The Best Performance By Arsenal This Season?

The Curse Of The Emirates Strikes Again…

The same old story with Arsenal – or was it?

We’ve been accused of over-playing and looking for the perfect goal in the past but this wasn’t the case tonight – the fact was we had numerous clear-cut chances but failed to take any of them.

Some of the football was phenomenal – Rosicky, Hleb, Fabregas, Van Persie and Henry were linking up just like against Reading a couple of weeks back. But the only difference was the goals just couldn’t come.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say Arsenal could (and maybe should) have been 5-0 up at half-time!

I think the final statistics were 24 chances in 90 minutes, with only 4/5 actually on target. The CSKA keeper didn’t really have to make a save for the entire game, with the exception of Gilberto’s header with about 15 minutes remaining.

We know Arsenal make loads of chances – but we also know that Arsenal sometimes can’t turn the possession and play into goals.

But I’d rather watch 90 minutes of free-flowing, attacking and exciting football without a goal than a boring 1-0 win. Some 0-0 results are the risk you take with our style of football if things just don’t work out for us – but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Onwards to West Ham on Sunday…


3 thoughts on “The Best Performance By Arsenal This Season?

  1. Spot on. That was finely tuned barrage of offense play, and was breath-taking to watch. It doesn’t make sense when people complain of over-elaboration. Would they prefer the ball to be just hoofed at goal carelessly. It is an imprortant brand of football that Wenger is teaching, the type of football that changes the way the game is played, and gets talked about for years. Such an undertaking deserves respect.

  2. Unbelievable that we didn’t score. A fabulous performance which you’re right should be commended but the lack of finishing the moves off was so frustrating. If 1 went in then a torrent would have followed. Fab, Rosicky, Gilberto and Van P had truly excellent chances. Every single player should be proud of themselves for the passing and the imagination and variation in the play was awesome to watch. The damn ball just would not go in! Tricky for the rest of the group? Porto looked good judging by the highlights and Hamburg are certainly beatable. My word Kolo can hit the ball!

  3. We thought CSKA a lesson last night. Not a lesson in finishing mind but a lesson in total football. How comforatable on the ball was everyone on the Arsenal team. And some of the football was sublime at times. The finishing was shocking though. But it was just one of those games where we were destined not to score. And apart from 1 chance from CSKA the defence bossed their strikers. How well do Gallas and Toure look at CB. Good to have Clichy back too as he adds someting going forward as well as being a top left back in the making.


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