Arsenal Under Fire Next Season Again? You Bet!

Cole’s Going & Sol’s Gone. Oh Dear…

If you asked most Arsenal fans which players you would miss leaving our great club Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole wouldn’t be at the top of their list.

After all, the legend Dennis Bergkamp is retiring and the dazzling Bobby has left for Villarreal. They gave everything for the club and will be sorely missed.

On the other hand, Cole has been a first class tw*t over the last year or so, and Sol Campbell. Well let’s just say he’s lost the plot.

So what’s the problem with Sol and Cole leaving?

The problem is they’re the last two English senior players in our squad!

And although I’m not arsed with what country you’re from as long as you give it your all when you wear an Arsenal shirt, you can already see the Media vultures circling Emirates Stadium once Cole leaves for Chelski.

We’ll only have Theo Walcott who’s English and I doubt he’ll be starting many games this season!

When Cole and Sol were injured for us last season idiots like Alan Pardew were throwing their two pennies worth when it was none of his business.

Then you have plonkers like Gordon Taylor (what does he actually do?) and Martin Jol jumping on the bandwagon just because it’s Anti-Arsenal.

People talk about giving English players a chance – Wenger has done! They were just not good enough for Arsenal. You don’t expect us to lower our standards to accommodate players from England do you?

The arguement is old but look at players like Jermaine Pennant, Mathew Upson, David Bentley and Jay Boothroyd – not exactly lighting the world on fire!

I just hope Arsenal can capture Curtis Davies so we don’t hear the whole ‘lack of English players’ crap throughout all next season.


75 thoughts on “Arsenal Under Fire Next Season Again? You Bet!

  1. We still do have a cuple of English players at the club, there’s Justin Hoyte, Kerrea Gilbert, Matthew Connolly & Anthony Stokes all will be trying to get into the 1st team (if not loaned out)

  2. Do you honestly think we’ll not hear the “lack of English players” argument even if we did sign Davies??? I don’t think so!!!

    Fifa are trying to come up with a way of limiting foreign players, but for now it’s totally illegal what with EU regulations and stuff. But what would happen if they managed to put that rule through??? Doesn’t bare thinking about really.

    Davies’ price is supposedly £10m. That for a player that’s not even an international!!! And all because he’s English!!!

    We’ll get Thuram (coz he’s free) and, hopefully, Yaya. But I don’t see AW paying anywhere near £10m for Davies (mainly coz we just don’t have the cash)

  3. I’m an Arsenal fan first and an England fan second. If we can win things with eleven english players, brilliant. But I won’t languish in mid table just to fit them in and get the press off our backs. I’d rather we win the champions league than england win a trophy.

    The argument can be summed up in one simple equation:

    Kolo Toure or Matt Dawson?!

    I’d love English players around, but not at the expense of success – glad we’re on the same page mate


  4. I think England have proved tournament after tournament that individually English players can be good, great in some cases. But put them all into one team and they’re a bunch of no hopers. I’m English and have never been an England fan but that doesn;t make me biased particularly. I personally believe that it would be racist to force teams to have a certain amount of English players. And just look at Henry, he has stated that he sees London as his home. The patriotic nationals have england to follow if you want a full English team, or you could support tweams lower in the league, the less money comes in then the more Brits you get, funny that…

  5. Personaly i couldnt give a toss what county or colour someone is, what difference does it make? i mean for fuck sake, one of the italians who won the world cup was born in england, but hes italian because of his folks, so go figure, its all bullshit these days anyway.

    if they wear and arsenal shirt, they are an Arsenal Player and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  6. Mmm. You say we shouldn’t lower our standards just to fit in English players. In parts I totally agree with you. But look at it this way.

    Cygan for Upson or Connolly
    Almunia for Taylor
    Song for any other young British talent coming through.

