Will The Henry Exit Signal A Player Exodus?

Staying or Going?

What’s going on?

Reports are saying that Henry is going to Barcelona for around £16 million.

If it is indeed true, then Arsenal have a knack of letting quality players at the wrong time. Last season Henry could have fetched around £40 million and when Vieira left, he ended up going for £13.7 million when the season before Real Madrid offered £23 million.

And if all the reports are to be believed, then I’m just confused about why Wenger would let a 30-goal a season man leave the club.

At least when Vieira left Fabregas was waiting in the wings.

Who can replace Thierry Henry?

Who has been more influential in Arsenal’s successes?

But of course, it is Barcelona doing all the talking so it could be complete rubbish. But with all the media coverage at the moment about the move it doesn’t look good.

Do you believe it’s actually going to happen?

You would have to think Wenger has something up his sleeve if he has decided Henry doesn’t fit in with his plans.

We know players don’t leave unless Wenger has given the go ahead but £16 million isn’t worth much in the transfer market these days.

Are you saying Darren Bent is worth the same as Henry?

None of this makes any sense!

When I heard about it I thought this is just the Spanish Media playing games again and I suppose until we get an official word from Arsenal we’ll be kept guessing about whether it’s actually true.


36 thoughts on “Will The Henry Exit Signal A Player Exodus?

  1. Arsenal really need to pull out their finger and sort this mess out ASAP. ok we have all suspected that Henry would go but for a player of his calibre and skill to be sold for 16million with 3 years still left on his current deal then heads need to roll if thats what he will be sold for. i would of thought that 16 million plus deco or savoila would of been more suitable.

    lets hope wenger stays and brings some real quality in or else we really are screwed.

    dicky boy.

  2. most definatley, almost certain, as sure as eggs is eggs, cant get away quick enough, va va voom all of em

  3. if the board gave him the money he’d buy world class, its more to do with th Englishness of the board who don’t want to move on, even villa are investing
    Gosh we are a mid table club now and they are not getting anymore of my hard earned cash

  4. We have done bad deals with Viera and now Henry. (If this is true). Too bad money in the sales. But let´s face it, he´s not a 30-goal a season man any more, he´s just a 30 years old man. I think he´s over the hill (sorry to say). He´s injury´s come more often and he´s last season was not good, by he´s standard. My only concern is that the rest of the club and players will freak out and loose self-confidence.

  5. idiots, stop thinking its the end of the world. We are the Arsenal and we are the best, we are the Arsenal so F~#K ALL THE REST. Arsene knows, he aint going no where and I am still puttin g my hard earned on the ARSE to win the league next year.

  6. Henry is 30 – a 4 year contract – Bent is 23 anybody who spends the money now will recoup that in 4 years. Henry will be retiring. He’s not a 20+ player at the mo and he’s a disatisfied captain. Quoting 40 million – it’s paper talk. As is the headline – players have contracts – some evenly loyalty. Lots of them have huge egos – they’ll want to prove the team are as good if not better without him. The signs aren’t all bad – Henry hardly playedlast season – he certainly didn’t when we beat Manure at Old Trafford.

  7. ye but i reckon we will get martins for 13 mill and if henry does get sold we get adriano for a years lone.

  8. Look no further than the Arsenal board for the cause of the disintegration of the greatest team in this clubs history. The invincibles have been sold 1 by 1 . WHY. Because the club could not afford the new stadium. David Dein knew the consequences of the move that was why he was so opposed to it. Then when he wanted to bring in fresh money he got shooed out. ITS TIME TO GET RID OF HILLWOOD

  9. While Henry’s leaving may seem to be a black day at the AFC, it may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Considering his age and diminishing returns the past two years, coupled with his inability to assume leadership of a young team this may be the best thing for Arsenal.

    Appoint a Captain such as Gilberto who will assist and inspire the young guns, add a few more credentialed players, striker, winger, central defense and we surely can challenge next year and for many years to come.

    No one person is greater than the sum of the parts and AFC will continue to improve and remain a consistent, viable and entertaining entity presently and in the future.

    Instead of mourning and bashing Arsene and the Board, let’s go for the long ride and support our team which still plays the best brand of football in the world.

    Long live ARSENAL!!!!!!

  10. *SIGH* Chill out guys!!!

    Just because Bent is sold for £17 million (or whatever) doesn’t means he’s worth it! The Spuds get screwed again! Would WE be pleased if AW spent £17 million on Bent??? I think not!!

    I would prefer TH14 to stay, but mostly for sentimental reasons. I think we have seen his best years – definitely – and we were without him for soooo many big games last season. I know we finished well off the pace but it was a learning experience for our incredibly talented young squad.

    AW is going NOWHERE. However – don’t hold your breath fo him to sign a Torres or an Eto’o – he won’t and never will do, it’s just not his style.

    And this isn’t about the £££. That’s paper talk. AW has plenty to spend (£40 million at the last AGM reckoning) but choses to do things his way. He wants to be the antithesis (look it up) of Abramovich…and I for one (and MANY, MANY Gooners like me) are behind him all the way.

    Show a bit of bottle you Gooners. Stop squealing.

  11. took what money Pascal? If it wasn’t for this board who appointed Wenger, there would be no Henry to speak of and what he helped us win. No Wenger era too and it wasn’t as fun as this before he came. All this doom mongering is futile. It ain’t official yet. Remember Gerrard when he was meant to have signed for Chelsea… Cool down everyone and deal with it when and if it is confirmed.

