I Still Like Jose Antonio Reyes, But…

You wonder what is going on inside the kids head.

Well all know he hasn’t adapted to life in England and to his credit has been totally honest about it. One minute he’s saying he’s okay at Arsenal but then he comes out and says how much he wants to move to Madrid.

The problem with that is Arsenal would only sell him for at least £15 million and I just cannot see Real Madrid putting in an offer like that.

Is Jose really the kind of player that Fabio Capello would buy?

Do I think Reyes will leave? Personally, I don’t think so.

The source for all this Real/Reyes talk is from Marca, and we all know what they print can be taken with a pinch of salt.

I cannot see how Real would buy Jose after signing Van Nistelrooy – they also have Robinho, Baptista, Ronaldo, Raul, Cassano and Beckham as the offensive players and you can’t play them all at once!


13 thoughts on “I Still Like Jose Antonio Reyes, But…

  1. It seems to me that its all talk from marca to destabalise the player. What the club says is what we need to believe. Im with you , Reyes stays.

  2. please go Reyes..you have produced little at Arsenal in your 2 1/2 years other than diving..you run with it when you should pass & show no intelligence on the pitch…i only hope that we can recoup at least £10m of the money we have wasted.

  3. People need to be a bit more savvy about this situation. Reyes distanced himself from the Marca quotes that started all this crap, and today’s story is based on…some more quotes from Marca. If you want to know what he thinks read the full interview with AS and the official statement from Arsenal. It would be a story if Real had actually made a bid for Reyes, but they haven’t. I know it’s hard to ignore all the crap that the press is throwing at us at the moment, but really this story is classic tabloid bullshit. It doesn’t deserve any more credibility just because it comes from Spain than it would if it appeared in the People or the NOTW. Reyes will stay.

    Back in the real world we can be at least a little bit pleased that Fran Merida looks likely to be a Gooner soon (although he’s probably only on trial this week).

  4. wake up and smell the coffee. he has never wanted to be here. he was making plans for madrid a week before he joined us.

    marca are a mouthpiece for madrid. if a story appears in that paper its is okayed by madrid.

    so to pretend that capello doesn’t want him is way of the mark.

    he will be exchanged for baptista.

  5. btw reyes was also interviewed by AS. thats a different spanish paper. multiple sources. reyes is dragging arsenal through the mud by giving all these interviews.

    are there any stupid gooners who still like this idiot? he is as bad as cole.

  6. Likewise – wake up and smell the coffee boys – would we be giving this story the light of day if it was reported in The Sun or The Star – nah – not bloody likely.. it’s like someone telling you ‘It must be true a bloke down the pub told me..’ yeah right.. fck ’em!

  7. Good point Tom. Lets not bottle it just because the likes of Sky Sports deem Marca “quotes” as transfer news.

    Reyes isnt going anywhere. Wenger rates him highly.

    Yes, I noticed Merida was in the side this afternoon too… have you seen his videos on the internet? WOW!

  8. To be clear about this, Reyes has given one interview: to AS, in which he concludes that he’s happy to stay with Arsenal. He’s been “quoted” in Marca twice in the last week or so (most recently) providing the substance for this entire tedious saga. Reyes distanced himself from the first set of quotes (“I don’t know where those words came from” or something like that). On top of that you’ve got the official Arsenal statement that he’s staying. So it all comes down to what you choose to believe, Arsenal and Reyes or Marca…

  9. reckon he’s surplus to requirements. Think its time to bring on the hungry kids. No pint in having a token gesture, which really he has been other than his first six months at highbury. Here’s a fantasy premier league code for the headbutt league.2454-30214 http://fantasy.premierleague.com

    we’ll see who really knows what they are talking about. peace

  10. bullshit by the spanish press, he’s already made the situation clear, he ain’t going nowhere… just some lame tricks by Marca to destabilise the club


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