Manchester United Are Premiership Champions

Well Chelsea have blown it.

After having the chance to really put the pressure on last week at Newcastle they stuttered to a dull draw when United only drew against Middlesbrough. And a win at St James’ Park would have put Chelsea only a point behind United.

But now, after again disappointing against a weakened Bolton side (with 6 first team players out injured) they find themselves 5 points behind with only 3 games to go.

Surely Manchester United know they’ll be lifting the Premiership Title once again.

The fact is United can draw against Manchester City next week, and if Arsenal beat Chelsea at the Emirates then the title race is over.

It would have been good to see a title race go right to the wire but now with United effectively having a 6 point lead (5 points with a superior goal difference) then it’s all over now.

I was watching the Manchester United game today and Everton did brilliantly to go two goals ahead and blow the Premiership wide open but I haven’t seen a worse collapse in some time.

In the second half, United looked lost and really didn’t look like scoring at all. But the Everton keeper gifted a goal by dropping a simple corner and only a few minutes later Phil Neville thought he was playing for United and scored a sloppy own goal.

Then after that there was only one winner and Rooney scored the 3rd and United reserve Eagles finished the game in stoppage time.

I’d say for a while that whoever wins the league will win the FA Cup, and that could push them on to win the Champions League.

And at the moment United have that momentum and could sweep the treble, and Chelsea could end up with just the Carling Cup.

But could today signal the start of a Chelsea collapse?

They will not give up in the Premiership but mentally the players and Mourinho will think it is all over with the number of games remaining, the big 5 point gap and harder fixtures coming up.

And going to Anfield on Tuesday, Chelsea will know that if they lose then they have been dumped out of two major competitions in only 4 days.

Well at least Cashley Cole has that valuable Carling Cup medal anyway.


13 thoughts on “Manchester United Are Premiership Champions

  1. “Well at least Cashley Cole has that valuable Carling Cup medal anyway.”

    Well, and poor Billy Gallas will not have even that, hahaha.

  2. I for one am happy United (as opposed to Chelscum) have won the league. For the good of the Premiership, we need an attacking and entertaining football team to win it instead of a negative and generally quite boring side like Chelsea.

    This is the beautiful game and for the last couple of seasons Chelsea have been making the whole league more boring. We’ve had less goals this season with only a handful of clubs still playing attacking football (mainly Arsenal and United).

    I always thought the Premiership was the best league in the world but over the last few seasons it’s clear that the attacking and more open Spanish league is far superior. Hopefully with Man United winning it this year will make Chelsea play more attractive football and show other teams in the league that defensive, negative football isn’t the only way to get points.

  3. Yeah, at least Gallas didn’t make the move citing winning medals this term as his primary motivation. Cashley did. Small consolation, wouldn’t you say?

  4. How lovely, that even with all that money – all £500 million – plus their duplicitous methods, poor gamesmanship and near-criminal hassling of officials, the Chavs of SW5 cannot win the league.

    That, my friends, is reason to cheer Man U’s title. Not that Man U are exactly impoverished, but it is their money, earned through the gates, rather than stolen from the poor people of Russia.

    It’s small justice, but I am thrilled that Chelsea haven’t won it. Let’s hope Liverpool give them a hiding in the Champions League. They can treasure their Worthless Cup medals all summer – £500million well spent, Mr Abrahams.

  5. Chelsea do not deserve to win the league.

    Man utd play the better and more entertaining football and Chelsea misspent their non hard earned billions on two players who are past it. Serves them right!

    Arsenal will challenge next year as the brand of football and style of play will prove too much for both Chelsea and Utd!

  6. Well done to ManUre for wrapping up the EPL with their brand of positive attacking football. To come back from behind AC Milan and Everton in consecutive matches to win deserves credit.


  7. The last big collapse was Sp*rs vs ManUre, when they were 3-0 up, but they still managed to lose 5-3. 3-0 and you f*cked it up!

    Also, I’m glad Chelski have had their mini-collapse as them winning the league at Ashburton Grove doesn’t bear thinking about! This can’t happen anymore.

  8. Mourinho is so smug and full of himself it’s great to see Chelsea starting to collapse! If Liverpool score first and Anfield then I think Chelsea are going to bottle it!

    And I hate to say it but I hope United win the FA Cup too!

  9. I can honestly say I wasnt really bothered who won the premiership out of chelski & manU as i dont exactly like either of them. But to be fair manU have played by far the better football of the 2 & mourinhio at the moment is proving to be an even bigger arse than fergusson has been in the past.
    will mouriniho keep his job if chelski end up with JUST the carling cup this season…… would be interesting to see.


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