  12. i dont know about you,
    but i’m sick of this.

    constant speculation,

    er, hello! no it’s not.

    he hasn’t left our amazing club yet, and until he does, and even after he does,
    he has all the support from me + another legion of supporting fans.

  13. the problem is not the transfer of henry, if it happens but the lack of info we are getting from arsenal, i will be the first to thank henry for what he has given to me, i will also thank arsenal for making me soo happy but at the moment there seems alot of turmoil within the club and that needs to be sorted out and we need to be kept informed of what is going on.

  14. We’ve got a great young team, we don’t need Henry. He was so far up his own ass in the end, he was worthless to us. A moaning whinging scouling princess. I trust Arsene to bring in some replacement talent, and I trust Arsene’s judgement on Henry’s continued physical capability. Anyone who thinks this was anything other than Arsene Wenger’s decision, doesn’t know anything about Arsenal. There’s headlines saying Arsenal are shocked, and idiots saying Wenger will be next to leave because of this. Wenger’s decision, end of story. And this continued, never-ending garbage about the board is sickening. We’ve got the best board in this country, a board dedicated to the best interests of this football club, and it’s fans, a board that has built the most fantastic stadium in the world, a board that has supported Wenger 100%, to the degree that he’s resisted all offers for so many years. This is a fantastic board, that has made as much money available to Wenger as he ever wanted, he just doesn’t want to waste the money, end of story. There is no question, Arsene will purchase some attacking players to replace Henry and Reyes, and forward we go, if the supporters could only see it.

  15. Cheer up Guys, If you people mind to remember the last seasons we have had, the biggest mistake that Wenger made was to make henry the Captain. All of the sudden he became ‘above’ everyone. It reached a point when he questioned wenger when he left him out in the spurs game. Yes henry has been good to the club, but it is time to move. One thing though I want to ask Guys. Do we have an unwritten agreement to sell our great forwards and midfielders to barca? Remember Petit scenario?


    why is it that no-one mentions henry was good n lethal when pires,bergie n pat were around to do all the thinking while he ran around doing the magic with his feet . the thinkers are gone and so has henry’s goal/game ratio . let him go , let the kids build themselves their own set of invincibles . peace out henry and look forward to u smiling at us doing well .and oh btw ……… me thinks he aint going nowhere .

    we’ve all seen the way he just goes wonkas when goals of the ol invincibles are scored with the baby’s , IMO he’s blindfolded himself to playing football with a team and not just HIS TEAM. he aint making waves with the national team , shows how much he can adapt …….. all i we hear is ” THE KIDS ARE ON A LEARNING CURVE” !!!!! give them a break , let them have fun on the pitch and u’ll see theo n persie produce the magic for everyone to fear . nick(hic)olas will be bendtnered to sit as sub and adey will be called when theres a brawl on the bolton pitch . i still feel fredie n helb are good enough for right and we all just fretting about as bad season . its history and it should be forgotten coz WE DO HAVE A WORLD CLASS TEAM . we’ve got a nedved in rosick(hic)y , a viera in diaby , a bergamp in fab , toure as vidic , gallas as rio , aaah … we got a dopey GK ( i’d like niemi) . everythin is rosy in my eyes

  17. I agree that this was all Wenger’s decision, no-one leaves the club without his say so! I also agree about Henry as captain was a big mistake. After he was appointed he became an unwanted spokesman for the team and talking about things he shouldn’t be yapping on about.

    I guess Wenger thinks the team performs better without Henry and I can see his point. With Henry in the team it’s ALL ABOUT HIM. Every player looks for Henry instead of playing for the team.

    My only concern is the forwards left at the club. Van Persie is class but you can’t honestly think Adebayor will score 25 goals a season alongside him. Hopefully the rumours of Ronaldinho being unhappy are true and Wenger’s nicked him! Somehow I doubt it though. We do need a world class forward though and if we managed to get E’eto it would be a great deal all round.

    But we’ll probably end up with Maxi Lopez instead.

  18. It seems to be fans are quite amazed at such a low fee being paid for Henry at £16m. But this is purely because a player at his age can now walk away from Barcelona by buying out his contract after being at the club for 2 years. So if he signs a 4 year contract at £6.24m a year or £120,000 a week today, he can effectively buy out his contact for £12.48m after 2 years.

    So why would Barcelona pay anymore as he could walk away and they would make a tremendous loss. The only reason why Real Madrid paid £53m for Zidane at 29 years old is because he previously would not have been able to buy out his contract.

    The rules have now changed and the days of paying £40/50m have long gone now for players at 28 years old or over.

  19. OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!





  20. poor spuds fans. their only joy comes from getting off on the arse losing a player. adieu thierry et merci. now lets get rid of anyone who’s not happy, buy some wingers, bring in a replacement (not the 30 yr old martins) or two up front and let the youngsters play, with gilberto and kolo to steady them. even if arsene goes next year, the stadium is a miracle, the young players are great, the fans are excellent and the future looks very good.

  21. The official website had confirmed the deal !! Oh my God!~~
    I really can’t believe. What’s going on?? Why Wenger allowed the transfer??
    That really make me crazy! It really hurts me !!

  22. Quite right and all, the emerates is being seen for what it is rotten. Its rotting inwards to out. All the players( the good ones that is) are off “va va va va vooooooooooom.

    The fact even Wenger cannot give his word that he will be the manager in the near future says it all

    The cheating diving, to cheat there way to success is coming home to roost.

    Wenger will be on his way then Fabrigas, VAVA VOOOOOOOOM


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