You Just Can’t Buy Class. Obviously.

Thanks For The Memories?

As Ashley Cole left Arsenal and joined Chelski, you could probably forgive Arsenal or Arsene Wenger for criticising the left-back for all the back-stabbing and general dis-loyalty for seeing Chelski and Jose Mourinho behind everyone’s backs.

But no, Arsene had the following statement:

“Upon Ashley’s departure I would like to thank him on behalf of the team and everyone connected with the Club for his contribution to our success over recent years, Ashley has always played with his heart for Arsenal.

“I remember giving him his debut nearly seven years ago and he grabbed the opportunity. He had a strong desire to succeed and ultimately it was that determination that sees him leave this Club. Ashley has grown up with Arsenal and given time, will hopefully appreciate what the Club has given him. I feel the future is bright for this team and look forward to seeing it challenge for honours.”

What a well thoughout, concise and positive farewell to a player who, lets face it, was a complete arsehole and will continue to be for the rest of his life.

And then you have William Gallas after leaving the Russians.

Now we’ve all read the statement Chelski have issued to the press, clearly in a campaign to either unsettle the player or tarnish a signing which is a fantastic coup for Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho was fuming with the departure of his old number 13 which gives Arsenal the defensive pairing of Kolo Toure and William Gallas. Can you have a better defensive partnership?

Now aside from the laughable accusations of ‘hawking himself to the highest bidder’ Chelski have made having just signed rent boy Cashley Cole and money-grabbing superstars such as Michael Ballack then you wonder if the Chelsea PR machine is totally stupid.

Don’t they see they look like a 2 year old who’s crying over spilt milk?

But with the apparent bust up between Jose Mourinho and Peter Kenyon over the whole Gallas deal then you’ll probably find it’s Kenyon’s very public way of trying to justify the transfer.

“Oh Master Jose, I had to get rid of that Gallas boy – he said he’d score an own goal and then get sent off… and er… he said your a big stupid head!”

Er.. right…


29 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Buy Class. Obviously.

  1. I think they have made a mistake letting him go, the business people and the football people dont seem to talk.

    If the player wants to leave, then let him leave.

    Look at Reyes, he said he did not want to play for Arsenal again and we granted him his wish, we dont want un happy players, there are plenty of players that would love to play for AFC.

    When did Gallas say these comments, surely he should have been sold straight after these comments, why did they keep him?

    I think they have found out that money is not the be all and end all, remember last season we had 7 defenders out, how will Chelsea cope if this happens to them.

    Terry, Cole, Ferreira, Bridge, Carvaliho, New Dutch guy, Geremi.

  2. 100% agree with this article!
    It’s a pathetic attempt to smokescreen the fact they lost, arguably, their best defender, to one of their closest rivals, withour replaceing him, and get the glory seeking chav cunt supporters off their backs & onto Gallas’!

    Good ol’ Cashley has gone to the right place!
    Ohh and by the way, good luck with clearing up that dose of the clap Cash, you got from your shit cunt slag bird, STD Tweedy!

  3. Have they not been criticised from all quarters enough? Fined enough? Officially warned by the FA enough? Officially warned by UEFA enough?

    They lie, force referees into retirement, openly tap up players, break the rules, ruin young players’ careers, spoil the game with ridiculous wages and transfer fees for squad players, then even after all of that, they want to convince everyone that they have a good image.

  4. Im delighted by these recent developments… to place such an outrageous press statement on the official website shows the world what Chelsea is all about. I thought Ranieri’s comments about Gallas being an upstanding professional are very enlightening as were Henry’s about Gallas being the best CB in the world… and a mate

  5. I just look forward to Chelsea being found guilty of tapping up those Leeds kids and getting that suspended three point deduction imposed. It’s an odd sensation being sympathetic to Ken Bates…

    Come on you Gooners

  6. I am sick of all you “fans” that keep trashing Cole so badly. He WAS a terrific servant of the club, just because he had a bust up with several board members doesn’t degrade him the slightest. Sure he made a mistake speaking about Chelsea behind Arsenal’s back but hes only human he made a mistake. In the end he proved to be a valuable bargaining tool he earnt us 5 mil plus one of the best centre-backs in the world not to mention seven years of brilliant play. Maybe if the board had have forgiven him earlier and revoked the fine handed down by the FA none of all this would have happened.

  7. Martin – Yes he made a mistake. But he then proceeded to deny any wrong doing and not take any responsibility for his actions. Instead he chose to blame the board and Club. Its not like Arsenal made him meet reps from Chelski. Hes a big boy who did wrong by the club and then blamed that club for his actions. And as for the club revoking a fine set by the FA – come on now how can that be done – he brike FA rules and was punished by the FA.

  8. Martin, don’t be delusional – let’s just say Cole made an ‘honest’ mistake in meeting behind Arsenal’s backs.

    It’s what the little c*nt did afterwards!

