Ashley Cole Is Pathetic & Should Shut The F*ck Up!

Ashley Cole has released a statement saying he’s made himself available for the Aston Villa game tomorrow.

He is quoted as saying:

I have made myself available for selection this weekend and it is now up to the manager whether he decides to play me.”


In a pathetic attempt to drum up more publicity for himself he has now apparently said he’s willing to play for Arsenal.

My arse he does!

But Arsene Wenger wants you out of the club so you can take a running jump!

Like the fans, Arsene wants this horrible circus of negativity to end as soon as possible.

Could you even imagine Cashley Cole wearing both an Arsenla and Chelski shirt in the same season?!

I’m certain that’s not going to happen but nothing in football surprises me anymore…


47 thoughts on “Ashley Cole Is Pathetic & Should Shut The F*ck Up!

  1. Yeah, calm down – I don’t want the little runt to play either. Sounds like Cole is trying to get on the good side of the Arsenal fans, he must be living on another planet.

  2. after all thats happened…

    Maybe Cole realises that Chelsea are not as interested as they 1st perceived….£20-25M for arguably on of the best left-back players and chelski wont pay? how odd…..maybe its just mind games and ashley caught in the middle?….

    Reyes, he signed a 5-6 year contract months ago….and real madrid pay that off with just 10m? It seems Real are not the same as they were a few years ago…buying galacticos…big dosh..

    similar situations dont you think? maybe both might re-think and say….stay with AFC…

  3. I think Cole probably sees that he could be Arsenal-bound for at least half of this season, and that his international career will be in jeopardy if he doesn’t play for his club.

    The only way Cole and the fans kan mend the bridge between them is by saying sorry in public. Then he’ll have to show 110 per cent commitment both on and off the pitch. If he does, the situation could get back to normal.

  4. write to, leaving a message for Ashley Cole, saying that he needs to apologise. I already have. Maybe it’ll be ignored, maybe Jonathan Barnett will realise how much everyone has been antagonised by this and actually ask Cashley to apologise

  5. Fuck him.

    I am for the game tomorrow and I’m going to boo every move he makes.

    He wants the fans to understand?? understand what? that he met the russians behind our back because he wanted more cash.

    Fuck him! go you little twat

  6. i hate the prick as much as the rest of you but IF he plays tomorrow there’s no way i’ll be booing him. all thats goona do is upset the team and give a negative attitude all round. for me, arsenal come first and them winning is the most imprtant thing. we all knwo he’s a little shit and he knows we all knwo that but if he’s got the red shirt we have to back him (for 90 mins only i must add)

  7. he said that he wants to leave arsenal cause they left him high & dry.

    chelsea have came in 4 him unsettled him & now after everything that has happened they arent going to pay up for him – this is exactly why he had talks with chelsea in the first place, cos he felt he was lethal & shud be paid more & we refused

    so in coles mind chelsea r just the same as arsenal now

    i think its time for him to keep his mouth closed & just play football for whichever team

    before all this he was on course to be an arsenal legend that the fans loved dearly, now he is just a product that can provide a service & noone gives a fuck about cos he has no loyalty or honour…just selfish greed

  8. How nice of him to make himself available, what a top bloke, £70k a week and he’s decided he might play. The dude has realised that he’s the one that stands to lose out on this situation. Arsenal need to make a stand to Chelski and Madrid, they’ve unsettled our players and are offering a pittance for them, we need to show the world we’re not game for rape. C’mon the Gunners.

  9. We need to get behind the team and forget who is playing…

    Remember that Henry, Fabregas, etc wanted Cole to stay (as well as Reyes) and they really know best.

  10. I’m proud that Arsenal are standing nose to nose with the world’s two richest clubs. It sends a signal to everyone out there. You can’t push us around, we’ll deal with it our way and when WE want to do the deal, the deal will be done. If WE don’t want the deal to be done, it won’t be done.
    Ashley and Jose will still play well for us this season if they stay, you watch.

    No piont booing either. If they are playing for us, they are part of us. We need to be cheering on anyone who pulls on our shirt and plays.

  11. The thought of booing an Arsenal player is deeply troubling, even someone as deserving as Cashley. However, there are a couple of alternatives that could be considered in the unlikely event that he plays.

    (a) Every time he touches the ball, the crowd goes silent, no cheering or booing.


    (b) All the fans take out their keys and every time he touches the ball, they rattle the keys. I have been told that it sounds like money being rattled.

