Arsenal Suffer From Another Lehmann Mistake

Unfortunately most people will talk about the goalkeeping mistake from Jens Lehmann which allowed Blackburn to equalise this afternoon.

I didn’t see the game, but managed to catch the goals.

Arsenal led after 17 minutes when Robin Van Persie pounced on a scrappy goalmouth scramble involving Fabregas and Eduardo. Good work from Cesc and Clichy led to a header from Theo to setup Eduardo, who managed to flick the ball goalwards under pressure from the Blackburn defence. Fabregas followed in only for the ball to drop to Van Persie, who luckily for Arsenal is ruthless enough to just put his foot through the ball and open the scoring.

Then the other goal came in the 71st minute, when David Dunn played a smart one-two with Matt Derbyshire and let fly with his left foot. The ball was hit with some pace but it was straight at the German keeper, and somehow it flew through his outstretched hands and into the top corner.

Lehmann’s face after the goal said it all.

It’s only two games into the new Premiership season and Jens has made two huge blunders. The first was literally seconds from costing us points and the second did cost us all three points.

As I mentioned, I haven’t seen the game but I don’t care whether Arsenal deserved to win, or Blackburn deserved to win or whatever – the fact of the matter is results and points hinge on goals conceded or scored.

If Blackburn deserved a point then I couldn’t care less. The fact was Arsenal were leading 1-0 and if Jens doesn’t gift them an equaliser we would have come home with 3 points. If Rovers hit the bar, hit the post or came close the fact is that they didn’t score from those opportunities so I’ll take that every time.

The problem is that to have any chance to challenging for the league Arsenal need momentum and a great first 10 games of the season.

I’m just afraid that if these mistakes continue to happen then we won’t even get that far.


31 thoughts on “Arsenal Suffer From Another Lehmann Mistake

  1. Cool it man! These things happen. Jens is a veteran. He’ll figure it out.Just the second game of the season and four points out of six is not a bad start. We still have Adebeyor, Diaby, Gilberto, Rosicky, Eboue to come back from injury. Da Silva is not up to full speed just yet. Keep the faith, my brethren. Hope Gallas is not out too long.

    Jah. Rastafari!!

  2. said it for ages, jens is past it and needs to be replaced, we have two good alternatives and now is the time to use them

    yet agin though, last season, we would have lost this, so all is not doom, and other results were good too

    hope willy the captain marvel is ok, and great to see Phillipe come on and do little wrong

    come on boys

  3. We have to petition Wenger now to kindly let Lehman help the othr keepers and the team at training. The only reason to have Lehman at the Premier arena would be when he helps the team.

    He is old and if Wenger talks of “it is a young team” as an excuse whenever he feels and yet the the “mistakes of youngness” are caused by a 38 year old then he (Wenger) has lost it.

    It is reported elsewhere that he wont blame Jens. Who will he blame? Scores of the players including Gallas, Sagna, Cesc, Walcott and Persie almost broke their legs in the match only to be sold out cheap by Lehman.

    If we have decided to bite te bullet (and I support Wenger in it) to throw in a young squad this season then let Lehman go for his age and let Fabianski or whoever make the blunders he is making – at least we will have an excuse of “it is a young team” to make and save face.

    WE HAVE TO PETITION WENGER ON LEHMAN – he caused us the Champions League 2yrs ago!

  4. Seriously, take Lehman off the 1st eleven to let him sort himself. We CANNOT afford ANYMORE such stupid mistakes. Previous season already showed us why.

    Also, the team must continue to fight and not be intimidated.

  5. We need to do more than to “cool down”! I’m not sure asking Mad Jens to step down is the answer, but in addition to his two blunders, he makes his defenders nervous.
    On the more positive note todays first half I was so proud of the way the Arsenal youngsters did not let the B’burns hachet tactics get them down. We have clearly sent a message out to the premiership that Arsenal won’t be bullied. And now we’ve proved it against Mark Hughes’ Northern Choppers. Though we “lost” 2 points today, we should be lifted by the fighting spirit and togetherness we showed today.

  6. I am ok with Lehman’s mistake, afterall I have already expected him to cost us some points, not bad this time, only TWO points drop. It could be a total of 6 points that we might drop after his 2 mistakes.

  7. I watched the game, and I must say, I’m proud of the lads!
    Blackburn had no fucking interest in playing football earlier! Their players & fans should be fucking ashamed of themselves!
    They had 1 player sent off n’ it could have easily been 3 or 4!
    But our boys road this scum off & was desperately unlucky, not to get the 3 points! So for anyone who didn’t see the game, trust me: We have a new sense of fight & hunger n’ I’m impressed with what I saw.

    If just goes to show now, that kicking 7 bells of shit out of us, will NOT get you the win anymore! Unfortunately, these cunts haven’t caught on yet!
    As for Lehmann, he done us a great service over the past few years, but I’m afraid his days are numbered! 2 HUGE mistakes in 2 matches! We got out of jail against Fulham! But not with this one!


