All Quiet On The Transfer Front. Obviously.

Well the biggest speculation on transfer deadline day involving Arsenal targets is that Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano have signed for West Ham on loan.

Apparently Tevez claims on his official website that the move to West Ham is a done deal so it seems pretty certain he won’t be a Gooner this season! We can all dream eh?

The only other real rumour is that in exchange for Reyes, Real are going to give Arsenal Julio Baptista and £2 million. I’m not sure about this one, since it has been looking like Atletico Madrid were the favourites to sign the wantaway winger.

The squad is the thinnest it has been for a long time and I think I’m right in saying that in terms of playing numbers we have one of the smallest squads in The Premier League! I believe Aston villa have more players than us which is quite depressing!

But more likely signings are a Japanese youngster called Sho Ito and Kilmarnock striker Steven Naismith.

God help us all.


131 thoughts on “All Quiet On The Transfer Front. Obviously.

  1. i cannot believe what i am reading this morning, west ham are getting tevez & maschareno!!!!

    while AW is trying to get a visa for 18 yr jap kid, also naysmith!!

    reyes going 4 baptista, who rejected us & was shit 4 madrid.

    enough is enough, i have respect for AW but what the fuck is he doing? if we lose at old trafford, the league is finished after 4 games!!

    ok take baptista, get gallas plus money, also both argyies. then our squad has options, leave the kids alone – our whole reserve team is loaned out!! we need players now, half way thro the season if he complains off 2 many games….!!!

    if west ham get them & we get naysmith i will be seriously pissed off

  2. I do not understand what is going on.

    It is nearly three months since we signed Rosicky and in the intervening time we have been made to look like amateurs by Chelsea; they won’t sell us Gallas but we will sell them Cole.

    We missed Tevez and Maschareno, we have a goalkeeper who, by his own admission, is going back to Germany in June but – fear not we have Almunia and Poom.

    We are an injury away from having Song and/or Cygan playing against Hamburg – luckily neither of them are internationals so they won’t be playing this week.

    It looks as if the only transfer of any note we will beinvolved in is Baptista for Reyes a transfer we were forced into by the player.

    This is the weakest most ineffective squad we have had in ten years. If the reason is that we don’t have any money because of the new stadium then okay but at least tell the fans the truth for once. If at midnight tonight we have not seriously strengthened the squad then Wenger and Dein should go.

  3. If what the papers saying today are true and we cannot get some serious players coming, I think Arsenal are finsihed already.

    Wondering whether the seats for the remaining season will still be full. But that will be Mr. Wenger’s worry, not mine.

    Bye Bye Arsenal. Let’s see what will happen for the next season, not this one.

  4. Fuck off Dent,

    How the hell can you say that? you sicken me with your attitude. id like to see any other manager in the world do what Arsene has done, which the tools in which his been given.

    Arsene Knows………

  5. This is my last post on here today, i really can’t be bothered to talk to people who believe Wenger and Dein should go, I am seriously fucking shocked.

    They turned Arsenal around, give them a fucking break you douchebags, with out them, we would have been a mid table club for the past 10 years.

  6. Damn! Is it just me, or do Arsenal have a big a$$ pitych, absolutley NO width!?! I mean, when Wenger bought both Helb & Rosicky they were attacking midfielders playing centrally. What on earth would make him sign them, then suddenly think they can operate wide???
    Despite their inexperience, our defence is not hte problem. We need 2 wingers who can & like playing WIDE. Who put the damn ball into the danger areas. *Someone forward this to Mr Wenger please…!*

  7. every knows abt chelski and msi.

    the argies are chelski bound with a 6 month stop at west ham to throw of the idiots at newsnight.

  8. Seriously, what has happened to Wenger! Why is he so obsessed with children. Every other side is gettig stronger whilst Wenger is babysitting.

  9. AW is still looking at kids so that Arsenal will be stronger next year.We are strong now except that the goals aint going in because he is a romantic who wants to score perfect goals.
    Let’s look at AJ goals agaisnt Spurs.The goal was crossed from the right
    and he just scored it in his stride.That to me is being pragmatic cause he had two defenders near him .
    If any Arsenal player were in his position ,he would try to pass it even though there are five guys in front of him. He might be Titi but I doubt he could score unless he is superman.
    The next few matches are going to serve as a guide’.Lose to Mu and we
    may not even qualify for cl.

