Bye Bye Lauren…

Well Arsenal have let yet another experienced player go in Lauren and he has decided to join Portsmouth. I wasn’t surprised he stayed in England because he’s been here for 7 years and is settled now – and Pompy is a better choice than West Ham or Charlton!

And just like Pires, Vieira, Edu, Parlour, Wrighty and Seaman when they moved clubs I wish Lauren all best for the future.

When I first heard about Lauren possibly moving on I was surprised but then Wenger has been building this new team for the last couple of years and Lauren just wasn’t a part of it.

It’s sad when players like Lauren and Pires leave the club because they have given everything and contributed so much to our recent successes.

It’s easy to look back and remember previous successes.

But times change quickly and move on in football.

You sometimes lose sight of the future in football especially when it’s all about winning and playing good football here and now but we are now looking at Wenger’s new team and they are more than capable of emulating the team of previous years.

Players move from club to club all the time but Arsenal have the habit of buying players who stay loyal and become a part of the club.

Lauren was one of those and I will be giving him a warm welcome the next time Portsmouth grace the Emirates turf.


7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Lauren…

  1. Lauren will be welcomed at Portsmouth, nice to see this steady flow of players from Arsenal to Portsmouth. Maybe the tide will turn one day and you’ll be taking our 30 year olds… 😉

  2. I have tremendous respect for Portsmouth and their fans. Lauren can do a whole lot worse. I will miss him and I will never boo him!

    Cheers Ralphy, all the best mate!

  3. Respect…. to a top man and a top player…! always gave everything and was never found wanting..! Who now is gonna kick the crap out the mancs and scare em shitless whilst holding them aloft by the throat 🙂 Cheers Ralphie…. A true Gooner…

  4. there are not many players who wenger has let go that I think could be a big mistake but this is one. he is a top quality player and will always give 100%. wenger knows letting him go is a gamble. if he comes back to fitness and does not suffer a relapse then he has just let one of the best right back/right midfielders in the world go for peanuts. if he gets injured again, wenger will have been vindicated. only time will tell.

  5. I will always remember Lauren at Old Trafford shoving Van Horseface in the invincibles season! What a legend!

    What I will remember about Lauren is his passion for Arsenal. He didn’t take any shit and joined in pushing around Horseface when he deserved it. He also had a few internal bust ups with team mates but that was because he was a winner.

    He was and still is a fantastic player, and it’s debatable whether Eboue and Hoyte are actually better players. I mean Lauren was an established international and has won titles with Arsenal – I think his sale could be a big mistake because he would also be useful in right midfield or even as cover in the Gilberto role!

  6. Can some helpful gooner please tell me how I can get a picture of Lauren choking Phil Nev at Old Trafford? I am very much wanting to remember my favorite Lauren moment by making it my screen saver. I remember the immense feeling of pride as Keown and Lauren made Van Twinkletoes their collective bitch. I have always loved our reputation and intimidation. How I laughed and smirked at the media’s witch hunt which followed. One of my proudest moments….thanks Lauren for that one shining moment!


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