    If Wenger continues to buy unheard of shit and play them on a regular basis like he does with Cygan, and even Song, then it is wrong to choose them over British talent. Why is it Liverpool can produce a player like Gerrard through their ranks, and teams like us can’t? My point is, rather than buy unheard of foreign youth/unheard ofs all the time, give English a chance instead. Makes perfect sense. Do we really believe Cygan is a much better player than Matthew Connolly? None of us hardly seen him play I expect, but so what? Wenger is willing to give other “foreign kids” a chance, so give a chance to English youth. We have enough “Kids” coming through. How about some fucking quality instead already proven. Like the way Thuram is rumoured to of been offered a 2 year contract at 34. Funny how players like Pires left and Bergkamp always got offered 1 year deals after the age of 30+ and even younger. Double standards and yet again more contradiction from Monsieur Wenger. I imagine Wenger is getting quite worried and desperate now. I fucking sure as shit would be. Hardly have an experienced quality squad and not to mention being in debt more than what Leeds United were.

  7. Davis is over rated and not worth 10 million. Anthony Stokes is Irish not english. Thuram is better value. He was outstanding at 34 in the world cup and if signed will help the likes of Senderous, Dojour, Gilbert Connolly mature over the next two years. Go get Thuram. By the way we should use Lauren as a holding mid next season if we cant get YaYa or Appiah.

  8. lehmann
    eboue, toure, cygan!! flamini
    hleb, fabregas, silva, reyes
    van persie, adebayor

    our line against villa?

    we’ll beat them, but not much else!!!

    if wenger covers injuries & suspensions with young guns,
    we simply cant compete with chelsea. so we’ll be playing for fourth spot!!

    champs league?? no chance. last year – easy group

    madrid – too old, becks was their best player!! raul, ronaldo…poo

    juve – old & not as good as their league suggested..cheating. they were lucky against bremen

    villareal – we were extremely lucky against them, i was disgusted with the second leg

    barca – ok we did good against them until the sending off. we got a goal from a free kick that never was & then it was one way traffic

    league cup players are slowly becoming our first team!!!!!!

  9. “It’s a fantastic stadium and it needs a fantastic team. We believe we have a great team here and we want to challenge for the title and the Champions League.

    “We also want to add one or two players.”

    Arsene Wenger quote. If he thinks Arsenal have a “great team” and thinks we can currently challenge for the Title AND CL, then the man is seriously blind and a fool. Great teams don’t lose all their big name players and finish 4th and 24 points behind the Champions.
    Not to mention in parts we also did well in the CL because we sacrificed the FA Cup and knew the title was gone. Joke is, we have a weaker and smaller squad than last year. As for these “1 or 2 players” he hopes to bring in, what kind will they be? Unheard of kids, or already proven? As much as I like Thuram, he is old. If the guy was 30 at most, I would be very satisfied.

  10. Gelbs – you do talk a pile of S?!t, really. I read these sites for enjoyment and your views are so poor they entertain me beyond embarassment. You actually sound as though you know nothing, it is actually that bad what you are saying that you are making yourself look a fool. What do you know about anything other than the pooh papers you read all this from and your own negative, pants of an opinion. You actually, we actually know nothing of what is going on, unless you are the son of Wenger and he calls you daily for your opinion, then we would be in the pooh

  11. Then you really are a retard. My points are completely valid. Unlike some Arsenal fans, I don’t have my head up his arse and indenial and think Arsenal are brilliant. Funny how alot of other sensible people believe everything that I say. Works both ways.

  12. I think AW will give Theo a run out next season.its up to him to convince,on the field, AW that he can be in the 1st team.Davies,i think,is coming.Lauren should go,then Kerrea deputises for Manu.then behind him,Kerrea, Ryan Garry,who is also english.

  13. stevo – go away…nobody likes people like u!

    where is your football opinions??

    sounds like u no nothing

  14. I think cashley coles aotobiography should be boycotted.even though I`D prefer more english lads in the team it really doesnt matter provided the current players perfom.Clichy when he recovers should be given a chance to prove himself.Theres no need to buy a left back.Flamini can fill in for now.players like CURTIES Davies should not escape the Arsenal net. There is clear need for defensive cover and defensive midfield too.The board and wenger must move for players otherwise we are in for another dissapointing season considering how well chelsea,liverpool and even tottenham have recruited. THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCUSES this time.Sometimes I wonder what the board and Wenger are thinking when they say we are satisfied with the squad.The excuse of funds is not applicable we have only spent 7M.