  10. Just proves Wenger isn’t all there and how his lame mind works. No other top manager sits in the dugout holding their head in their hands feeling all sorry and hard-done by when the problems are self-inflicted. What kind of impression does that have on players who look over to the bench and see that kind of shit?!

  11. You people piss me off.

    You’re all starting to sound like Gelbs!!! (and that ain’t good!!!)

    Arsene isn’t going to put the club in trouble by having a shit team this season.

    There may be something in the pipeline, but we’ll have to wait until tonight to see.

    I really want some new signings and hope there will be some. But for everyone to start mouthing off about how shit AW is before the market is closed is just stupid.

    Baptista for Reyes is a great swap I’d say. Reyes just hasn’t shown anything other than a glimmer of potential in all the time he’s been here.

    Anyway lets wait til 00.01 tonight and then start cursing.

    PS. Well done West Ham…… Fuck, I never saw that coming!!!!

  12. I think that all the praise for Wengers talent spotting has got to his head. He deos not believe in buying good proven players because he hadnt spotted then first.

  13. hammers havent got them yet, i dont believe this will materialise, perhaps this is a desperate attempt by the player to force the bigger clubs hand.

    it simply doesnt make sense.

    i dont think AW shud be sacked but its xtremely frustrating waiting to hear of a signing & were only bringing teenagers, especially with the west ham rumour & our poor start

    it seems as tho he is stubborn, mind every1 wanted a new keeper last year but then lehmann went on to have his best ever year!!

    maybe he knows what he is doing, but with everyone getting so frustrated he is taking a big big gamble. lets see what happens,,,

  14. Well, at the start if last season I said that I did not believe that AFC would win anything for the next two seasons. We still haven’t, even tough it came close. I remain, for now anyways, confident that AW knows.

    We have seen it before. I really can’t see Tevez being the physical striker we so desperately needs. No, Torres is the way to go. NO MATTER THE COST.

    One of the reason for Arsenal having so problems at the start of this season is without any doubt the Cole/Reyes fact. The most important here is not who we get but who we throw out. Sell these ungrateful persons.

  15. AW seems more interested in the Reserve team. He lans them out, finds new youngones, then gives them away on free transfers. Hangs onto nobodys like Cygon and Song and a couple of others ive never heard of so that it looks like our First team looks larger.

  16. Agree with the point about Chelsea, West Ham & MSI – those players will be Chelsea bound within the next 2 years, you watch! Smells like a rat to me – Chelsea wouldn’t want Tevez and Mascherano, so they just loan them to West Ham (who aren’t a threat to them) and deny Arsenal having two World Class players yet again!

    First SWP and now the Argie brothers!

  17. So it’s true, give a thousand monkeys a typewriterand you get… sack Wenger. I’m so glad you people have no say in how our club is run. So now everyone wants us to be Chelski’s feeder club and bed in pllayers for them as West Ham are doing. #Panic on the streets of London# etc. Basically what all you naysyers are saying is “placate me, oh please placate me.” I really want a new player before the deadline, and I think Baptista will arrive. But I don’t want us to sign just anyone to allay the whims of a few bored fans who’ve got nothing better to do than absorb conjecture and use it as a stick to beat Wenger with. Arsene Knows, my faith is unwavering.

  18. I was expecting some big name signings today, but all I ‘m rading now is Wenger is interested in two teens and also the news that Senderos will be available in 4weeks.

    Wake up Arsen, this is the last day of signing, your last chance to make us proud. What’s wrong with Arsenal, My die hard Arsenal fans , we are finished, that’s it, the end.

