Does Tony Adams Have A Problem With Arsenal?

Mr Arsenal Bigger Than The Club?

With all the Arsenal legends turning out for Bergkamp’s testimonial, especially from the 1998 double winning team there was an obvious absence from that list. Captain fantastic himself, Mr Arsenal.

Does Tony Adams have a problem with Arsenal?

With all the ex-Arsenal players making a special effort to give Dennis a memorable send off, it was surprising how Tony didn’t even make a brief appearance to wish Dennis well and welcome the new home of Arsenal.

Or was it?

Tony Adams was also conspicuously absent from the Highbury send off, when everyone you could think of associated with Arsenal made showed up.

So what’s going on here?

One missed major Arsenal event is one thing but to miss two important occasions is very strange. Is Tony Adams simply to busy and important to do this kind of thing?

There’s no question what Tony Adams contributed to Arsenal – he is more than certainly the greatest Arsenal player of all time with what he’s contributed to our club.

Did he leave on bad terms?

Or does he think what’s in the past is in the past?

Who knows!


79 thoughts on “Does Tony Adams Have A Problem With Arsenal?

  1. Very true…I noticed that…as would have every Gunners fan for the last 10 years! A big shame that…it would have been nice to give Dennis the respect in return for his going away do!

  2. Why do you question whether TA considers himself too important? Thats an insult to the man. Because the guy is unavailable for whatever reason, you question his level of arrogance?

    Tony Adams was a Great Captain for Arsenal and is an Arsenal Legend.

  3. could it be because post-confessions-of-an-alcoholic he has seemer somewhat mad? Poor tone seems to have been bitten by some kinda new age bug (referring to himself in the third person; meaningless sub-philosophical statements). i fear he is probably off up a mountain contemplating the meaning of life. let’s just hope he never never never never ever comes within a million miles of managing the team.

  4. JP – he was a great player and brilliant captain (possibly the best) for Arsenal but it does come across like he thinks he is to big to return for events like testimonials. He was never in the stands at Highbury after he retired, has missed important events and if you read his book he did seem arrogant and very “I AM” all the time. Its a shame cos he is a legend and should still be involved with the club.

    Still it was good to see all the others back….was suprised when Helder’s name was announced – still quick….still couldnt cross the ball!!! and Overmars looks like he could still play today!

    Shame Bergkamp didnt score…

  5. I do not want to see TA within Arsenal FOotball club ever again. He is bang out of order. Why could he not turn up on the last highbury day or Dennis’s testemonial.
    I don’t care how well he served us but who does he think he is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. although dissapointing i believe there is a very good reason he doesn’t attend these things. i think its because he doesn’t want to be anywhere where there’s gonna be drink which i assume there would have been at ceebrations like highbury farewell and db10’s testimonial. its a shame but i guess he has to take every single precaution to make sure he does not touch a drop again and if that means staying away from celebrations then so be it. fair play to the great man for being able to have the courage to iss out on these important dates just because he doesn’t want to return to his former ways. what a ledgend

  7. thanks for that – i think i mentioned that in a comment here yesterday… i’m very disappointed in Adams… he seems to have had a very chequered post-Arsenal career where he has either been sacked or walked away from every job as a scout, manager or student…
    now he’s at Pompey it seems he was quite keen to get any ex-Arsenal players going

    even a video message on Saturday (or the last Highbury game) would have been acceptable if he couldn’t make it… it seems he wants to sever ties with the club and that is very sad

  8. My wife (beleive it or not) came up with a good point – he had his own testimonial, surely he should make the effort to attend others?

    His reasons for not being at Highbury’s last match went something along the lines of him thinking it was about the present team and not the past…….rubbish, it was about 93 years of highbury. Surely the most succesful captain in AFC’s history should have been there!

    I love Tone, but that love is starting to get tarnished. Maybe there has been a falling out that we’re not aware of?

  9. He was a great Captain/Player, but I think he has lost the plot now! Have you ever seen him on Match of the Day….he talks a load of crap!

  10. Jack – he did the double with us whilst sober – when everyone was cracking open the champagne he just moved to a quieter area on the pitch away from the drink…
    he’s not a recluse and he’s sensible enough to know he has a drink problem

    just he should have done the decent thing on Saturday

  11. It was because he was working on both occasions. In May, he was working in Holland and on Saturday, he started his job with Portsmouth and was at their pre-season friendly in Exeter.

    No conspiracy theories… simply that he is the only one of our ex-players with a job!!

