Transfer Window Coming To A Close….

Gallas & Baptista for Cole & Reyes?

Well it’s been a long day involving transfers but the latest news is that Arsenal are going to swap Jose Antonio Reyes for his old Sevilla team-mate Julio Baptista, the man Arsene wanted last season.

And there are rumours that Cashley is finalising a deal with Chelsea and that in return we get William Gallas.

For Arsenal, if these two swap deals go through then it would be a very good day in the transfer market. To offload two players who don’t want to play for the club is a good thing but to replace them with proven class is even better.

Gallas has proven himself in The Premiership and at the highest level which is important. Senderos will be back in a couple of months so we’ll have decent cover at centre-back.

Could this even be the start of the energetic Kolo in central midfield?

We can all dream I suppose.

And Baptista would be a welcome addition, because of his presence and power which would help us on those physical away days!

Only 3 hours left and all the madness will end…


165 thoughts on “Transfer Window Coming To A Close….

  1. You stupid cock suckers thought you had bought Tevez and Mascherano. Fucking bunch of wankers, stick to signing second class players

    tevez and mascherano will be off to the chavs beforre you can say west ham fucking suck and will never win anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these two blokes will be graet sighnigns anyway. cant wait to see baptista squash mascherano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

  3. between 63 and 69 million pound buy out clauses in their contracts and the hammers can afford that? bit of dodgy dealing going on in the syndicate that owns them.

  4. I wouldn’t say Wenger has proved us wrong at all. Baptista and Gallas are quality signings. But let’s face it. Wenger didn’t have much choice did he? Last day of transfer window and Cole and Reyes both wanting out and Chelsea and Real unwilling to pay Arsenal’s valuation of the players and it was either lose them on the cheap, or get 2 players in return. Think about it. As I already said, Wenger probably had no interest in purchasing Baptista this summer until the last couple of days meant he had little choice. Keep 2 unhappy players or sell them on the cheap without adding.

  5. Ahhh, blessed are the west ham, for they shalt get excited, only to realise in a year’s time that they’ve been used and abused, to increase the transfer fees of 2 top players.

    (Arsene 98:02)

    »»Arsene Knows««

  6. Funny thing band wagon jumping.
    One person says conspiracy and every other fucker says the same thin g over and over again on every fucking website, even Huddersfield and every one of the winger gooner site!
    Jealous twats get over it! So my Hammers and going to be taken over, so What?
    Chelsea have set the bench mark for this, does anyone honestly think Abramovich had even heard of the poxy blues before he took a punt on them, do me a favour.
    He just stuck a pin in the London map and Chelski were born.
    Now it’s HAMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

  7. LMFAO @ WH! You think Baptista and Gallas second rate? Gallas is a superb centre-back and probably one of the best in the world and Baptista is a player Wenger’s been after for a while now.

    I’ve seen Baptista play a few games and he can be awesome, so we’ll see who finishes higher in the league shall we? You sound like the Spuds that were on here last season – and look what happened eh!

    I doubt Tevez and Mascherano had even heard of West Ham until 24 hours ago when MSI ordered them there! 🙂

  8. I’d be surprised if Reyes got to play anymore than Baptista did last season, especially with the attacking talent Real have.

    Good point about Toure in midfield though – that would be awesome!

  9. The professor knows what he’s doing….
    Wait and see.
    Think back a couple of seasons and I think you will all agree with me!

  10. west ham did very well last season but why would 2 players who have their choice of most of europe’s top sides to play for go to the bubble blowers?

  11. … And pardew rolled back the rock, and lo… out walked tevez. ‘But tevez, my lord, we thought you had died on the cross’ said the gathered burberry crowd. But tevez did not hear them, and did not stop. He carried on walking, all the way to fulham road, where he sat down at the right hand of the crooked murdering oligarch, counting his fat hike in wages…

    (Arsene 97:06)

    »»Arsene Knows««

  12. Frankly I’m still sceptical until I see Gallas in an Arsenal shirt. I think the main stumbling block would be wages – surely Gallas being at Chelscum he would be on mega-money! Can Arsenal compete with the expense?

    And isn’t Gallas 29? About 10 years too old for an Arsenal transfer!

  13. GOOD NEWS……………….

    PASCAL CYGAN HAS BEEN FLOGGED TO VILLAREAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wenger promised an experience player or two. So was this his plan? To wait until the very last moment and knew Chelsea and Real would do business lol? What if these deals never came off? Who would we of gotten then?!

  15. Football never ceases to amaze me, Villareal sold Sorin (Top Defender) to Hamburg and brought Cygan (Wank Defender) from us!