  15. Arsenal are a London side and reflect London’s multi cultural population. If people up north or stuck in some provincial hell hole don’t like it, why should we care? They should concentrate on their own teams.

    Its not double standards, Gelbs, its about value. I think we got Gilbert, Toure, Senderos AND Clichy for less than chelsea paid for Wayne Bridge. Work it out. Even young English prospects are ridiculously overpriced, as we’re seeing with £10m for Davies. How happy would you be for us to spunk £30m on Rio? £21m on Wright-Philips? Do me a favour.

    Utd may end up paying more for Defoe than we did for Henry, which as far as I’m concerned says it all.

    We need a CB (Ledley King would be my choice – probably for £20m!!) and a defensive midfielder (Appiah?Should have bought Parker when we had the chance), other than that Bring the other teams on!

    We Are The Mighty Arsenal.

  16. we got the most money from the champs league last year, bye bye cole…another 16m. if u dont buy, we will win zero. we were patient last year when we did shit…its not going to last wenger!! if the board dont release money for transfers we will finish 5th…no champs league…that would be catastrophic…bye bye henry, fab etc if u dont spend 20m now, it will cost double that in the future. dont turn us into villa…we can afford/need to take risks.

    u have been warned

  17. Gelbs you seem like a sensible fellow – how do we fix this mess Wenger has got us into ? You dont win anything with kids. Especially not foreign kids picked up on the cheap who become internaltional players at a young age. He should be buying overpriced english hopefuls nowhere near their national first teams. And look at all the players linked with us in the papers. Why cant we buy all of them. I mean we have just spent a few hundred million on a new stadium. Why cant we spend a few hundred more on a few players, chelsea did and we are betterrer than them.

  18. ok ron halpenny, u r completely right i will buy davis for £12m
    carrick for £16m – then i will have english players & a strong squad

    ps you are also extremely attractive, do u wana play against villa??

  19. The double standards was in regards to the 1 year contracts for players over 30. I know English players are over-priced etc. You don’t win anything with all English players in the team. But every team should really have about 3 players of that teams country. 3 English players be good for Arsenal. But like I said, I’d rather play Connolly than someone like Cygan. No-way in hell would he do any worse. Bet he wouldn’t make a mistake like Cygan did against Middlebrough last season. That was a fucking joke and comical. Pathetic! Wouldn’t surprise me if Arsenal fail to win anything decent in a few years time, Wenger will come out and say “I have taken Arsenal as far as they can. And it is someone’s turn.” In the meantime, leaving Arsenal in the shit, Henry been retired and Arsenal struggling to keep hold of their best youngsters who have just turned 25 or something. Always repeat myself lol. But your only good as your last game, or season. Nothing has happened yet majorly in buying signings, so I guess it be another poor season. Even if we did well again in the CL, we will come up against teams like Chelsea or Liverpool and they’ll piss all over us. Particularly if we have suspensions and injuries by then.
    As for people who think we have the best 11. Think again. If that was the case why could we not beat the top teams (even Spurs) and haven’t beaten Man United for years? Go figure.

  20. Gelbs,

    You need to go on a positivity course. I read a lot of blog sites and you seem to be on every single one of them slating AW and saying how we’re gonna had the worst season ever. I realise that you’re entitled to your own opinion, but other than last season our league results under AW have been incredible (and last year our season was shit down to so many persistent injuries).

    My point is that maybe we do need a couple more players this season and maybe we’ll get them, but to take every given oppurtunity to slag off AW isn’t gonna change anything. Have a bit of faith and, next year, if we’re relegated then you can say you told us so.The season’s not even started and already you’ve written us off

  21. why thank u arsene, im surprised u can c me but ur record 4 spotting talent is remarkable.

    i cant play against villa as i spend most of my time spying on mourinho…its so funny watching him practicing interviews in front of the mirror (naked). he is one wee boy i cant stand…was shit as a player, needs to say controversial things to ensure he is getting attention. his head is shoved quite firmly up his own ass…massive ego. i wish the press ignored him…then watch him explode!!

