Bacary Sagnal’s Arsene’s Vision For The Future

The Future & The Past?

It’s still only July and Arsenal have signed yet another player.

I’m getting giddy as we speak.

And apart from my terrible headline (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist) the signing of Sagna looks like an excellent addition to the squad. Wenger said:

“We are delighted to have signed Bacary Sagna. He is a very capable defender and has played consistently well for Auxerre in recent seasons.

He plays mainly at right back, but can also play along the defence or in midfield. He is strong, quick and enjoys defending but also has a good offensive side to his game. He has a fighting spirit and will be a very good addition to our squad.”

So Arsene can see Bacary Sagna playing across the back-four or even in midfield, so his versatility will be a valuable asset to the team. The guy is only 24 just like new arrival Eduardo da Silva so will be hungry next season with having something to prove.

You can also see exclusive photographs here on the official Arsenal website.

But as Arsenal add to their squad it looks like Freddie could be on his way out – possibly following Lupoli to Fiorentina. If he does leave then I wish him all the best because he’s been excellent for the club, and been one of the best finishers I’ve seen.

With Eduardo and Bacary coming in, you just sense this isn’t the end of the signings.

Do you feel it too?


21 thoughts on “Bacary Sagnal’s Arsene’s Vision For The Future

  1. Hey Gooners,

    Looking good I must say I welcome Sagna to the club, bye bye Freddi Ljungberg…. who can Wenger sign next maybe Martins? or someone we don’t yet know about?


  2. Hey,

    Good reports from France bout Sagna, can’t really doubt AW anyway. Not to sure about Martins, could have done with Babbel

  3. I know Martin’s is most likely paper talk but I love to see him at the Emirates – he’s quick and has an eye for goal. That screamer he scored against Spuds last season was fantastic!

    Martins, Eduardo and Van Persie – now that would be total football!

    Michael Owen would be a decent buy too, since he’s got something to prove after his injury. But that’s probably very unlikely too.

    Sagna looks like he’ll be a decent player for us, especially if the reports are true and we’ve spent around £7/8 million on him.

  4. Great news Sagna signs. All I ask you Gunners to do now is remember just how good our squad was last year beating Manure twice & Liverpool 3 times without Henry, Freddy, Billy, Bobby, Sol, and many more. Then add Eduardo & Bacary to Bentner as new boys, and boy its time to celebrate.

    Just one more wish…..yes, we need a fast agressive winger who can come on to unlock the many boring Northern teams who just play for mistakes & breakaways. The young Drenthe would be a great addition + Walcott…I cant wait!

  5. We don’t need another striker, we already have RVP, Bendtner, Dudu, Ade and Walcott if need be. What we really need is a speedy winger who can be versatile enough to play striker if we suffer a rash of injuries when Ade is at the ANC. Drenthe would be a logical choice over Martins who’s dubious character, loss to the ANC and high asking price makes him a gamble.

    If Flamini stays and is content to play where and when needed we should have enough cover at the back and the midfield is already crowded. If Flamini is to go, Arsene will probably take another defender.

    Get us a winger and 1 hard nosed, ferocious tackling, versatile, squad player type mid-fielder (If that still exists) and we should be fine. Doubt if we will win big this year (need time to jell and firm up rotations) but we have all the components to be the best for the next 5-7 years.

  6. Giles Sunu and Gouffron, maybe see him next year, also perhaps Martins. If we could get Quasimara or however you spell it that would be good but i cant see it.

  7. if Flamini goes,we dont need a defender as we already have 8 defenders.we only need a speedy left winger ?Reyes

  8. have it on good account from afc scout that le boss will play sagna rb with eboue at rightmid, also would not give me a name but another striker is coming because he sees da silva as possible left winger who can score and assist.If you see the clips on him from utube you will see he comes in from the left and loves taking men on jinking his way past people with ease then shooting or laying one on,so he could be the new pires and thats why le boss is still looking for another striker.

  9. pro gunner… when you say you have it on good authority, do you actually mean “I’m regurgitating this speculation from a dozen other web sites I have read today”? We all read the same sites and at least 6 on NewsNow today have said the same. Tomorrow I might suggest that I have it “on good authority” that AW has bought Sagna as an attacking goalkeeper and is planning on giving him licence to roam… I wonder how many people will re write it as their own. Trust me, Da Silva has been bought to bang goals in from 8 yards, to latch on passes from Hleb, Gilberto, Cesc etc and to score some freaking goals. He wont be playing on the wing – I have it on good authority!

  10. So if Eboue is to play right midfield and Eduardo is to play left midfield , where does that leave Hleb and Rosicky. Id play those 2 in those positions before id play Eboue and Eduardo to be honest. But in saying that both Hleb and Rosicky are more used to playing centrally. Maybe the game tomorrow against Barnet will give us a clue eh ?

  11. I can’t see Eduardo playing on the wing, Wenger clearly bought him to score goals! He’s a finisher, and his positioning will be key to converting chances which is our biggest problem. If you played him on the wing he would take months to settle into the Premiership.

    Eboue I can see playing in midfield, he’s such an exciting player to watch down the right. He basically transformed the Sp*rs match in the Carling Cup even though he came off injured. He has the balls to take on players and has the ability to do so. Eboue is highly underrated by most Arsenal fans I think.

    That leaves Hleb and Rosicky to fight out the left wing position I think, and the other can always play centrally where they’re more comfortable.


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