Cole Plays For Arsenal As Wenger Turns Up The Heat

Yep, That’s Cole In The New Arsenal Kit!

Well football never ceases to amaze me and last night Ashley Cole played for Arsenal in the reserves as the Gunners beat Charlton Athletic 4-0.

That’s right – the photograph above is not photoshopped!

Arsene Wenger is either turning up the heat on Chelski, playing Cole so that the Russians quickly stump up the right transfer fee which they have yet to offer Arsenal.

Or amazingly, Ashley Cole is staying at Arsenal!

The big question is would Arsene risk Cole in a reserve game if he was going to be involved in a big money transfer?


It looks like Cole and his agent have once again looked like complete muppets and now both are staying at Arsenal for another season.

If Cole does stay, let’s hope he shuts his mouth for more than 5 minutes and does what he’s bloody paid for – to play football.

But don’t be surprised if Cole is a Chelski player by the time you read this!

In other transfer news, Arsenal have been linked with Carlos Tevez which if actually happened would be an amazing move. But it’s just another product of silly season so keep dreaming! Although the notion that Tevez could be unveiled at the Brazil versus Argentina friendly at The Emirates in September is a nice one!

And our favourite Spaniard has apparently come out and said he’s never going to play for Arsenal again. I think Arsenal might have a say in that since we’re the ones who pay his wages but it looks like Jose is still living in a dream world.

Franck Ribery has spoken how difficult a time he’s had recently with all the transfer speculation surrounding him over the summer – bless. Maybe he shouldn’t come out publicly and say he wants to leave then? Jesus…


23 thoughts on “Cole Plays For Arsenal As Wenger Turns Up The Heat

  1. Why should Arsenal let Cole go to Chelsea? The only position where they look shaky is at left-back so for Arsenal to let Chelsea strengthen their team would be stupid!

    With the win Boro had against them last week it shows that the title race could be wide open and to let Chelsea have the best left-back in the world would be suicide! Without Gallas and Cole they will be much easier to score against!

  2. I was thinking the same thing last week, transfer end date this thursday and emirates stadium event with Brazil vs argentina on wednesday…….very good planning…some secret transfer on the move? some argentine/brazlian…….looking at their new ground?


  3. i hate to say it but we need Cole… Hoyte is clearly not up to the mark yet and let’s face it Cole’s attacking runs are the best in the league – he is a twat but i’d rather he got his head down & helped us win the quadruple this year than pissed off to the opposition

  4. Did cole get booed? did Traore play at right wing rather than right back?

    Only sell cole to chelsea if they pay what we ask. no knock-down prices for them.

  5. Is Cole staying such a good idea?

    Chelsea have managed to keep our club in a state of flux for an entire summer without spending a penny.

    And if Cole stays, how motivated will he be if it is in his mind that he’ll be sold for a lot less money next summer?

    The only way he should be allowed to play for the first team again is if he signs a new long-term deal, shelves all plans for the ‘reveal all’ book and ends his ties with his current agent.

    And I can’t see any of the above happening.

    Reyes also has to be sold or left to rot in the reserves until January. The length of his contract means we’ll get the right price for him eventually but all the same it’s a case of another summer of negativity when it should have been one of opening a glorious new chapter in the Club’s history with the new stadium and having reached the Champions League final with such a young team.

    I hope that Gallas buys himself out of his contract, and joins us for ‘free’, albeit with a tasty signing on bonus. If Wenger pulls that one off, so late in the transfer window, even Chelsea will have no time to react and the egg will be on their faces.

    Buffon, Tevez, fantastic if they come off but both look unlikely. Defensive cover and a defensive midfielder are surely the priorities.

  6. it could be that AW played him just to make a statement to chelsea hoping they will now see that we are now prepared to keep him & certainly will not accept their low valuation of him. cole im sure would not have taken any chances in the tackles.

    i want him to stay as clichy is injury prone & hoyte….!!

    2 goals last nite but i still do not like adebayor & is alliedere ever going to break into the first team??

    it mite sound silly but if we dont beat boro & man utd then i think the league is beyound us this season

    everyone seems to expect us to do well in the champs league again, but we got a tuff group & if we dont reach the semis, finish fourth & even if we did get the FA cup it still would be a bad season & everyone will be looking at AW asking why he didnt strengthen an inexperienced squad.

    its a massive gamble he is taking, not like him, he is 2 calculated…
    which leads me to believe that he will sign someone or there is someone about to break in2 the team, but who??