  19. on, in our first team we have 21 outfield players:

    4 are badly injured – clichy, diaby, senderos, lauren

    5 are shit – hoyte, adebayor, cygan, song, aliadiere

    walcott still learning, henry not fit, djouro/eboue not ready, ljungberg nowhere near the player he was

    our strength in depth is depending on our youngsters that are all loaned out!

    and still he insists on bringing in teens!!!

    we are fucked

  20. Oh no, have you heard, Kilbane’s going to Wigan. Well that’s it Wenger’s lost the plot, we’ve really missed out there, what is AW doing letting other clubs sign players and making me panic. The newspapers have been feeding my head full of shit for months and now I’m really panicking. What’s that? Rodrigo Defendi’s gone to Roma, oh no we really need a centre back, what’s going on?

  21. Errr ron? Can you answer me something mate. Yesterday and before you were slating me for being negative and shit. NOW your saying similar things to me. Are you a hypocrite or just finally waking up?!

  22. People should not be so surprised about Tevez and Mascherano moving to West Ham. The whole affair stinks! Will anyone stop Chelsea from totally manipulating the Premiership? What are the FA, FAPL, UEFA, FIFA and the Queen going to do about it I ask. Of course, West Ham fans will be over the moon but this is not good for the game from a competitive point of view. Media Sport Investments (MSI), whom effectively own the players, is nothing more than a vehicle to buy players in order to keep them out of the hands of Chelsea’s big money rivals. Both Chelsea’s owner and it’s most influential agent supposedly have links with MSI. The players will be given time to adapt to the Premiership at WH for a year. And if they do – they will then simply move to Chelsea. So West Ham is effectively acting as a feeder club. The authorities need to get involved as this level of manipulation needs to stop. Chelsea are in effect artificially increasing the quality of their indirect rivals and the by product of this is that Chelsea are even more likely to walk the league.

  23. Any gooners looking to go to Hamburg get over to ryanair quick sharp, flights are a penny each way from Stansted, but probably won’t be for long on account of my spreading the word to all and sundry.

  24. Arsene seems to be interested in swapping players.
    Why doest he swap all 5 players (hoyte, adebayor, cygan, song, aliadiere)
    for any 1 player capable of playing in the Premier League.

  25. I live close to Stansted. Wanna hook up for a beer?

    As for Tevez and Mascherano being sold to Chelsea possibly in time, so much for Arsenal fans saying we will be the major force in a few years time lmao. Dream on little eggs.

  26. Clichy? Does he even exist? To think he was a great prospect some time back.
    I don’t want to watch when Hoyte comes up against Rooney and Ronaldo.
    A 6-1 repeat?
    I was so glad when we signed Rosicky so early before the World Cup. Expected an avalanche of signings after that but guess I was wrong.
    Honestly, I think it’s gonna be another transition season whereby we will struggle again to pip some team to the 4th spot.
    Don’t wanna be a pessimist but it’s hard.

  27. am equally disturbed at our inactivity in the transfer market, but we should have known by now that AW will not bring anyone of note into the squad! we should not panic on the deadline day like today, should we? we have waited since august and to panic now would be unwise. after rosicky came so early i thought AW has finally woken up from his slumber, but alas! anyway, maybe we can just keep the faith in ARSENE KNOWS. my faith is not that strong, though, what with this kind of start to the season, i point in 2 games!

  28. Yeah 1 point from 2 games, that means we’re going to get relegated. What’s that strange twitching sensation in my leg? I think it’s my knee jerking! In the words of Shakespeare, “what fool is he who has no patience? What wound was ever healed but by degrees?” Wenger is the light.

  29. No-one doubts what Arsene has done for Arsenal over the last 10 years – he has been one of the major factors, if not the only factor, why we were at the top of the Premiership and competing at the highest level.

    Last season though, we panicked about the lack of signings and rightly so – we only just finished 4th because of a dodgy lasagne! Wenger took a huge risk not bringing in some experience and it almost resulted in disaterous concequences – just think if we didn’t finish 4th, Henry would certainly be playing at the Nou Camp right about now!

    But we dismissed last season as a transitional one, and it was this season that we should hold out our hopes for.

    Unfortunately, we’ve lost the experience of Pires & Bergkamp and haven’t replaced them! Rosicky will take 5/6 months at least to settle in and it looks like Reyes is gone too. If Fabregas or Gilberto get injured then we are truly fucked!

    I’m not even sure Henry signed a new contract – surely he was promised better ambition than last season 4th place?!

