Henry-less Arsenal Spurred On By Captain’s Absence

What’s The Problem?

Well let’s start with the good. Arsenal easily beat Spurs yesterday with goals from Adebayor and two penalty kicks from stand-in captain Gilberto Silva. All the goals had slight contentious issues but it was about time we had a bit of luck go our way with some of the poor decisions we’ve had in recent weeks.

And the run or either 3-0 wins or 1-1 draws in the league at The Emirates continues!

I’m probably not the only one who thinks this, but with Henry obviously not fully fit this season Arsenal simply play better without him – with the fantastic win at Old Trafford and yesterdays game show.

Now don’t get me wrong, Henry is a phenomenal player – but playing without having a break is effecting his performances. And the guy is under a lot of stress being the captain and seemingly taking responsibility for the entire team – it’s no wonder Arsene wants to give him a few weeks rest.

Who else got to the final of the Champions League and the World Cup?

There are a lot of reports about the ‘Bust Up’ between Henry and Wenger but the official word from Henry is that he is just upset from not being able to play due to injury:

“It is true that yesterday I left the training ground upset.

“There wasn’t any bust-up, but I was simply upset because I am not playing today and I am going to be out for a little while.

“I have been saying since the beginning of the season that I am not fully fit and people didn’t have to know, but now people have to know.”

And with Henry supporting the club yesterday then you can see the media are making up another story to sell their papers.

The fact is Henry is a player who gives everything on the pitch and when he can’t then he’s going to be upset.

But Wenger is doing the right thing and waiting until Henry is ready to return – there’s no point in playing when he isn’t fully fit and the team suffers because of it. And without Henry, the team seem to play with more passion, knowing they don’t have the inspirational Henry to fall back on.

The Chelsea game is going to be very interesting and I have a sneaky feeling we can nick another win there.

After all, we can beat the top teams without any problems – it’s just the rubbish teams we can’t beat!


3 thoughts on “Henry-less Arsenal Spurred On By Captain’s Absence

  1. I don’t think you’re right at all – Thierry Henry has such a big ego that he can’t stand it when he’s not in the limelight! You can’t say Henry was just supporting his team. Where was Henry when we played at Old Trafford? Where was he in all the other games where he’s been injured?

    He loves himself so much and Wenger was obviously annoyed that the focus was taken away from the players on the pitch to Henry who shouldn’t have even been there! People should be praising the job the players actually did on the pitch instead of Henry and his antics. The problem is he loves himself too much and he was acting like the manager yesterday!

  2. I this its a little from column A and a little from column B to be honest. Its true that Henry cab be big headed at times but its also true that he loves this club. Thats probably part of the reason for the words between him and Wenger. Its Wenger saying , look you aint fully fit and you are only doing the team a dis service by playing. We need you at 100%. This is my team and not yours so im calling the shots. Henry stormed off but realised that Wenger is in fact the man in charge and not Henry himself, he is but the captain. So Wenger needed to put henry in his place a bit. Wenger is the man to take the burdens of the team on as the manager and not henry as the captain. Henrys job is now to get himself fit and lead by example. And Henry at his best is an example to all footballers.

  3. There is no doubt Thieryy Hnery is a special one for Arsenal. But the focus lies in what role he plays in the team. Is it technical, spiritual or is it both? I think it is both. As the captain and few old players in the team, he feels the responsibility to act like a leader on and off the pitch. That is why he sat there and celebrated in Emirates when against Spur, and it proved he was infuential especially for Adebayor as he admitted himself later. What I am trying to say is as long as it is a positive effect, why doubt it?
    What I concern more is whether we should sign someone in the winter transfer market. Henry thinks so while Wenger does not. Henry decided to stay partly because the club promised him to improve, which needs something beyond a simple promise. I think he must be at least a little bit disappointed about Wenger’s decision not to sign anybody. And that is the so called disaccord.


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