At Last Chelsea & Arsenal Talks Have Begun…

Finally Chelsea and Arsenal are holding Cole talks to engineer a move to Stamford Bridge.

Not exactly a surprise, and with the Bergkamp testimonial and the tributes given to Dennis for his years of outstanding performances and unquestionable loyalty over the past week, I don’t think Arsenal fans will be giving Cashley the same reception!

To be honest I can only see positives from this move.

Firstly, we have two more than capable players at left back, who are hungry, loyal and will fight for everything in Gael Clichy and Mathieu Flamini.

Cashley only played in the Champions League Final because Flamini was injured!

Secondly, Arsenal should free up some cash for summer signings, but whether we use it will be another story!

Leave your Ashley Cole tributes er.. memories here…


38 thoughts on “At Last Chelsea & Arsenal Talks Have Begun…

  1. My favourite memory would have to be him being paid £70k a week to sit on the treatment table for a year. I guess I can see why he feels so betrayed, diddums. Hope your racist wife beats you incessantly.

  2. i was hoping they’d keep him on the bench for another year…

    looking forward to seeing much more of Cole-the-celebrity on our tv’s soon – hoping he takes part in the next “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and gets eaten by a crocodile

  3. How you laughed when AreSol left the Yids for a bigger club, now you cry and get nasty when the BIGBOYS steal your man…..

  4. CHAV cunt, I hope his career goes down the pan and he gets the reception he deserves whne he come back with Chelscum. Hope he dies soon!

  5. We don’t need Cole so if we get around £16 million for him we’ll be laughing!

    Flamini was brilliant last season for us and was part of the back four that got us to the Champions League Final! Only for Cashley to f*ck it up against Barcelona!

    Flamini is a better defender than Cole, and Cole’s attacking threat just hasn’t been there since Pires was dropped for most of the season.

    Let’s see how Cashley copes in a defensive team!

  6. Dear COY go scrape your knuckles somewhere else. You can take Ruski dirty money and shove it!

    You will never be London’s biggest club!!!!

  7. How would you like it if one of your players illegally met with another team?

    Don’t think you’d be over the moon would you?

  8. Listen mate, get over it, are you not telling me that this doesnt happen all the time. It does happen, its just that Chelsea and Cole got caught. You should be chuffed as you have a brand new spanking stadium. It was about time there was some competition to both u and Manure, and now you both have it, you dont like it. Weve raised the bar and the rest have a challenge.

  9. I think the point is – we dont care if he goes to Chelsea – £20M will come in handy for Arsene to spend.
    Your welcome to him – marriage made in heaven.

  10. The difference is COY is that you mugs let Sol go for free, we’re getting lots of lucre for Cole. I’d bite their fucking hands off for £20m, book or no book.

  11. lets remember he is possibly the best left back in the world.

    flamini is good, but less quality – also doesnt get forward enuff

    clichy goes forward but gets injured 2 much

    cambpell, pires (our 2nd highest goalscorer for 3 seasons), bergkamp also gone

    rosicky in

    our team is less than last year!!

    djourou looks to be cambpells replacement – hope is as good as they say!!

    why is he loaning out all our young guns??

    ryan smyth?? wengers letting him go

    despite all our defensive worries, it was lethal last season and that was with 8 left backs!!

    i think our team is good, but chelsea are unstoppable, liverpool will be better than last year and so will spurs.

    injuries next year and were in big trouble…

  12. forgot, M Connolly will be as good as J Terry – i tip him to break into the first team this season

    ljungberg is finished tho

  13. Nice one blueboy impersonator but if you paid close enough attention to detail i write my name with a capital B not a lower case b like u did. Youre not by any chance trying to make me look like a gaylord are you? You swine.

  14. our team costs around £500m compared to ur cheap as team!!

    and what is it with wenger & wee boys??

    should have M Jackson as a scout… hehe

    word is jose is 10 inches… i wish he wud let me play with it… he looks so cute & tuff with his new haircut

    ps i have a girlfriend u no!!!


  15. We will buy some players with this dosh. Wenger is posturing about Davies although I suspect that Gallas was brought up in negotiations.

    Who knows what will happen, but with the Champions League teams needing to be declared soon, I suspect that we are going to see some movement in the next week with players coming in.

    The whole Chelsea saga is boring at this point and it is obvious that Cole feels slighted (even though he was found guilty) by Arsenal for reporting the issue to the FA. Cole is an idiot because his agent was the one who got him in trouble but he is too thick to figure that out. We just need to cash in and get as much as we can for him.