  30. Also I add, if Arsenal were going to bring anyone in it would be well before the last day of the transfer window!

  31. Trust Wenger! All you moaning plasticks f-off & support Chelsea – you’ll get your regular supply of signings there. Personally, I prefer to watch our kids develop & play proper football

  32. Can’t agree more.
    If Gilberto is injured, I think we will be screwed every game. I rate him a more integral part of the team then even Henry now. Have this feeling that Watford can beat us comfortably just like Bolton.
    Player for player, we lose physically. Rosicky looks like a midget beside Micah Richards.

  33. Pathetic.

    If Arsenal fans voice their concerns about the depth of the squad suddenly we’re Chelsea supporters.

    Good one.

  34. Not what I said…’d perhaps be happier as a Chelsea fan. Numerous big name signings has never been Wenger’s way & perhaps you should consider what he’s achieved.

  35. Hahahahahahah i shafted you all !!!!!!.You tossers thought i would sign someone………never forget that this is the football club of mr. scrooge.

  36. im a big fan off AW but a bigger fan of arsenal & i am frustrated that we havent bought anyone & the fact that them lads r going to west ham amplifies my frustration.

    i am not all doom & gloom, i think its great that we are developing all these youngsters, but its a disgrace that we are depending on them.

    i feel he should add quality to the side as this would aid the development of the youth, who r they going to learn from?

    we need experience now. i will not be happy with another trophy-less season simply because we didnt strengthen.

  37. Ultimately we know nothing. We do not know who is available. We do not know what prices players are available at. We are not in contact with agents or players. I hate it when people read the sun and think they know the ins and outs of the club. I can’t believe people are saying Wenger has lost the plot because we won’t indulge and satisfy their boredom by signing a player. I’m certain we’ll have a new player before midnight, and yes, I believe we need an experienced body in there, for numbers as much as anything else. But AW knows better than I do and I trust him. Criticisms I have heard from fans over his tenure 1999- Henry can’t finish and will never make it. 2000- Pires hasn’t got the heart for the EPL. 2003- Why the hell are we playing Toure at centre back. 2005- Cesc is not as good as PV4 and cannot play a whole season in CM. Summer 2003- after only buying Senderos, Clichy and Lehmann we cannot compete in the EPL. 1999- Ljungberg is not physical enough to play in the EPL. 1997- He can’t replace Merson with an injury ravaged Overmars. 2006- Madrid will muller us. 2006- Juve will muller us. I could go on.

  38. The squad is thin, inexperienced and, in places, deficient.

    We have signed only two players of any experience and proven quality (Hleb and Rosicky) in over two and half YEARS.

    We no longer belong to the top three, let alone the top two.

    We are considered title contenders by no-one with the exception of Wenger.

    Players like Song and Hoyte should be nowhere near the first team.

    The decline of the team from late 2004 has been steady and palpable, and any Gooner who denies it is deluding themselves. Making it to Paris was a fantastic achievement; I was there, and they did us and themselves proud that night.

    It does not change the fact that this squad is simply not good enough for a club with serious aspirations to win every competition they enter.

    That situation is down to Dein and Wenger. They are paid big money to make the right calls for AFC and the fans who pay their own money to watch the team have EVERY RIGHT to be critical when yet another summer passes and the squad is weaker rather than stronger by the end of it.

    Clearly, the team deserve absolute support if they are perceived to be 100% committed. So far this season, I have seen that committment on the pitch in every game – very different to the kind of pathetic, gutless away performances seen last season against the likes of Bolton and Liverpool.

    Likewise, Wenger and Dein deserve time and support for their superb achievements over the last decade. What they emphatically don’t deserve is blind faith.

  39. All of you will be suprised at the end of the season. It is funny how people say we need this player and that player and we need to strengthen the team. I have a question for everybody, if Asley stays or replaced by Traore who I think is an absolutely fantastic player, Sanderos comes back to partner Toure, and Eboue on the RHS. We have our normal midfielders of Tomas/Freddy, Cesc, Giberto, and Hleb. Then in attack we are cursed with too many players (I know you are not complaining are you?) and I don’t think Arsene knows who will partner Henry in attack yet (I know who I want to see RVP). Remember too that Diaby will be back in two months. Then I have a question who can we buy that will compete for first team place in this team.

