Jens Lehmann: It’s Time To Move On

When I wrote yesterday’s article it was virtually after the game, so I suppose I could have been a little harsh.

But looking at it, Wenger really has to drop Jens.

How many mistakes does he have to make, really?

We all know Lehmann is a quality goalkeeper – there’s no doubt about that. His saves against Riquelme, Solskjaer, Scholes and various others over the last few seasons have literally saved us points, got us to European Finals or won us trophies.

The question is how much power does Lehmann have?

Because in any other circumstances he would be dropped. Just look at Jerzy Dudek, Fabian Bartez, Sander Westerveld – these goalkeepers made less errors than Jens has but that didn’t stop teams like Liverpool and Manchester United dropping them.

If you compiled a list of mistakes Lehmann has made since he has joined then it would be very long indeed. Even in the invincibles season he managed to tarnish the win at White Hart Lane by conceding a stupid foul against Robbie Keane to give away a penalty.

Is Arsene scared of dropping Jens? Will Lehmann sulk and disrupt the dressing room if he’s not playing?

Jens will be 38 years old this year. If he hasn’t got rid of his lapses in judgement by now he never will – or maybe the fact of the matter is the big man is just passed it.

I can’t see the harm in giving Lukasz Fabianski a chance, who is highly rated at the club and Poland’s number one. Arsene has a knack of giving the young guys a chance throughout the different positions in the team so why not at goalkeeper?

Seriously though, does any other team in the world have this many problems with their goalkeeper?


17 thoughts on “Jens Lehmann: It’s Time To Move On

  1. Isn’t Boruc Poland’s no. 1?

    Followed by Kusckack (sp)?

    Still though, I agree with you… Lehmann needs to be dropped. But I think Almunia deserves a chance. He’s a fantastic shot-stopper and has looked very assured whenever he’s been given a chance over the last season and a bit.

  2. Don’t think Fabianski is Polands no. 1 just yet. Boruc is. Still I agree that we should give the young Fab a chance. Wenger always prefers youngsters before oldies on the field, except in goal. Why is that? Did Richard Wright’s performances really scar Wenger for life?

  3. I was campaigning for a new goalkeeper most of last season when I thought that Lehmann was a major cause of the nervousness in our defence. After being linked with so many top goalkeepers we just sign a third choice backup.
    We have a potentially fantastic team that just needs improving in a couple of areas, but Wenger has this aversion to spending money even though it is not his.
    The squad is too thin as we will soon learn with one or two more injuries after Gallas. What was the reasoning of loaning out Djorou??
    If we struggle to finish 4th again then that lovely Emirates Stadium may not get 60000 every match – whats the financial sense of that?

  4. I think people should start forgetting these errors, Almunia should be given more of a regular 1st team role with Jens given a chance to redeem himself in the Carling cup matches.

  5. Jens should stop playing in goal for the Arse and get a job as a look a like for David Hasselhoff.

    Yaaaa hit da turbo boost Jens, go play der Carling Cup with ze kinder.

    I´ll moon ya has not always been consistent but I think he should get le nod ahead of Fabianski, simply because he´s got more experience at the top level and Fabinski looked nervy in pre season games. Maybe he´s still getting used to his team mates and our style of play.

    One other thing, and this is starting to really piss me off. Why does Weng play Hleb down the wing where he is crap. He needs to play down the middle or not at all. And if that means only coming on as a sub, so be it.

  6. lehmann got dropped a couple of years ago after 2-1 loss away to liverpool when mellor scored in the last 10 seconds, he didn’t moan, he just got on with training and ended up getting his place back and played better than ever, i think it would be a good idea to drop him so hed know that hes not irriplaceable and would know he has to fight for his place. almunia also had an excellent pre-season and i think he deserves to be played a lot more in the premiership so this would give wenger a perfect excuse to play him.

  7. This is a tough one, because dropping Jens now — age 38 — isn’t the same as the situation of two years ago.

    If he sits now, that is probably the end. So AW must wrestle with the decision, as he did with Seaman, exactly when his keeper is finally past it.

    Everyone remembers the howler which cost us two points, but Jens made saves against Sparta AND Blackburn which might have been beyond Alumnia — or maybe not.

