Is The New Arsenal Shirt All White With You?

Well with the season over and nothing really happening in the transfer market, the biggest news recently is the new Arsenal away kit for 2007/2008 which looks like this:

The New Arsenal Away Kit 2007/2008? Probably…

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s white.

There are more photographs here and here, which show the shirt with a Herbert Chapman badge behind the collar. I’m still sceptical whether or not this is the real deal though, as the first picture looks like it’s from the Philippines with the kid in the background so could easily just be a fake.

Although I could be just kidding myself, as have been promoting Herbert Chapman’s innovations recently so the kit dedicated to him would make sense.

I personally don’t think it’s too bad, although the socks will probably take getting used too!

And let’s hope it doesn’t fall apart like the last Nike kit…


24 thoughts on “Is The New Arsenal Shirt All White With You?

  1. If it is Genuine, then that might be an issue with the Die hards amonst us, or are you forgetting our biggest London derby being Tottenham? Could you honestly see yourself in the same colour football shirt as Spurs? I couldn’t to be frank


  3. Can’t Henry have a meal with his mate? It is the close season after all and he can do what he wants.

    Anyway, back to the kit – I’m not bothered what colour Arsenal wear as long as they’re winning matches!

  4. I like the shirt, its always been a hoby of mine to design football shirts and I’ve always welcomed change. I feel shirt design has become dull over the years and generic brand kits for all clubs is the norm. Here what we have is a unique shirt that will differ from every other nike away kit in the Prem (with the exception of Man U who always receive more exciting designs than anyone). I do feel that more red in the shirt would have been better to removed appearance of a predominadtly white shirt (like the spuds), ultimateley I’d hate to feel alienated at the Emirates for wearing this shirt because I like it, I’m a life long passionate Arsenal fan who has been infuriated by the lack of passion and support within the Emirates this year, but I will not take exception to a new kit design, I will however take exception to another below par season in terms of performances and “fans” not singing and leaving the game early.

  5. The socks (believe it or not) are actually stylish and look good, plus they hark back to the 30s when Chapman introduced hooped socks.

    That said, the colour of the kit is complete and utter shite – we shouldn’t be wearing a white away kit, and the club have seriously copped out in using the ‘redcurrant’ again. I wonder if any of the club’s marketing people realise that the redcurrant shirt only sold so well because it represented the last one we’d wear at Highbury? As fashio goes* it’s a repulsive colour.

    * yes, fashion – the line the club used to use to justify our blue away kits, i.e. it was a popular ‘leisure’ colour

  6. To be honest, ithe shirt reminds me Spuds: How disgusting is that
    The shirt looks terrible. Who the f$ck came up with that idea?
    Diabolical was the word I heard someone call it and it fits the
    description like a hand in a glove.

  7. Dont matter what you lot wear you still look gay.With a wink and a smile Arsene Wenger is a …………

  8. The more I look at that picture the more I think that it looks blatantly photoshopped, and you’re probably right about the Far East fakes.

    Unless Arsenal used to wear white when Chapman was around I highly doubt that we’ll be wearing white this season – look at the reaction of most of the Arsenal fans!

  9. And I forgot to add IF Arsenal did wear white back then the Arsenal fans should give accept it. What’s wrong with bringing back a colour we used to wear iof that’s the case? Who said Sp*rs own white?

  10. For all you fucking idiots that say white isnt an arsenal colour, what is our original kit colours – Red and oh yes WHITE for fuck sake.

    Just clearing that up

  11. Note the socks match the tiles at the tube station – which Herbert Chapman insisted on being called Arsenal Station – so could well be genuine

  12. im an Arsenal Fan From up north and am not bein funny but if thy wear white d gunners den u support thm dnt u jus bein petty the lot of ya I LIKE IT !!!!

  13. U guys do realise that this picture is a blatant fake…cos first walcott would not be in the pic and henry would be in the middle…also they are missin a ring from gilberto’s socks!!!
    but yeah a white kit wouldnt be bad…but totally useless as we would only be able to use it against like 5 premiership teams!!!!! and all the spurs fans…good luk with another useless season!!! uefa cup…well done…and also dont commen on our kits when all 4 of ur new kits look like shit!!


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