  22. I bet 90 per cent of Arsenal fans are not happy with the current squad and know without signings we aren’t gonna come close to Chelsea. Particularly if Cuntly Cole goes. Not just a case of slating Wenger off, it is more telling it how it currently is. Wenger might make two top draw signings between now and the season starts. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath. Kind of depressing and poor how Arsenal have gone from the unbeatables to merely CL qualifiers. Thankfuck for the Hammers! Every year Wenger says how we need more players in the 24-28 zone, and then we lose even more this time around and haven’t strenghthend. He then sells Vieira and Campbell who may of been past it, but still has yet to replace two players who had alot to offer to Arsenal still, and then we are linked to an even older guy of Thuram! So if that isn’t contradiction, then please, someone tell me what is. Vieira was only 29 when we got him. Thuram is 34.

  23. Gelbs has a got a point – and some insight this time round. Frankly, I feel that had AW put Bergi on instead or Reyes against Barca, we’d have had the cup, no doubt.

    Almunia is a damn good keeper though, way above Taylor and could still give Jens a run for his money. As for Song, well……..

    Joey Barton; Gareth Barry; SWP and a few other Brits could make useful additions at a reasonable fee. Prob is AW will only buy exceptional – and if a very rare english player has that, it’s gonna be marked up in the price.

    Don’t forget though, he picked Cygan up fo ra pretty low figure – just as well!!

  24. Rosicky was only bought because Pires left and he wasn’t the same anyway. And Rosicky will need time to settle in just as Hleb was shit until the end of last season. We still haven’t replaced Campbell, maybe Cole, Vieira, Bergkamp. Some of those players never featured much anyway last season. But even so. Even if Song turned out good (lol), I doubt he be some ball-winner, tough tackling, take no-shit attitude kind of player we need. As for Thuram, he is the only defender linked to our possible price range. And if we have no money to spend, then how can we buy proven and experience quality we all know we are desperately lacking!

  25. Ah shit. Yer got me. Yeah I support Tottenham and wasting my time,and I am on here stating my concern and valid points about Arsenal. Don’t you think if I was a Spurs fan I would be going on about how we beat Arsenal in 1991 3-1 in the FA Cup semi-final? Which was about the only time Arsenal lost to Spurs in years. Certainly in a big game.


  26. That’s just yer mama spreading vicious rumours after I wiped my cock on her favourite curtains after I took her up the arse against her wishes.

  27. for bergkamp and pires see rosicky and hleb
    for campbell see senderos
    although not same type player at all – for viera see cesc

    the dynamic of the team is changing. just like it changed when overmars was replaced by pires. anelka by henry parlour by freddie

    the team needs time to adjust and work with the new type of players. a like for like player is not always possible. and if you change one or 2 then the integration with other players also has to change. eg – our left flank with cole/pires/henry was our best attacking – last season it switched to the right with eboue/hleb with cesc pulling the strings. pires faded/cole injured. eboue improved and hleb shows his worth.

    change needs time. if you try to rush it it wont work. make your plans and stick to your guys if you believe you are right. only afterwards will it be seen by all to have worked or failed

  28. Shame we aren’t playing Bolton first game of season away. Seperate the men from the boys. Gilberto playing shit, giving the ball away, Fabregas being out-muscled, Hleb struggling, Rosicky not used to the physicalness, Henry shrugging his shoulders and moaning like he does, Adebayor missing open goals, Reyes falling over, Cygan, well, for being Cygan lol. Why will this season be any different than last against the tough teams? Wenger says one thing and does the complete and utter fucked up opposite!

  29. sure if any teams players played like you just described they would never win a single game

    you have picked the works aspects off all those players off days and combined them into 1 game

    if we were to go by what you say we dont have a single good player at all

  30. It’s true, English players are totally over-priced. And look at them in the world cup, useless! Fact is we got Kolo for 20th price of Dawson. Need I say more.

