Cesc – Gallas – Paddy – Sagna – Fixture Changes

New Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has expressed his admiration for Cesc Fabregas, sparking yet more transfer speculation about the young Spaniards future. The interesting thing is that in none of the quotes does he actually say he wants to buy Fab, but of course that doesn’t stop the silly season transfer news.

There’s no way that AW would let Cesc and Henry leave in the same summer.

And if I was Bernd I would be thinking about where he’s going to work next year after Real sack him after one season!

Meanwhile Willie Gallas has shown once again how egotistical he is by claiming to know what’s best for the team. He has his own website for God’s sake. While many will probably support what he’s on about most of you would agree that a public rant isn’t exactly the best way to go about things – and not exactly great for team spirit. If he has any problems he should speak to Wenger privately.

Our old captain has said what most gooners think about young foriegn talent over English youth – it doesn’t matter what your passports says as long as you’re good enough. Would you rather have Patrick Vieira, Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry or David Bentley, Jay Boothroyd and Matthew Upson?


There have been many reports recently on Arsenal signing Bakary Sagna, and the players have even come out and said publicly that he wants Auxerre to let him join us. Wenger’s transfer dealings are usually very secret, although it would make sense with Kolo and Eboue missing some of the season on ACN duty.

And finally, a few of Arsenal’s fixtures have been re-arranged to accommodate television rights – mainly to Sky Sports and Setanta. 3 (Pompy, Liverpool & United) will be shown on Sky, while 2 (Sunderland & Reading) will be on Setanta. I don’t have Setanta Sports because Sky is bloody expensive as it is and I probably won’t next season by the looks of it if they’re showing games like Sunderland.


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  1. why are you picking on gallas and not fabegras. Fabegras is the most disloyal of all the players at the moment, everytime i hear of him its his whining mouth about moving to barca. give him a bit of stick and not gallas whos got our best interests at heart

  2. What are you on about?! Cesc has repeatedly said he loves it at Arsenal and wants to stay. Plus he’s signed a big extension to his contract so he won’t be leaving unless Wenger wants him out, and that isn’t the case.

    All Gallas has done is moan! Best interests at heart? Don’t make me laugh!

  3. Fabregas mouthing of??? Jesus man, what was it he said last week – something like “I’ll be back training with Arsenal in 10 days time – MY TEAM” – if that’s not loyallty then I don’t know what is. The boy is a Catalan & yes he would love to play for Barca one day – just like if I was playing for Barcalona I would love to play for Arsenal one day, that’s all he’s said. As compared to Gallas who’s said something like “I’m an Arsenal player today but who knows who I’ll be playing for tomorrow” – spot the difference – I don’t think he has our best interests at heart somehow or other. Such shite I’ve never heard Paulie

  4. i must say i dont like the vibes of gallas, a good defender he certainly is, but with regards his comments, i fear he woudnt give off his best if the board or for that matter, mr wenger dont listen to his big mouth, my verdict? let him go. afterall we survived most of last season withouth him and i think djorou or gilberto would be a good partner to kolo, our only problem last season was goal scoring, and if we are able to keep adebayor, van persie , dudu, bendtner and theo fit for most part of the season, then i really fancy our chances, albeit it wouldnt be bad if we could prise robinho from real, that would be a real bonus

  5. Gallas is our best defender, but he’s a mercenary who joined us in an emotional huff, on the rebound from Chelsea. He hasn’t been able to form a partnership with Toure – one of them needs to be taller. He has kept Senderos and Djourou out of the team and they have both lost confidence, as has Toure.

    Toure and Senderos – good balance of height and speed, record 10 games without conceding in the Champions league.

    Senderos and Djourou – know each others game, best defensive partnership during the early stages of last years world cup.

    Djourou and Toure – could be our best pairing in a couple of years.

    Despite being world-class, Gallas can’t play effectively with any of the three of them, and if he goes, I won’t miss him. Captain Gilberto can drop back, and Hoyte can fill in occasionally. Gallas money could be spent on someone new.

  6. but isnt galls just saying what we are all thinking?? on all these boards ppl are saying “we need class signings etc!” and when gallas publicly says something that we are all thinking he gets crucified for it?? I praise him for saying what he said…..at least it shows that he cares and that he wants Arsenal to do well otherwise he would be out the door to REal Madrid by now….so now its upto Wenger and the Board to repay the faith….

