Young Guns Cruise Past Sevilla (w/ Player Ratings)

Well Arsenal have started this seasons campaign in fantastic form.

And last night was our biggest test of the season so far. Before the Sevilla game, just like the Spurs match, I was tentative about the opposition.

Then Arsenal shattered any doubts I might of had last night by smashing 3 goals past them.

You can’t ask for more than that can you?

Maybe I should worry more!

It was an excellent result, considering how highly-regarded (and rightly so) Sevilla are in European Football. And it’s also a credit to them that many pundits are tipping Sevilla as outsiders for the Champions League.

But Arsenal just got on with their game and put in a good shift in the first group game of the competition. Fabregas was fortunate for his first goal, but how many times have Arsenal fans said over the years that ‘if you don’t shoot, you don’t score’. This Arsenal team scores goals from all over the park which was distinctly missing from our last few campaigns.

Another encouraging sign is that when we reach the 18-yard area, instead of passing the ball aimlessly around the box we aren’t afraid to have a pop at goal.

7 wins in 8 games. Can you ask for anything more?

Below are the player ratings:

Manuel Almunia: 7/10
Only really had one major save to make from Freddie Kanoute in the second half when his effory went through Clichy’s legs and did well to divert the ball away. Did fumble the game twice though in the second half from routine catches but TV pictures showed he was berating himself for those mistakes. At least he knows he made mistakes and the important thing was they didn’t cost Arsenal points or goals like Lehmann’s blunders seem to do.

Bacary Sagna: 9/10
Outstanding. Made some fantastic defensive headers and more importantly directs them well clear of danger, which under pressure is impressive. Very solid defensively, excellent going forward and has exceptional burst over the first 10 yards. Arguably his best game in an Arsenal shirt so far and his ability to hardly lose the ball is vital, especially in his position on the field. I can’t see Eboue getting back in the team. Flicked the ball on for Van Persie’s goal in the second half.

Kolo Toure: 7/10
Solid as always and kept Luis Fabiano quiet in the first half, and then Kerzhakov in the second. Almost scored a header in the first half from a corner and another win as Captain of Arsenal.

Philip Senderos: 6/10
Was given a torrid time by Kanoute, who floated all over the pitch. Looked shaky at times at the back with the movement of the Sevilla attack but kept a clean sheet.

Gael Clichy: 9/10
Another fantastic game for the young Frenchman. Like Sagna, looks to support the midfield and forwards at every opportunity and adds an extra dimension to the Arsenal attacks. Made some great tackles, hardly lost the ball and even managed to win a goal kick with a cheeky back heel in the second half. Looks twice the player Ashley Cole ever did.

Alexander Hleb: 7/10
Floated in and out of the game but was willing to drive forward with the ball which unsettled Sevilla. Did well to dispossess the Sevilla defender to help setup the third goal for Eduardo. Drifts inside a lot which puts Sevilla under pressure and kept the ball well for most parts of the game.

Mathieu Flamini: 8/10
This fella surprised me. Like Almunia, I never thought Flamini could push into the first team but recent performances have been impressive. Has so much energy to burn and it looks like Arsene might be giving him his chance. The one thing I like about him as opposed to Gilberto is that when a player shoots at the Arsenal goal he will charge it down instead of standing stationary like the Brazilian. Did well and threw himself in front of numerous shots outside the area.

Cesc Fabregas: 8/10
Might not have been his best performance for Arsenal, but is becoming more effective which is encouraging. Two assists (one with help from Sagna) and a goal is becoming the standard for Fabregas! Willing to shoot from every area of the pitch and his range has certainly improved. Delivery and passing was excellent as ever and the guy just keeps impressing me, even though we shouldn’t be surprised should we?

Tomas Rosicky: 6/10
Full of running but not really in full flow yet, and went off injured 5 minutes into the second half. Doesn’t look happy on the left.

Robin Van Persie: 6/10
Scored a real poachers goal from Fabregas’ freekick but was quiet for most of the game. Doesn’t seem to be in tune with the movement and passing of the other Arsenal players yet and sometimes chooses the wrong pass or holds on to the ball for that split second too long.

Emmanuel Adebayor: 8/10
Another good shift from the tall striker. Made runs all over the pitch, got in the face of the Sevilla defence and caused all sorts of problems. Came close in the second half with an excellent headed effort that just missed the post after great work from Sagna. Defenders hate playing against him and is improving all the time.

Abou Diaby: 6/10 (replaced Rosicky 50′)
Did okay and got into some good attacking positions. Struggled with Daniel Alves in the second half though when the Sevilla right-back got more and more influential in the visitors attacks.

Eduardo Da Silva: 7/10 (replaced Adebayor 83′)
Has a knack of scoring late in Champions League matches! Only played 7 minutes and managed to rack up another goal for Arsenal. Looks like he is settling in well now but will find it hard to dislodge Van Persie or Adebayor in the first team.

Lassana Diarra: 6/10 (replaced Van Persie 88′)
Came on for the last 3 minutes. Probably happy he’s at Arsenal instead of Chelsea though.


25 thoughts on “Young Guns Cruise Past Sevilla (w/ Player Ratings)

  1. RUBBISH!!

    Rosicky had a 93% pass success rate you twat. When he went off, our attempts on goal decreased heavily. He deserved at least a 7.

    And you gave Diaby the same rating as Rosicky?? Diaby with his 50% pass success rate, slipping all over the place, never in the right position, slow as hell (his deceiving long legs make him look fast!)

    Your ratings are balony.