    That’s the dilemma. Dropping our No. 1 is almost an irrevocable decision.

    Frankly, my biggest worry about the Lehmann I see this year is that he does NOT look like the emotional “Mad Jens” who made occasional gaffes on crosses but stopped shots like a magician. He looks almost serene, which is NOT his game and certainly seemed to be the cause of the miss on Duff’s ball. Jens used to seize balls rather than just catch them, and now he appears, well, casual.

    But IF Wenger decides it’s time, surely Almunia has grown into the position to the point where he would be the guy. Throwing young Fab into the deep water right now could be a HUGE ask. Let’s see the boy play in the Carling Cup before we anoint him as the No. 1 kepper on a team which has a chance to win titles.

    In any event, Arsene has a tough, tough call to make on this one. The look on AW’s face after Duff’s goal was total shock — and rightly so, because for all of Jens’ theatrics in the past, I honestly cannot remember him missing a catchable shot — let alone one that would have hit him in the forehead if he’d left his hands at his sides.

    I love Jens and the passion plus skill he’s brought to the club, but I fear the worst. At same point, a keeper is going to lose it — and when it happens, the event is usually sudden.

    Fergie waited too long with Barthez and it cost him silverware. He may do the same with Van der Sar. I suspect Arsene will be much quicker on the trigger.

    At this stage of a season which promises so much, confidence is everything, and the kids need to know their keeper is a help, not a hindrance.

  8. Hey guys,

    I do admit I was also pissed off with Lehmann, but when it comes to the long ball teams I dont think Almunia or Fabiansky would be as effective.

    What do I mean by effective?… I dont think Almunia or Fabiansky would come out to catch crosses, Almunia for example loves to punch these type of crosses which does not stop the attack, Lehmann would catch them and stop the attack.

    I am not sure what Fabiansky would be like in this situation though but I would be worried with his decision making as he is a youngster and goalkeepers dont reach their peaks until they are in their late 20’s, his decision making was not good when playing against Inter-Milan (i think) when he came out to catch the ball and went outside the box to get booked for handling outside the area.

    My solution? play Lehmann against the big 3 and against long ball/aggressive teams and play Almunia against the likes of Spurs/Newcastle and use Fabiansky for the last 20 minutes against bottom side teams while playing at home.

    I think this would keep all the keepers happy given them all more first team chances.

  9. Lehmann is the only decent keeper that Arsene has bought for Arsenal. He came straight into the team to replace the legendary Seaman and ended up going unbeaten for the season. Instant adaptation to the premier league.

    Fabiansky may be fantastic, he certainly talks a great game. But what if he turns out like Alex Manninger or Richard Wright or Stuart Taylor? And Almunia – a great shot stopper would have stopped those two goals in the champions league final.

    Jens has made a couple of mistakes. All keepers make mistakes and they cost points. If Arsene Wenger can convince Buffon to leave Juventus or Cech to leave Chelsea, then Jens can go. Otherwise, for the next season or two he remains the best option.

  10. Agree totally he should at least be dropped we would have won and we weould have two clean sheets. come on Arsene do your job

  11. Although I agree that Lehman’s skills are fading, I still believe that he is one of the top 10 keepers in the world. Yeah he did cost us 2 points agains blackburn but what keeper doesn’t make mistakes. Even the great Cech has recently had a mishap. What I am saying is that even top keepers make a number of high profile errors during the course of the season. Sometimes these errors are costly, like in lehmans case, other times either the keeper recovers quickly enough or the defence bails him out. The unfortunate thing for lehman is that both of his errors have resulted in goals against arsenal and they have happened in 2 consecutive games hence the extra attention by media and fans alike. I hope that wenger will not give in to the hype and drop lehman but rather stick with him and consequently provide him with confidence and self belief to come out of this. Hopefully that will result in Lehman performing to his brilliant best.

  12. Jens has made a mistake. He’s still a better player than Almunia. Almunia has given up a lot of goals as well. The major difference between the two is Jen’s goals have been mistakes whereas Almunia’s goals have often been down to bad goalkeeping. Anyone that truly knows football knows there’s a difference.

  13. He was horrendous last night, he should be now in pooms role for a season, or let go if he wants 1st team football,


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