  12. he could have got the afternoon off… look at Thierry’s effort to get there – and as i said even a video message would have sufficed

  13. the man was a legend & served our club extremely well. i dont care what his opinion of himself is…thats who he is & u were more than happy with that when he was sweating blood for us, for so many years & because he didn attend a couple of social gatherings ur all going to through it back in his face. the man loves arsenal, he was at the champs league final live on tv and u could c how nervous he was, like the rest of us.

    u lot r a fucking disgrace & i am ashamed 4 u!!! how quickly u all forget, its no wonder we have cole wanting to leave!! why should he stay and earn less money when u fucking bastards r a bunch of unapprectitive shit-stirring wankers!!

    u r a disgrace to our club

    fuck off & go & support chelsea like the rest of the fickle twats that claim to love the game..


  14. Yes I was hoping to hear the cheer when Tony walked out, but he owes us nothing. He served us loyally for over 16 years, and did not run away to take the extra money when the tappers (Manure & Liverpool ) were desperate to get him.

    I think he is showing his loyalty to Pompey now, just as I would expect him to do.

  15. I think it’s wrong to judge someone without hearing what the person has to say first .we may all have our theories about why tony adams does not attend to arsenal’s games and cerimonies but i feel it would be better to remember what he did for our club and keep a fond memory of it !!!! and let the other stuff go.He was and will always remain one of our top players who gave all his heart out on the pitch ………..THAT’S A GOOD ENOUGH reason for me !!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  16. I have the distinct impression that Adams left Arsenal under a cloud. If you recall, even at the end of his testimonial, which proved to be his final match, there was no official confirmation that he was leaving. His career simply fizzled out over that summer. My suspicion is that he wanted another year, but was effectively told to go. I don’t think he has forgiven them for that. This is all speculation on my part, but based on the circumstantial evidence.

  17. Rumour has it he wanted an extra year, and never got it. This, coupled with the fact that at the time Bouldy was given a coaching job and he wasn’t, I think he got a little p*ssed off with Wenger, and has effectively burned his bridges with the club.

    Shame, as the main was a true Arsenal legend.

  18. Could it be that he was commited to some pre-season event at his new club? I thought it odd that he did not attend the last game at the Arsenal Stadium but on reflection, wasn’t he working with a club in Holland then? Either way, perhaps I am excusing him because of what he means to us all. He may just have unhappy memories of his past and not want to revive them. I cannot believe Dennis did not have a call from TA telling him the reason – its only us fans who are in the dark!!

  19. is a true legend, i think u mean

    why make shit up when u dont no what ur talking about??

    no need

    just support the club & leave the bullshit to other clubs

  20. the fact that u r all judging him & coming up with ur silly stories says more bout u than him.

    TA doesnt have to explain himself to shit-stirrers like u’s, even if he u would prob question it aswell!!!

    grow up, get a life & leave him alone

    there should be a stand named after him

    actually, this should be called ‘why isnt there a stand named after him’
    instead of all this shit

  21. I am not a great supporter of chants directed at individuals on the opposition side – so many are obsene and must hurt (When the away fans have a go at Wenger I get almost apoplectic) – however, I truly believe we need to find something for Ab*****ich – something that reminds him where his money came from and who suffered for him to get it. Can he stand having that chanted at him game after game? What would he say to his kids who will wonder how their dad got his wealth. If he stops enjoying his football maybe he will pack up and give football back to the fans.

  22. Ron don’t get so hot & bothered – there is no shit stirring…

    our beloved captain has become less endearing over the last few years – FACT
    he has slagged Arsenal off in his match commentaries – FACT
    he didn’t show up at the 2 most important celebrations – FACT

  23. ron halpenny Says:

    July 25th, 2006 at 10:01 am
    ”the fact that u r all judging him & coming up with ur silly stories says more bout u than him.

    TA doesnt have to explain himself to shit-stirrers like u’s,”

    Haha “u’s”

  24. look all im saying is that TA will always be a legend to true arsenal fans because of what he did for us.

    i cant understand y some people want to have a go at him

  25. I wish TA had made the effort to do a piece for the screen or a programme note, even if he was busy with Pompey and even if he has had a disagreement with AW over something. It would not have taken much to have do a 20 second piece to camera and it would have meant a lot to Dennis and the fans. I dont hate TA for not doing it but I do think he missed a trick there.

    I also think there is something more to this story that we dont know. I mean, Arsenals greatest ever captain and total legend and yet he is so distant from the club these days its untrue. The only time I ever hear him talk about Arsenal is when he is critising us about something. I know he probably just wants the best for us but its not doing the relationship any good.