  16. Blueboy (spelt it right for you I hope, as you might get upset). Your team are welcome to Cashley from your Russian gangster. And by the way, congrats for overtaking the amount of titles that tottenham have won………you got so far to catch up with villa in titles, let alone us class club……now fuck off and start cutting hair at TONI AND GUYS

  17. hey blueboy

    why the fuck u here?

    fuck off back to lala land where you are happy to pay £50m for an average player and practically buy everything u win

    i fail to see the satisfacton

    tossers…destroying our league

  18. Blueboy, your life must be really empty if all you can do is come on here and make infantile comments. You can’t point out you lost £14million in Duff and Parker. Glen Johnson has gone on loan to Pompey. Kezman went after a year. Your a Russians plaything. We have a new stadium. We have the best striker and the best, young midfielder. Go away as, just like Chavski, no one likes you.

  19. What a shame.

    A local lad, a fan, cheered on this very team, rose from the youth ranks, top player, possible club captain, but was this good enuff for him. Nope, now hes gone and pissed it all away. He got caught with his pants down and has refused to take any blame/responsibility. He blames the club he plays for and says he loves…go figure. The cherry on the cake is the club he will join. Off ya go Ash, you could have been a true gooner leg end but now …………

  20. Don’t worry arsehole fans. You are only selling one of the best left backs in the game and replacing him with… flamini or clichy. Enjoy. no wonder wenger tried for assou ekotto… only for him to go to… tottenham. my prediction:

    Man U

    If you are lucky you may get UEFA cup football next year with your depleted squad. Plus that thierry will be fat and old soon, leaving you with less attacking potency than a team of winston bogardes

  21. What a wanker! He’s the most hated player I know at the moment. I hate him more than C Ronaldo and Van Horseface put together! JUDAS SCUM!!

  22. No wonder Abrahimovich and Mourinho seems so happy…
    Now them both gay cunts have Tweedy to poke thier massive hairy dicks into…
    Hope the cunt breaks his legs in his first game and never recovers and Chelsea sell him to a crap Conference side for a few pennies…
    so long u little cocksucking twat! good riddance!

    >>now why the hell are tottnumb fans on arsenal blogs? they don’t even have their own blogs? might be no one ever visits them huh?
    heres a suggestion: try blogspot or sumthing similar… u can make a blog for free… then perhaps u lot can get on there and talk about peace cup (drumroll…)

  23. Curse curse, swear, fuck…blah blah blah….Time to move one. We’ll cope without ashley….maybe he can buy his wife some crap he apparantly couldn’t afford in the first place……BTW Anyone wanna my my Arsenal Gold Jersy with Ashley Cole’s name and number on the back?

  24. This is just a quick note to talk about the club as yet another prolonged Arsenal transfer drama grips the British media.

    I went to down Emerites the day the Armoury opened to
    happily drop a load of cash on the new Arsenal shirt. After much internal debate I bought Fabregas 4 instead Diaby 2… but in truth it was a very close call.

    Unfortunately I was able only to get 2 Prem badges on my shirt rather than a single Prem and CL badge as is my custom. It was rather depressing to consider that Arsenal are not actually in the Champions League yet.

    By the way, chap at the shirt printing desk at the store whispered about a very brisk sale of shirts C*nt 3. Apt. Why So Blue, Ash? That is all I would like to comment about Ashley Cole for the moment.

    So… Pires, Campbell, Bergkamp, and yes, very probably Ashley Cole will have left Arsenal Football Club this summer. That is massive reduction in experience for what is already a very young and green football outfit. Adding Edu and Vieira to this list and its clear that Arsenal have moved on from the undefeated side of 2 seasons ago. That is not to say the Hleb, Walcott, Eboue, Diaby, Song, Adebayor and Rosicky cannot carry on the progress of Arsenal FC our hopes are clearly on the shoulders of much younger players. Is this a good thing? I dont know. But Wenger thinks so and to be honest, thats good enough for me.

    Lots of the fans want to see us add to the Rosicky signing this summer. They want to see our ambition expressed by tangible signings. But have they seen the new ground. It is simply the best stadium in Europe. And I’ve seen quite a few. Nuff said. So if we must judge by the tangible… Emerites Stadium goes a long way to proving the enduring ambition of Arsenal Football Club.

  25. Yeah, the behavior of ashley is shit, but I must say, I am still thankfull for his good performences in the last years! He gave some great assists for Dennis Bergkamp and I will not forget that 🙂

    If he wants to leave, let him leave!


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