Arsene’s Captains Conundrum?

Something from the West Ham game troubled me. It wasn’t the tired display or Arsene kicking off at Alan Pardew – or even the late goal by Marlon Scarewood. It was the fact I knew Arsenal were going to lose before the game even kicked off.

Hence the lack of a preview for the game at Upton Park – I can hardly preach and say we’re going to lose!

Myles Palmer has touched on it and the problem Arsenal have is that Thierry Henry is Arsenal captain. I asked the question back in February and I still think Titi as captain is a big mistake.

Even Wrighty made the point on MOTD2 last night – Henry was joking around with Reo-Coker in the tunnel instead of being focused and ready for a fight. He wasn’t in the mood and when that happens Arsenal struggle.

Fighters make the best captains and that’s why Chelski have John Terry, Liverpool have Steven Gerrard, United used to have Roy Keane (and now Gary Neville) and why Tony Adams and Paddy were successful at Arsenal.

But with Henry as captain are we capable of winning anything?

Is it a co-incidence that we had our worst Premiership season in the Wenger era with Henry leading the team?

We struggled last season and the same seems to be happening again.

Thierry Henry is the anti-captain. Captain’s are supposed to rally the team to victory, encourage their players and give every game 110% even when they’re not playing well.

But Henry is the nice guy of football.

Nice guys can’t be captain no matter how gifted they are. Look at Ronaldinho for Barcelona for example.

Arsene went mental yesterday not because of the late goal or Alan Pardew celebrating – Wenger has experienced worse goals against Arsenal like in the Champions League Final or the FA Cup Semi-Final replay against United.

It must have been something Pardew said, but Arsenal fans know it had more to do with Arsene’s frustration at his own team and the way they were playing.

Only the following things can happen.

The first is that Henry will stay as captain for the rest of his career. Arsene can’t strip Henry of the captaincy because that will be admitting he made a mistake, and could be more damaging to the team in terms of moral. Henry losing the captaincy would be in the headlines for weeks!

The only way that Arsenal will get a new captain is if Henry leaves.


16 thoughts on “Arsene’s Captains Conundrum?

  1. I’d like to point out Nigel Reo-Coker was joking around in the tunnel with Henry before the game too but he managed to win.

  2. Tosh – The capatain is just a figurehead. Who in their right minds would suggest Henry should leave! Get behind the team – we are gonna be big SOON

  3. Excellent comment, which identifies one of our major problems…plus i would like to add that without Henry we seem to play better (Old Trafford) could be he has become bigger than the team can cope with????

    an hey guys….. if you don’t agree with the comment, just watch Henry’s contribution to the game from the joking at the beginning to the inept and ineffective performance (did he actually move more than 10 metres at any time during the match?? And he was more intent on chatting with Sheringham than either speaking to his teamates or his fans!!

  4. Why do we have to point at Henry whenever we lose? I thought our midfield,
    especially fab4, looked lost against a more committed West Ham side.
    We looked shaky at the back,because they were always on the back foot, mainly because we couldnt string more than 2 or 3 passes together in midfield before they gave it away.
    Dont worry about Henry’s capaintcy, it’s the whole teams consistancy that is going to win or lose us games.
    We played shit and WH were hungrier. We desereved to lose a game we should have won easily.
    We all know TH will win us games, and we all know that AFC on their day play the best football on the planet.
    I think we shouldn’t be worrying about who’s wearing the captains armband, what we should really be worrying about (if, of course we are going to be true title contenders) is performances like that against a team coming 2nd form the bottom.
    Consistancy wins premierships. Simple

  5. well said george.
    However I think something may be going on with TH14. i believe he is being too hard on his team-mates. we all see when he gives bad looks to rvp for example and his reaction when CF4 rounded the Moscow keeper and hit the side net. Captains normally keep their emottions in check. Captains encourage rather than show disappointment. may be TH is not made up like that. But, guys the criticism is unfair. regardless of who is captain, I still believe Arsenal will be in the top three after 18 games (ie by the end of the year). The team know that the bar has been raised and a lot more is expected of them this season. Now that Eboue is back Wenger needs to have a regular back 4. Whether Clichy will be part of that I dont know. The defence is making mistakes. we should not forget that. We have able men in senderos Toure and Gallas. I dont see why our defence should not be the best in the premiership.