  8. gallas often make mistakes…but i think senderos is better because all the teams againts arsenal will play alot of long ball passes. so…..senderos is very2 good in the air better than toure n gallas…but a lil bit slow but thats fine though!! wenger should give chance to almunia because everytime lehmann plays, he must try stupid things, if u know wut i mean…and i know all arsenal fans know that rite?? but lehmann is better than almunia….but sumtimes u know lehmann…stupid mistakes always cost arsenal big time innit?? i love arsenal all my life!! salud!

  9. Have faith. Jens will save us more points than he will cost us.
    The problem, if it can be called a problem is that Jens, like the rest of the team wants us to play football and keep the ball alive at all times. In both instances he was looking to play th ball early and took his eye off it. The second goal in Prague is a classic example of this.

  10. Have to agree with you, Clock End Gooner. I saw the match too, and as you say Emerton, Savage and the rest of the Blackburn “players” had no intention to play football. What a bunch of sad sods they are. Hope they are relegated, and that Bentley, Emerton, Savage and Dunn catch a nasty venerial disease.

  11. This had to be one of the worst games of “football” I have ever seen. It illustrates to me why England will never win the World Cup or the Euro Cup. I’m sorry, like you I am an Arsenal fan, but I’m not English. However, I grew up watching English football for entertainment value and its tough but fair approach. But today was horrific, and like Arsene said, very violent. Elbow in Senderos’s face, Fab kicked in the head, Hleb wrestled to the ground, Savage blatantly cheating to get a penalty, etc. And most of these were not even punished. I really could not believe I was supposed to be watching football. Jens’s mistake really pales in comparison to my memories of the violence in this game. Frankly I believe we will lose players at end of the year to other leagues where they can play football without the threat of broken bones in every tackle.

  12. surley its time for a change of keeper, how many mistakes do you have to make before you get droped to the bench,we cant afford to give away points like jens did today .

  13. the same old Jens, two shots on target and we are one goal behind

    this is the story of the last two seasons

    Jens OUT OUT OUT

  14. i have never seen football played like blackburn play since the good old days of wimbledon, what a disgraceful advert for football blackburn are,infact i am not even sure it can be termed football it was that bad.

    The biggest farce/cheat/girl is Savage, he jumped on every Arsenal player that what kicked to the ground accusing them of diving, when he was the biggest cheating diver on the pitch today.
    I don know why cesc apoligized to Scum Hughes, is that how they played at Barce,you ugly scary looking muppet.

  15. to soulman,
    he cost us the 2003 champions league too, coming out of his goal to challenge eider crapjohnson for the ball 35 yards from goal,on the right hand touchline, what a shite piece of gkeeping, his judgment is aweful.

    Comon Wenger you have signed 10 keepers already (havent we) make one count.

  16. Well said Sam, about blackburn!
    Horrible fucking cunts! I was disgusted with thier performances!
    Loved the Ewood Park fans! So fucking thick, it was unbeleivalbe!
    I don’t know how they can be called blackburn rovers FOOTBALL CLUB!!!
    UFC club, more like! Scum!

  17. Shady, spot on mate. How many mistakes does he have to make?

    He’s been making terrible mistakes for years now and while I like Lehmann he is a liability. I can’t believe a football team like Arsenal can’t find a high quality goalkeeper who is consistent.

    How hard can it be?!!?!

  18. Top 4 Assholes you got your head in your fucking London smog, you were shit roll on the floor like the soft fuckers you are .
    You need more than a goal keeper try a new manager one view venger as had his why of playing found out , why did you get 4 yellow cards ? why did your only good player fuck off ? thanks for Mr Bentley he loves it up north oh and by the way what was on the land your new ground as been built on ? that’s right it was a RUBBISH DUMPING CENTRE how hap don’t you think
    Tottenham will Finnish higher than you after all you are only a small village in Tottenham and on today’s performance so will Rovers hope to play you in FA cup again we like easy rounds

  19. Rovers ok (twat), go and mine coal, shag your gran, polish your kappa tracksuit… whatever you pikey cunts do these days.

    As for Arsenal, we looked weak every time long balls were put over our full backs. During the 2nd half we went missing and sweated out a number of dangerous attacks.

    We did not have the right ideas tro take control of the game at that stage and it cost us the goal.

    Fair play to the lads, we took a point from this when we could have lost it. I just think we need to cope better with aerial balls and have a calm head in the midfield to give us better shape when under pressure.

  20. Ramsey
    It is you poor southern twats that suffer from the influx of pikeys Bosnians , polkas ,Turks from the lane and the rest of the scum that your rotting overrun crime ridden village as to offer
    Did you see all the white caucasian people that make up our superb county called Lancashire along with the lambs and cows in the fields the superb houses that are not piled on top of each other and priced so high you all still live with your mummies or rent a rat pit of a dodgy asian land lord Shit it really is grim down south

  21. go ask chelski what a keeper can do to a title race.if petre cech wasnot injured last season they would have won the championship.go get buffon,gomes,baroc not minding the tag .enough already error from mad jens
    wenger go get a quality keeper b4 de window logs out

  22. Rovers ok,
    How fucking thick, can 1 northern cunt be?

    I’d rather hang around with Bosnians, than people from Lancashire!
    Thick, 3 eyed, inbred, unemployed, chav cunts…
    Bet your idea of a laugh is kicking the shit out of a granny & impeaching your ASBO conditions!

