Why Thierry Henry Will Never Win The ‘World Player of the Year’ Award…

The simple answer is fancy tricks.

Don’t believe me? Then look at the previous winners of the award:

2005 – Ronaldinho, 2004 – Ronaldinho, 2003 – Zidane,
2002 – Ronaldo,2001 – Luis Figo, 2000 – Zidane,
1999 – Rivaldo, 1998 – Zidane, 1997 – Ronaldo, 1996 – Ronaldo…

And the list goes on.

If you watch this video here you will see what the players who have dominated the award over the last 10 years (Ronaldinho, Zidane & Ronaldo) are all remembered for fancy tricks and skills.

That is part of the game that FIFA and many organisations want to promote to the World – the beautiful game.

Don’t get me wrong, Henry is a skillful player and when in full force is one of the best players in the World to watch – but he doesn’t do stepovers, roulettes or even the flipflap.

Skills and tricks are what win awards – not goals, assists or team play. Otherwise Henry would have won the previous 3 years awards by a country mile.

It’s not for record-breaking goalscoring or consistency.

That’s far too boring…

Aside from tricks another big factor to winning the World Player of the Year Award is winning the World Cup or the European Cup. When Brazil won the World Cup Ronaldo & Rivaldo were credited with being the best and when France won it Zidane got the same recognition.

Henry might have been in both the World Cup and Champions League Finals but without winning them he doesn’t have a hope in picking up the biggest personal award.

If Titi had better luck and came out winners for both of those competitions you wouldn’t even be wondering who would win the Ballon d’Or or the FIFA World Player of the Year.



9 thoughts on “Why Thierry Henry Will Never Win The ‘World Player of the Year’ Award…

  1. let us be realistic here. As soon as Wenger said Henry deserved to win ahead of Cannavaro, Henry put on a display so inept he didn’t even deserve to be earning a salary as a football player
    that performance v Fulham showed FIFA they made the right choice and I dont blame them.

    Henry has gone missing in every final from the UEFA CUP Final, FA CUP Finals, CL FInal (he was dreadful)

    like Palmer said he truly is a GIRL PLAYING A MAN’S GAME

  2. errrr, Henry’s won the World Cup and the European Championship and was France’s top scorer in both those successes. He’s won the Premiership twice, the FA Cup 3 times and a couple of Charity Shields. He’s also played in one Champions League final, a Uefa Cup final and another World Cup final. So despite all the skills he lacks in your view, I still think his experience qualifies him for the Bollocks d’Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year.

  3. Domestic titles don’t really come into the equation – Look at Zidane, Ronaldo & Rivaldo. When they won the award they didn’t even win their domestic league!

    And Henry has won the World Cup but he wasn’t France’s best player, Zidane was. When Henry was at his peak (around 2001-2005) he didn’t win the World Cup or European Championship, they were won well much earlier – when Zidane was the World’s best.

    It’s about winning these trophies in the specific year – that’s why Cannavaro won the European Player of the Year THIS YEAR – because Italy won the World Cup THIS YEAR. Henry winning the World Cup 8 years ago counts for nothing in today’s awards.

  4. Agreed. if TH14 had won either the CL or the World Cup this year he’d have won the award. He had his chance – took his goal well against Barca but it was wrongly ruled offside, but ultimately didn’t do enough for his team to win the big one. I would say that perhaps a storming start to this season may have helped his cause a bit, but overall he has only narrowly missed and nothing more. A golden goal against Italy and it would be a completely different story. But a miss seems as good as a mile right now.

  5. Just a guess.

    But, maybe it’s because he is a moody git who mooches around a lot after scoring and lacks any true passion and merely puts that assumed Gallic “joie de vivre” out there to help sell shares in the empty soulless company that his club has come to represent. After all he did try to jump ship recently and who can blame him, you can only put up with working for McDonalds for so long before you feel sick of the corporate whoring, stench of rotting flesh and backstabbing.

    Ronaldinho has passion as well as his tricks, granted he might look a bit silly, but you can’t doubt his true passion for the game and fans, after all Barca is a proper club with soul, not a mickey mouse setup like your French outpost.

    Viva el Barça!

  6. You sir are officially a muppet!

    Arsenal are a souless company? I think you’re getting confused with Manchester United and Chelscum!

    Barca is a proper club with soul? Don’t make me laugh!

  7. Myles and you (YesSensei) can shove it up your arse! Myles? haha! The cunt who said Doyle was better than Thierry. Hehe. We’re all having a fucking laugh.


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