Dropping Beckham Signals Danger For England?

Deserves To Be Dropped?

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of the many that said Beckham should be dropped once in a while – if anything a guaranteed first team place can bring about complacency. And there is no doubt that Beckham had a poor World Cup.

But dropping him from the entire 25-man squad?

If I had to pick the best 25 English players available then Beckham would probably make the first 15 without any problems. Partly because of the lack of English talent, but also because when Beckham puts on an England shirt he gives nothing but 110% – when some of his colleagues don’t.

The thing I worry about is why McClaren dropped Beckham.

The press and most of the country wanted Becks dropped and he has now just followed public opinion and done exactly that.

Is McClaren doing the best for the team, or just trying to get a public vote?

Of course, Beckham is not at his peak any longer but can still do a job for England. But are you telling me Phil Neville and Stuart Downing are more worthy of England places than Beckham?

And yes, Beckham had a poor World Cup.

But so did everyone else!

I just hope the public and the press don’t turn against Wayne Rooney otherwise McClaren might just drop him as well and we’d be in real trouble if that happened!


17 thoughts on “Dropping Beckham Signals Danger For England?

  1. it is worrying, especially because beckham was the man who created most of englands goals in this world cup and the games building up to it; people forget that england dont have many true world class players, dropping one to get a reaction is a bad move, jenas,downing,swp? what have they done ? Even if beckham was just a squad player opposing teams would be intimidated by seeing his name , he still has alot to offer.

  2. I think that David Beckham should definitely be kept in the squad. Everyone goes on about how Wayne Rooney is the best in the squad, but without Beckham, the squad has instantly lost 50% of its feed to the strikers.

  3. He wouldn’t have been fit enough to play anyway. He’s only played one pre-season game for Real so far. Still he is by far the most overrated player there, closely followed by Rio and Gary.

  4. What do you expect from Mclaren, Sven’s shadow. Why he did not bring in Reo Coker instead of Jenas is beyond me. Going backwards should be the (new) managers slogan, not his “evolution not revolution”.

  5. Good point about Rio – I can’t believe he still plays for England! What has the joker won recently?

    Carragher has won the Champions League and the FA Cup, while JT has won the Premiership back to back! Those two are far better centrebacks then Rio will ever be!

  6. I agree with Wenger’s Immortals for once… Becks really should be in the squad… I think Macca is pandering to the morons out there who’ve been calling for Becks head for several years now.

    For perspective, forget about P Neville… what on EARTH is Jenas doing in the side ahead of Becks?!?!?!

  7. El Tel: lets make phil nevile captain

    Maclaren: Tel hes shite!

    El Tel: hes a world beater trust me…..okay fuck it make sure he is in the squad, drop that ponce beckham.

    Maclaren: let me phone max clifford first.

    Max clifford: hello, yeah drop him hes no good for your image, hes hogging all the glory….. i am sure swp can do a great job Jose mouriniho wouldnt have paid 20 million for a donkey ould he?

    Maclaren: okay Tel iv dropped him.

    Maclaren leaves the room and Tel rubs his hands as he knows that he is only 3 more dodgy mclaren decisions away from the top job, and the 5 million a year salary that will enable him to open his dream nightclub “el Tels”

    Watch This Space For Updates

  8. Wayne Rooney is not the best player on the English national team, that title must go to Stephen Gerrard. Rooney scores goal but he does not dominate games like the best strikers in the world do.

  9. anyone who’s watched last seasons La Liga would say Beckham deserves better treatment, even this season i can see him topping the La Liga assist charts… it’s all Lampards fault, with him in there u don’t get anything out of Gerrard, and Beckham, the former who is no doubt among the best midfielders in todays game, and who has enough capability to turn games all by himelf (Gerrard should be the English captain, beckham should be in the squad, leave Jenas, Downing and Dawson)

  10. John terry is overhyped, Gerrard is miles ahead as a player and even as a captain, just visualize this senario – england a goal down in a world cup final – who would u rather have in your team to motivate the others? Gerrard or Terry?
    those who think it should be john terry are deluded cunts

  11. I agree about Steven Gerrard as captain as well – JT is a brilliant player but Steven Gerrard is the best English player at the moment, no question.

    Stevie G should be captain – just look how he did for Liverpool in the Champions League Final! Who else could have rallied a team onto overturn a 3-0 deficit against AC Milan with only 45 minutes to go?

    JT is a decent captain too but hasn’t really had to struggle with the 2 Premiership’s over the last couple of years. Hell, I could probably win the Premiership with the team Chelsea have!

    Stevie G all the way!

  12. I agree that things should be shaken up. I agree that new blood should be brought in. I do not agree however, with a policy that claims to be EVOLUTIONARY and then drops Becks but retains Phil Neville. It is embarrassing to have him in the squad.

  13. beckham will be 33 for the european championship!!

    he is not good enuff now & his quality is decreasing continously.

    lennons quality is increasing, SWP should get more games/better this year & gerrard is a world beater, who can play on the right with hargreaves & lampard in the middle

    there is no argument. he was only ever average at best but highly overrated by the media

    Gary Neville is also shite!

  14. how about this for an experiment:

    carson (cos robo was dodgy)
    young, ferdinand(but warned bout showpony), terry, cole
    lennon, gerarrd, hargreaves, walcott(not convinced by downing)
    rooney, defoe(cos crouch is shit)

    the two wide boys have massive potential & will improve with experience, so give them experience


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