    Try getting a education & a job son… and remember, you can take the cunt out of Lancashire! You can’t take Lancashire out of the cunt!

    Have fun with your 6 year old sister, you’ll be sharing a bed with tonight son!
    Plenty of lube, ya?

    Eye-up lad, tut lad!

  23. Cockend gooner
    You follow a looser football team that have now become just a bunch of also ran. you will find more pleasure going down Green lane and cranking up some smack from your Turk brothers in yed county, the chance I might have a sister is more than you will ever have as a binned at birth barnardo’s orphan
    Go and drink your diamond lightning cider and sleep in your cardboard box looser ,don’t forget to go to the soup kitchen for your lunch thick twat

  24. ha ha ha…

    Sad loser team?

    Just shows exactly what you know about football, little boy!
    Whilst we’ve had ambitions of winning leagues & cups, each year…. What do you cunts have? Intertoto? UEFA?
    The fact you employ someone like Robbie Savage, shows your teams ambitions son!

    Anyway, I can tell you are sitting there with a hard on, because you got a draw, at home, against Arsenal! You must be so proud… So lap it up son!
    I hope you enjoy it!
    By the way, Burnley play better football than your shit cunt team son!
    Hope you get the opportunity to play them, in the Championship soon son, because judging on how you want to actually want to play FOOTBALL, it might not be that far off…

    By the way, I’d piss on Jack Walker’s grave, if I ever see it!

    Laterz little boy! x

  25. Rover Ok…

    I just can’t wait to see our little youngster’s wipe your asses nice and gently. Next time it happens in our place. Now before throwing shite at teams like arsenal, you might want to consider the fact that a team like Rovers will never get the meaning of “football” and “attractive play”, that’s why your only aim in EPL will always be to break down good players. Lets be serious! You could never aim for the title or whatsoever.

    You could also see, if you had just a bit of sense, that the only reason you could “win” a draw, and make us “lose”, is because of great “Le Man” mistake. The reason why you wish Spurs takes our place in top 4 is because you know, at the bottom of your poor disappointed heart, that Rovers has NO chances to reach this status… ever…

    As we say back here, “L’espoir fait vivre!”

    French Gooner

    p.s: Rugby World cup starts in september in France, you might want to send your team. They’ll find a game style thats suits them best.

  26. Fellow gooners! Please do not respond in that manner to RoverOK – we really should be above that. I think it’s frustration that speaks because they see more wrestling than football up there and if you read that Hughes call’s Blackburn’s performance ‘brilliant’ the case should be closed with a short moment of disbelieve – that’s it.
    I can’t agree with the calls for ‘Lehmann out’. Let’s face it: EVERY keeper screws up at times, nobody is perfect. He did it twice, OK – but then let’s be fair enough an mention that his long throw against Fulham which led to the goal was an act of sheer brilliance. We need to be realistic about this: Almunia is no No. 1 keeper and Fabiansky just isn’t there yet.
    I see the positive things in the game – and there were quite some: By now everbody should have realized that the time when you could bully the Arsenal around is over. That’s a very good thing. Sagna again had a wonderful performance – what a buy he is!! Having your first PL game away against Blackburn is a task as big as it comes but Eduardo did very good (given the circumstances) and I have no doubt he will give us 15+ goals in the league this season. Toure didn’t have his greatest game ever but was there in all critical situations. The doubters of Senderos (and there are quite a few among the Gunners) should be convinced now that there is more to him than meets the eye -he will never amaze us with brilliance but his head will always be there in the thick. I never was too fond of Flamini but I am beginning to like this guy.
    Of all the injured players the one we missed the most was Gilberto. I sincerely hope he still considers himself a Gunner because in games like that his experience is invaluable.
    Now let’s forget Blackburn and focus on City! As they say in that commercial: the only way to go from here is forward!

  27. my little cockender why do you refer to me as son as the chances are I could well be your daddy with the number of tarts I have fucked around your village
    as for frogman you must be about 24 and jumped on the train when arsnull had a couple of lucky seasons.
    You are correct we will not win the premiership but nor will you, there is not a chance you are a top 4 club on yesterdays performance you will soon be playing the likes of Millwall (a proper London club with Loyal local supporters not glory hunters) and all your hangers on will then start following the in club of the day
    No go and fuck someones investments up in the city loose money like you have your hold on the prem

  28. Ohh dear…

    The un-educated symptoms of a modern northern male, or all here to see, in all its abundance.
    Notice no commas or punctuation marks?
    Unfortunately these sad primitive creatures, know not why they write (or type) these days.
    So let’s not poke fun. Let’s praise their attitude & never say die commitment to life, even though the most these “people” can look forward to, is sitting on the dole in a council flat, whilst stuffing their faces with pot noodle & hot pot’s!
    Bravo Rovers! Bravo!


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