  12. Cole said he would never play for Arsenal again. And now cause he is under pressure at the start of a new season without having secured his big money move to Chelski he says he would play and that its up to Wenger! He says he doesnt have a problem with the manager, players or fans – but i dont hear an appology from him regarding his comments and actions all summer long. If he sees the error of his ways and talks some responsibility and appologises then he might start to regain my support. I dont see him doing that however.

  13. I have no desire to see Cole in the red and white ever again. He is nothing but a money grabbing, lying little shite. I will not bother to boo him if he plays for us again as I cannot be bothered to waste valuable breath on him.

    Its farsicall that he thinks he can cause so much disruption during the summer months and then waltz straight back into the team. Do one Cashley, because in my view, you are not wanted at the club.

  14. Should C### play for us again, I wouldn’t boo him because it’s detrimental to the team. I would simply renew what my stance has been since he met with Chelski, I won’t boo him but I won’t cheer him. George Bernard Shaw had it bang on, “silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.” I will be very disappointed if he does play again.

  15. Think Cashley’s a victim of his own hype now….any bloke who gets married in a shiny gold suit has gotta have a distorted view of reality hasn’t he?!

    If Chelski really wanted him then would a £24 Mil price tag really be a stumbling block to this deal…?! Roman prob earns that in his sleep whilst he has his afternoon kip…..!

    I still say get shot of him and get some players in who want to play for the Arse….we’ve sold Paddy, Anelka, Overmars, Manu Petit and still managed fine……so losing Cashley ain’t really gonna be that much of a hardship is it…?

  16. Personally I don’t think Cole should play for us full stop. He has treated the club like Shit!! The club that raised him and made him into the player he is.

    He has lost the respect of the fans and should be made to suffer. We don’t need him against Villa!!!! I’m sure Arsen will be more than able to fill the spot with Flamini as he had a great season last year filling Coles place while he was injured.

    Arsen needs to make him regret everything he has done to the Club and then when he does his Apology to everyone the club and all the fans that supported him all these years. AND THEN SELL HIM!!!!

  17. Have to laugh. What is he on about, “declaring himself fit to play”? He’s getting 60 grand a week to be a professional footballer, it shouldn’t be up to him to declare anything. It’s your job to play you langer!! Anyway nobody is bigger than the club. Come on you Gunners.

  18. The bottom line is – if he is picked we should get behind the team.

    There is no point cutting off our noses to spite our face.

    He is still a good player – and is still a good arsenal player, and as someone has already mentioned, thierry et al want him to stay.

    Therefore – if he plays – clap his name – dont cheer.

    But do not Boo – that is ignorant – and will only have a negative effect on the team and the whole sitaution.

    Show a bit more intelligence – leave the childish behaviour to spurs and fake russian fans.

  19. B*llocks. Give him hell if he shows his face anywhere near the ground. If he appears jeer him so badly he is taken off after five minutes. If he then puts his backside on the bench jeer him more, so he has to go home. The runt should not be allowed near the Emirates Stadium. Nor should he be sold to the Chavs. Let him go to mid-table Italy, with a sell-on clause that we get 80% of any future sale within five years to another Premiership team. Make his career miserable.

  20. Cashleys days are numbered he needs to accept it, but what the hell are the BOARD up to we’re away to start a new season with a thread bare squad, We need THREE new players Two midfielders and another goal keeper AAAAGGGH please some positive news from the Arsenal HQ would be nice!!!!

    Another season of watching Headless chicken Gilberto losing the ball at every given moment a half fit Henry moaning at players he should be encouraging, mmmm magic another trophy less season awaits.

  21. I cant stand the little sh*t but if he signs an extension and says sorry and commits himself then I sure aint gonna boo him. I wont like him still but I’d never boo him.
    He is a better left back than clichy or flamini. if we win the title by one point with Cole in the team, you’d all be lapping that up I’m sure. Compare that with losing the title by one point with clichy in the team.

  22. Actually we need – a left back, a centre back, a strong central midfielder and a striker. We need them now, with an established Premiership track record. I’m sick of transitional seasons. I want to see a full-strength squad now. But it’s too late this year, yet again. I can only assume the stadium has crippled us financially so that Wenger has to feed us a little porkie at the start of each summer. This time I believe it was two more established players after Rosicky.

  23. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cashley’s a money-grabbing, greedy twat and all that, and we’re better off without him… i totaly agree. But, if he plays tomorrow, what do we do if he scores???

