The Good, The Bad & The Ashley Cole…

I F*cking Love It When Gilberto Scores!

It’s been a few days since our Premiership opener against Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium and while most Gooners (including myself) predicted an easy 3-0 win, Martin O’Neill had other ideas and played how most teams play against Arsenal – very defensive and very compact.

I’m not going to complain because if there is a system you can use to get a result then you have to do it. It’s up to us to come up with a way around it.

To be fair, Arsenal had enough clear chances to win comfortabl but unfortunately most of the chances seemed to fall to Eboue instead of any one of our attacking players! C’est la vie…

But the highlight of the game was the introduction of Theo Walcott after 73 minutes.

He looked like a brilliant player and according to Myles never lost the ball! Amazing!

And it was his cross that gave Gilberto the opening to smash in an emphatic equaliser!

One of my favourite sights is Gilberto scoring a goal. Remember when he scored against FC Thun in the Champions League last season?

Just like on Saturday, he went totally berserk!

It’s just a massive release and I love seeing it! It shows he cares, it shows he wants to win and it’s just how the other 60,000 Gooners are feeling inside the stadium!

Off the pitch however, it’s the same old story with Cashley Cole and no-one is any the wiser on what the hell is going on. I bet I’ve just given it the kiss of death now and he’s probably just joined Chelski as soon as you’ve read this.

Wenger has told Reyes to forget the Real Madrid move as it isn’t going to happen. I said a while ago that I couldn’t really see it happening, but then Wenger could be just playing hardball.

Then the William Gallas story. It’s clear we’ve made a bid for the versatile defender and at 29 I’d say he’s worth no more than £5/6 million. But there are rumours that Chelski want to swap him for Ashley Cole!

I’m not even going to dignify that rumour with a response…


13 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ashley Cole…

  1. You know it mate! Love seeing players going mental, just like i was, infront of him!

    Got a new Ashley Cole song, if anyone wants to hear it:
    Ohh, Tweedy is a nother slag, she fancies Gale Clichy,
    But when she couldn’t have, instead she shagged Ashley,
    But everytime she rings him, his phone is up his hole,
    He’s a scummy dirty rent boy cunt, his name is Ashley Cole..
    (You know the rest!)

  2. Its a slow start for the gunners but not a bad one. Everybody thought Aston villa was going to get a rollicking but its not to be… seems new AV boss is making the difference…*congrats*

    thinking about gallas, wouldnt that stop johan D 1st team development in its tracks? i thought he has done really well so far..coming back from world cup/afc games. He & sendoros to fighting for same place..the same as last season….hence i dont think gallas is coming here…he’s just waiting for AC milian to pop in at the right time….

    Cole….? by next week…we all will know…

  3. Ashley’s phone is ringing
    Cheryl says “please answer it”
    “I’d really like to honey
    but it’s covered in my shit”

    ooooh etc. etc.

  4. yes well done those posting brainless songs about Ashley Cole. How big or you and how mature – you must be very proud.
    There is no way we can do a straight swap Ash for Gallas. Gallas will be availabe for free in January (able to sign a pre-contract to join in the summer) and is 29. Ash is 4 years his juniour with a longer contarct. The deal HAS to be £15m plus Gallas.

    Whilst Ash is wearing an Arsenal shirt, as he will do if no deal goes through, then he has my full support. What is the point of booing or singing anti-Cole songs?
    IF he signs for Chelsea is still see no reason to boo. Cant we be above that? It would be better for our players if we supported them rather concentarting our efforts on an opposition player.
    There will be fans who will boo him but while they are doing that they aren’t supporting Arsenal. Get behind every player in a Arsenal shirt for 90mins.

  5. im glad reyes is staying, tho it looks like AW mite play theo there – i cant wait til he has settled into the team!!

    the cole thing doesnt really matter, if he stays we have the best LB in the world, if he goes we have good cover plus £20m.

    dont think we will win the league, chelsea only dropped 2 points at home last yr & our away form is dodgy – but the past mite not mean the same future…

    i cant wait 4 the league cup,,, merida, traore etc

  6. Well said, Merse.

    I can’t wait for the mindless little jerk to leave, but as long as he wears the shirt, I’ll not boo him.

  7. I will boo him because he doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt, the judas scum!!!!

    He wants to leave for more money when he is already getting enough! Why sign another contract if you are not happy???

    He should rot in the reserves for the rest of his contract!!!!!!!!!

    He says AFC hung him out to dry. Who was the one who met Chelsea behind our backs mid season? That sort of behaviour is inexcusable.

  8. I hate the guy, but I’m not going to filate his ego by singing about him while he’s not even playing. I’d rather support the lads that are playing. Even if he plays for us again, I will not boo him but I can’t think that I would cheat my conscience by cheering him either.

  9. Ashley Cole has got himself into some mess here. Or is it Jonathan Barrett?

    I don’t think Ash is that bright and has been influenced by other people. Or by money and making the mistake of getting his self worth from the size of his pay packet. Is he jealous of what others earn ?

    He has made such of fool of himself, all these petty resentments, legal threats, quotes for the tabloids, trying to justify all his actions. His ego has gone sky high. He’s a good footballer and thats about it- full stop nothing else.

    The other stuff such as the cringing photos, wedding, TV show, the new Posh and Becks- its all really grim, self obsessed and squalid. The way he conducts himself is not the Arsenal way.

    Arsenal still have some values and principles and I think if he comes out with a full apology, the fans should forgive let it rest. If not, he doesn’t have a future at the club and forget a few mill here or there. He is a corrosive influence around the place.

    Unless the club are making an example of him? and sending out a message to Chelsea, agents and players not prepared to honour their deals.

    The poor bloke has lost his credibility as a footballer and as a man. He has been so badly advised he should be sueing his agent.

  10. Agree with Merse.

    Lets try and stay positive and remember all the good he has done.

    Plus getting 20 mill for him, will allow the team to grow.

    I also believe, we will bring through a LB that will be better than him, perhaps Traore in a few years, or Ryan Garry IF he stays fit.

  11. I dont think Cashley leaving would be such a big deal, yeah he is a reliable defender, but I dont care what people say going forward he isnt that special.

    I would be more worried if Fabregas, Senderos, Eboue, Toure, Henry, Walcott, or Van Persie were leaving.

  12. With only 6 days to go with the transfer window, all I can say is………………………… HAVE FAITH IN AW. He knows.


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