Lauren’s Comeback Postponed – For Now…

Well last night’s Carling Cup Quarter Final against Liverpool in the Carling Cup was called off last night because of the fog which was too thick to play in. Arsene and Rafa were furious, which isn’t surprising considering the congested fixture schedule for both clubs. Rafa said:

“The referee said that he could not see the different colours and that it would be difficult for the linesmen.

“But you could see both goals clearly from the centre-circle and the referee said no. I’m surprised because we felt we could play in those circumstances.

“The question now is that, if we draw against Arsenal in the FA Cup third round, when can we play the game? Maybe we need to play both cup ties in the same game!

“If the FA Cup game is a draw, then they will maybe have to move the League Cup semi-final to fit this game in.”

The most likely date for the re-arranged fixture would be the 9th or 10th of January which is also the date of the semi-finals so it’ll be interesting what mess both teams get into considering Arsenal and Liverpool are still in four competitions.

The main interest for Arsenal besides a place in the Semi Final’s of England’s premier cup competition was the potential return of Lauren, who has been out of action for just under 12 months.

Lauren has almost become the forgotten man but with such a young squad Arsenal will become a stronger team with him back and I’m looking forward to his comeback. The defence has been struggling with inexperience lately which has meant conceding silly goals but Lauren should sure up the defence.

Wenger has praised Lauren’s comeback to fitness, especially when it seemed like his footballing career might have been over:

“There was a question mark about [his future] I must honestly say. But his desire, his strength and the way he practiced and worked so hard during his rehabilitation was top, top class. But I am not surprised. I know him and I brought him here. Lauren is an exceptional human being. That is why he came back

“It is great to have such an experienced player and such a winner with us again. When you have him in the side then you always have a chance.”

It’s probably asking too much of the player to feature against Blackburn on Saturday but hopefully he’ll make an appearance before the new year against Watford or Sheffield United.

He did play just over an hour though in the Arsenal reserves against Pompy on Saturday so you never know – an Emirates introduction for Lauren could be on the cards this weekend. Albeit it be a substitutes appearance for the last 10 minutes.

So something to celebrate – but just don’t do it with flags.


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