Vieira To United, Cole To Chelsea & Reyes To Real?

Football is a crazy game, and when our unbeaten Premiership Champions lifted the trophy in 2004 after beating Leicester City at Highbury if someone said Reyes would be going to Real, Cole to Chelsea and Vieira to United I would have laughed!

But in the next 4 weeks all these transfers could be reality.

Cashley has almost certainly joined the Russians unless something amazing happens. Cole has been hell bent on p*ssing everyone off at Arsenal and he’s succeeded. Well done.

And Myles reports that Cole did arrive to pre-season training, but stormed out after only an hour of talks with Double D.

Jose Antonio Reyes has (as always) been linked strongly with Real Madrid, and this morning has seemingly kept his options open on moving to Spain. We know he’s not adapted to life in England as he would have liked, but Arsene Wenger will have the last say in whether he goes or leaves.

And then we come to our previous captain.

Patrick Vieira has been trying to jump ship at Juventus, like most of his team-mates, and because a move to Inter Milan seems to have stalled he’s almost asked United to come and get him by saying “Everyone wants to play for a club like Manchester United…”

Football is really a crazy game…


30 thoughts on “Vieira To United, Cole To Chelsea & Reyes To Real?

  1. To be fair, Ashley Cole has wanted off ever since he made all those comments about Arsenal’s “french clique” and Chelsea’s team spirit. And I can understand exactly what he means. When you hear reports of Henry not wanting to eat with some of the players because he feels he’s somehow superior, alarm bells are ringing.

  2. You’d have to say that the Cole transfer is a dead cert now. good riddance. I think the second most likely is Vieira to ManPoo. It will all depend on whether purple nose wants another midfielder having signed Carrick and whether they have the money but Vieira certainly would prefer to go there than Inter if his quotes are anything to go buy. Sorry Paddy, but you will get booed at Emirates…

    then Reyes to Madrid is third most likely. Of course reyes would like to leave but wenger wants him to stay. wenger normally gets what he wants so unless he had a replacement lined up I think he will enforce Reyes’ contract. people have suggested Robinho coming the other way. I’d go for that, but I just dont see wenger doing that.

  3. Is it true, Henry refusing to eat with some of his teammates? Who is this, and if it is even an ounce of truth in this.. shame on him!

  4. that’s a load of b0llocks about henry not eating with the others. Reyes is the one who doesn’t stay for lunch after training, preferring to go home and have his mama cook him paella.

  5. I turned over my arsenal calender to august, only to find cole grinning there.
    not sure what to do… do i leave it on august or hide it til’ september, when hopefully
    all this nonsense is finished and we can just concentrate on the season.

  6. I think that’s just an urban myth! Henry is one of those players who shows nothing but love towards his teammates! Alright, maybe not Reyes…

    Looks like Cole is going to ‘reveal’ all in his new book – why is it that players who leave Arsenal have to write a book? Are there that many dirty secrets at Arsenal? Although to be fair Vieira’s book was all about slagging off Ruud Van Horseface.

    But since he’s jetted off to Real Madrid, it wouldn’t be totally crazy if Vieira went to Old Trafford! The players he used to have the most trouble with were Roy Keane and Van Nistelrooy and they’re gone now!

    I’d be surprised if Ferguson bought Vieira though – I thought they’d have Carrick and Scholes in central midfield wouldn’t they?

  7. Reyes going, Robinhio or Batista coming in would be brillant. We need some changes in strenght and tactic (team balance, much bigger players). Th14 is not rushing for training could have some think to do with AW not signing much more high profile players, as he promissed.
    I can’t see this current squad winning the Premiership or even finishing second in front of Manu or Liverpool. Chelsea’s got far too stronger than they were last season. Liverpool and Spurs have strenghtened their squad as well. Rosicky alone can’t bring much to the current squad.
    The defense is okay with the attacking midfield, but we need a world class defensive, ball winning midfield to help Gilberto. We need a different type of stricker, who can score goal by heading it as well as kicking it.
    Midfield: Alou Diara(Lens), Macherano or Riquelme.
    Strickers: Lucas Tony, Miroslav Close or Julio Batista.

  8. We can do it without Cashley Tweedy… but the squad is once more getting smaller as our rivals gather and increase their resources. Campbells minced his last exit, we have offloaded “promising” youngsters on loan – as we did with Ryan Smith, hailed by Wenger as a specical talent for a few years now and imminently bound for the championship. We didn`t sign Defoe, Carrick, Robinson who all nearly helped the scum topple us last year. Pennant is probably gonna be the shit for liverpool this season too!
    We do things undercover yes, but surley TH14 signed that new deal on the premise we`d be strengthening on last years squad. Rosicky and a couple of kids aside, that hasn`t happened by a long shot. The squad is strong in the forward positions but where else???!

