The Future’s Bright, It’s Red And White?

Well 24 hours ago we had a weak squad but today we have actually brought in some world class players to cover the inevitable loss of Spanish and English prostitutes Jose Antonio Reyes and Cashley Cole.

Cashley got the move he’s always dreamed of since he was child and in return we get William Gallas and £5 million. It looks like it was Arsenal who compromised in the end after such a late transfer – possibly the last one of the actual transfer window. But I personally don’t mind as we have got a fantastic centre-back in Gallas who has proved himself in The Premier League and at the highest level.

Wenger’s transfer target Julio Baptista came to Arsenal 12 months later than he would have liked, and swaped the white of Real for the red of Arsenal with old Sevilla team-mate Jose Antonio Reyes – who didn’t seem to care if he signed for Real or Atletico.

Baptista also mentioned he has been learning English – that’s one huge step more than Jose tried to make while living in England!

Under-19 Brazil captain Denilson arrived from Sao Paolo in a deal that could be worth £4 million and Zinedine Cygan has finally left Arsenal to join ex-Arsenal team-mate Bobby Pires at Villarreal.

The main concerns I had for the coming season was the lack of physical presence we had in the squad which would especially problematic in certain away games but Gallas and Baptista should clear up that problem.

‘The Beast’ is renowned for his pace, power and physical presence on the pitch which with our youngsters will be vital for the upcoming campaign. He also has big game experience and has been a regular in the Brazil squad so should hopefully be a big player for us. But it will be interesting to see if Arsene plays him in defensive midfield where he started his career or whether he will be deployed further up the pitch.

And William Gallas pairing up with Kolo Toure at the back is a mouth-watering prospect. People talk about Gallas being a versatile player and playing in several positions but with the French International demanding a move away from Chelski for being played out of position don’t expect Gallas to play anywhere except central defence.

Which presents an interesting question when Senderos returns to full fitness. With all 3 centre-backs fully fit who would play? I’ve always said I would like Kolo to play in midfield because he is technically sound and has so much energy and pace it’s unreal! But we’ll have to wait and see…

Right, I’m off to bed now – three players coming to Arsenal in a single day? That’s far too much excitement for me!


32 thoughts on “The Future’s Bright, It’s Red And White?

  1. Business wise, I think Chelski beat Arsenal, as they value Cole at around 15M, and Gallas around 9M; Arsenal ‘s valuation on Cole about 20-25M are not met.

    In straight football terms, I think it is acceptalbe for gunners, as we got our defence back to normal.

    In terms of Reyes and the Beast, I’m feeling OK because the firepower is somewhat strengthened. Hope the Beast will not be as home sick as Reyes.

    Is the third player coming confirmed, Having known that for sure at least for now.

    Anyhow, it is a day I can accept finally.

  2. On the head my friends!! What a day! Gallas and the Beast!! Things could not have gone better for us. Gallas moaned about playing out of position at Chelsea but at Arsenal he is in a squad full of some of his closest friends. Henry will be delighted and in Wenger he has a fellow Frenchman that cares what his players are feeling and not an arrogant Poro that doesnt give a shit about his players. Gallas will rub things in Chelsea’s face by playing left back when Senderos returns and he wont moan about it! Watch!

    Also the 5 million touted by Sun is BS! Its 5 million up front and a further 7 million over the next 3 years. I know this for a fact but cannot tell how I know otherwise I could loose my job. Cheers!

  3. “… With all 3 centre-backs fully fit who would play?”

    Keown, Bould, Adams… Toure, Senderos, Gallas… not a problem!

  4. Bring back Winterburn and Dixon.

    With Diaby and The beast in the middle we’re gonna look like Bolton this year, eboue, Kolo, Ade, Big Phil we have quiet a huge squad size wise these days. Oh and Ralph don’t mind a dust up.

  5. Attacking-wise Arsenal have more than enough options – Van Persie, Adebayor, Rosicky, Freddie, Hleb, Walcott and of course the main man Thierry Henry.

    Central midfield was a bit thin, with Fabregas and Gilberto only covered by *shudder* Alex Song with Abou Diaby out on long term injury. So it’s good Baptista has arrived at the Emirates.

    Right back is fine with Eboue and when Lauren returns there will be some competition, and at left back we have Clichy and Flamini, although it is worrying that Wenger seems to have put Mathieu in centre midfield and putting Hoyte at left back instead. Hopefully Arsene will change his mind on that one!

    And in central defence we have Toure, Senderos, Djourou and now William Gallas!

    A lot of options – we can’t really complain now can we!

  6. i hope u r not referring to me as i said i was a fan of AW but did voice my concerns over the depth of the squad.

    gallas is lethal & will partner kolo ahead of senderos
    not sure bout baptista but the fucker is massive & should help us when were being bullied

    but who is this denilson kid?- didn see that one coming & i have a feeling he could prove to be best signing

  7. I said it all day long(yesterday)
    Have trust in the professor…
    I hope Baptista will be a hit
    I know Gallas will be a hit


  8. thank u 4 ur faith in me…

    u wanted a world class CB & DM..

    now u want wingers, what about l’berg, hlebs, rosicky, walcott?

    all ur talk means nothing

  9. Here’s what Le Boss said

    ” He has a strong shot and has aerial power too.”

    “He is not particularly quick and I can’t really see him as a striker, he is more effective as someone who takes up very good attacking positions from midfield.”

  10. Gallas is perfect – we have such a well balanced squad now. Just hope Djourou is happy to move back into the background for a while….

    If we are really getting 12M with Gallas & not the widely reported 5M then it’s an incredible deal.

  11. Moaninho did not want to sell Gallas… look how short they are in central defence now… and he certainly didnt want Gallas to be successful in agitating a move away from the club as it sets a bad precedence for Drogba and the rest … and he REALLY didnt want Wenger to get Gallas…

    Kenyon and Dein went toe to toe and Kenyon blinked… delicous

  12. u all must understand that all lot fans were frustrated, very few said that he shud be sacked – jus gelbs & he is a knob

    these ppl r real fans that want the best for there clubs & accordingly get upset & release it harmlessly here

    u ppl shudn come here saying i told u so – thats not what being a fan is about

  13. yes Ron… I agree with you but some of the rhetoic last night on this site and others was ridiculous… know why Highbury was so quiet? Because we all watched in stunned silence at the beauty of the football… what Wenger has done is put Arsenal in the top 5 clubs in the world with the worlds best training ground… the worlds best stadium…the worlds best player… the worlds best teenager (which one!!!) and the worlds best youth system..

    that said, I think more than anything else, we all wanted Cole out.. I for one was nervous of having him play for us at Emirates and listening to us boo one of our own…

    BTW, its worth noting that for the first time in MANY YEARS we now have a settled squad… there is no Henry wants to leave crap anymore… no Vieira wants to leave crap… there’s none of it now that Reyes and Cole are gone.

    Think about it… since the Anelka days, this has been a constant issue for the club… not anymore. And I think THIS is the best thing the club did last night and for THIS, I thank you Arsene…

  14. Some have criticised AW on soooo many blogs over the past year that I felt ashamed – even though its only a game – that I was actually associated with these punks. I’ve supported this team for four decades and have never seen this type of fan – a short term glory hunter. AW and the board has transformed this club and most recently rebuit his third team. He accomplished what most wanted in this transfer window with class and has kids lined up to replace the veterans. I for one am looking forward to this season.

  15. and the future’s Fabregas, Walcott, Merida, Bazarite, Senderos, Denislon, etc
    we’ve fuckin got the best young talent out there anywhere in this fuckin world , in this fuckin universe


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