  26. Does it matter ???

    We have no idea of the reason and we have no idea of anything that went on behind the scene’s. For all we know TA has been in touch with Dennis, explained his reasons and wished him well. And for all we know Dennis is more than happy with that.

    People speculating and slating him for not being there when they have no idea at all of the reasons shows so much disrespect for the man.

    Every human is different.
    He gave us nothing but 100% on the pitch…that is all that matters.
    If for whatever reasons he isn’t comfy coming back, doesn’t want to come back, wants to cut all connections with the club for whatever reasons…
    LET HIM.

  27. sorry lads, its just that me & dennis didn get on that well

    nice stadium, hehe, ive got it strapped with dynamite & with highbury gone u will have to share with spurs ha ha my revenge is comlpete!!

    fuck u arsene 4 not making me joint manager

  28. ron halpenny Says:

    July 25th, 2006 at 10:38 am
    skib – be very careful, il be studying ur comments 4 grammer mistakes

    There are grammer mistakes and there is being common

  29. I have being reading comments like this all season, you people your memory is too short. First of all, Tony just joined a new club and he is the assistant manager and secondly you memory is short because not too long ago he was souting for arsenal in Holland.

    Tony Adams is still very much involved in Arsenal, I remembered that he followed almost all our european game and he was in the final of the CL supporting Arsenal. Tony Adams could easily have being in the stadium on the day of Highbury farwell, yeah like we all can see everything!

  30. glo, I don’t think Adams was in the stadium on the day of the Highbury farewell – surely he would have been paraded on the pitch with the other legends!

    The question asked is whether Adams has a problem with Arsenal, and you’d have to say missing two of the biggest occasions in Arsenal’s history isn’t a coincidence!

    He clearly has a problem, but it doesn’t take away he was and will always be Arsenal’s greatest ever player.

  31. I should imagine he’s busy at Portsmouth, but I thought he would have paid a lot of respect to Dennis. Unless he plans to do it privatley ?

    He was at the champions league final though…

  32. The whole world was his dog was at the Champions League Final! He would have been there if Arsenal hadn’t of made it!

  33. For everybody who says that he’s cut his ties with the club completely, he was around Highbury when I did the stadium tour in December. Kenny Sansom told us that was a regular occurence. According to an interview TA did, he sat in an empty Highbury for a couple of hours a few weeks before the last game of the saeson with somebody who works at the club to reflect on his time there.

    Maybe he finds it hard to walk around or play in front of the fans past his prime? Different strokes for different folks. Wrighty loves it. Gary Lineker refuses to play in any testimonials whatsoever as he can’t see the point as it can never be the same as it was…

    And as mentioned before, perhaps Tony finds it hard to attend occasions where the drink might flow?

    Give the guy a break.

    You’ll notice the Merse didn’t make the final game in Highbury even though he said on Sky the week before that he would be there. I don’t want to spread rumours but I heard Merse’s demons got the better of him that weekend.

  34. darzinho – good points but dont knock merson.

    so he likes a drink…so do i, & millions of others who get drunk at weekend.

    wengers immortals – u talk crap. were u there? i wasn, cudn get a ticket

  35. people lets not jump to silly conclusions considering that when tony adams went on coaching in holland it was through wenger contacts and after he even said that he would possibly coach a lil at arsenal for experience, so unless something happened between then and now, there is no problem.

  36. Hey Ron Halpenny,

    I wasn’t getting at the Merse… Not at all! Just trying to point out that Merse and Adams are in the same boat and Tony should be cut some slack if he wants to avoid cetain types of situations.

    I’m putting 2 and 2 together, but there was a big Arsenal buzz the week of the final game and the Merse might have gotten caught up in it. (Didn’t we all?)

    It’s because of that buzz that Tony might think it best to stay away.

  37. sorry lads, its just that me & dennis didn get on that well

    nice stadium, hehe, ive got it strapped with dynamite & with highbury gone u will have to share with spurs ha ha my revenge is comlpete!!

    fuck u arsene wenger speccy 4 eyes

  38. Tony Adams did not want an extra yearwhen he retired. He made the decision to retire, it was Arsenal who tried to pursuafe him toplay on. He had ankle problems and said in numerous interviews that he did not want to have lasting bone damge that woudl have caused him pain in later life. He was a first team player from 1983-2002, tha is quite some career and a lot of wear and tear even with modern training methods and medical care.
    Would have liked a video message but there were other Arsenal players who did not do that who might have like Paul Merson, David Platt and Davor maybe the club just did not get round to it with all the work on the new stadium?

  39. He didn’t turn up. I presume he was invited but had his reasons for not wanting to, or not being able to make it. Whatever! For me, he remains our greatest captain ever and a true embodiment of the Arsenal spirit.