  7. The transfer window is so boring. Wenger’s not going to sign anybody. He reckons that as he has signed Hleb, Walcott, Adebayor, Diaby and Rosicky in the last year, he probably doesn’t need any more players. He is wrong. He needs defenders, he never commits big funds to defenders, and I’m even talking of the £7m he spent on Lauren who was an attacking midfielder at Mallorca at the time.

    All this talk of Buffon, Macherano, Reo-Coker and Tevez is just conjecture. They’re no more likely to come than Curtis Davies, William Gallas, Franck Ribery, Javier Saviola, Yaya Toure or any other name we’ve been linked with this summer. The papers are getting bored at the lack of excitement since Chelsea signed Ballack and Shevchenko, with even Carrick’s signing at Man Utd failing to get pulses racing.

    I know that fans are desperate for any signing whatsoever, as are the Arsenal players and the board, but that is not the Wenger way. He’d rather play Justin Hoyte and Mathieu Flamini and lose games than buy Ayala and Macherano and win a few. Sometime he makes me want to shake him by the lapels of his ill-fitting suits and scream at him that this isn’t a one-man crusade to return to footballing purity and innocence. Nobody else is listening, football is business, shareholders, corporate sponsors, marketing and executive boxes. While Wenger gives Aliadiere a game, Benitez is buying Bellamy. While Wenger is playing Flamini, Ferguson is bidding £17m for England star midfielder and spending £18m on another. Jol is spending £10m on Berbatov while Wenger is giving a 2-day trial to a 19yr old from Kilmarnock. I think he’s lost it. He has a responsibility to the board, the fans, his players and the club as a whole to make this Arsenal team as competitve as he can and I simply do not believe he is doing that to the full extent that he can. He has money to spend by his own admission so he cannot possibly say that this team is strong enough because by definition he can make his squad stronger. Come on Arsene, add some steel and experience to your squad.

  8. i think wenger was counting on the money from cole & reyes… that’s not been forthcoming and we are left without relacements for dennis, sol & cole –

    surely it’s better to buy mid-summer to give the signings time to integrate into the team… not once the season has already started

  9. He said himself the other day that he doesn’t have to wait for other deals to happen in order to spend: “But don’t think that we don’t have the money to buy anyone if nobody goes out. That’s not true.” It’s on the website.

    I just reckon he hasn’t found the perfect players that he is looking for and will therefore stick with the youngsters until he does.

  10. interesting post eddie, never seen u here before

    i never viewed AW as ego-driven, needing to dicover superstars to get all that credit.

    im not saying that spending £30m on a player is good, but when the current champs spend that on a proven world class forward & were giving 2 day trials to kilmarnick players & constantly trying to bring in younsters as an alternative.

    he is putting massive pressure on himself

  11. Some great comments. I will be *seriously* pissed-off if Cole stays, and I will feel fully justified in vocalising my displeasure at home games, as will a sizeable part of the rest of the crowd. While he remains, he’s a poisonous, destabilising influence on the rest of the first team squad, and he needs to be offloaded at the first sniff of a reasonable offer – I’d be quite happy with £10m.

    Admittedly, Justin Hoyte is laughably inept, but Flamini is an immediately available option at LB, and a better defender than Hoyte, Clichy or Cole himself for that matter (he’s positionally sound and much better in the air than any of them, despite not being the quickest.)

    So why do we “need” Cole? He’s a classy player who’s learned to defend over the last 5 years, and has pace, but just how many of his forays forward actually result in anything? Not many, even when he had Pires to link with. He can’t cross a decent ball (not that it really matters at Arsenal…), he’s not great in the air and he’s regularly caught AWOL on fast opposition breaks (one aspect of his game that Hoyte has evidently modelled his on)…

    Very good player? Yes. Irreplaceable world-class talent? Definitely not.

  12. When we were linked to Saviola, Wenger said it was nonsense as we already had strikers/forwards in abundance. And said where would we put them all? So, if he does want Tevez, has he contradicted himself again? Can’t see him spending 17 mil anyway on one player. Even if that fickle unloyal piece of shit Reyes goes. Lightweight. Come September our season will be over. A draw agains Middlesbrough at home, then a defeat against United a week later. Even a draw won’t be good enough. 2 transitional seasons on the trot? What a fuck up.

