Fabregas – Anelka – Martins – Kroenke – Mourinho

Well Fabregas has been mainly positive over the recent weeks, speaking about the departure of Thierry and how Arsenal will do next season. While few share his optimism about winning the league, you can’t help be caught up in all the hype. He also touched on the patchy home form last season and how Arsenal need to make the Emirates into a fortress. There’s no doubt a new stadium effects form so hopefully Arsenal will be completely settled by the start of the new season.

I’ve been looking forward to the new campaign for a long time now – it will be exciting and intriguing how Arsenal perform without Henry but if Arsenal can get a decent run going in the first 10 games then anything is possible.

Arsenal have been linked with Anelka yet again. I can’t see that happening now since Arsene purchased Eduardo da Silva, who you would assume would be partnered with Van Persie. Adebayor seems to be improving all the time so you couldn’t see him being happy sitting on the bench too much either. I suppose it would depend on Freddie leaving, which looks like isn’t going to happen now.

I found an interesting article claiming that Martin’s ‘snubbed’ Arsenal to stay at Newcastle. If Martin’s loved Newcastle so much would he have signed for them insisting there was a buy-out clause in his contract? And it’s funny I’ve yet to see a single report about an official offer for the player.

There’s also increasing news about Stan Kroenke wanting to meet the rest of the Arsenal board after talking to Peter Hill-Wood and Keith Edelman. The press are getting excited about a possible takeover but who knows? The fact is the guy is a shareholder in Arsenal so it would make sense to at least speak to the other board members to introduce himself.

Finally, Jose Mourinho has said Spurs are in the title race next season – proving yet again that he is indeed an idiot.


21 thoughts on “Fabregas – Anelka – Martins – Kroenke – Mourinho

  1. Mourinho eh? What a retard. I hear he also suggested that Arsenal might finish 4th. Tch… what a dope. Intertoto if you’re lucky, Gooner kids.

  2. I think Anelka would be a decent signing.

    Premiership teams are scared of his pace and eye for goal, and with the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League we’re going to need 4 decent strikers to fight on all fronts. Da Silva will take a while to settle and Adebayor is still up and down. And if Van Persie gets injured again we’re in big trouble!

    Wenger obviously has faith in Rosicky and Hleb so hopefully they’ll shine this season. Most of the players should do better this season without worrying about passing to Henry the messiah.

  3. Not a bad point on Robinho, I think he would do well for Arsenal. Especially with Denilson and Gilberto next to him!

  4. are you nuts? do you even live in london?

    da silva is pants. even arsene has admitted as much. he said da silva and sagna were not top signings he planned.

    thats means there is one player out there. the man to replace henry.

  5. Arsenal have had it, not enough experience, not enough decent siginings. Nice Stadium though!!!

    I see Villa, Newcastel and West Ham finishing above the Gooners this year!

  6. Leeroy, you must a Chelsea fan right?

    Because only a Chelsea fan could think Mourinho is a patron of football; he’s made Anders Frisk retire after helping him get death threats, tapped up Cashley Cuntface and a whole lot of other things which you would hardly call respectable!

    I agree, he is an idiot!

  7. robinho will be good signning for arsenal and with cesc robin and rosicky they will make arsenal again chamoions!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just wondering why one would think Mourinho an idiot for predicting the likely out come. Arsenal has lost a bit of ground and are buying untested players in the Premiership, Just lost Henrie the 1/3 goal score for the team for sometime now.

    I do not know about you but I think Jose Mourinho has a point about Arsenal’s potential next season. You would have to be an idiot not to see the facts in front of you. The Tots as much as they are hated have moved a few gears up…

    It all goes down to how well or badly you start the season. Look at the line up of matches, You have Billy Goat the Gallas raising commotion…

    Just stop being an idiot and face the reality.

    And yes I am a Chelsea Fan

  9. wow mr musamba. being a chelsea fan makes you, my friend, an idiot.
    you like a team that plays dirty on and off the pitch. if someone has a billion roubles for the sp*ds will you too support them?

    thing is this:

    1) you know that you’re an idiot if you support the most hated football club in the EPL

    2) everyone else knows that you’re an idiot when you intentionally come to a rival football club’s forum to bitch

  10. and mr musamba, if youre reading this, you taking on mr mourinho’s name was also kinda half-expected – you revel in his infamy too.

  11. Mourinho is a smart dude making lots of dosh. Doesnt know much about football but is cleaver and appears like a Guru.

    Spuds are expectant as usual but will only end up with a pregnant silence.

    With all the spending by others, only 1 club went undefeated with a good economic, beautiful to watch, incredible to believe manager and team.

    Arsenal are a class above the rest.

  12. dat chelsea fan is an ass ! and i think we should buy drogba off their hands and kick um out the top flight.screw chelsea onl good playersthey hav r drogba and robben

  13. I don’t think Mourinho is an idiot. In fact he must be the smartest person in the Premiership. Like Fergussen has said, he knows Arsenal is even more formidable without the legendory Striker-Henry. It looks he is launching the usual mind game.

  14. Mourinho is a bit of an arrogant arse!!! When Arsenal went unbeaten for a whole season. Which Chelsea will never do even with your billions!!! You didn’t here Wenger saying we are the best bow down to us like Mourinho does.

    As for mind games from Ferguson he is being honest. Remember Arsenal outplayed Man U in their own backyard without Henry. Man U sold horse face and they won the league so Ferguson knows what he his talking about. The Arsenal kids have got stronger and we have added a couple of decent signings. Arsenal always buy unknowns, every good player we have had in the last 10 years has become good since playing for us. Wenger knows!!!

    As for Spurs, our reserves destroyed them in the carling cup and they think a couple of signings is going to make them better than us. They have a lot more to do before they are the best team in North London.

  15. Is it me or is Paul Robinson one of the most overrated goalkeepers in the league?

    At his time at Spurs and Leeds we must have scored against him the most!

  16. Is Martin’s coming to Arsenal???

    Ive seen reports that Arsene Wengers gonna make a shock £13mil bid for him!!!

    Please can any-one shed any light on this?!


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