    On Song. I’m not a huge fan but you cats are the same that bagged Kolo during his first year when he was playing all over the place. ‘Get him out’ was echoed around every arsenal website yet now he’s the defensive kingpin of the team. All I’m saying is give Song another 2 seasons, if he hasn’t developed then, ok boot him out.

    Thuram and Yaya/Baptista, that’s all we need. Expect Theo to get a little action this season, he’s the fastest at the club and is a great finisher, he’s do great things.

    On A Cole, tis a shame, but yep time to go.

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if Reyes left before the beginning of the season. He’s been a huge disappointment and with Rosicky, Hleb and Freddie already fighting for 2 spots, along with our dozen attackers, I don’t see where he’s gonna fit. A player of his calibre can’t be stuck on the bench. He’s a great player, just not cut out for the Premiership.

  31. Thing is, it wasn’t off days was it? It was happening practically every away game we played in. It was only Henry and our home form keeping us from the relegation zone.

  32. >>It was only Henry and our home form keeping us from the relegation zone.

    umm.. so why did we finish fourth?

  33. Why did we finish 4th? Because Henry was scoring in practically every league game we played.

    Why did we finish 4th? Well, that would be because West Ham beat Spurs on the last day of the season.

  34. I am not worried about Arsenal in an attacking sense. I think with a fit Henry, adebayor playing his first full season, van persie another year older and improving with it, walcott bringing pace and enthusiasm to the team and reyes…well, falling on his arse a little less, we should be OK. creatively speaking as well we have cesc, freddie, rosicky and Hleb (and diaby to come back), all excellent players.

    providing we get a centre back who is good, like thuram, I dont have any worries about the back 5 given their end of season form last season. Its just that Gilberto position that worries me.
    Gilberto can play well as long as he has 2 midfielders sat just in front of him supporting him and making it easy for him to play simple 5 yard passes. If like last season he has cesc slighty to his right, then Hleb out further right and say reyes out wide left there is a massive gap between Gilberto and Reyes and gilberto cannot cope. a lot of goals we condeded came from that area of the pitch and I dont care how much work they put in neither reyes or Gilberto are good tacklers. Also if gilberto does get injured we dont have world class back up in that position. thats where we get beaten away from home against teams that like to out muscle us. this is where Appiah or Yaya would be useful.

    If cole goes we have the money to spend on a play for that position and I’d rather have flamini at left back than central midfield!

  35. You English are complete tossers with your players.As proven at the world cup they are not very good when push comes to shove.All this bollocks that we have to have English players in the side is utter utter utter crap.Too expensive tool lazy too chav(Read Cashley etc) too technically inept and too Beckham.I much rarther have a Johnny foreigner than a silly english Chav.

  36. I remember thinking similar things back in the summer of 2003. All we bought was Lehmann and Kolo was converted into a centre back. I was sceptical just as alot of Arsenal fans were no doubt. But Wenger proved us wrong by not only winning the league that season but going unbeaten! But we still had alot of proven quality in that team like Pires, Vieira, Campbell etc. Difference now is that Chelsea have obviously raised the standard and times have changed we have become less stronger obviously. Wenger let us down last summer/season and the CL final and finishing 4th saved him from total disaster. If he decides to not bring anyone in this summer, he yet again of failed us, and no doubt try and bring someone in January albeit being too late and missing out on Yaya Toure or Appiah. If Arsenal sign one of those or both and a quality centre-back. My moaning about Wenger is done, because that is all we need. Maybe a striker too to bang goals in.


    How many fucking corners do Arsenal have only to it failing to get past the first man or just not scoring enough?! We get more fucking corners than any other team, even Henry, best in the world can’t take a decent corner more than once.

  37. Let Cole and his chav lady join the circus at Real or Chelski they will be brilliant together…….rags to riches.

  38. so gelbs no doubt all during summer 2003 you were saying how wenger is letting us down how all we need is this player and that player and if wenger doesnt get them then we are going to be in the relegation zone

    did it ever occur to you that wenger is where he is because he knows what he is doing ?

