team in the league are taking advantage on the transfer window like for example chelsea and man utd.
    And if players are looking to leave arsenal then we are going to need players that can fell that role and i am backing arsenal to do well this season but it would make me feel better if arsenal did buy 3 or 4 players that have experience

  11. hmmmmm i ll be blunt cos i just got home n im a little bit pissed , FUCK ASHLEY COLE, what a complete CUNT , im an arsenal fan n id play for them for free let alone the wages he gets paid , im affraid the little prick has forgotten what being a real person is like since he bedded his girlfriend (now wife)who likes beating up toilet attendants …. we all know the story, ….. maybe they both have summit to hide? huh asley call me on my mobile….. the worst thing about it is arsenal fans were starting to forget … never forgive…. his little meeting with chelsea (wankers) which WAS illegal in football terms … (who did the dirty ash? ) n we all defended him over alleged gay strories … but now my loyalty towards him feels betrayed …. so i hope he has a little think to himself , realises he never got us to the champions league final, n shut the fuck up . i beg you no one buy his book what on earth could this jumped up prick tell us about anything , his girlfriend is a gold digger n hes a ignorant cunt who doesnt realise a good thing when he s got it . unless of course it involves a nokia n some vaselene? …… i have one last thing to say, wenger if ur reading this or n e one who knows him please pass on the message…. sign me up . id play for free …. not much of a player but i have an idea… (this is of course a useable tactic in any match but in the eventuality of cashley dirty filthy fucking cunt cole going to chelsea ….. put me in ur squad…. 91st min sub I WILL BREAK HIS LEGS INTO PIECES , as long as u pay my fine fron the fa its cool . my pleasure. just think about it … now that would be sweet for any TRUE (i hope your reading ashley cos ur definately not ) GUNNER . please arsene let me fuck that wanker up : )
    if u read all of this cheers … if ur on ashleys side fuck yourself

    gunners for life …. lets not give that mug of a leftback the honour of playing in the best stadium in the country (in my mind the world) heres to new sucess at ashburn grove
    nice one … matt

  12. It was Arsene Wenger who pampered us by winning the trophy, leading us to our 1st Champions League final, bringing on world class player to this club and revolutionize the whole Arsenal, and now fans like yrself moaning about the lack of activity in the transfer market by us. Wow, simply wow.

    We still have 40 odd days before the transfer windows closed, and Thuram nvr been interested with Arsenal in the first place, even Juve relegated, he has been mouthing his desire to join Barcelona from the day 1. Arsene has promised at least 1 more signing, and i trust him.

  13. Arsene will force Cashley to stay @ least until January (more signings then probably Gigi Buffon!) Le Boss will come through with his promise of 1 or 2 more signings. There are 3 reasons the transfer merry go round hasn’t stopped at The Grove yet; 1: DB 10’s testamonial 2: Davis transfer taking longer to resolve due to final price so could go for Mexes 3: Other negotiations waiting for players from the world cup to finish holidays in the sun!! Gooners be patient … The squad we have is young but gaining experience, yes we do need centre back cover, but we already have Kolo Toure, Philippe Senderos, Pascal Cygan (ha! ha!) & Johan Djourou. So just one more should do it!

  14. If Ashley Cole goes, well hats up to him, which means hes betrayed the club and fans, Arsene should stump up the cash for Curtis davis, we are running out of time, we have lost out on Thuram which would have been nice to have as he is experienced, Senderos id out so we need to fill the void and centre and left back.

    I do trust Arsene though.

    Heres to good things to come at the Emirates stadium, the best satdium in the world in my eyes

  15. Arsenal were never in for these players, and were never interested in these players.

    Therefore Arsenal haven’t missed out on anything.

    Stop believing what your told by the media.
    So far we have been linked with every player under the sun and Arsenal haven’t been interested in any of them

    Even when Wenger comes out and says publically that Arsenal will NOT be going for any players from clubs involved in the match fixing case, everyone STILL continue to believe we are after the likes of Buffon, Thuram and Zambrotta.

    The only signing Arsenal have made the press totally missed until the day of the signing…I think that says it all. They are too busy writing rumours with no truth to see any real sales going on.

    But quite why people still continue to believe them and talk as if we have missed out on these players is beyond me.
    Has no one learnt anything ?????

  16. Well all i can say is wait to the transfer window closes, it will speak for itself then, obviously im not one to believe everything thats in the papers.

    What are your thoughts on the transfers then?

