Gallas – Lehmann – Pedersen – Eduardo – Sparta

A lot has been made of the appointment of Gallas as captain, especially as Gilberto felt let down and not knowing who the captain was going to be before it was announced. Arsene touched on this point here and while I understand he can’t tell everyone everything I agree with Arseblogger that a quick 5 minute chat wouldn’t have really taken much effort. But of course Arsene is a very busy man, with running Arsenal Football Club and all!

Well Gallas has a 100% record as Arsenal captain so let’s hope he can keep it up tonight against Sparta Prague. It looks like Arsenal will use the same team as on Sunday, although I’d probably prefer Diaby or Denilson in the middle alongside Cesc but it looks like it will be Flamini because the two D’s are out injured.

Wenger has also backed Lehmann after his big mistake at the weekend. I have to say I’m a big fan of Jens and despite some erratic moments he is a top quality goalkeeper. He is capable of making those vital saves like the one at Old Trafford last season among countless others. For me Almunia is way off Lehmann when it comes to ability but I hope Fabianski can mount a serious challenge to keep the German on his toes.

The speculation about Pedersen (which I found strange anyway) has been denied by Wenger on the official Arsenal website. I’m not sure why that made the official site because I couldn’t see it happening anyway. I the vast majority of attacking signings Arsene always looks for pace, and while Pedersen is a quality player he is all about his delivery – not beating players. And it would be weird if he did join because we don’t have any players to head the ball!

Mark Hughes was less than happy with the rumours though so it’s not all bad.

Eduardo will have to wait for his competitive Arsenal debut and is out of tonight’s squad because of an ankle problem, also sustained by Denilson and Diaby. Something wrong with the training pitches?

And Tomas Rosicky has talked about the strange feeling he’ll have playing against a team he joined when he was only 7. Let’s hope the emotional experience doesn’t effect his performance.

Finally, does anyone else hate Setanta?


13 thoughts on “Gallas – Lehmann – Pedersen – Eduardo – Sparta

  1. 1. That bird is very hot.

    2.Pedersen would be a quality addition and would keep Hleb, Rosicky and Walcott on their toes…lets get him in Arsene. Am sure Dudu and Adebayor could knock a few headers in this year.

  2. Hell yeah that bird is absolutly stunning.

    Also i gotta agree with Marshall. Pedersen would be an amazing signing for arsenal. He is a class player and would bring a lot to our midfield. And actually show the other midfielders how to shoot from outside the box.
    Do what you have to do arsene, break the bank, make pederson a gooner.

  3. that bird is hot, didnt actually get to your views about the captain, pederson issue… were they any good??? hahaha

    pederson would be a useful addition i reckon, he’s not all about whipping in crosses, he’s got a bit more to his game than that!! To be honest i dont think there is any prospect of us getting him though, Arsene’s signings generally arent made public before we swoop for them.

    as for gallas being appointed captain, i’m a little dissapointed it wasnt given to Gilberto, he did a fantastic job last year in the absence of henry, thought it brought out the best in him too!! as for Gallas, he’s proved in the past that he’s a bit moody and can be very sulky,but lets see what happens. Cant understand Wenger’s logic in saying its best to have the captain at centre back when aside from Adams (who was already captain before Arsene arrived) he’s never made anyone at the back captain or vice captain… weird

  4. I have been watching Flamini for a while he might have the class of some players yet but he has realy been coming on well.

    He has scored some greatr goals and he were his heart on on his sleeve and does give everything. He’s also got a bit of steel in his play and does get stuck what we have been lacking ie the vieras,Ray Palours of this world.

    When we went went to the champions leauge final he was playing left back right up to the final as Asley Cole was injured and then he came and took his place.

    My only concern is in defence as if our two main defenders are out we will suffer and the only way to win this leauge is not to let to many goals in. Please Arsen buy someone in this position.

    Also Iam am worried that the past tranfer businees we have done does not look good at all. Have we got a tottenham working here?

    Henry 16 mil
    Freedy 2-3 Mil
    Alaidire 2 Mil
    Pires free
    Sol free
    Bentley 3-4 mil
    Pennant half mil

    Why is everyone we want in this country is worth millons come on we are no mugs.

  5. 1) that bird is bloody hot and

    2) she sucks me off almost every night. I say almost every night but not when Arsenal are playing. I have priorities.

  6. Pedersen could be a good signing for us as its not just about crosses .. his work rate is phenomenal .. from what i’ve seen of him, he tracks back into helping the leftback, was it warnock?, now and then and is quite a speedster as well. .. he doesnt dribble the ball as hleb does .. but he’s been pretty efficient in providing assists and scoring some good goals .. i am sure he will work well in unison with clichy and him raiding flanks … regarding flamini being part of the deal .. i have some reservations .. flamini is like grimandi .. not a phenomenal talent but gives in 100% all the time .. and he has a knack of being in the right place in front of the goal many a times .. he suddenly appears wher there is no other forward .. if he works on getting in some tackles right and winning more of the ball, he’s a good keep !!

  7. LMAO @ gazzap!

    Pedersen would be a good player for Arsenal, but doubt it will happen now the press have started up all the speculation. Usually Arsene gets players in on the quiet. His shooting is fantastic and he would easily get 10/12 goals a season with us, which is a far better return than Hleb or Rosicky would give us. He would also give us that something extra from freekicks and corners and while Van Persie is good from set plays Pedersen is even better.

    Agree with Ollie too – how the hell did we sell Pennant for half a million? I suppose it’s not all bad because didn’t we get a signing on fee from Liverpool?

    Oh yeah, and I’m loving this new babe feature! 🙂


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