  13. most people hear want 2 discuss football, ur looking 4 some sort of acceptance… try the samaritons

    perhaps the ‘highbury library’ could make themselves useful by singing ‘for fuck sake shoot’

  14. Now now ladies, let’s play nice 🙂

    Back to Cole, and I think in a crazy way he could change our season – Chelsea will have missed out and Arsenal will be a stronger team for it. Look at Hoyte at the weekend, that ‘tackle’ on Sinclair was ridiculous! To just throw a leg out there was just insane!

    Toure can’t managed the back four by himself. When Flamini was playing, at least Toure had Senderos (and occasionally Sol) to lead him the way – but with Djourou AND Hoyte at the back you’re asking for trouble.

    When is Senderos back? Because you can’t afford to have 3 inexperienced defenders at the back of a so called ‘big’ club.

    Eboue, Djourou and Hoyte were in defence against City – that’s asking for trouble. At least in last season Eboue and Flamini had Toure AND Senderos to guide them.

  15. The samaritans put me on hold. Apparently Wenger was phoning them up all the time seeking help and guidance. By the time I got through, there was no help for me. I was beyond it. FUBAR.

  16. to an extent he is right. 2 wins against Boro and Man Utd are vital now. we have put pressure on ourselves to do so. the left back position worries me more than anything, but even Gilberto will get overrun against Man U and Bolton. we need a big bloke in the middle when instead of football, its just a scrap.

  17. Regarding the recent rumours linking us with Mascherano and now Tevez, Corinthians (the Brazilian club both of them play for) is owned by a mysterious London investment group called MSI, headed by one of Ambromavich’s former Russian business acqaintences. Most journalists in Brazil were puzzled when they found out MSI were buying and pumping tens of millions of pounds into a club where ticket prices are so low and tv rights virtually nonexistent to the point where it is basically impossible to make a profit. The rumour (widely believed in Brazil apparently) is that Ambromavich bankrolled everything, hence the shady London investment company with Russian links, with the sole purpose of preventing other major European clubs from getting their hands on top young South American players. So don’t be surprised if these Tevez, Mascherano rumours come to nothing (same goes for Manu) and both end up at Chelski in a couple of seasons. Sorry for the essay, but I havent read this anywhere and thought many would find it interesting. And to think fifa wanted to investigate us over the Beveren thing?

  18. If Tevez is indeed signed he’d be a great addition to Arsenal. He was the best player in Brazil last year, and the main reason why he hasn’t excelled to the same level this year is because he’s been more worried about a transfer to Europe than anything else, especially after the World Cup. Corinthians’ president Alberto Dualib is said to be in London dealing with team investor partner MSI, and likely that will help sealing any deal this week. So, presenting Tevez prior to the Brasil-Argentina game is definitely possible.


    Brazilian Futebol –

  19. It wouldn’t surprise me about Corinthians, MSI and Abramovich – doesn’t he own some Russian team aswell? Sorry, I mean he is one of the shareholders of the company that own them. Or something like that.

    It’s stupid that the BBC got their knickers in a twist over the Beveren thing when it’s quite obvious that Cheksea and Abramovich aren’t exactly squeaky clean!

  20. Yeah I’d read about this. Abramovich’s oil company sibneft sponsor CSKA Moskva and his money, indirectly, goes into them. It’s widely known that Wagner Love was bought by RA, so expect to see him in a Chelshit shirt soon. This would also explain the signings of Maniche, Smertin, Jarosik. Tevez signing for Corinthians aroused suspicions surrounding RA’s involvement, because transfers of this size never happen between south american clubs. Kenyon also has links with PSV (Robben, van Nistelrooy Stam), it is thought Brazilian defender Alex will join Chelshit at the end of his contract. And BBC thought we were worthy of investigation!

  21. i cannot believe what i am reading this morning, west ham are getting tevez & maschareno!!!!

    while AW is trying to get a visa for 18 yr jap kid, also naysmith!!

    reyes going 4 baptista, who rejected us & was shit 4 madrid.

    enough is enough, i have respect for AW but what the fuck is he doing? if we lose at old trafford, the league is finished after 4 games!!

    ok take baptista, get gallas plus money, also both argyies. then our squad has options, leave the kids alone – our whole reserve team is loaned out!! we need players now, half way thro the season if he complains off 2 many games….!!!

    if west ham get them & we get naysmith i will be seriously pissed off


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