  17. Cashley can go, i recon Cliche if given the chance is equally as good if not better. We do need to pick up a couple of defenders, and I’m sure Wenger has something up his sleeve….

  18. gilbert gone as we have the guy back from sunderland ….. he can play left/right/ or centre. cas for cash.. i cant be arsed to talk of him……

  19. I watched the game today and I have to say I was impressed by the young left back Traore. He is apparently 100th of a second slower than Thierry Henry; he is quick. I have seen him only once, but even Cole being a world class player, Traore looked more comfortable on the ball that Asley usually does and he threw in some few tricks and good tackles too. He is a very confident young man. I just feel that he is a world class player in the making and Clichy might not get a chance to be the next left back even if Asley leaves. My only concern though is that he is only 16, but to me he already looks like a find for this season.

    My tip to shine next season would be two players Cesc and Van Persie. I don’t really have to say much about Cesc because he just seems to get better with every games he plays. It has come to the stage where his performance against Tunisia isn’t a suprise anymore. I have a feeling that this season he would get even better, more goals, more assists, more tackles and probably young PFA player of the year award.

    Van Persie did well last season and one thing that has convinced me lastly is his desire to want to play the passing game more and he seems to have settled in and not forgetting that he had a fantastic world cup. His behaviour next season would be crucial and after watching a clip from youtube(,I just had the feeling that this season he would suprise a lot of people even himself.

    Henry isn’t there because he is everyone tip and mine too; it is too obvious. Sanderos, Toure, Eboue, Cesc, Van Persie, Traore, Hleb, and even Reyes are on the right track to become great players. This season Arsene might sign just two players and my tips are CM and CB. Yaya and Curtis will do nicely…

  20. ok i agree fuck off cashly (but good player)no problem cygan (very bad) bey bey campble (experince) welcom trabolsi (if he comes) this says that we will loos 2 good exp. players and get no one in return we will get killed and i think last season was not fare for us because of injuries but please keep in mind that the fucker morinho has made his squad much stronger and the basterd nabors are doing that as well so what will we do to win ?

  21. I think Arsene is wonderful. A warm giving man, gentle, but also very strong
    He will make even Cygan look good in the end.

    Another centre back is needed, Senderos is inconsistent.
    Shame that Buffon wouldn’t come to Highbury/Asburton.

  22. I think that Henry should be sold now before he leaves for nothing. I also think that we need to buy more english players.

  23. Cashley is a moron. Why is he going? Wenger should talk to him and explain him the situation in his warm and gentle way. We have Henry and we have Walcott who will have an huge impact this season, believe me. Wenger knows what kids hes looking at and Sven even took him to the WC. Cashley has to stay if he has any sence for a warm and gentle milieu.

  24. ashley cole unsettled!!?? simpson dont be a cunt!! ashley cole has been an unsettling influence at arsenal for a long time now.granted he was a good player and i was proud he played for us.but his conniving cunt of a manager and no doubt his pop bitch racialist whore girlfriend managed to convince the idiot that he was worth a lot more than he is.he has shown his true colours ever since this whole episode started and they are judas blue.

    i cannot feel sorry for him after he dragged the name of arsenal through shit so he can sell his book ( im sure though,simpson will be the first to buy a signed copy!!… twat!!)

    i hope the cunt breaks both his legs in a career ending accident, gives his missus syphillis and spends the rest of his days with his manager playing hide the mobile up eachothers arseholes!!!!

    he is the epitomy of the worst kind of unloyal, mercenary, judas, money grabbing, shit for brains, greedy cunt that is destroying the game…a true protoge of the erickson/sahavi/abrahmovic school of dignity in sport


  25. One of the most important reason why i love and support my beloved Arsenal FC is because of the players unyeilding loyalty to the club. Up to this day they still have it in their character, the way they play the way they fight for the club, and it just filled me with pride. Its one of the hallmark of a great team besides the breath taking football that the gunners are playing for hte pass few years. So…i say…if his heart is not with us anymore..then its no use keeping his body, even if he is a worldclass player. Let him go. We’ll do even better i’m sure.

    In Arsene We Should Trust!
    From Singapore
    Roy T

  26. ohh…let me add this…..cashley….i have not seen a hairy cunt since the day of anelka….let him rot in a blue shirt!!!

  27. arsene doen’t do old players, there’r many problems with old players, he’d rather get 3 no-name defenders at half the price he might pay for Thuram.

  28. Hmmmm!

    You guys should learn to be civil even when u don’t like someone or something!

    Talking about Ashley Cole, we ( Chelsea FC ) certainly do want him so?


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