    Many people are complaining and saying we should sign Tevez and Baptista, they will struggle to get into the first team either in attack or in midfield. I mean to even compete to be in the first team. This team is becoming a close unit and I for one expect great thing from this team this season. I have watched the games that we lost and drew over and over again and you know what Arsenal are playing very well we just need to get the ball to hit the post and go into the net ( Sharpen the attacked alittle bit or even get a win under our belt.)

    I am looking forward to the games we will play against the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea. I am sure that they want to test themselves against the big gun and just know the level they are in. Remember that the game we lost we dominated it even in the second half which people say we played badly.

    Remember Henry said he is also 60%, and you know he isn’t wrong in many things he says so we are still short of players even the ones playing, we had Henry play in the final of the World C. I know that at the end of the season people will be slapping themselves and asking why they didn’t trust Arsene. Last season, it was Vieira and we kept on saying saying we are in trouble, I wonder why people do not say oh Cesc should be on the bench and we should get a bigger player in midfield like the beast anymore. (Oh I forget people watched the game when Cesc grew up against Juve, sorry my bad!).

    Remember we have a team that is also being disturb by top foolish teams like Real Madrid and Chelsea( Cole, Reyes and Cesc and even Henry). Chelsea and Man Utd had three player combined being linked with Real…I think that speaks volume of our team and the potential.

    I am Arsenal fan and no matter what happens, even if we get relegated, I will always support my club. Even when we lose which nobody like we all love the way we play ( I noticed people are NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW WE PLAY AND WANT PEOPLE ADDED THAT WON’T GET INTO THE FIRST TEAM, SO HOW WILL THE INFLUENCE THE RESULTS WE GET. Van Persie putting a smile on my face with that brilliant skills…

    It will be well, all yee of little faith and for you Gelbs you know I almost got you last night,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


  40. What are you blokes on? As a yid this next statement is gonna hurt. Sack Wenger???? He is the best manager in Prem, has achieved more for A*senal than any Portugese twat with billions to spend at Chelski, he has won almost everything in sight, you have a fantastic new stadium, a team that plays attractive football (that one really hurt) and you even came second in Europe last year.
    He might be blind but get real guys. You should try supporting the Spuds for a couple of weeks!
    I look forward to your intelligent responses…..

  41. I think it’s really sad about our transfer strategies/policies.

    Reyes never turned out to be a true gunner, and to have the faith in “the best” ? whom not needed/wanted by Real, also he is never interested in Arsenal nor is he commited to us, Can we expect he will be a true force? Does AW really knows?

    Guys, we have another 10 more hours to see what happens, and this time tomorrow, we will know our fate

  42. A Spud that talks sense, I think I’m coming over all feint. The team has been rebuilt since 2004, the invincibles lost their hunger and it is unfair to judge the current side against those standards. Patience, writing us off after two games is a little premature.

  43. I disagree about the part on playing attractive football. It may have applied some time back but definitely not now. The passes are stringed around very nicely but that’s about it. Goalmouth action is now so rare in the games Arsenal play.

  44. very few ppl r saying sack him, they jus want a few experienced signings…. u dont expect us to be happy when utd, chelsea, lpool & even spurs r spending vast amounts

    and administrator sort those twats out…



  46. Gelbs,

    That Cygan and Song message you just wrote is by far the most interesting thing I’ve ever heard you say!!!!

    How about you tell us what signings would placate you by 12am tonight? And all you other doom mongers can join in too if you can tear yourselves away from reading todays Sun!!!

  47. If the league table was equated to financial outlay, Spuds really would be in the top 4, AW has never spent vast sums before and he’s continued to enjoy unparalelled success. So I’ll continue to trust his judgement over the tabloids thanks.

  48. little dutch – will u shut up about the tabloids, noone is talkin about them, most ppl r concerned that r squad isnt deep enuff

  49. We have:

    Henry/Van Persie
    Adebayor/Bendtner (from Jan)

    So we have cover for every position except GK. Admittedly Hoyte as a back up CB is doubtful but we’d still have 3. Should the Cole/Gallas swap go ahead, we’d be sorted there.