  7. incredible… everyone has written us off before the season has started, all our best players are being sold, we’re not going to make any signings and we’re not going to qualify for the Champions League…WRONG

    no one knows anything except Arsene & the Board… let’s wait until the season starts before jumping to conclusions…

    we were very close to winning the Carling cup last year with children, close in the FA cup (the only big team who consistently drew premier opposition) and but for some woeful finishing we would have been top 2 last year…

    Wenger has already added a proven “finisher” to the squad…

    stop moaning, enjoy the british “summer” & get behind our team – Gallas is being incredibly disrespectful – he didn’t play that well, himself last season

  8. totally agree Shaz, i’m with Gallas- he’s merely thinkin what most of us are thinkin with regards to our greatest rivals spending pot fulls to get better- and our team the most disjointed of the ‘big 4’ sold the best striker in the world for less than Darren Bent and seemingly have little intention to do anything other than to continue to field kids with no interest in bringing in experience to help them out. Gallas should be praised rather than condemned.

  9. He should have talked privately. He may have the right idea at heart but he came across as a class A egoist on a trip.

  10. Gallas is a good player. I also recorded him saying “I’m not gighting for the fourth place”. Well, he might not be a born-gunner, but at least he has some ambition. I don’t think he said the other stuff he said because he is not loyal to Arsenal. I just think he is trying to put on some pression to the board to buy some big name. I could understand his reaction when you come back from hollyday, and you find out that your best striker and friend has been sold like he was some middle-ranked player.
    Now I just fear that we end up buying some random famous striker just to make everyone happy. Please people! Trust Wenger! I think he has proven enough!

  11. No, he’s not saying what “we” all think, he’s saying what SOME “fans” think.

    He, and they, should f**k off somewhere else.

  12. I’m definitely not thinking we have no chance this year! Last year, AcMilan won the champions league and did a great season just aftr loosing shevchenko. And we got Arsène and a bunch of very talented players. My bet?
    We win at least one trophee this year. And I’m not just saying this because I’m an arsenal fan, I’m truly confident about it! If this young squad feels the fans behind them, and have confidence, they can be overwhelming!

  13. I say Gallas out Curtis Davies in,

    I would completely agree with his sentiments, if they were made on August 31st when the Transfer Window closes following no more additions to the squad.

    It seems strange that he probably has not even spoken to Wenger and you never know, come Wednesday Morning, Pre-season Training may be interupted with the public showing of new signings. Ok that probably wont happen. To make the comments at this time say to me he either wants out or he is the French Forrest Gump.

    I am sure things are happening behind closed doors, but if the Board and Wenger do come out with the ‘I feel this Squad can Challenge’ statements again without experienced additions then I too will be pretty peeved (I dont believe this will be the case, I am sure we will add 2-3 more players)

    I don’t think we need spend all the cash on a big name Charlie, however we need to improve the overall level of the Squad. There are well priced players out there that could make a difference, Anelka, Owen, Wright-Phillips, Quaresma, Davies etc. There are blatently players like Hleb, Eboue and Adebayor that just dont cut the mustard, and whilst these guys are in the starting 11 week in week out, we will not break back into the top 2.

    People bang on about Wenger’s ability to bring in an unknown to wow the world and I agree with them, but the likes of Anelka, Vieira, Toure etc came into an already experienced squad so there lives were made easier and adaption was quicker. This is no longer the case, the 1st team is too young.

    how many of the current players would get a game in the same team as:

    Seaman, Cole, Adams, Campbell, Lauren, Pires, Vieira, Gilberto, Ljungberg (In his heyday) Bergkamp and Henry

    To me its only Fabregas and I think that says a lot

  14. Every day im on the net hoping wenger makes some signings,i think we need some taller and stronger players because ina lot of games we were out muscled.I also think that eboue should move up to the right wing with hopefully sagna behind him.

  15. Corvino in London to finish deal with Arsenal 9th of july. Freddie’s off to Fiorentina. Early rumours in the Swedish tabloids in june/july about Freddie and Italy was denied by Freddies agent Claes Elefalk (as some may remember, or may have noticed).
    Now, sources near Freddie, who is currently home on vacation in Halmstad, Sweden “knows” the deal is to be set within a day.