    Our major problem now is in the final third. And this is mainly because of what I believe as some discontent beetween TH14 and some players. Maybe RvP or Ade. TH wants others to be brave and score goals but again he is not happy when RvP wants to score by himself. I feel there is still some understanding needed among the guys in the final third.
    Also, Arsenal are still making the mistake of playing European style football in the Premiership. Opponents have wised up to our pass and move technique by closing us down and keeping a high line. We dont score from set pieces, corners.

    28games more to play and I think its too early to start talking about the title. Chelsea have lost 2 having played 11. last year Chelsea had lost none after 11 games. It surely will be more competitive this season and a lot of points will be dropped. The winner will most definately be winning with less than 84 points this season. Our 28 games remaining equals 84 points and I think we are still very much in this race, given the level of competition.

    Please take heart. Arsenal will roar back.

  6. I think most comments are right but the talk about Henry should not be the Captain is just stupid, absolutely stupid.

    Henry is one of the best players in the world. This Arsenal team will come good, but remember you all when we have a good game and start writing nice reviews about the team then a few dropped points you go on about how we cannot fight.

    We have the second best defence in the premiership. I said this before the only problem we have is that we are not scoring goals. Finish. THE PROBLEM IS NOT 10 MEN BEHIND THE LINE. PEOPLE KEEP SAYING IT WAS A BATTLE AGAINST WESTHAM, IT WASN’T. We got caught up in the moment and one mistake in defence cost us.

    Henry is not the problem. Henry has done so much for this club and to say these things about him are just STUPID. ‘HE SHOULD NOT BE CAPTAIN’, then who should be?

    Arsenal will come good. Some of our players need to rest. Henry needs a breather and so does Cesc, Arsene can change the team slightly and rest a few players. Henry is still our best player, at the moment Cesc is the most in form player.

    JUST A PROVE THAT HENRY IS OUR BEST PLAYER IS THAT WHEN HE HASN’T HAD A GOOD GAME WE HARDLY WIN. I just want to say something here now, Henry will come good.

    The problem with Henry is that he has played with so well year in year out, and if anyone knows Henry, then you will NOT SAY A NANO NEGATIVE THING ABOUT HIM, because he is one of the best in the world.

    WHEN stupid articles are written like THIS then HENRY is being compared with DROGBA. DROGBA, my God. Will you all allow this nonsense to continue OR GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM?

  7. hahaha you bunch of loosers bad bad loosers.
    Man. United are pissing all over you (despite your win at OT).
    Fergie must be thinking is christmas every day. Never laughed so much .

  8. Where did all this blaming the captain stuff come from? Last time i looked there was 11 men on the team. Granted Henry isnt playing at his best but thats when you have to look to the other players on the team to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Henrys character isnt the fighter you mention but he can lead by example, the only problem with that is when his form dips, as it has now. Form is temporary, class is permanant so Henry will come good. Who here doubts that. The fighters we have are Kolo and Gallas at the back. VanP puts himself about a bit, likr he did against west ham. Rosicky is a little terrier. We just need The Beast to get himself fit and be the powerful player coming from deep (the hole) to add some bite up front.

    Stop being such cry babies and get behind the players. Some people are jusy too fickle.

  9. This reminds me of the doom and gloom just before another big game – the Manchester United game at Old Trafford. Everyone was writing us off already and what happened? We beat and dominated an in-form United team!

    Same situation here. No-one is going to give Arsenal a chance against Liverpool but the team will rise to the occasion and get a win against the Scousers!

    Remember Chelski have lost 2 games already this season too so the title race is far from over! Get behind the team and move on to the next game!

  10. yeah 1 nil losses and 1 all draws have really hurt us this year. no team has ever looked like beating us soundly. its mostly our sloppyness thats lost up points


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