    Poor poor Villareal fans, what were they thinking! 😉

  16. Gallas will no doubt come
    The beast will come….lets hope he adapts the Arsenal-life better
    than Reyes did.
    Lahm(best full back in the World cup) would top it all.


  17. cant see that Cygan story anywhere. its made up unless someone can provide a link. lahm is just a rumour based on wenger going to Germany.

    My team for later in the season:
    Lauren Toure Gallas Clichy
    Eboue Fabregas Gilberto Walcott

    clearly rosicky can play on either wing or down the middle and Hleb can play right, while ljungberg can play either side. But I am imagining pace down the wings and getting in behind defences a bit more. Eboue at right wing could be a success? a deep sitting striker like baptista or rosicky adds numbers to midfield and I feel that is sometimes what we miss in tough games.

  18. Yeah, does anyone actually have link or source for the Cygan story?

    Hmm… looks like someone’s been playing sill-beggers…

  19. Toure Gallas will be one of the best pairings in the PL. But deals aren’t complete yet. Heard reports on Skysports News. Cole’s waiting in a hotel getting his cock sucked from Cheryl and Mourinho licking off the jiz from her chin. Chelsea cunts. So true.

  20. ARSENAL: News from Arsenal! A defender is off in a big-money deal. That’s right, Villarreal have agreed a £2m fee for Pascal Cygan (2152). No news on Ashley Cole, mind you. Elsewhere, the Gunners have reportedly agreed a swap deal which will see Jose Antonio Reyes heading to Real Madrid, and Julio Baptista coming the other way. It’s a loan deal for one season, with an option to buy next summer.

  21. Yeah, magic_hat_man, but i think that was just a server announcement, i think it was merely myles Palmer had to get the chequebook out to renew the domain name…

    wish arsene would do that once more tonight… but in wenger we trust, if he sees fit not to, that’s good enough to me…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  22. ARSENAL: The first edition of The Sun has arrived at 2230 and it claims that Arsenal have accepted a deal of £5m plus William Gallas for Ashley Cole from Chelsea. Elsewhere, the Gunners have reportedly agreed a swap deal which will see Jose Antonio Reyes heading to Real Madrid, and Julio Baptista coming the other way. It’s a loan deal for one season, with an option to buy next summer. Meanwhile, one defender looks to be off – Villarreal have agreed a £2m fee for Pascal Cygan (2152).

  23. what a ****** thing to do!
    I really started to believe in the Lahm rumour..
    Was already starting to practice on my German….
    tzhen kommst Lahm on das leftseite…passes das ball zu
    Baptista….zu Gallas….das is eine goal


  24. Who the hell would believe the Lahm rumour?! The guy is nowhere good enough for Arsenal! I don’t rate him at all, and let’s pray that Wenger doesn’t either.

  25. 75 minutes 2 go….
    What about buying Cygan from Villarreal,I’ve heard he’s a good fullback
    who no doubt is more loyal than Cashley?

  26. seeing as we didnt get tevez, there’s this good young english striker we should go for… francis jaffacakes, or something like that…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  27. why doesnt arsenal’s official site run a competition giving gooner fans the chance to do cheryl up the cashley with a spanner???

    »»Arsene Knows««

  28. Lmfao. What happens if the deal falls through btw. And if it is only 5 million pounds for cash, that is fucking poor. It should be at least 12 million. 20 is even reasonable. Maybe Arsenal got desperate?

  29. the russian crook and his partners will pay the wages of the new bubble blowers but will not pay arsenal the asking price

  30. skysports are now reporting that cole told “some 8 year old boy” he had signed for chel$ki
    how sad are skysports getting?

  31. At least the reserves will get good use of Cole this season *sigh*

    Left-back is a position we’ve got covered with Flamini and Clichy but having Gallas would have been good for the central defense.

    It’s nice to know Bobby has been re-united with his best mate Pascal! 🙂

  32. Then why the fuck didn’t Gallas pay out the last year of his contract?! He obviously had no intentions of joining Arsenal. If he did that Chelsea have no choice but to pay 20 plus million for Cole. And surely the fee was accepted because players were having medicals?!

  33. we are a better club than chelsea and we do not need to sell the drippings off our noses to them. bates said just b4 the russian mafia bought chel$ki “chelsea will be buying arsenal players soon”.

  34. magic_hat_man, can’t you post a message without posting a reply to yourself? You can enter more than 5 words in a post you know! 🙂

  35. Not a bad end to the summer, with Rosicky, Denilson, Baptista and Gallas coming in to replace Pires, Bergkamp, Cole, Campbell and Cygan.

    Pity we couldn’t get more than £5 million with Gallas but at least we’ve got a world class centre-back alongside Senderos & Toure!

    Arsene knows!


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