Manuel Almunia or Jens Lehmann?

There are rumblings that Jens Lehmann could be fit for tomorrows clash with Sevilla in the Champions League, and even if those rumours are untrue the fact is Arsene Wenger will have a selection problem when Lehmann does eventually declare himself fit.

Who should be Arsenal’s number one?

By going on this seasons records alone, Lehmann has played three games and won two – but has also made two huge mistakes in the process. Almunia meanwhile has played four games and won them all.

Can you argue with that?

Some people and critics of Almunia in particular will point out the Spaniards ‘nervous’ presence while playing in the first team but he has made vital saves at vital times. And while I have never been his biggest fan, Almunia has only conceded twice. One of which was a complete fluke by Kanu and the other was from a set-piece.

Lehmann on the other hand has gifted both of the goals he has conceded.

While technically Lehmann is the far superior goalkeeper, is he the right choice?

Almunia might not be the most confident keeper but he seems to have that something. He reminds me of Red Nose’s son. Look at Kasper Schmeichel – whenever I’ve seen him play he has a tendency to flail at certain balls into the box but somehow his team keep winning and manages to keep clean sheets.

And if Almunia finally feels like he is the number one his confidence would skyrocket.

If Barcelona can win the league with Victor Valdes then Arsenal could just do something with Alumunia.

And I never thought I would ever say that.


10 thoughts on “Manuel Almunia or Jens Lehmann?

  1. Personally I think Almunia for now but hopefully this point will become moot if Arsene’s magic has been worked again and Fabianski lives up to his considerable billings. I am really looking forward to another good Carling cup run with him between the sticks this time.

  2. I thought he didnt position his wall well against Tottenham and he made a very big mistake against Berbatov. Its Lehmann for me but we look like we need a new Goalkeeper. At the moment both dont look convincing to me

  3. Almunia for me, all the way. He did rush to Berbatov, but in my mind had no option with the whole of the centre of defence missing. He put off Bebatov enough for Kolo to ge tback and make a great tackle, looked bad but i t sure did the job, The defence also seem to know if he is coming or staying, lehman doesnt know himself let alone the defence. Give a dozen or so games as the number then we will all see he is up to it\

  4. Neither – Wenger should have bought a top quality goalkeeper in the summer. Perhaps he has in fabianski, but the need was NOW not the future. It’s the weakest point of the team and one of the most critical. A top stopper would add 10 points at least to last season’s total.

    Definitely not Lehmann though – he made mistakes against Fulham and Bolton at the end of last season too – it’s nothing new and his age means he has lost all his agility.

  5. Fabianski hasn’t even had a look in so I’m guessing he’ll be the Carling Cup keeper, although Almunia might be if Lehmann gets back in the team.

    For me Lehmann is like David Seaman. There’s no about he has been great for us but to keep him on would be a big mistake. And even though I like Lehmann his comments are quite strange most of the time. I would prefer a competitive rivalry rather than a damaging one that Lehmann seems to favour, but basically slagging off Almunia all the time.

    And against the shite Almunia did the only thing he could do. If he sat back Berbatov would have just rolled the ball either side of him into the corner but he came out and made Berbatov have to make a decision and he paniced.

  6. Almunia all the way. Lehmann is past it and is in the dying embers of his career. I’d rather have a keeper there who will be with us for the foreseeable future. Almunia was not as at fault as some people are suggesting against spurs. He had little option against Berbatov, because he had been left exposed in a one on one situation and had to do someting drastic even just to put Berbatov off. and the wall was more at fault for the goal than Almunia. Almunia is also more reliable from corners instead of constantly moaning about someone standing on his feet. Until Almunia misses a really easy save that gives a goal away then he should keep his spot in the team.
    after this season, Fabianski might be our number 1, I have heard great things about him.

  7. almunia shud b left alone,he’s waited long enough for his chance and has not done any worse than the fruitcake lehmann was doing since he’s been btween the sticks.

    fabianski daznt speak english or french from what ave heard so it could be another year b4,cos with our french speakin back four,u can’t confuse them more by putting bhind them a polish goalie.

    mannone has not been mentioned yet bt jst so you know, am sure he will be fighting fabianski(and lehmann)for the carling cup spot this year.

    long live the goon family.


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