  40. Tony adams didn’t come to the last game at highbury, but the day before he spent the day at highbury saying his goodbye’s.

    I dont know the reasons that he didnt make the DB testimonial, but as many other people have said there where lots of ex arsenal stars who werent there.

    The word legend is used to easily these days but Tony Adams was and is a true Arsenal legend!

    It will be intersting to see the crowd reaction and TA’s reaction to the crowd when pompy play us at the emirates!

  41. The facts speak for themselves. He has some sort of issue with Arsenal. His absences. His inability to say a good word about anything that has happened since his departure.

    That’s not taking away from all that he did during his phenomenal one-club career.

  42. its called constructive criticism

    such is his attitude he wants to improve constantly, so when asked a question he just says how he feels improvement can be made

    would u prefer he said everything is perfect at the club?

    especially as most people here are constantly slagging arsenal saying they need to buy such and such blah blah… they all hate arsenal 2??

  43. I can’t believe what I am reading….

    “lets see what happens when Pompy play Arsenal”


    If he gets a bad reception or even a mixed reception then I am totally at a loss as to what Arsenal fans have become.

    All summer I have read blog slagging players & ex players off.
    I’m sick of it. What sort of supporters has everyone become ???

    Questioning people without knowing a single thing about anything.

    This bizarre call for a Video Message…I can’t think of anything more tacky.
    And if TA had done that then you would all be slagging him off for clearly thinking so much of himself that he couldn’t be bothered to turn up but thought he was sooooo important that he had to film a video message.
    It’s not “This Is Your Life”. My god, why didn’t we get Michael Aspel to come and host the whole thing while we were at it.

    I mean what were the club going to do, get Dennis to stand on the pitch while they played a load of “sorry I can’t be there tonight” messages for him.

    And say they did get TA to do one, they can’t just play that on it’s own. That really would have got all of you boiling over. “Who does TA think he is…thinking he is so special that he gets to send a message and no one else”….no they would have had to have got loads more to record them. Seriously, seriously tacky.

    NONE of you know the reason he wasn’t there.
    Your all guessing and all bad mouthing a man for no reason at all.

    And all this “there is clearly evidence he has a problem with Arsenal”
    For crying out loud…

    Here’s something no one has considered.
    Before TA left, he had a disagreement with the club, as a result they didn’t part on the great terms everyone wishes they had.
    Have we heard a word about it ???
    So if TA does have a problem with the club, how about this for a train of thought, TA is such a gentlemen that whatever happened, happened, but he hasn’t come out and bad mouthed the club or slated anyone for it or done a single thing to tarnish his time at the club or the club itself.

    Say that is the case in a week when we are reading Ashley Cole slate the club and a week when Rooney has suddenly decided to slag Moyes off…
    Shouldn’t we be glad that TA simply walked away and said nothing.

    No, it’s simply easier for you all to think badly of someone and make up your own reasons about someone who brought so much to a club we all love.


  44. Yes Adams does have a problem with Arsenal, or more precisely David Dien. Adams won’t set foot back at Arsenal until Dien leaves. He feels he was stitched up over his testimonial.

  45. Would that be the first Tony Adams testimonial v Crystal Palace in the 90’s or the 2nd one v Celtic in 2002?

    Stitched up?


  46. Hi ,
    Tony Adams is entitled to do as he pleases!

    All we ask from our players is to give 100 per cent. No player (from any club) has given as much to their cause than Tony adams!

    If everybody was of the same ilk and make- up what a boring world we would live in!

    I would imagine Tony adams would love to have been present at both tumultuous matches. But just maybe the environment, the camaredrie, the re-unions would have been to tempting. And tempatation is what recovering alcoholics strive to avoid!
    Bongo et al

  47. having read all of this, the one fact everybody seems to agree on is that they don’t know the facts! until we know what’s gone on all this speculation is utterly pointless.

    i do know one thing though, if i met the guy in the street tomorrow i’d ask to shake his hand and thank him for all the fond memories.

    i certainly wouldn’t say “why weren’t you at this match, or that match?”, and i think that says it all.

    maybe i’m naive but i’d like to believe that every arsenal fan who has posted today would do exactly the same.

  48. Can’t name my source but I can reveal that the reason TA did not attend was because he demanded that in return for his appearence, a certain percentage of the money raised should go to his Sporting Chance charity and Dennis had other plans for the money.

    Simple as that.

  49. Nah. He has a bigger issue with Arsenal, or at least the current regime.

    He’s blanking the club. Which is a shame, as a whole generation are not being told how great he was.