  16. My only problem is with the board why has knowone spoken out against Real madrids tapping up through the media, they were trying it with KaKa and the ACmilan president spoke up and told Mijatovic to shut his pie hole and i have not heard a word from them since about KaKa, why isnt any of the higher ups taking this stance on our star player/players?, also on the Gallas everyone knew what he was about before we signed him, but regardless he really shouldnt be saying much wasnt like he was a top performer last year, to be honest he looked a little slow and out of sorts, but there is a side to me that can understand he is getting up there in age and hes looking for some trophys to cap his career off but mouthing off in publics not the way to go about it bad form Gallas….

  17. S2S I agree with your sentiments, why don’t the board of Arsenal lodg a formal complaint? Is this because they are in support of a deal, and if so is AW? I know I sound paranoid but I just can’t beleive they haven’t done anything to shut RM up!

  18. Time for fred to go great servant for arsenal but age and injuries have caught up with him.I think when the reyes situation is sorted out wenger will make a couple of signings,and I hope curtis davies is one of them.

  19. I gotta say that so far since Henry has gone I’ve been saying we’ll be fine. And I still think we will be fine.

    Tho I gotta say that altho some of Gallas’s comments should’ve been kept to himself (like that “for now I’m an Arsenal player” comment, we’ve heard that far too recently!!!) he does have a point. I’m not saying that we should go out and spend huge amounts of cash on someone, but we’ve just lost another very experienced member of our squad and seemingly replaced him with someone young and inexperienced in the Premiership.

    Gallas is a mercenary. And that’s not a slur on him. He’s not “Arsenal born and bred”, he left Chel$ki to join us for gods sake. Mercenaries are a common part of football these days. No longer do you have boys growing up and playing for their local sides (or should I say very rarely). Gallas’s loyalties lie with himself and himself only. It’s a shame, but it’s the way things are.

    I know Arsene knows what he’s doing, but what if da Silva is a flop in the mould of Jeffers? What if the Spuds overtake us? What if we have the same kind of injury problems this season as we had last?

    I’m not being negative. I love Arsenal with all my heart and will still be supporting them thru thick and thin whatever happens. I just think that, however good our squad is, bringing in 2,3 or 4 young inexperienced players when we’ve lost who we have over the last couple of seasons could backfire on Arsene.

    Sorry for the long post, but needed to get it off my chest!

  20. who ever doe,s pr at arsenal should be shot,its al doom and gloom.Bring back Dien he,s got ARENAL in his blood and would lift the cloud hanging over us.

  21. I have this feeling that Gallas suspects Wengers confidence in him has reduced. We’re purchasing Sgna. We’re looking at Veloso as well as Curtis Davies, etc. IMO, I think he should be sold replaced with these younger chaps. It will save us some figure on the wage bill.

  22. i dont agree with gallas on this 1 he shud shut his mouth the reason for this is.
    Arsenal have sadly to say become the poorest team in the top 4 and this is a big disadvantage because if wenger decides to reveal one of his transfer targets then one of the other big 4 could come in and offer the layer twice as much money a week

    An example of this is when we signed jose reyes. Wenger revealed to the public he was after reyes and chelsea came in and tryed to nick him from us but wenger got there quick enough.
    And now he revealed 1 playern that he wanted to sign for a long time now and that is ryan babel who says he wants to join arsenal next year well now liverpool are trying to make a bid to take him from arsenals grasp.

    This will probably keep happening if he reveals his desire to sign big players therefore i believe him workin behind the scenes for players is a much better way for the club to get hold of true quality players

  23. by the way i didnt mean to use the name of the blog as my name im new today to writin these blogs i think one player we should sign even though many of my friends disagree is juan sebastian veron

    he is available for free after being released by chelsea he has plenty of premiership expereince he had a good career at scum united and didnt fit in well at chelsea but i think he may do well at arsenal its definately a risk worth taking

  24. What the hell is happening? Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t put up with this sort of childish rot and would’ve kicked players like Gallas into touch or out of the club a la Stam. I know most might not agree with me on this but i’m not overly impressed with Fabregas’ comments thus far either when he keeps telling everyone that my beloved gunners are a mere stepping stone in his career until Wenger leaves. Where has all the loyalty gone? Did the players we’ve purchased ever have any loyalty (Kolo & Freddy excluded)?? And why is putting on the famous, historic and legendary Red and White just mediocre? What’s happened to wanting to play for “Arsenal” and not the manager or the board and being privelaged to be picked by our club? I’m sick to death of these petulant outbursts against my club and even more so that no-one from inside the club is doing anything about it. We’re going to have no team spirit at all soon if this isn’t stopped pronto and then where will we be. Was Gallaas sent as a mole by Mourinho to bring us down from the inside or something. Not impressed at all…

  25. i also think we should sign bakari sagna and robinho then i would be happy because we cud ” promote from within” and bring eboue to midfield

    but as every gooner knows keeping wenger and cesco are absolute musts if we are to have a good season good run in europe top 4 finish and fa cup winners will be a succes!!

