Arsenal 4 Life’s New Joke Section!

We’ve just added a new Jokes & Funnies section to our website – worth checking out if you’re in ever need of a few laughs, especially at the expense of teams we don’t particularly like. And while the section might be new, trust me, the jokes are old and you’ve probably heard them all!

There’s also a comments section at the bottom of the page so if you have any feedback or even better – jokes of your own – then don’t be afraid to submit your funnies! We’re always looking to add to our very thin section.

So click here to see our new jokes page.

You can also see it at any time using the links provided on the right.

We’ve also added a new Video Compilations page which has some of our favourite Arsenal videos from the web.

Please note that we realise that this is probably a complete waste of your time but please don’t let that detract you from visiting this website in the future.


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