Transfer News: More Players Going Than Coming…

Well Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Lukasz Fabianski from Legia Warsaw which has been common knowledge to most Arsenal fan’s for a while now. The addition of an extra keeper has meant that someone had to leave and that someone was Mart Poom, who joins Watford for an undisclosed fee. Personally if I had the choice I would have offloaded Almunia since I think Poom is much better, especially with his experience but at 35 years old I suppose it makes sense.

We also know that Julio Baptista isn’t going to stay at Arsenal, which is hardly a surprise. Arsene did mention a while ago that he had already made a decision on Baptista and obviously he’s just as unimpressive in training as he is when he puts on the Arsenal shirt. It’s a pity really because he’s had a lot of scoring opportunities in the numerous games he’s had and if he could actually score then he would be a useful player for us. C’est la vie…

In other news Arsene is trying to find another club for Jose Antonio Reyes, who Real Madrid don’t want. Athletico Madrid are the favourites to sign him, although the biggest problem is his valuation. It looks like Arsenal are going to have to take a big loss to get rid of him, which is a shame because before Old Trafford he was an excellent player for us.

Since then he was never the same.

And another player who won’t be playing for Arsenal is seems is Mathieu Flamini. He cites being ‘snubbed’ for 3 finals as a reason for not being happy at Arsenal – including The FA Cup, Champions League and Carling Cup finals. And to an extent I can agree with him, in regards to the Champions League and Carling Cup finals at least.

To be pushed out by Ashley Cuntface in the biggest final in World Club Football when you’ve played most of the games leading up to it must have been hard to take. Flamini had played some really solid football in the knockout rounds and played brilliantly against Juventus, Villarreal and Real Madrid. The Carling Cup final was also a bit of a surprised as well, but probably has more to do with the emergence of Abou Diaby and Denilson this season – with the Brazilian looking much more of a prospect than Flamini at the moment.

On the plus side, the impressive Nicklas Bendtner has signed a new 5 year contract with Arsenal, after his impressive displays for Birmingham City in their promotion to the Premiership. It will be interesting to see if he can push Thierry Henry and Van Persie next season though.

And talking about Henry, apparently he’s off to Barcelona again… *Yawn!*


38 thoughts on “Transfer News: More Players Going Than Coming…

  1. if u want to find a class player u are welcomed in my country Macedonia
    the team called korab f.c (diber) there u must find a great players with bigg future

  2. heard its reyes and senderos for torres.

    we shall see.

    barca are willing to offload etoo for money and gilberto.

    but if we get torres, gilberto will go for straight cash to juve. cash to buy reo-coker.

  3. Arsene Wenger to buy proven world-class players – I’ll believe that when I see it! Our only real ‘big’ player we’ve bought (except Gallas which was a panic buy) was Marc Overmars, who was crocked and no-one else wanted!

    Henry, Vieira, Pires, Toure, etc. were all made into great players. Buying them in is not Wenger’s style and if you think we’ll be getting E’eto and Torres then you’ve just been sucked in by the ridiculous press once again!

  4. I still think we should keep Reyes.

    If he was stupid enough to sign a contract until 2011 than he should be forced to play. He’d provide the width we need as well as being a top class 5th striker.

    Ronaldo wanted to leave at the end of last season and now look at him.

    Sometimes these kids don’t really know what they want!

  5. Robert; so then Rosicky wasnt already a class player? Wiltord, Suker, Edu, Van Bronkhurst, and how about Pires? What Ribery is now, is exactly where Pires was just before he joined us. Wenger buys bi players, tehyre just not as big as the likes of United, Real and Barca buys. And also, just because we pay less, doesnt mean the player isnt big.

  6. I wasn’t talking about the quality of the players, but the superstar name tag which is associated with them. Arsene will not buy ‘superstar’ players, partly because of the fees and partly because he never has. The biggest name he’s brought to the club was Overmars.

    Rosicky is a class player, but do you think he’s classed as a superstar? The same goes for Pires, Wiltord, Van Bronkhorst, Edu and Suker – they are class players but hadn’t exactly set the world alight. They weren’t coveted by all the big clubs in Europe like E’eto and Torres would be.

    All I’m saying is Torres and E’eto are classed as superstars so we’ll never buy them because the competition for their signature would be too great. We’re more likely to buy a player like Adebayor or Van Persie when he first joined us.

  7. don’t believe for 1 minute that torres is wanted anymore. his value has dropped significantly. we are now talking about a project.

    as for adriano or etoo. their wage demands are massive.

    surprisingly we do not pay transfer fees but do give good wages. only second to chelski.

    barca want rid of etoo because of dressing room probs.

    manure and liverpool will never give him what he wants. it will destroy their wage structure. its between us and milan, and if fiszies want to increase their shareholding value before they sell next year. they will make a statement.

  8. Hey, no idea who we’ll sell or buy, i hope we don’t buy reo coker tho and i don’t think we will. I think he’s quality, really drives a midfield, but can you imagine a midfield of fab, rosicky, hleb and coker? Anyone fancy marking the 6 footer at corners? No? Didn’t think so.