  26. your right about moveing eboue to right wing with sagna behind would add some steal to the team,also i think a english player ie. curtis davies is badly needed.and for fuck sake give us a captain who will shot and direct the team on the pitch.

  27. i think gilberto will be a great captain for us but wenger has given the vice captaincy to cesc just as an incentive to try and get him to stay thats why he gave henry captaincy last season. vice captain should be kolo or possibly lehmann because they are the most experienced players we have and also because cesc is too young to have that much weight on his shoulders i think you will all agree he has got enough pressure to deal with already

  28. Will he, won`t he? Looks like we`ve got another `Willie` – Willie Fabregas.

    I`m finding it increasing difficult to follow a code that has no moral substance.

    Contracts that are worthless, comittments without meaning, salaries that are vulgar(and an insult to working people), lie, lies and counter lies, the sport has become totally amoral.

    How can clubs expect loyalty from their supporters when they operate in a trade no better than a brothel? The players themselves taking on the mantle of prostitues, just going to the highest bidder.

    Great idea to have the crowd singing and waving their red and white scarves but that should originate from the terraces not the boardroom.

    Jack Staniforth

  29. I don’t balme Gallas for shooting his mouth off.He is a footballer and wants to win things and he perceives current efforts by Arsenal are not enuf.However he shoud n’t utter them in public.Why is it only Arsenal players are doing so.
    AW has said he would sign only super players. So far he has bought Eduardo who could be deemed to be in that category.He hasn’t bought a winger so maybe there could be some juggling where Eboue could be played there.If results go Arsenas’s way it’s ok. But if things don’t work out it’s back to the drawing board and another season will go down the drain and AW will leave. That’s why there is an escape clause in his contract if his plans and vision don’t work.
    By then there could finger pointing and Arsenal could not even qualify for a cl place..Of could these are scenarios for the worst but who is to say it will not happen. Hopefuly it wil not cause in AW we trust.

  30. This guy clearly knows nothing, sell that moaning git gallas, replace him with micah richards and make cesc vice captain of HIS TEAM

  31. Fuck Gallas. For someone who never really did anything for the club yet and is moaning all the time, let’s sell him before he ‘scores an own goal’… i agree that any other pairing of toure-senderos, senderos-djourou, toure-djourou or toure-gilberto has proven better so far. shut up gallas!!!

  32. Gallas is a mercenary cock that only came to us on the bounce from the chavs, we certainly got ripped in that deal, now he sits whinging about signings?! Fuck him, Wenger should do a Fergie on him and sell him as Utd sold Stam.
    Wengers comments that he would only buy big if it was for the good of the team and not to appease players and/or fans are well grounded, hence my two buys if i were him would be Davies and Babel…replacements for that mouthy prick Gallas and legendary veteran Freddie.
    All the panicky fans that are getting in a flutter because of paper talk and our rivals spending shedloads of cash should really settle down and look at the facts, yes we have under achieved for the last couple of years, yes we probably do need some strengthening within the team, but wasnt it OUR club a couple of years ago that had the worlds best youngsters? Are those youngsters now not experienced?
    Fuck Gallas, Fuck that sell out underhand back stabbing orange faced cunt Dein, PHW couldnt find the right way with a map and a flashlight, so lets all take a chill pill, AW hasnt failed us drastically before, and my guess is that he wont again.

  33. “Seeing people of all ages, young and old, wearing the shirt with my name on it in London is an honour and gives me a lift.

    Comment from Fabregas……….. and you think this is in the same league as Gallas’ outbursts????

    Get real

  34. Sell fabregas and buy leighton baines, bruno n;gotty, david weir and then get Glenn Roeder in to replace Wenger.

    We have no ambition any more!



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