  24. Naaa, a new goalkeeper (jens is old and will lose the plot more often without the world cup to keep him on the straight and narrow) and a centre back to replace Cygan (illiasu?), a defensive midfielder to replace Gilberto and a winger to replace Reyes. of course wenger will buy no-one.

  25. If Tweedy scores all the better Chelsea May have the money in the Bank by 17.05pm tomorrow night!! And lets hope are little Spaniard friend Reyes pops one in also and we can get Madrid’s money by 17.10pm. And then we can have a few more faces by next week. Mmmm oh I do like to dream.


  26. No chance of him playing or scoring as hes been left out of the squad and rightly so.

    Speaker of truth – sick of transitional seasons ? We have had 1 bad season in 9 and that was only domestically. The young lads didnt look very much in transition while seeing off the likes of juve and real in the champs league on the way to the final.

    What Wenger is doing needs a bit of time. He has had 1 bad year, expect this one to be a lot better but still some to go before this team hits top gear.

  27. The walk back begins..

    “I was wrong, and reacted badly to what I thought was a slight and lack of support. I should have handled things a little better. I have always said I have no problems with the fans who I have always supported me. I apologise for these past few months, and hope they can forgive me. I have also had a long talk with the manager and all I want to do now is to play my way back into the fans’ good books.”

    All done and dusted!! What’s next?

  28. Its actually embarassing when so called Arsenal fans come on blogs to moan…

    Glass is half full, not half empty…

    New centre back – so what does that say to Djourou? We have 3 decent CH’s

    New striker – Why? we have TH, RVP, EA, TW?

    The only position we are light in is defensive central midfield..

    If Fabregas is injured – Rosicky can play there….

    Left back – Flamini, Clichy, Traore,

    RB – Lauren, Eboue…

  29. we shouldnt all be getting ourselfs worked up about the litle mug cole. tomorrow is about a new era with arsenal and also about paddy galligan r.i.p. so dont waste your breath booing cashley but in a massive rendition of ‘b’jesus said paddy’ and creating a big atmosphere.

  30. Arsenal should not sell Cole to Chelsea for a penny less then 25 million. If Chelsea can pay for Micheal Essien, SWP and other, they can afford to pay the price for Cole. Cole is better than the two players listed above. I would let him rot on the bench until he is needed. What makes teams like Chelse and Real think they can dictate the terms for our players? We are are successful organization just like them and will sell only for what we feel the players are worth.
    I really don’t feel that Arsenal should sell Cole to Chelsea regardless of what they are willing to pay.

  31. Bejesus said Paddy you sung it so well I think I’ll get up and I’ll sing it again so Paddy got up and he sung it again OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN (ad infinitum).

  32. Hey everybody cooool it, we should be glad Arsenal are refusing to take the Chelsea cash proves that the selling days are going and we don’t need the cash like we used to.
    If Arsene thought Arsehole Cole wasn’t worth keeping he would be long gone, he knows that the tiny vacuum which goes for Cashley’s mind can be changed by buying him a new playstation game and reading him the story of the greedy spoilt bastard who feel in love with a Portugeeze Lunatic only to be dumped after the first kiss.

  33. Real Madrid better pay up !!!! First they unsettle the player and then they want penny-pinching when they are armed with a transferkitty of 70 million pound………what a bunch of losers.Same goes for everyones favourite fotball team in the world Chelski F.C. or should i say Rubels Inc.First they spend the entire BNP of a small nation on a fetus(Mikel or SWP you take your pick) then they wont cough up 25 million for arguably the best Leftback in the world.I am with double d on this one.Pay up or shut up !!!!

  34. Looks like Rosicky wont be playing tomorrow hes only gone and got himself injured (well a flareup of the one he picked up at zagreb). Reyes out too.

  35. Simao Sabrosa is he on his way is this true? Please some one tell me and if so do you rate him as much as I do!!!!! Magic great player!!!

  36. Well apparently we have made a 12 mil plus bid for him. If its true and the bid is accepted then expect it to go through quickly, thats usually the way we do things. But i have my doubts. Especially if reyes deal falls through

  37. Ken “write to, leaving a message for Ashley Cole, saying that he needs to apologise. I already have. Maybe it’ll be ignored, maybe Jonathan Barnett will realise how much everyone has been antagonised by this and actually ask Cashley to apologise”

    Was thinking the exact same and have written as well. I won’t boo him, but if he thinks we’ll be one big family again until he tries to make his way out in Janurary or next summer, then he’s mistaken. Unless he apologizes and signs a contract extension, then my support of him will end when he stops wearing the red and white.


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