    He also seems to have gone a little bonkers generally (in interviews).

  50. Agreed. It’s obvious. We should blank him the way he now blanks us.

    He won’t last five minutes at Pompey anyway. He seems to have a problem staying in jobs. Look at Wycombe, that team in Holland etc.

  51. You’re dead right. Adams snubbed the Final Salute lunch and pitch tour – ‘It’s in the past – I’ve moved on’.

    I know his solicitor very well (he advises Adam’s Sporting Chance Charity) and had invited to lunch in Upper Street pre-Wigan and shocked when after saying he couldn’t make it then proceded to amaze my pal by admitting he’d turned down the Club’s invitation.

    So there you go – TA (Mr Inarticulate) is most definitely ‘up his own arse’ and that’ shame because we never got the chance to say ‘Thanks Tony’.

  52. how is he arsenal’s best ever player. HADN’T U ALL HEARD the name THIERRY HENRY OR (simply THE KING). yeah i really admire him and also proud of what he had done to the club like master DENNIS and centeral diamond VIERA as well as goal machine WRHIGT done to the club. But anytime the BEST EVER ARSENAL PLAYER WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THIERRY DANIEL HENRY. THE BEST PLAYER EVEN IN THE PREMIERSHIP HISTORY. thanks all u arsenal legends for what u had done to the club

  53. Fatboy has pretty much got it. When TA left, Wenger said there would be a place on the coaching staff for him when he got his UEFA A badge. In the meantime, Arsene brought in Bould and Keown as coaches even though they only had their UEFA B badge. TA wasn’t best pleased with this.

  54. “don tuppence – r u winding me up??

    do have of u people even support arsenal?”

    I’m a season ticket holder and a journalist and I can honestly say that you come across like an ignorant twat with sawdust for brains. Please stop asking the forum members on dates, you gimp.

    Tony Adams is taking the piss if you ask me. Dennis Bergkamp is a legend of the game and Dennis played in Tony’s testimonial. Tony showed a massive disrespect to the club and to Dennis’ family by not being there.

  55. I believe the official line is that Bid Tone’ doesn’t like to attend any kind of event that will inneviatably revolve around celebratory drinks. Fair enough. This said, though, one must find it slightly bizzare that he has decided to continue his coaching ‘career’ under the wing of such an old soak as Harry Redknapp. . . .

  56. Doesn’t like to attend any event that revolves around celebratory drinks? That’s a load of old tosh!

    I didn’t see any booze on the pitch, and in the stands!

    Oh come to mention it I did see Marco Van Basten drink cans of Carlsberg when we was on the pitch. Obviously.

  57. My understanding was that because the club snubbed his Sporting Chance charity in favour of Bob Wilson’s Make a Wish Foundation he’s doesn’t attend anything Arsenal anymore.

  58. Well something is obviously up with TA – missing two huge occasions and not being involved in anything since he has gone tells its own story.

    I suppose TA has a point about being snubbed with Sporting Chance – Adams sweat blood and tears for Arsenal and they could have helped him out.

  59. You know what i been thinking this for ages now, that he must have fell out with arsenal. Although he turned up at highbury the day before the final came as he said he wanted to say good bye on his own.
    I love the guy and always will he was mr arsenal. even if he has a problem with arsenal he knows we all still love him and to of had him walk out at the emirates for bergkamps game would of sent shivers down my spine.
    At the end of the day bergkamps game was not as much for arsenal but for dennis and the fans and as fans we would do anything to see him there and it just hurts more when he never makes an apperance.
    But one time this season he wont be able to get away with it is when pompy come the emirates, lets see how he reacts then.

  60. why was he not there at the weekend or highbury’s last day? dont no, dont care!!

    i love him for what he did, if there was a fall out then he is just right to do what u all claim he is doing – its arsenal that would be in the wrong.

    i would love to see him replace wenger later on when he has gained more experienced, when wenger decides to leave – manys years from now hopefully.

    i want a stand named after him

  61. i heard a story that ta6 received regular comp tickets from the club even after he retired, and that often these would end up getting sold on at inflated prices by family members. some may recall a history of this.

    anyway, the club decided they’d had enough and turned down his request for tickets for the wigan match on may 7th. tone got the hump and since has not had any relationship with the club.

    could all be bollocks of course, but would make a certain amount of sense. as for him being at the cl final in paris, he was contracted to do that as a mastercard spokesman, so that was a working gig, he wasn’t there thanks to arsenal.

  62. kellogs frosties are gunna taste grrreat…

    wenger’s immortals stop textin me, ive already got a boyfriend

    like..get over it!!

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