  39. Gelbs……….. You?………….Sceptical?…………Never!!!

    So you’re gonna stop bitching about Arsene now are you?

    What you gonna do all day?

    You’ve made some very valid points at times, but you also seem to have blown things out of proportion too. I trust AW. He’s the reason that we, as a club, are what we are and where we are.

  40. No. It occurs to me that Wenger/Arsenal are where they are because he DOESN’T know what he is doing. Last summer I said if he bought someone in January, it was practically admitting he made a mistake not doing it in the summer and kind of contradicting himself. We all knew losing Vieira was a huge blow mentally and physically to the players. We needed signings then not in January. How a team goes unbeaten then barely 2 years down the line is 4th best in the country is beyond me. As Bergkamp said; “it wasn’t neccescary.”

  41. 3 premier League titles,4 fa cup titles a BIg Cup final a Uefa cup final,a fa cup final various semis etc .Unbeaten for 49 games before being cheated by Riley……..and on a shoestring budget.

  42. Gelbs,

    Dude…………… Come on. Wenger took us and transformed us from being a mediocre team (at best) into the one of the biggest clubs in the world!!!

    Maybe last summer Wenger should’ve made more signings, but he didn’t. And by saying that he’s admitted his mistakes by signing players in Jan is slightly misguided, I think.

  43. And no back-to-back titles. Thanks to our failiure Man United won the treble in 1999. Bergkamps missed penalty and couldn’t get the league neither. Besides, I am saying this a little tongue-in-cheek lol. But 2 of our titles could of come from the expense of other clubs. Keane of Man United lost practically the whole season of 1997-98 due to fucking his own cruciate ligament up and his own fault. 2004 Man United were cruising and top until Ferdinand’s drug shit and ban fucked Man U up. Maybe I am just being very harsh lol. Arsenal deserved the titles those years anyway before people slate me. Just making a point lol.

    And we are going down the lines of Cunt Spurs. Past glories..

  44. We will lose and win big finals again………that is sport but what is important is to maintain a very high standard aka being in finals and winning championships.The competition have never been harder with the Russian druglord and all but we will have to raise our game and fight for it.

  45. There’s no fucking way that you can compare us to Spurts with past glories!!!

    It’s only been one season that we haven’t won anything and even then we reached the CL final.

    Personally I don’t think we’ll win the league. Chelsea have bought that and will continue to whilst their simpleton-looking, corrupt, peasant bashing chairman pumps endless amounts of cash into them.

    But one day soon either he’ll lose interest in his little plaything or the Russian authorities will catch up with him. Then it’ll be back to a level playing field.

  46. ah i see the way it works now. as fans we should slag of wenger and the club because they dont do what we believe is the right thing. then when all these educated business men, qualified coaches and forward thinking managers prove us wrong , we say it was other clubs failures that is the real reason for our success.

    thats where i was going wrong ….doh

  47. Gelbs !!!! Going unbeaten for a whole season is a bigger acheivement then winning back to back titles…….any numbnuts can win back to back titles with the money the portugeezer thug have available.And he even had the audacity to say money was not important………twat.

  48. We all hope that Chelsea end up that way. But at the moment is is all wishful thinking. Even if it did happen in a few years, at least Chelsea “of had their time” and who says we will be ready ourselves then?
    Reason I said about past glories is in regards to all these ppl that slate me for moaning at Wenger and saying how he’s done this, how he’s done that. I am well aware at what brilliantness he has done for this club and more than grateful. And we only won the FA Cup thanks to penalties. We never deserved to of won that. I am complaining now about Wenger’s current ideas and lack of quality signings. Like Brian Clough at Forest, he made them unbeatables and European Champions. Did a fucking good job. He out-stayed his welcome and be remembered in parts for getting them relegated in his final game. Made them and breaked them. Wenger MUST NOT go down that line. This new stadium relies on immediate success to pay of the mega loads and debts etc. Failure IS NOT an option!

