Table-Topping Arsenal Are Absolutely Fabregas & Arsene’s ‘Soul Brother Handshake’ With RVP

What a fantastic North London Derby.

Arsenal, struggling with an injury to key defender Gallas and missing Senderos from suspension meant that Arsene had to make do with a jet-lagged Gilberto alongside Toure in defence. Fabregas was joined by Flamini in the middle with Abou Diaby on the left to add a bit of height and power to the midfield.

Both sides wanted to play football and in the end it was an open match.

And it was Spurs who opened the scoring when sloppy tackle from Gilberto resulted in a freekick which was well converted by Gareth Bale on 15 minutes.

But Arsenal look dangerous and created numerous chances.

Diaby was the culprit of missing Arsenal’s best chance of the first half, receiving the ball after some excellent work from Hleb but managed to smash his effort against the bar.

Hleb and Adebayor looked lively with Fabregas pulling the strings and both had opportunities saved by Paul Robinson.

And at the start of the second half, Spurs had fantastic chance to put the game beyond Arsenal when Berbatov dribbled past Almunia leaving just Toure to beat. But the Arsenal captain was exceptional and managed to steal the ball from the feet of the striker.

Then Sagna drove into the Spurs box and setup a wonderful chance for Adebayor, who managed to smash his effort high, wide and not so handsome.

But this young Arsenal team showed this new found determination they seem to have this season and found a way to claw there way back into the match.

A Fabregas freekick – which was like a carbon copy of Toure’s goal at Spurs last season – this time found Adebayor who coolly headed into the net against a flailing Paul Robinson.

Spurs had a couple of great chances to nick the lead once again, with Clichy saving a Berbatov chance off the line and Robbie Keane seeing his ‘offside’ chance well saved by Almunia. When Keane was put through the linesman incorrectly flagged for offside, and unbeknown to Arsenal was overturned by the referee. So huge credit to Almunia for making a crucial save when most goalkeepers would have been appealing for offside – which we now know wouldn’t have been given.

Then the character and resilience of Arsenal paid off when Cesc Fabregas scored a quite fantastic goal to put Arsenal 2-1 up. Spurs paid the ultimate price for backing off the seemingly prolific Spaniard who had time and space to measure his shot – and how. His effort whistled past Robinson into the top right hand corner.

Stunning comeback from Arsenal!

Then deep into stoppage time Cesc found himself with yet another assist when his pass was converted by the supremely confident Adebayor who scored an early contender for goal of the season.

He received the ball on the edge of the area and flicked it up to his left. With his next touch he smashed the ball into the roof of the net – who needs Thierry Henry?

The reaction of the third goal on the bench said it all. Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice – and the rest of the players on the bench, including Van Persie – had this togetherness we haven’t seen for a long time. When have you ever seen the ever-so-cool and calm Arsene Wenger engage (with Van Persie) in a cool Soul Brother Handshake?

Arsenal have been excellent this season, apart from a couple of needless goalkeeping blunders, and the opportunities Arsenal conceded to Spurs yesterday can partly attributed to playing a midfielder in central defence. Arsenal should have Senderos and Gallas back soon to partner Toure at the back so we will have even more steel in defence.

In attack Adebayor was sensational. Granted, he missed a couple of decent chances but he had the determination to keep going and he got his reward in the end with a vital equalising goal and his second which just gets better and better the more you see it.

People forget that he is still only 23 and many have questioned his ability. Well there’s no doubt that under Arsene Wenger he’s got every chance to join Vieira and Henry in becoming a player who can do special things for Arsenal. That goal was special for a few reasons.

The first was having the sheer audacity to even attempt something like that. For much of Ade’s Arsenal career, his playing technique has been almost ‘painting by numbers’. Adebayor is now looking like a younger Thierry Henry – trying new things – without the restriction of trying to instead find an iconic superstar with every pass. Would he have even attempted that with Henry alongside him?


And Fabregas is another who is really flourishing without Henry.

The goals are spread across the team and Cesc is one of the men who is taking advantage. 5 goals already this season – and goals from all kinds of areas – is hugely encouraging.

Last season was all about Cristiano Ronaldo but this could be Cesc’s year.

Arsenal seem to play with more freedom and look like a team who will be harder to beat this season. The young guns are ready to step up to the plate.

Getting excited?

Well you should be.


31 thoughts on “Table-Topping Arsenal Are Absolutely Fabregas & Arsene’s ‘Soul Brother Handshake’ With RVP

  1. did you watch the whole game or just MOTD and get analysis from MOTD coz numerous people who watched the game have said adebayor was poor and off colour all game…but on MOTD he looked to be involved in everything we did

  2. If that was Adebayor having an ‘off’ day then give me more of it please!

    Come on Rik, what’s your problem with Adebayor? He’s a striker and his game is about scoring and helping Arsenal to hit the net, and he did that in emphatic fashion.

    You also forgot to mention Toure was immense yesterday.

  3. I was at the game – Ade was immense. Clear motm even before his 2nd. The player who looked way better in highlights than he did in 90 was Cesc. Fabregas was very good but in a Lampardesque way – contributing at the key moments with goals and assists – rather than in a Zidanesque way dominating the whole game which Fab can do.