    You cant buy top quality players (at top quality prices) simply because of a few injuries – it’s not good business.

    Many of these players are very young/inexperienced but watch them develop & you’ll have a far more gratifying experience than seeing long bally plonked onto drogba’s head.

    Some of you guys don’t know how lucky you are & to be frank – yes Wenger has earned a bit of blind faith. Perhaps you weren’t watching Arsenal under previous regimes or simply have a very short memory!

  50. what exactly does arsene know??

    how 2 piss off fans, it seems he is going out of his way to allow the spuds fiish above us

    little dutch, r u male??

  51. i mind the 1-0 to arsenal days very clearly

    but r u suggesting that we settle where we r now because of the past?

    the thing about sport is that u need to suceed, be ambitious, always want more.

    i am certainly not happy with finishing behind chelsea or anyone for that matter & for some prick to start yapping at me cos i want 2 win

    the past means zero

  52. I would probably say, except Henrey, none of them are exceptional, I don’t think we can compete with Man U, or Che, or Spurs, what do you think, guys?

    I’m not worried if we are over staffed, we can certainly rotate them, it would be far better than a thin squard. I’m more happy to see all the top palyers competing for the 1st team, why not

  53. Fair enough Ron, I’ll take his judgement over yours. My point is that the media pump a lot of shite to supporters and they adjust their expectations thusly. I will wait and see how things pan out before I start slating everyone. I would like another experienced player in the squad before midnight, but if not, I trust Wenger fully to get the best out of his side, he always has done before. I’m not gonna slate the guy on the basis of gloomy future projections. Confused, why do you want to know if I’m male, are you interested? Flattered but spoken for.

  54. Wrong as in I hope there are at least another one or 2. Gallas would be welcomed, and would of been Mascherano. But seeing as he is going to West Ham, we are rumoured to be interested in Reo-Coker. He’d be welcomed as well. Guess we shall see.

  55. I hope so too! Otherwise I think it’s going to be a long, long season.

    Our first eleven is one of the best in the league but to win anything you need strength and depth which is something we don’t have. Even middle of the table teams like West Ham, Boro, Everton and Bolton have added to their squad, and I don’t have to tell you about Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United.

    Creating chances will be a big problem especially when we don’t have a Plan B. With Pires, Bergkamp and Vieira we rarely needed an alternative plan but without them we do! Tevez would have been ideal to create something out of nothing and the guy actually shoots from outside the box!

  56. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm………Di Stewart. Sky Sports News know what they’re doing getting totty like that on their channel. Especially for sad twats like me that watch it all day waiting for news on Cole/Reyes/Baptista/Gallas/Reo-Coker.

  57. We arent desperate for a LB. Clichy is very good & Flamini a sound deputy. Also latest rumours suggest we’ll get Gallas & then we’re really sorted.

  58. So would we all be happy little bunnies if we signed at least 2 of either Baptista-Reo Coker-Gallas???

    Personally I’d like to see all 3 coming in, but doubt that’ll ever happen.

    Not seen too much of Reo Coker but what I have seen has been very impressive.

    Strange that nothing official has come out about the argie aignings from WH or Corinthians tho

  59. Confused, how do you know I’m not a lesbian? I would welcome either Reo-Coker or Baptista or Gallas for that matter, all three are quality players who will strengthen our squad. I think one of those will be a gooner by midnight (my money’s on the Gallas Cole thing going through tonight).

  60. where is all this speculation bout reo-coker?

    havent heard it!! jus that we r talking 2 chelsea

    mayb its on sky sports news?

    ps im in work

  61. I’d really love Gallas to come to us, but I don’t think he will. I’ve got absolutely nothing to back that feeling up, it’s just a feeling. Plus is it not a potential stumbling block with him being unhappy at the Chav$ due to him playing out of postition?

    Whatever happened to the bot Mexes???

  62. * boy Mexes, not bot (tho you never know these days what with current nano-technology and surgey procedures, maybe his is half-bot???)

