Weekend Preview: Everton Toughest So Far?

Everyone is expecting Arsenal to easily beat Everton but I have a feeling that it’s going to be the toughest test for the Gunners so far.

We have 17 points from 8 games while Everton have 16 from 9 – and we’ve both scored 15 goals this season.

Considering we’ve been in free-scoring form and Everton are usually defensive the fact they already have 15 goals this season is impressive – especially when only Manchester United have scored more in the league so far.

Andy Johnson has been huge for Everton and fits in perfectly to their 4-5-1 formation with his pace, scoring ability and handy knack of winning a penalty!

And with Arsenal looking slightly frail from set-pieces at times this term Tim Cahill could cause all kinds of problems.

But of course, Arsenal were stunning against Reading with our own 4-5-1 (but more like a 4-1-4-1 I suppose) with Hleb, Rosicky, Fabregas and Van Persie linking well with Henry. I hope Arsene doesn’t change too much and plays the same attacking 5 against Everton.

Teams always play deep at the Emirates and Everton will be no different, looking for the quick break lead by Andy Johnson. Don’t be surprised if he wins a penalty!

Both teams will go into the game full of confidence which will make for an excellent game with probably a few goals.


3-1 to the Arsenal!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Preview: Everton Toughest So Far?

  1. So what youre saying is that Johnson is a cheat then? Arsenal are about the only club us blues don’t dislike for one reason or another. Don’t go tarring yourself with the same crap as the others and concentrate on the fact he is a good player who scores goals.

    Were looking forward to tomorrow as you will definately be the toughest team weve played. Forget Liverpool and the yids, Arsenal play the best footie and are a handful.

    I reckon we will nick a draw, Arteta scoring a penalty won by Johnson falling over an imaginary leg.

  2. Chicoazul, dont get all precious about his andy johnson comment. surely even the most ardent blues fan would admit Johnson simulated last week? but I think he is an excellent striker and I do wish that wenger had bought him rather than Ade or indeed RVP. Johnson had been touting himself to us for a long time.
    I think Moyes knows it will be tough and will basically come for a 0-0. lots of teams do. we need to break that down so we cant moan about it. I go for a tight game, but all will depend on what minute (if at all) Arsenal can score. If in first 20 then yes I go with 3-1, otherwise 0-0 or perhaps 1-0.

  3. Prefer ‘make the most of it under a clumsy challenge from a Championship Donkey’ to simulate.

    Fair play to Arsenal though, I would like to see you win the league before Man Utd, Chelsea and the redsh*te. You play great football, have good fans and I like Arsene.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, starting Sunday. And make sure you win the Champions League to shut the other lot up.

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    Unlucky about today, but it was one of those games where Adebayor was probably needed – lots of good crosses coming in, but no one there. Van Persie looks very good playing on the right.

    Get in touch if you’d like anymore information about us, or the contest. We’ve only recently launched and we’re hoping to really elevate football blogging to the next step.


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