  9. Robinho would be something special… something unrealistic too – when has a Brazillian attacker ever played in the premiership – bar that bald geezer for Bradford a few years back!! We look to be moving down the pecking order a wee bit further every season in the transfer market…

  10. TH14 is King – and a top bloke as well so that is definitely a myth. But would he have stayed if he had known we`d be signing fuck all once again!!??

  11. We should fight to sign this Ghanain gezzer – he is pretty damn physical and might well be a diamond to polish. Also, lets see more of Song – he is gonna be unbelievable – we should buy Hargreaves atleast tohugh

  12. I guess the concensus must be that we are to challenge the richest club football has ever seen buy bringing in kids to complement some fabulous talent (much of which is sub-21yrs) like Cesc and Henry and and… mmm… Who are our other truly world class palyers then?? mmm… Kolo. Yeah, why not.

  13. Can someone have a word with Paddy and tell him that if he signs for ManUSA then I’m gonna sneak to his house every night and guff in his air conditioning (like those naughty burglars did)!!!

    Really hope the big man doesn’t go there.

    Good point about TH14 signing if he knew we weren’t gonna sign anyone new.

    Great news about Diaby being ahead of injury schedule too. Think that’s why we’re not signing anymore CMs

  14. TH14 should have gone, I fear we will now see a steady decline over the next few years as he is left to play with under21`s alone upfront. God, lets hope not – are you reading this AW!?? Buy Buy Buy – 20 for that bummer Cole and then get stuck in lad – please!!

  15. That’s not the real AW writing there. The real AW could spell”sponsorship”. Must be some dirty little Spud wanker.

  16. Well apparently Vieira has gone to Inter Milan now – looks like he was trying to get Inter worried by getting United involved so they’d hurry up and give Juventus the price they wanted!

    Have Arsenal actually been fully paid for Vieira yet?

  17. not sure since there was talk of a deal with buffon a while back because juve owed us money! think it was 5mil up front and the rest later on or someting

  18. Dont think Juve have paid all the monies owed as yet, looks like they are on an instalment plan. Maybe we will get it all a bit early now with the resale of him, but they are losing money on the deal id say. Another gooner who left and is on a downward spiral ?

  19. Exactly Glooper – there seems to be a curse on players that leave Arsenal. In recent times, look at Overmars, Anelka, Petit, Silvinho, Parlour, Edu, Vieira, Pires (yet to see) and Kanu – they haven’t exactly set the world on fire since they departed!

    Let’s see what happens to Ashley Cole when he leaves! 🙂

  20. I wish we’d have kept Silvinho now! He wasn’t an ungrateful ars*hole like Cashley is!

    Shame too, he probably would have been in the Brazilian first 11 if he’d stayed at Arsenal..

  21. pompey beating arsenal for spending power? how low can we get? this is the club that’s won 13 league titles and dozens of FA cups and reached the Champs league final last year!!!!!!! $57M from TV money alone we got last year, which is more than anybody else in the primier league…. where the fuck is all this money going? last season DD and co. said transfer money and the money spent on the stadium were two different things… and we were rumored to have had a $60M war chest… and now they are saying we only have $12M to spend/season for a while… $12M???? HOLY FUCK! $12M is all one of the top clubs in world football can spend/season?
    and AW says that he’ll buy when he needs to? whend does this time ever come?
    and the worst thing is Wenger promised Henry he’ll be spending big in the summer and strengthen the squad and show some ambition… which hasn’t happened yet… what will Titi be now thinking? he’d been tricked? now he’s signed a new contract and wenger knows it’ll be difficult for him to leave… Wenger haven’t changed at all…
    it’ll be his stubborness that’ll eventually be his downfall…
    one more thing:
    AW’s under the false impression that we are really good just because we’d beaten some Austrian crap side 8-1.

    ps- i’m not saying i’m better than AW or anything like that, i’m just saying why buy some toddlers with potential and wait ages for them to become any good when we could easily buy some decent players if we have the green stuff. the thing is we could easily become a top club challenging for titles with a few decent signings (DM,CB,LB)

  22. what if RM/Barca come back with megabucks next season and Titi decides to leave? can we really blame him? the thing is good players want to play with good players and the reason why every summer our best players want to leave for another club… we only have ourselves to blame

  23. Almost all players that have left arsenal in recent years have gone on to do nothig. They may think the grass is greener but it has yet to be proven true.

    Titi, being a good player, decided to stay (he was tricked ? , how old is he 7 ?) because he believes in the team, because of what they had shown throughout the champions league run. This means that they are also goo players , no?

