Great Week For Arsenal Can Get Even Better!

Like most people I was without Setanta, but a two nil win away from home in harsh conditions is an excellent in anyones language. And luckily the second leg is on ITV.

Although I missed the game, I did manage to see the goals.

From what I have heard Sparta had some opportunities early on Arsenal were second best, particularly in the second half. But if we play badly and still managing to win by 2 goals then that’s got to be a good thing.

The first goal came from Cesc in the 73rd minute after a fantastic run from Gael Clichy. The young Frenchman robbed the ball just passed the halfway line, beat two defenders and laid it on a plate for Fabregas – who finished smartly in the bottom corner.

It was a stunning and direct goal. More of that please!

It was touching to see the togetherness in the squad once Cesc scored the opener. Every single player congratulated Fabregas and it was nice to see the props the little Spaniard gave Clichy for his part in the goal. He paid respect to Gael here.

The second goal came from Hleb, who has a thing for scoring in the last minute. Sagna made a smart run down the left and fizzed the ball to Alex who smartly finished passed the Sparta keeper.

Overall, a great week for the Arse.

A win on the opening day of the Premiership season and one foot in the Champions League proper. I know it’s early on in the season but we have to build and enjoy these moments!

In the Premiership it was eventful too, with United only managing to draw at Pompy. Chelsea beat Reading, but don’t look so water-tight at the back without John Terry or Carvalho, and Spurs lost against Everton at home.


Hopefully Arsenal can cap off a great week by getting a result at Ewood Park on Sunday, which is another game I won’t be able to watch.


16 thoughts on “Great Week For Arsenal Can Get Even Better!

  1. I saw the game and for prominent portions of both halves Arsenal were on top of Sparta Prague. Sparta only threatened once and that was in the first half when an attempt by their player hit the post. Apart from that there was hardly any threat from them. That being said, Arsenal’s resilience and determination was shining all the while and the games came when the Spartans were carrying themselves on tired legs and Arsenal were still very much competitve nearing the end of the second half.

  2. I watched the game and I thought Arsenal were poor throughout. The fact of the matter is though I’d rather see us play poor and win by two clear goals than dominate and lose and this is already an improvement on last season.

  3. we were definitely not poor. when a team chases and tackles as hard as prague were doing you are never going to play champagne football. even the best total football sides in the world would first of all need to compete physically. Arsene Wenger was glowing and all the players today are really bigging up what we did last night and they are not wrong. we did what we had to do in the circumstance of the game and we did it very well. first half we just contained them but they did have one chance from a very unpredictable kind of reverse pass deep into the box, that was virtually undefendable. after that Arsenal showed they were on another level but clearly still had to battle to gain supremacy.
    weill get our chance to play sweeping football when we play crappy teams at the Emirates but this one goes down as an excellent away win against a scrappy team.
    One thing I would note is prague did a really ingenius free kick towards the end. it was a pass just to the left of the wall and it almost left their player with free shot at goal, but for a top class last ditch tackle. I would like to see some of that from Arsenal rather than shooting from 35 yards every time we get a free kick out there.

  4. I saw the game too, and I thought we looked a little flat. Until the first goal.

    We do look more of a team this year, which is something. I hope we can regain our ability to counterattack at breakneck speed.

  5. The 1st half was professional, contain and don’t concede. 2nd half was more lively and finally wore down sparta who never looked dangerous in my view. Two well taken goals, good work rate and committment by all the players…. how can u say its not a good performance. A job well done, and they’ll need to do that for 40+ games this season

  6. Was a good performance, not great, but professional.

    Glad the writer picked up on Cesc’s goal celebration in which he basically gave all the credit to Gael. It really does seem that our team spirit is very good at the moment.

    Also just wanna say how good Sagna looks. He’s settled in extremely well and, as yet, hasn’t really made any mistakes. Great buy by AW!

  7. Yeah, the team spirit is excellent as it was on Sunday. Maybe Arsene knew something we didn’t when he made Gallas captain because he seems to be doing a good job at the moment!

    Credit to Gallas’ professionalism, which I personally couldn’t foresee in the summer. He is like a Roy Keane for us – he might have been 90 odd yards away when Fab slotted in the goal but Gallas sprinted to celebrate with the lads.

    We could do something this season!

  8. That last goal was sensational. The running from Hleb and Sagna, that late on in the game, was stunning.

    And great news on the midfielders scoring, and the fullbacks with the assists!

  9. Glad we won but in both our games this season teams better than the ones we’ve faced would have punished us. So it’s cautious optimism at the moment. As long as we keep relatively injury free we’ll be ok, Sunday will be a huge test, if we win that then we really are on our way.

  10. Guys, why don’t you sign on to arsenal tv or use sopcast to watch Arsenal live? I do….
    Anyway.. Blackburn – Arsenal be shown live on TV?


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