  63. The Reo Coker thing is just a rumour, no real foundation to it. A West Ham blog picked it up, the proposed signing of Mascherano seems to have fuelled this. Still, I hope it’s true he’s a fantastic player who’ll reall add something to our team.

  64. It amazes me how Wenger rarely buys players from within the Premiership – especially when these players have at least a few seasons in England under their belt.

    If we do get a player in before the deadline you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be from abroad!

  65. Gallas is a retard anyway. If he is pissed off being at Chelsea and wants to leave, then why is the idiot not buying himself out of his contract?! Of course, if he really wanted an Arsenal move, he would say so and do this surely. Then Arsenal can give it him back. We could end up with both Gallas and Baptista being at Arsenal only out of makeweight deals and not really being overly bothered.

  66. Baptista didn’t train with Madrid today because of “personal reasons.” Interesting. Oh no, I’ve become one of them…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  67. This site rules as gunnerblog is messed and keep blocking me cus it says i am spamming when i am not – Keep the good work and make this NO1

  68. Hahahaha Gelbs you realise it’s far healtier to have a positive mental attitude (you know, like the Lucozade ads). Life must be so so hard with your attitude. Even waking up in the morning must be depressing for you. I kinda imagine your voice to sound like the depressed robot in Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy (that’s the series not the total debacle that was the film).

    Only 7 hours to go til we find out our fate and start concentrating on proper football woohoo!!!

  69. The Chelsea/MSI/West Ham link sickens me. The whole Tevez/Mascherano means one of two things:

    1. MSI are looking to take over WHU and by loaning then world class players like Tevez and Mascherano to sweeten the deal.

    2. Chelsea are just giving Tevez and Mascherano a season to prove themselves in the league, and if they prove to be a success then you’ll be seeing them in a Chelsea shirt in May.

    Either way, Chelsea have screwed Arsenal & Manchester United and have once again monopolised the transfer market!

    And the BBC investigated us!!?

  70. #And he never sleeps and he never fucks and he never eats got’s he’s got bad luck, yeah.# Seriously Gelbs I’m beginning to think you’re the incarnate of Kurt Cobain.


    this is sooo dodgey

    Why would corithians loan out 30 million pounds worth of tallent for a yeah eh?



    yes cheating Chealsea are at it again……

    abromovich has obviously greased a few palms

    a few million here a few million there … to stop any rivals getting they re hands on a couple of quality players

    You have to be bling not to see whats going on…..

    West ham…. come on

    if someone dont investigate this then there even more corruption at the top than what i thought…..

    those two players would never sign for west ham ….. not in a million years

    but if there was a russian millionaire thowing a bit of cash they re way……

    this is disgusting that this is happening to football in england ….. it has to stop

    i know i am not wrong on this one …. i am 100% sure of it

    i am not one for conspiracy theorys but this is plain ridiculous

    30m in players loaned out for the year … to West ham??????????


    if anybody agrees with me post summit we need to be heard for the sake of english football

  72. Shit Little Dutch,

    You’ve now quoted both Shakespeare and Cobain in the same day. That’s two of the greatest people to ever walk this earth. All we need now is for you to quote Gelbs and I can die a happy man (tho hopefully not before the transfer window closes haha)!!!

  73. I’ve also quoted myself on numerous occasions, so that’s three of the greatest people to walk the earth. Gelbs, if you’re accusing me of being an optimist, you’re way off the mark believe me, I’m a cynical bastard. I just have no reasons to doubt Wenger.

  74. Oh and Gelbs, being called the incarnate of Kurt Cobain is a rich compliment. Also, what a smashing blouse you have on!

  75. Well maybe you should doubt him now. What a pull off by West Ham. They now have almost a good-a-side than we do. They’ll piss all over our midfield no doubt. We should of got Mascherano. We missed out on him, Appiah, Toure, possibly Diarra. All because we have shit like Flamini and Song?! This is a joke. West Ham have 2 world class players. Whereas we only have one of real note. Henry. This is seriously fucked. Unless Wenger pulls his finger out, we are finished. Jesus.

  76. You want that blouse back? It’s got some spunk stains on it btw.

    And all we get is possibly Baptista. A good player but will reluctantly play for Arsenal. Mascherano is why of the hottest central midfielders around. After him, I can’t think of a quality one on the market. Obvious alot of players you hear about is from hearsay as none of us see these players abroad on a regular basis. But even so. Mascherano should of been with us!

