Arsenal Win & Chelsea Lose? Yep, That’s Right…

Arsenal Win At The Emirates!

A good night all round for Arsenal in Europe and in The Premiership.

The Gunners beat Dynamo Zagreb 2-1 last night and won the tie 5-1 on aggregate – although it was Dynamo who took the lead through de Silva on 12 minutes.

Arsenal are going to take a few games to settle at their new home and we haven’t lost there yet which is the most important thing.

It was an average performance from Arsenal and nothing more really. Robin Van Persie in particular stood out as he displayed his impressive skills and a brilliant pirouette on 26 minutes created a chance from an acute angle which was saved by Dynamo keeper Carlos Santos de Jesus (what a name!).

And only a minute earlier van Persie was denied a goal when his shot was amazingly deflected by Cvitanovic onto the bar and over the goal! Crazy stuff!

But with 13 minutes remaining, Freddie latched onto a Van Persie freekick to head Arsenal the equaliser. And then on 90, Mathieu Flamini who looked like a left back playing in central midfield, grabbed the winner to give Arsenal their first competitive win at the Emirates.

I didn’t know any of The Premiership scores until I watched Match of the Day last night – and was I shocked!

Chelski were winning 1-0 with only 10 minutes to go when Boro came back and scored a couple of goals to give the Russians their first defeat of the season.

Alan Hansen made a good point about how Chelski looked particularly vulnerable from crosses as that’s how Boro managed to scored their goals. Chelski would probably look more solid with William Gallas instead of Ricardo Carvalho at the back wouldn’t they?

Apparently Jose Mourinho was absolutely livid last night. Good news all round then!

Manchester United looked impressive yet again with an easy 3-0 win over Charlton. From the highlights Scott Carson made some good saves and United hit the woodwork at least 5 times so the scoreline could have been much worst for the home team.

Hopefully The Premiership race will be a bit closer this season!


21 thoughts on “Arsenal Win & Chelsea Lose? Yep, That’s Right…

  1. Shevchenko £30m : Cashley Cole £19m ( maybe ) ; Losing to the Boro in the 90th minute after leading 1-0 ….. PRICELESS!!!

    Haha .. go rot Chelski

  2. Thought we were quite disappointing last night, I appreciate with a 3-0 cushion it’s hard to maintain a high tempo, but I thought this was a real chance to improve our sharpness and get a good win to settle in at the Grove. Still, we won so I suppose that’s a monkey off our back. I don’t believe the attendance figure the club gave, there were empty seats all around me.

  3. I wonder what our strongest 11 will be? When fit our defense picks itself with the only ? being right back. Will Lauren slot straight back in? Clichy and Senderos will be first choices. Its up front. Reyes for me needs to come good if he stays and it will be interesting to see how Rosicky slots into that role. Hopefully with no effort and he can match Pires’ goal tally. Right wing? Hleb has skill but my God he is slow and so easily dispossesed. Would love to see Walcott stake his claim and the position on a regular bases. Van Persie? for me deffinately first choice over Ade. Unless we play Bolton, Blackburn, Chelsea and United. Then Ade should be first choice for the roughness of these defensess.

  4. Guys! If we get Gallas and Ribery for Cole and Reyes, our game will be difficult for the opposition. And if Torres comes for Reyes swap..we don’t need anymore..but looks bleak!

  5. van persie should start every time over adebayor – he is a donkey
    i simply do not like him, how many times has he missed a sitter???
    he should be 4th choice behind walcott

    lauren should start ahead of eboue – one 4 the future, not the finished article yet…

    clichy will be the main man if fit & cole does go

    yes he scored last nite but ljungberg has been disappointing for a year now, but hleb frustrates me, tho he is a great passer

    reyes is good but not productive enough & he isnt happy here

    lauren, toure, senderos, cole/clichy
    van persie, fabregas, silva, rosicky
    walcott, henry

    ps its great to see chelsea get beat & they play away to blackburn next…

  6. another point,
    anybody that was at the match last nite should stop going to the emirates & allow real fans that can out-sing 500 people into the stadium & create an atmosphere!!

    seriously if u want to watch the match in silence, then do so at home

    the highbury library is not something we should take with us

    remember portsmouth fans & liverpool fans. N Ireland fans r the best in the whole world, their team is shite but the 15 000 of them can make some noise & they showed england how to sing a national athem!!!

    60 000 people, pathetic. bring drums, decent songs etc make it a fortress

  7. Abhi, you are living in gaga land, there is now Gallas and Ribery are coming, and torres is not even worth mentioning as that is clearly never going to happen. By next week Cole will be gone and no one brought in. Chelsea will buy Cole at 11.59pm on Aug31 and wenger will say sept 1st that he had no time to do anything. It is so predictable and frustrating. After Chelsea’s defensive performance last night would not be a surprise if they offer gallas 100k plus this week. If not he will go to AC Milan, they will not sell him to us.

  8. does anyone know the size of the new & old picth?

    is it 101×67 & 113×76?

    if true thats 1821m2 of a difference, substantial when the players are not fully fit yet!

    but when we get used to running around it, our fitness levels should be higher than our oppenents, should help when were passing around & they are chasing it

  9. Just the 2 things from last nights game – job done – but we have to raise the tempo of our passing. What happened to our explosive start to games. We used to blow teams away in the first 20 mins. We need to be quicker out of the blocks.

  10. the main things from last night is that as we all know adabeyor is hopeless possibly wenger’s worst ever signing at 7m (him and Jeffers for that prize), that Flamini is not good enough at centre midfield, Hoyte is not the solution as a replacement for Clichy and that without Gilberto and Henry we would barely finish in the top half. To think that Wenger prefers Ade to RVP is mindblowing, what must RVP be thinking to be behing that donkey god only knows. Would be great to see Theo start a few games to give us some drive and directness, but I can not see Wenger doing that, when Rosicky and Reyes come back who knows what will happen to Theo as I can not see Wenger putting him infront of thoses two.

  11. Ron, the game wasn’t a sell out, get yourself a ticket. You call yourself a real fan, but thtere is no waiting list for the travel club, join that and you can get to some away games if home games are too difficult. I’ll bet money you don’t do that.

  12. i live in ireland & i am a student , which means i cant work too many hrs & any money ive saved over the summer will go towards fees etc.

    my point is that the atmosphere is crap, always has been & i was hoping that the new stadium would be different. those that are fortunate to be there should make more effort.

    dont people realise that the fans can contribute to the performance of the team, happy to complain when things are not going our way, perhaps they should try encouraging the team – make some serious noise, become notrious.

    also anybody that boos people are brain dead – it makes the receipient try harder & play better, ultimately making things more difficult for your own team

  13. Fair enough, for my part I definitely sing up, home and away (admittedly, more so away). i myself am frustrated at the atmos at home games, it’s the reason I started going to away games in the first place. But with the singing section set up by redaction at the Grove, and the fact that north bankers and clock enders are largely side by side the atmos is and will continue to improve.


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