  9. saviola is coming! i cant believe it ! whoo hoo
    on a free and he can play wide as well and score 20 goals a season

    amazing huh
    well we;regonna win the premiership

  10. the most important think is that-henry don’t go to the barca-and so cesc-hi is the future of the i think with henry like the best player and think the best strik in the primerligue,cesc and roziski in the midle are the best in the ligue with the game they do-i mean with their pass,and in the defense with gallas toure and clishi we have a good palyer in that i think even if the boss will not bring some “super super class footballers”-we will be very good to challenge manunited-not cheallse because we are better than them rightnow.

  11. We do not need Reo-Coker. What we need is a fast wide man who can contribute goals and run at defences, plus a striker.

  12. With even Fabregas struggling to push on, we need a whole new midfield. It ain’t going to happen. And I sincerely hope the Torres rumours prove false. Lately he’s been making Baps look like a class act.

    I suspect that next season will turn into a grim struggle (yet again) to stay ahead of Spurs with Wenger sounding increasingly like David O’Leary as he talks about the potential of his “kids”.

    Oh well. I console myself with the thought that, from where I sit, you get brilliant views of Eboue flying through the air.

  13. I have a hope/suspicion that Wenger may well sign ‘big’ this summer. Everybody agrees that a fast winger will arrive. I believe that with one year left on Wenger’s contract combined with the Kroenke situation, the board will want to show financial muscle and ambition to the boss and to the supporters. If Arsenal have a moderate season next year what impact will this have on Wenger signing a new contract? With some players sold- take your pick from Freddie, Senderos, Famini, Aliadiere and Reyes, I don’t think it is so unlikely that we could see Ribery, Torres and Micah Richardscoming in for a net outlay of 30 million……here’s hoping!

  14. Bob n7 …I just hope you are right but suspect that Aw will fool us all again. He usually allows loads of soeculation and then arrives back with one or two unheardofs for next to nowt.

    I di believe that Arsene has aloud us to go stale as a squad to help the board with financing for the first year at the Emirates. Now that £100 profit from Highbury Square is on its way, I can see things changing. Our board will never announce a £60 mill kitty for Aw but with a lot of sales and money from Europe again, he could have enough to buy properly, at last.

    Added to the three from Bob & would like to see a quality defender and invite Kolo to be captain and play in the Makalele position. God with that squad we would again be unbeatable.

  15. hello can u please just shut up wat the hell i wrong wid u, u retarted child get over it just becoz u got a peanut alergy and ur fathers pregnant doesnt mean that u hve to cry and act all spastic now just go to a menal hospital

  16. Since the move to Emirates we are skint, as long as we make top4 for the next few years, only then will we be ok, we havent spent big in the last few years, Reyes (10-15mill) Wallott (10-12mill) and Rosicky (8mill), thats appoximatly 30mill, plus we have sold Vieria (13mill) Muamba (2mill+) (Larsson (1mill) Stokes(2mill), so we have recouped appoximatly 13-16mill.
    We are a team that simply balances its books well. Same will be said this summer…out will go Alliadire, Song, Flamini, sure a few others also, not sure who will come in (maybe: Ribbery), but the books again will be balanced. Whilst Spurs, West Ham, Villa and even Pompy will over-all probably spend more than us.

  17. I don’t think Arsenal need to buy all that many players. A player I really would love to see is Micah Richards. Consider this, Touré, Eboué and Song (if he stays) will all go to the African Nations Cup in January. Richards can play in all 3 positions. Sell Senderos and have Richards push Touré/Gallas for a starting place, and when some players leave for the cup he can fill in as CB or RB with ease. I think we could use players that can play in several positions and won’t moan about being moved around. I would even like to see Richards/Gallas at CB, and move Touré up in midfield. Touré has a fantastic shot, and he is pacy, hard working and tackles well. He would be more or less our new “Vieira” in midfield.

    Players out: Freddie, Senderos, Song, Aliadiere, Reyes.
    Players in: Richards and 1 or 2 pacy wingers that can both get past their man, cross the ball and shoot/score goals. So 2-3 players is all we need, I think.

  18. well i think we need 2 brake the bank 2 get Eto’o cause we need a stricker dat gunna get us goals n stay fit…i mean how unlucky was it dat Henry and Van Persie were injured at the same time..n if it happends again den we cnt rely on walcott.bendter 2 get da goals..Reyes shud go…we need a exsperience defender n another goal keeper…like i said a very good sticker

  19. I think arsene should buy coker in midfield, Bent in striking and reyes,senderos for robinho and quaresma with these arsenal will be the best team in the world. Check it out Lehmann(keeper) Toure, clichy, Gallas,Djorou, Rosicky, Robinho,Fabregas and Hleb in midfield and Van persie and Henry in Strike PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Also sell Ljunberg get money, sell gilberto to juve and get cash and buy a world class striker

  21. ribery has made it clear that he will like to join arsenal if an agreement is reached by both clubs

  22. I am tierd of waiting for a player(world class) to be baught at Arsenal. But u know may be it is how it is at Arsenl. If i coul have a chat with Wenger i would beg him to tell me his plans ,cause I am dieing to see something and it is hard not to know something for sure being an Arsenal fan. help me for god sake.

  23. also herd dat arsenal will be looking 2 seal deals 4 saviola,torres,gamst,reo,appiah,micahric,abidal,sagna and also davies.
    i know shockin isnt it

  24. i will like to know what is going on.cox all the other teams have been getting more players than arsenal.can they tell us what is going…

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