    Lashing out at the club, the board and the management! He could have got his head down, worked hard for the team and forgotten the whole sorry mess.

    But instead he engineered a move to Chelscum!

    I am a fan of Arsenal first then the players second. If Cole f*cks off to our nearest rivals then I couldn’t care less about him.

    Do you think ‘real’ Spurs fans still supported Sol Campbell when he joined us? Don’t be pathetic.

  9. Martin, what the fuck are you on mate?

    The ironic thing is, after all this happened with Cash n’ meeting the Russians, found guilty…blah,blah,blah… us gooners actually forgave him and moved on! you didn’t’ see him being boo’d week in week out, by us!
    We were willing to let it slide, even though all 3 parties (Cash, his shit cunt, agent & Chavski) were all found guilty, but he couldn’t just leave it!
    All season long he’s been pissing n’ moaning about the club stringing him up & he’s going to appeal to the human courts…blah,blah,blah
    And now his book, is the final straw!
    It’s one thing, when a little sulky cunt like Anelka does it, coz he’s foreign, but it’s totally different when a life long gooner, islington boy, junior gunner, through n’ through does it to you!
    West Ham didn’t put up with it! Everton didn’t put up with it! Even Spurs didn’t put up with it, so why should we…?

    No offence Martin, but I won’t have anyone tell me I can’t voice my opinion on him, when I’ve had a season ticket for 10 years and work my ass off, to be able to keep it!


    (Phew, rant over! sorry about that people!!!)

  10. Don’t worry Clock End Gooner – everything you said was spot on!

    Martin is obviously a Chelsum or Sp*rs supporter!

  11. Well said Clock End Gooner, now go have a nice cuppa to calm the nerves :o) I wonder what Chelski fans think about that statement. Do they buy it having seen Galas play his socks off for them for the last 5 seasons ? Will they accept it as true so it stings less to have lost their best defender, not to mention to the Arsenal.

  12. ha ha! cheers fellers! I do tend to get a tad worked up, especially with goodie toshoes gunners (NOT GOONERS) fans!

    I’ve already spoken to 3 Chavski fans, and all of them think it’s complete bullshit! nice 2 see they have confidence in the people running their club, hey?

  13. Exactly Glooper – if Arsenal went around slagging of Vieira or Pires when they left then the Arsenal fans would not be happy, since on the pitch they gave us everything! And it’s the same for Gallas.

    Just because Gallas wanted to move on Chelscum got nasty – whereas Arsenal let Reyes and Cole leave!

    Arsenal ooze class while Chelscum.. well, we know what they are!

  14. Also just thinking about it, does anyone actually believe for one minute that Gallas would run onto a football pitch and blatantly score an own goal?!

    Would he make himself look like a proper lemon and become the most hated footballer in history for intentionally scoring an own goal?

    Who the hell would want him then?!

    Just thinking about the notion is ridiculous on so many ways!

  15. Read comments from Raneiri defending Gallas. Saying hes is a professional and he cant believe there is any truth in that statement. As for him scoring an own goal or delibrately making a mistake wernt SKY showing Luis Garcia’s goal as evidence of this ? :o)

  16. Martin, you’re out of your mind, mate… we all forgave him last year and I can’t remember Cole ever getting much stick at Highbury.

    And like some of you have said, no player in bigger than the club… I support Arsenal FIRST.

    I think we have the right to be angry at Cole for how he agitated for a move… the club gave him so much but I believe his lifestyle has moved him away from what he once was… please see his National Lottery photo for evidence

  17. As for Gallas getting the no 10 shirt. Thats probobly all thats available to him with in the first 11. The no 3 shirt was probobly already registered in coles name and all the other numbers from 1 to 11 are taken. 10 is better that no 36 say isnt it. Probobly get the no3 next season?

  18. No, I don’t think the number 3 shirt was registered by Cole, otherwise surely the number 9 shirt would have been registered by Reyes?

    Number 10 isn’t really a big deal but is pretty strange! First Khalid Boulahrouz wearing number 9 for Chelscum and now Gallas!

    I can’t see why Gallas isn’t number 3 – maybe he is a bit of a nutcase?

  19. Yeah you are probobly right Wengers Immortals. Its no bit deal really is it apart from tradition. If he can give us 4 or 5 years service of the consistancy shown for Chelski and France over the last 5 years ill be a happy boy. Hope Wenger has had a word in his ear and told him to drop the issue with chelski statement. Its not worth the hassle and chelski have been shown up as the petty classless fookers they are.

  20. Yeah Glooper, spot on. Chelscum have thrown the first punch and want Gallas to respond but he should listen to Wenger and forget the whole incident. The Russians just want to drag this out as much as possible but hopefully the classy Gooners will just ignore these petty and quite pathetic claims.


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