  77. I also hear Chris Eagles has gone out on loan, well what’s AW doing. Eagles and Kilbane in the same day, well we are fucked. Oh no, I’m having a panic attack. All well and good, but I don’t remember anyone I know saying, “you know what, we should sign this lad called Toure, he plays in the Ivorian first division.” etc, etc, etc, etc. Ominously, West Ham have gone to great efforts to say the details of the transfer are confidential. i.e They are Chelski’s new feeder club.

  78. I’d be happy with both Gallas and Baptista. But look at it this way. If those players come, they would be only in parts swap deals and only because Cole and Reyes leave. If Cole stays, Pires had and Reyes does, we all would still be saying we need more players. So although we may replace those 2 players, have we actually ADDED and strengthened? In parts we have because Gallas and Baptista are versatile. Guess we’ll see lol.

  79. Gallas is infinitely better in his position than Cole is/was in his. if the deal goes through, it will be a good deal; probably for both teams.

  80. Pmsl. And if we do get both of these players. Is it only out of desperation seeing as Real Madrid are not willing to meet Arsenal’s demands for Reyes and of course like wise with Chelsea and Cole? Like is Wenger only getting Gallas and Baptista purely out of convenience and because there is no other option. Wenger would never of bought Baptista if Reyes wanted to stay. And nor Gallas if Cole went.

  81. Overall. Wenger has not much choice other to ask for players in exchange if two players are unhappy and want to leave and clubs aren’t wanting to match the asking price.

  82. will u uber optimists stop gloating about how we once reached the champions league final, yes it was for real, but admit it, we were lucky! and luck like that comes rarely. we were lucky to be playing in this years champs league, just admit it
    but the fact is we are even weaker (those who think otherwise are deluded cunts) than we were last season, and we have every right to voice our concerns, now we don’t pay the highest tickets in world football to watch some bunch of kids learning to play football…
    at the end of the day, we all like them young kids, they surely are loveable, but points and trophies are what matters and with the squad we have, we ain’t gonna win anything, even Watfords gonna come to our ground with the intention of winning, just u lot watch
    we’ll be lucky to scrape 5th/6th position this season

  83. yep, even the hammers official site confirms it! permanent deals! for fucks sake! Tevez and Mascherano – West Ham players
    it’s really fucking depressing

  84. Yeah, I wish we could be Chelski’s feeder club. Try supporting the team and reserve your criticisms for the end of the season. I am a huge Wengerphile as you know, but even he can’t win a trophy in August! It seems your slating AW based on your predictions, which is a tad harsh. As for being lucky to get to the final, yeah 12 games unbeaten in the best competition in the world, how we scraped on 12 sepaprate occasions. Wenger knows, whether you like it or not.

  85. Watford, Bolton, Citeh, Manure, Chavs, Blackburn, Sheffield, Newcastle, Everton, Tottnumb, Hammers

    i can’t see us winning any of those games (away and home)
    even Pompey might nick the points off us, now how the hell we can finish fourth this season is beyond me

  86. I agree Crappa. But if we get Gallas and Baptista then mine and yours and every other critic will change our minds as it will make us stronger. Not because we are wrong, but we are going by the fact if Wenger makes no top draw signings between now and midnight. If he does, then what we are saying becomes totally irrelelvant. And if he doesn’t, then welcome to………..


  87. More predictions I see crappa. Would you like to have AW bring all those games forward to tonight and win them all simultaneously?

  88. one more thing:
    these conspiracy theories about how abrahimovich is behind the Hammers deal, it’s all jealousy, at the end of the day, they’ve got themselves 2 phenomenal players and all i can say is hats off to em’
    while all we’ll get is some Japanese bloke who is on our plans to dominate world football the next century – he’ll probably be loaned to Birmingham next season and sold to some conference side for a cut price the next season, oh and we all can pray this one never gets homesick

  89. for fucks sake, our first team this season is our reserve team last season (with most of the good ones loaned out) – who could be optimistic with things like that?

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