The Good, The Bad & The Sky Sports ‘Pundits’

Good result for us last night in a game we really needed to win after the performance against Chelsea on Sunday, and although we left it late Adebayor managed to seal all 3 points in a game that could have in all honesty gone either way.

The first half was dire but Arsenal improved in the second, creating a number of chances but failing to take them. Arsenal made 4 changes from Sunday, replacing Senderos, Van Persie, Fabregas and Hleb for Toure, Freddie, Baptista and Walcott. The first half display showed that Arsene may have made too many changes but things did improve into the second period and the introduction of Van Persie and Fabregas on 74 minutes did the trick.

Adebayor was guilty of missing a few chances but when Fabregas sent a through-ball over the top with only 2 minutes left Ade calmly slotted the ball past Kirland and to finally get the opening goal. Adebayor seems to finish better when he has less time to think about it and is just instinctive – it’s when he has too much time on the ball when he sometimes struggles.

Now a note on the so called Sky ‘Experts’ commentating on the game. Martin Tyler is a great commentator so I have no problems with him (after all, he’s a Gooner like the rest of us) but his co-commentator Gary McAllister it has to be said is a complete muppet!

In the build up to the goal, Fabregas tackled Henri Camera in what I thought was a great challenge. But Gary kept going on about how the tackle was a foul, despite the clear fact Cesc won the ball cleanly and didn’t even touch Camera!

Can someone explain how the hell that was a foul?

And to be even more annoying the interviewer questioned Arsene and Paul Jewell after the game about the so called ‘foul’ – in an obvious attempt to create controversy and headlines.

Arsene rightly said that it was a clean foul and added that Fabregas told him that he won the ball and didn’t even make contact with Camera.

So onto Paul Jewell to answer the question about the ‘foul’ on his player. Surely he would be annoyed since this ‘foul’ lead to the goal that cost Wigan the game?

“No it was a good tackle, no complaints at all, he got the ball”

I had to laugh when Paul Jewell said that. Sky were looking to cause a stir but the fact is there wasn’t anything even remotely controversial about the game! They must be having a slow news week or something…

Anyway, Arsenal rode their luck at times to win the game but you’ll agree that the number of times that we’ve been unlucky with results and matches this season that we deserved a bit of luck against Wigan. And the lads deserve a lot of credit for fighting right until the last minute.

Now onto the Arsenal old boys on Saturday…


10 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Sky Sports ‘Pundits’

  1. if you think that was bad, check out The Mirror’s take on it. slow newsdays, hidden agenda’s?

    Mirror Sport WIGAN O ARSENAL 1
    By Alan Nixon
    EMMANUEL Adebayor (above) sneaked a controversial late winner to push Arsenal into the top three – with Wigan furiously pointing the finger at referee Rob Styles.

    The big striker strode away to coolly beat keeper Chris Kirkland from Kolo Toure’s long through ball with just a couple of minutes left, but Latics felt sub Cesc Fabregas had fouled Henri Camara to rob him of the ball at the stgart of the move. Adebayor ignored the boos and snatched a win that Arsene Wenger’s side scarcely deserved

  2. Dude I’m glad you wrote this. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. The bitter irony here is that Sky try to play the good guys by highlighting things like racism and violence; but in actuality you can see that the ONLY reason they do this is to create hype… which is disgusting and makes them just as bad as the offenders (when there are offenders of course… when Sky don’t make them up).


  3. What annoys me about them going on about the tackle is if we would have lost they would say we are light weight dont like a fight blah blah. Cesc has added alot of steel to his game this year.

    talking about sky, please someone get merse off the tv. would murdoch jr please think of it as putting a gun to a injured horses head and pull the trigger.

    and while i am having a right moan, is anyone else fucked off with ian wright constantly digging us out. ffs ian always popping out the club. i wish he would stop handin out advice to TH, we can see from his advice to his son (sure fire inclusion in the world cup squad to nowhere) that its not the best in the world.

    time for us to put a run togather, COME ON YOU REDS

  4. I doubt the mirror even had a reporter at the game , they even got the assist wrong FFS. “The big striker strode away to coolly beat keeper Chris Kirkland from Kolo Toure’s long through ball with just a couple of minutes left,”

  5. Well, try this from the Daily Mail.

    “Djourou was one of four Arsenal players who did not play in the draw against Chelsea at the weekend, Kolo Toure, Julio Baptista and Theo Walcott being the others.”

    So, who was that big guy wearing the No. 20 shirt, with Djourou on the back???

  6. the amount of cock ups by websites and papers regarding which player did what is comical and to think they get paid for reporting such crap

  7. The coverage wasn’t much better on BBC radio last night either. Maybe we should just take it as a back-handed compliment about our relative ambitions but I truly despise comments such as the one at half time yesterday that went something along the lines of, “To be fair Wigan haven’t done an awful lot wrong, it’s up to Arsenal to come here & make something happen”. Odd that, because whenever we’re at home & trying to break down a 1 9 1 formation camped in front of goal & stiffling the life out of the game I could swear I’ve heard on umpteen occasions that it’s always up to Arsenal, as the home side, to make things happen & that it’s up to the away side just to avoid a loss.

  8. You do wonder what’s going on with the media sometimes. I’ve seen a lot of interviews with Wenger and at times the press seem to try and provoke Arsene but making some stupid comment or asking a stupid question.

    It happened last season when Arsenal didn’t field an English player in the Champions League (despite the fact Cole, Campbell and Theo were actually injured) and the press sided with that twat Alan Pardew – and look where he is now!

    And even more annoying was this week – when Sky pointed out a non-foul by Fabregas on Camera and they didn’t even mention the Cole foul on Hleb on Sunday until Arsene brought it up!!

    It’s hard not to thing the media have a problem with Arsenal when I think about the West Ham coverage where Sky were up in arms about the little scuffle between Arsene Wenger and Pardew. They didn’t even talk about the clear penalty on Hleb or anything else except the stupid ‘fight’ on the touchlines. It was like Wenger had killed someone or something. What the hell is their problem!?

  9. All things taken into account – no it wasn’t a foul in any way…..and we got a win, great however, in saying that we are still looking a very ordinary side, this was not a case of winning ugly it was a case of 2 fairly evenly matched sides playing poorly and one of them getting the goal. Face reality guys we just are one of the pack now, no longer can we look forward to challenging for the title, no matter how much AW talks it up. And before all of you Rose coloured glasses supporters start shouting about how great AW is, hey sure he has achieved great things in the past, but that is it it is in the past, he has had 3 years now to rebuild the side and it is no closer to winning the lague than it was 2 seasons ago when things started to go downhill. I would love to be proved wrong but if it were only a temporary 1 or 2 game problem then I would say the same….but how long will we wait before we look and play the part again….5 years, 10 years or longer as we become a Liverpool???? At first they thought the same as we are now when they hadn’t won the league for a couple of seasons… it has been 16 years ….do we really want that to happen?? I started watching the gunners in 1960 after they hadn’t won a trophy for 7 years and I had to wait until 1970 until we won another…..I will tell you guys it is not good being one of the pack and knowing that you are just playing for just the highest league position you can every year before Christmas!!!


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