    That story about the 12million transfer fung was shown to be a misreported piece of tat from a known spurs supporter. The same guy who jumped in when all the fuss was reported about supposed dodgy dealings with Bevern.

  24. Oh and Wenger believes we are really good because we beat a 3rd division austrian team. Whos the one under false impressions here ? You believe that do you, get real will ya.

  25. self righteous arse fans? get real u tell me? u really think cygan and co can win the primiership, FA cup and champs league?
    hell no! we’d be lucky if we could get a top 4 spot

  26. “waiting ages for our toddlers to become any good”?

    How long did we have to wait for Cesc?

    Or Senderos?

    Or Eboue?

    It seems Goonerland is getting very jumpy about Arsene not signing more players.

    But why?

    What do we need?

    A central defender? Did you lot see Djourou in the WORLD CUP? DO we “need” a replacement for Campbell? For instance, if we sign a Chivu or a Gallas, is it correct to have one of these ahead of Senderos and Djourou? I dont think so. Hoyte is also strong in the middle so we’re not as thin as the media would have you all believe. There are also a couple of blue chip prospects in the reserves. Connolly in particular looks to have a fantastic future. Oh… and we’ve got Toure, Senderos, and Cygan (ARGH!!!) too. Ok, ok ok. Im now convinced… we need another CB. Chivu or Gallas please, Arsene. Gallas would be the funnier option. Ta.

    A keeper? Well… it seems to me that we’re pretty stocked with Lehmann, Almunia and Poom… at least for this season. I will agree that we need a replacement for Jens in the short term, but he’s got at least 12 months of world class ability in him… and lets face it, he’s only improved since he arrived in North London. So we’re ok for now. And Mannone is on the way.

    Left Back? Well… yes… there could be a vacancy shortly. But am I alone in thinking that Clichy should be given the chance? He looks an ideal replacement for Cole and Traore (even at 16/17) looks a terrific player too… oh and Flamini is rather capable of helping out.

    Right Back? No. We’ve got 2 world class right backs in Lauren and Eboue plus Gilbert and Hoyte in reserve.

    Wingers? Rosicky, Hleb, Freddie, Reyes. Nuff said. I’ll take this group over any club in the world.

    Central Midfield? Fabregas, Gilberto, Flamini, Diaby. With Rosicky able to play in the middle, Wenger wont be forced to play Fabregas when he’s tired. And imagine a CL midfield 5 with Cesc, Hleb, Reyes AND Rosicky (with Gilberto keeping watching the shop)… and by the way, Song was absolutely immense the other day. Plus we’ve got Muamba who freakishly plays and moves like Vieira.

    Strikers? Henry, Van Persie, Adebayor, Walcott, Bendtner, Lupoli, Aliaidiere. Nuff said.

    And dont forget, our “toddlers” are now a year older… and many of them (including THREE teenagers) now have World Cup experience.

  27. Chelsea should still do the league. But as for the rest – well its fair game isnt it. They are all cup competitions so why not. We got to the CL final last year, why not this year. FA cup can be won by us. Im not saying we are world beaters and will win everything. Champs league has got to be the priority cause chelsea are so strong in the Premiership.

    FA cup – yeah why not
    Premiership – probobly not
    Champs League – again why not
    And the reserves/youth combined to do a good job in the micky mouse cup too

  28. well actually my point was by signing quality players you are clearly telling the oppostion of your intentions. just look at Chavski and Barca, strenghthening already world class squads (and everyone thinks/fears they’ll win their respective leagues even though they haven’t even kicked the ball yet) while we are losing so many players from an already weakened squad, my point is why not strengthen it if we have the money? Do we really want to see last day nerve wrecking shambles again this season? (everyone would agree we were a bit lucky to be playing in Europe this season)
    We desperately need a good centerback imho (Senderos is injured,Cygan/Hoyte is simply not good enough, Djorou is not ready yet), a leftback if Cole does leave (Clichy is too injury prone), a good DM if possible (backup to Gilberto as Diaby is injured for long term and Flamini being too lihtweight)
    all other areas are okay imho, really hope Van Persie makes his mark this season (he looks such a class player – we have plenty upfront with Ade, Titi, Reyes, Walcott and Bendtner) we might need a winger if Reyes leaves (not likely imho)
    So with a few decent signings we could be pure class…
    come on u gunners!

    ps – peace Glooper, lol (i ain’t a spud/chav, just a bit worried about Wenger’s lack of activity in the transfer market)

  29. ah i just got as bit upity is all with listening to over negative comments on other blogs. More CB & LB cover would be nice alright, but if we stay injury free wel be ok


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