Vieira Demands ‘Top Players’ For Old Pal Titi

Old captain Patrick Vieira has come out and said Thierry Henry will probably leave Arsenal if they don’t bring in some world class players to match Henry’s ambition to challenge for the top honours.

God that never gets boring.

You think Vieira would know how Wenger works by now. He rarely splashes out on players, and the most successful players at Arsenal are the young ones Arsene has brought in.

Patrick Vieira, Kolo Toure, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Freddie Ljungberg, Nicolas Anelka and countless others have come in young and proven to be excellent for Arsenal.

Then you have players who Arsenal have spend decent amounts of money on – Richard Wright, Francis Jeffers, Sylvain Wiltord, Alexander Hleb and Gio Van Bronkhorst – who you could hardly call fantastic successes at the club, despite being likable by the fans (except Richard Wright obviously).

Arsene is building his 3rd team at Arsenal and like Alex Ferguson, will need at least 3 seasons to come up with a team that is ready to challenge for honours.

Who knows? Arsenal might be ahead of schedule and be fighting for the Premiership season, if they can keep free from injuries.

And it’s hardly straight-forward to sign established talent anyway, with Chelsea and Real Madrid always having a knack for going for players we’re interested in. Baptista anyone? How about Shaun Wright-Philips?

If Arsenal can have some luck in the injury department (which United had last season) then there’s no reason why we can’t get some consistency and fight at the top of the league. The only positions we were struggling at in the last campaign were in the wide areas, although next season will be a big one for Rosicky and you know that I think Hleb can be excellent as long as he plays with Henry and Van Persie.

We’ve all heard the opinions of Henry, Vieira, E’eto and all these other players adding to transfer speculation but the only man we should be listening to is Arsene Wenger.


9 thoughts on “Vieira Demands ‘Top Players’ For Old Pal Titi

  1. If Arsenal can have some luck in the injury department (which United had last season) then there’s no reason why we can’t get some consistency and fight at the top of the league. The only positions we were struggling at in the last campaign were in the wide areas..said this blogger

    i think you and all the other saps who follow arsenal nowadays are deluded if you think this squad will win the league.
    henry gallas vanpersie hleb rosicky were all fit for the start of last season yet eben though we beat man utd we were realistically out of the league by then! you know it i know it even wenger knew it.losing it with pardew and rucks with the fa show he is losing it somehow and who really knows whats goin on behind the scenes,are they backing wenger or not.i’m sorry but hleb and rosicky are not arsenal type players for me, especially in away games, even henry and van persie can go missing for the 1st 40mins in away games too. there is big work for wenger to do next season ,the physical side is no problem as long as neither hleb or rosicky play(too easily brushed off the ball)next season we will see by xmas how much wenger will have aged if he keeps the same squad and results don’t go our way.
    personally if the board are notmatching his ambition i don’t blame himif he ends up leaving,
    next year we will have the spuds and west spam and the villa’s all chasing champs league football, if we don’t have a good start expect problems by xmas!!


  2. What a rubbish poorly written article.

    Why do all Arsenal fans always make excuses we were not good enough last year simple as that not because of this or that just because we were not good enough no excuses.

  3. why do no gunners fans have patience. wenger have done enough for this club to at least give him the time to build a new team. one that will take time to come together due to the financial restraints placed upon us by our move to ashburton. you may say we should have planned for this time but arsene did only to see abramovich’s millions scupper these plans. thus we now have an amazingly talented young squad who need time to gel. just think of the players either playing their first full season or first season in the premiership or first season for the club* then i for one am impressed at the quality of football we’ve seen. ok results haven’t gone our way but we’ve played well enough to see the potential in this team.

    * first full season: eboue, adebayor, clichy,
    first prem season or first season with arsenal: rosicky, gallas, hoyte, baptista

    then if you look at the injuries we had you must be deaf dumb and blind not to see that just as our football was coming together the injuries of RvP and TH had a massive impact. the injury of gallas just when he was getting into his stride and eboue just as we were getting our first choice back four together made for the inconsistencies in defence. this will improve as the defence plays more together. rosickys constant niggles just as he was getting into some form must have annoyed him more than us, and was a major limiting factor in his adaption to the prem. In previous wenger squads these kind of injuries would never have been such a problem but the fact that they happened to the experienced heads at times when our youngsters needed them proved crucial.

  4. Everyone taking shit about the Arsenal should STFU, it seems to be the IN thing right now, with all the tabloids, heck even the broadsheets are gettin in on the act. Lets just wait until the club actually does something shall we , then you can comment, ffs. Arsenals stance on not commentating on speculation is tough but probobly the right way to do it.

  5. I think patrick is saying the best bacause already they have miss out ribery so the maneger sjould go for BABAL.’ MAOLUDA DAVIES and one pafect MILDIELDER.

  6. You’re quite right that Arsene will not sign high-profile world class (or “super super quality” in his terms) players.

    You couldn’t be more wrong if you think this squad is even hinting at possessing the required consistency and steel to mount a serious title challenge.


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