  4. Anyone who remembers Adebayor coming off the bench last year against Portsmouth, will appreciate what he can bring to the table. And against Man U? He was immense on both counts. People write him off — like Henry last year with his he ‘could’ be great speech last year. But the man has heart and is a superb first line of defense. The way he steals balls off flustered defenders reminds me of Daryl Strawberry stealing bases.
    He’s more powerful and effective than Kanu ever was — in an Arsenal shirt that is.

  5. El Cid…. I will have to disagree on the count that Adebayor is more effective than Kanu was. Remeber the back heeled goal, remeber we being 2-0 down against Chelsea and on comes Kanu and gets a hat trick, remeber the goal against Spurs where he lobs, luke young and smashes the ball past their goal keeper. I think Adebayor is still young and will get better. But at the moment he is not more effective than Kanu was…

  6. Having seen the game, I felt that Adebayor showed quality throughout, apart from missing an absolute sitter causing numerous problems for the back four, I say this not being a major fan of his and would prefer another to fill his boots at times but enjoy being proved wrong by him, what a second goal! However Van Persie and Fabregas were on the missing list until the latter part of the second half I am shocked Van Persie did not come off earlier for Eduardo. Toure again had a sterling performance, I hope his departure to the African nations is not going to impact on our results later in the year.
    Although unlikely, it would make my decade to see Spurs in the Championship next year, they’ve gone awfully quiet since their inaccurate predictions preseason.

  7. I watched the whole game, Adebayor started the game with a volley in the first minute that tested Robinson. He also had another first time volley after a ball over the top just after bale had scored.

    Granted he missed a very easy chance, but he also set up hleb with a good chance.

    To say he wasnt effective until his first goal is ridiculous.

    Flamini was brilliant in midfield breaking up attacks and showed the heart and desire that sometimes we lacked in past seasons.

    clichy and sagna are worth a mention too!

    Its exciting times for arsenal, bring on Seville!

  8. Dont forget that the pundits never praise arsenal ie alan hansen, shearer on motd-wat a shit analysis, talked all about spurs.
    people like kolo toure in arsenal are never acknowledged- i think hes one of the best centre backs in the league, beats dawson,ferdinand and a toughie with john terry.
    how many times has kolo toure saved arsenal? its infinite. want to kno the real analysis-last word by andy gray on sky sports 1. not those idiots on motd.

  9. Clearly some Arsenal fans have a problem with Adebayor. Jesus, he scored the vital first goal and an amazing third and yet they still slag him off. Where are the comments about Robin Van Persie? He was far less effective yesterday than Adebayor!

    Thank God several fans have already pointed that out. Otherwise I would have to doubt the intelligence of Arsenal fans.

    He scores in big games and loves scoring against Sp*rs. He’s the one who scored against Manchester United at Old Trafford last season.

    I saw MOTD as well gooner32 and it looks like after writing off Arsenal earlier in the season they are finding it hard to even acknowledge when they play well. It was annoying watching their so called ‘analysis’ which was all about how shite Spurs are.

    We already know how shit they are!

  10. well, nice to see Ade doin some scoring but don’t dare compare him with Kanu. kanu’s ability on the ball is something we have’nt found since. if he is’nt scoring, he’s creating. Ade did’nt really impart till his first goal.he showed workrate et al but no real end product. And he did miss that sitter at a stage when spurs were exposing our defense line. that does put undue pressure on ur defense line.

  11. Are we title contenders now Mr Alan Hansen? Your beloved Liverpool could only manage a draw against Pompey, a team we beat easily – if Liverpool are title contenders, surely we must be as well!

  12. Come on guys, give Ade a break. TH14 didn’t always score with every attempt either and RVP was quiet but isn’t getting flack. Kanu also had flashes and wasn’t often brilliant that’s why he left. Ade is still learning, and well.

  13. El Cid… manu didnt come into the game early. He frittered a host of chances but thank God he came through eventually. However i would ask you not to compare him with kanu in an Arsenal shirt. Kanu has guile and ball sense which manu is yet to have and would not have in a long time to come. Its not just the chelski come back game but his whole Arsenal career that he showed his stuff. Manu would take some doing to reach that level and i recall that he accepts that himself.

  14. Excellent display by Arsenal. I am positive we can be succesful in all competitions, and even win a few of them. My worry is about the depth of the squad. But boy do we play good football!! Wow!

    Van Persie was almost non-existent. What happened? I thought he should have been replaced sooner.

    Ade’s workrate is incredible. His third goal is contender for goal of season regardless of what happens down the road – pure brilliant. Clichy for me is the best Arsenal player (he adds a dimension in attack and defense that is amazing. Fabregas is of course Fabregas – the most skillful Arsenal player.

    Anyway, excellent result yesterday! Keep it up boys – with this display today, we can win te quadruple.