  49. As for this amazing football we play, apart from the CL, when was the last time we played wonderful free-flowing football against the top clubs and most importantly, won?

  50. I wish. The handsome Romford Pele! We missed someone like him last season though. Ball winner and non-lightweight.

  51. Least he was British though lol and came through the ranks.

    People forget something as well. See, you say when Chelsea fall, we have a chance. You make it sound as if we are second best behind Chelsea. Liverpool will be better than us I expect by then, perhaps United or even maybe Spurs. Isn’t just Chelsea we need to worry about. Liverpool are looking good every season and dare I say it, even Spurs have made some good signings. Inparticularly Zokora who I would of liked in an Arsenal shirt. As it stands, we are 4th best in the Country.. Just because you think our youngsters of gotten better by then, if they’re still around that is, you think the title and our time is ours. As if teams like Liverpool etc are gonna not strengthen. Liverpool also haven’t won the title for 16 years. They had their time. So who’s to say we won’t win the title for 16 years or so?

  52. What’s going on with this re-financing deal? Apparently we can only spend £12 million per season over the next few years?

    If that’s the case then surely Wenger is waiting for Cole to join Chavski (next Wednesday) and then we’ll have about £27 million to spend on players!

    We need a central midfielder and a centre-back – every other position is covered, and I think even Lauren could play in centre midfield with his experience.

  53. Cant see us competing for 2nd or even 3rd as it stands… only just scraped 4th last season and with chelski, manure, liverpool and spurs all improving and showing their intent it will only get harder.

    Yes i know its a transistional (tricky word lol) stage but wont a couple of decent signings in important positions help us develop faster?


    As for the whole english player debate, i dont think we should throw money at the problem, ( 10 mil 4 davies?! no way)
    Arsene gives foreign youngsters more chances than english ones because time and time again the english youngsters have proven to be too firey and guilty of not keeping their minds on football…plus the fact that foreign youngsters are generally better football players lol

  54. Wenger’s given English talent more than a chance; David Bentley, Mathew Upson, Jermaine ‘Pisshead’ Pennant and they’re just stuck two fingers up at him!

    Foreign players generally have more respect and seem to actually listen to Wenger whereas the English players are up their own arses and love themselves. That’s why the England team are so shite – they think they’re better than they are, when only players like Gerrard and Rooney could even be considered ‘World Class’.

    Overhyped and overrated – just look how Ashley Cole’s turned out, the big-headed arsehole.

    Would you ever see someone like Toure or Fabregas act like that? No chance!

  55. i agree that most english players think they are better than they r, but so do reyes, barca-bound fabregas…ronaldo etc

    but in theo we have the english player with grace, manners, confident without being arrogant – and he has great potential.

    he will be better than hot head, im guna do everything myself cos noone else is as good as me rooney!

    this year dont expect too much, but in a few years he will be compared to best, pele, maradona…

    did u see the clips of him at 16 beating 3,4 men??

    his electrical pace & acceleration, balance, composure & finishing, direct mind set to attack & destroy…& he has got another 15 years to get even better.

    we dont have many english players, but the players we have are some of the most naturally gifted youngsters in the world.

    most fans r worried & complaining were not buying but

    great new stadium & fantastic players coming through, which we spent bugger-all on, an empire is building…bye bye chelsea your time has been spent

  56. I see the excuses seem to be coming already. Wenger saying “how we might struggle in the CL because of players not ready after the WC and/or injuries etc”. Of course there is truth in that yes, but it is still an excuse because I don’t see any other teams complaining. And if he is that concerned, more fool him for not strengthening last season and only finishing 4th. And more fool him now for not buying more needed players. You fault Arsene. No-one elses. Take the blame dude.

  57. i bet he has no friends & thats why he is the way he is.

    he always brings up stats to prove he knows something

    he is a social reject & the net is the only way he can express himself

    he is also a wimp in real life

    ps im bored at work, thats why im here

    also i have sexy girlfriend & good mental health

    so there


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