  15. I watched the game on football first, full 90mins. I thought Adebayor was brilliant. How effective was Henry at 23. I’m not suggesting that Ade will go on to emulate Henry but he brings pace power and sheer enthusiasm to the party, something Arsenal in the guise of Henry was sadly lacking. Most fans will agree that in his last season Henry had lost his main attribute, his pace. We need to encourage are players, not give impressions of Spud fans. Bitch, winch, and call the manager’s head, thats all i’ve ever heard there fans do. Probably one of the reasons why they are where they are today!

  16. Problem with Adebayor is that he needs 5-6 chances to score 1-2 goals. Overall he is not clinical but that said he scored 2 fantastic goals. He also has the knack for scoring in big games which is important. While his overall finishing was below par to say he was poor is way off the mark. No matter how bad his finishing is his work rate is exemplary and thats exactly what we need. He is unpredictable and is always a handful.

  17. well I can understand the negative comments about ade from some fans, thats how I felt when he first joined arsenal, but he kept proving me wrong. And against the spuds I think he give his 100% vital equalizer, and the second goal should make us forget his missed chances. I think we need to stop slagging him off, he is a hard worker and always scores important goals. I know some of you are only looking at the missed chances, come on, if he scored all of those chances he would have scored 5 or 6 goals, now I know spuds are shite but not that shite, when is the last time a striker scored 6 goals. And gerry, every striker needs 5 or 6 chances to score a couple, at least he is creating these chances so his off the ball movement is good. I hope he will keep up the good work and help us win the title this year.

  18. Arsene Wenger has told him if he can improve his finishing he can be one of the best players in the premiership, He’s got all the Attributes of Drogba except a clinical finish but at 23 he can add this to his game.

  19. If you believe Abe is still not good enough, I don’t mind him having such non-good performance week after week.
    Thierry Who?

  20. Gerry, who would you class as the best strikers in the Premiership?

    Berbatov? The guy who should have scored twice against us at the weekend? And look at Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United – despite their so called ‘strength in depth’ none of their strikers managed to score a single goal!

    You’ll bloody tell me we should have bought Darren Bent next!

    At 23, Adebayor has been excellent for us. How old was Drogba before be was deadly for Cheslea?

  21. Ade’s game is about a lot more than goals. Andy cole was an out and out poacher and he needed 4 chanced to get 1 goal, and isnt he the second highest scorer in the prem ? Ade brings a lot more to the team play that Cole ever did.

    Flamini did great once again. Is his contract up at the end of the season though ? We will probobly leave on a free. As good as he can be i would rate Denilson, Diaby and Diarra above him , as they have more to come in their development whereas Flamini is possibly all hes gonna be at this stage. Parlour Mark II.

    Sagna is the man. Best right back since Dixon. Legend in the making there i feel. He took Tom Twentystone out for acting the tuff man with Almunia. I like…

  22. Fab scored on the middle left, not top right.

    Adebayor poor? Well I was starting to get pissed with him. Not because he can drift in and out of a game – Titi did that all the time. But because his natural finishing was very poor at times.

    But you can’t fluke those two great goals. Adebayor is good because he is a menace and unsettles defenders. He’s a big fuckin’ beast! And if he can add goals to his game we’ve got a very valuable player, trust me.

  23. Hey don’t discount Flamini. I think he’s integral. We can’t ALL silky players like Denilson. We NEED an equilibrium which Flamani brings. He gives a fuck. He gets stucj in. I think he’s a fucking diamond and I’d be very pissed off if he left. Wenger sees it too this season I reckon.

  24. get real guys, ade’s game started after 65 min, so he can come on at 70 min. we need 2 score chances as they come not at the very last end of game.

  25. EVEN AW says AdelosedaBallYor is a frustrating player. I’ll be happy to keep him in the payroll JUST to play against Manure and Spuds. For those who are critical of Ade will always find fault with him. Me for example.

    1. Please count the times he lost the ball due to his absurd passing.

    2. Please count the times he lost the ball due to his poor ball control. What? Still counting no. 1?

    Remember a korean spud tried a shot and it went all the way to the other side for a throw in? Yup Ade did that against pompey, get the video and WATCH it. That korean Spud was a defender, NOT a striker.

    Remember that perfect slide rule pass to VP last season? Yup, it hit his SHIN.

    Good on you all for supportin Arsenal. But please don’t be BLIND. Just like you, we want the best for Arsenal, and criticising our own players doesn’t mean shit but just the best intentions.

  26. I understand the criticism of Ade, but for me he is the type of player that Wenger (and many fans) have been searching for for some time. A target man who can run, pass, has good positioning (as evidenced by the number of chances) and defends from the front. There’s just something about his style that isn’t immediately satisfying but I’m still a fan.

    Flamini is doing well this term, but I’m not sure if that’s because he’s had decent chats with The Prof and accepted his role in the Arsenal squad, or he knows that he’s going to leave and wants to go to as good a club as possible. I hope the former, as he’s a great utility player thanks to his footballing brain and he has a brilliant work ethic. Just a shame he isn’t bigger/faster/more technically gifted.

    And to second an earlier comment, Clichy has added a great dimension to our attack. No doubt that opposition defences will be considering him in their preparation for matches against us in terms of how to prevent them being stretched and opening up holes for Rosicky, Fabregas, Da Silva to run into.


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