  2. RvP 6??. Did you watch the game at all?. He did not put a foot wrong. His passing was simple and complex depending upon the situation. he cleared three of our defensive corners. His corners and crosses are amazing. His running off the ball and drawing defenders is perfect. 6??? The movement and execution for the goal just oozed class. I think an 8. The problem you have and there are one or two of you out there is that if a player has sublime skills and does not flop around like a big bunny you don’t notice him. RvP has become a superb team player….keep your eyes open.

  3. I think the ratings are pretty much spot on. RVP has looked a little off colour recently but I think he perked up after he scored the goal which proves that strikers need goals so I expect him to be better in his next game.
    Rosicky might have got a 7 but maybe you gave him a 6 because he went off early? Diaby looked like a player not happy on the left.
    Our full backs are superb right now and Flamini is as well. Given their respective ages I think I would rather keep Flamini than Gilberto past this season. Gilberto can play centre back which is his trump card. I’d rather have Gilberto at the back than Senderos but really we need a new young dynamic centre back either in January or the summer.

  4. No Gazzap I think you are being too simplistic. You are not watching the interaction between players. In fact with the team ethic that these guys have developed it is almost insulting to separate them out by producing individual scores.

  5. I don’t understand some Arsenal fans. Last week, Adebayor was slated after playing against Spurs despite scoring two vital goals, one of which was exceptional! Van Persie was quiet that dau and no-one said anything.

    Now apart from the goal last night Van Persie was anonymous. And as soon as someone points that out fans start going crazy! Why should we look at Ade or Van any differently. Anyone with eyes can see Van Persie hasn’t been playing particular well this season.

    And on Rosicky his pass rate might have been 93% but he didn’t really threaten Sevilla from what I can remember. And he only played one half and in my opinion wasn’t that influencial anyway.

  6. You have got it almost right. Sagna was in my mind man of the match, Rosicky should have 7, Diaby 5, he is a sentral midfielder…nothing els. Would like to se Eduardo together with Ade or with Hleb in the position he had at Emirates Cup. But !!!!! Im a proud gooner , every commentator in Norway, Sweden and Denmark said this was the best performance yet i CL, and that came from our team…

  7. WI, Who said anything about Adebayor playing badly. I think his score was right. I think RvPs score was wrong. Do you have a problem with people empathising with RvP and the way he plays, because I don’t have anything against Adebayor. Some players are much more subtle than others and there is room for several types in one team. Adebayor is more obvious in his approach.

  8. Look at the responses of the performance of Adebayor on this blog after the Spurs game! Most so called ‘Arsenal fans’ were slating him.

    And I was talking about the reaction to Ade after the Spurs game, NOT the Sevilla one.

  9. Oh I see. But I did not comment on Adebayor after the Tottenham game, I just commented on RvP and the above score after the Sevilla game. You know it is possible to like all members of the team or squad, they are not in competition with each other. In some ways the very act of scoring individuals is against the team ethic.

  10. You sound intelligent Redshirt so I’ll try and make my point again.

    The point I was trying to make was that it seems like it’s okay to bash Adebayor, but as soon as someone even questions Van Persie’s performances Arsenal fans go mad!

    All I’m saying is that the treatment of Abe and Van by the fans verges on outright favouritism. Everyone has their opinions but it seems like Robin is an untouchable player who is barred from any sort of criticism.

  11. Well, according to what i saw,r.v.p played so well yesterday compared to the previous games.I think all he needed was a goal……….Diaby was no where to be seen.The reason why seville became so dangerous on the side of clichy and diaby is because diaby was not perfoming.He was falling over all the time.I think he is not fit yet.He needs more games.Overall the team was played excellently

  12. rock: Diaby was falling over all the time yet he needs more games?

    Out left side was SO weak when Rosicky went off. Rosicky tracks back a lot and although Diaby does try, he does end up in the middle of nowhere looking like a lost donkey and he falls over a lot for no reason.

    For that reason I think we should give Denilson a run there and Diaby a nice well required run of games in the reserves.

  13. WI. I understand your point, but I can’t speak for other fans. Many fans views on blog sites are pretty one-eyed anyway. Judging by the singing last night most fans are happy with RvP, Adebayor and Eduardo. They are Arsenal players so why dis them. Incidentally I think I would agree with your point but you have to careful you are not doing to RvP what you are accusing others of doing to Adebayor. We are lucky to have at least three very successful forwards with very different styles. Of the three it looks like Adebayor is more naturally a centre forward, RvP a supporting forward (different jobs). Eduardo is a bit of both but with a left sided tendency. I think there is a lot more potential in the side as our midifled players learn to link up with all of our forwards. At the moment there are quite a lot of wasted runs and perhaps misunderstandings but these will diminish as the team progresses. Great place to be at the moment isn’t it.

  14. fantastic performance by this progressvely improving team of extremely talented youngsters,under the astute guidance of the best manager in the world.As per player performances and rating Flamini was outstanding just like he was in previous games he started this season.I sincerely dislike slating players, but diaby does not do it for me ,too slow, his reaction time is slow,he is not athletic. He should be sold ,shipped out to another premiership side.our new signing Diarra should play more than a fringe role instead of that diaby. lest i forget ,please no more Lehman, i would rather Almunia makes mistakes and learn. Gunners thanks for making my day . Spare a thought for Jose mourinho— Great guy Adios humbre.

  15. I personally think Van Persie had a decent game, not his best, but a decent performance nevertheless.

    I agree with you about the team as a whole though. These boys look like they’re really enjoying their football and have all the confidence in the world. And with Gallas to come back we’ll be stronger than ever.

    I think the return of Eboue will be vital as well. Not in defence though, but pushing Hleb and Rosicky for the wide area positions. He has raw pace, has a good cross and isn’t afraid to shoot.

    The squad is better than some people think, although Toure going away on the ACN could be the biggest loss.

  16. Good point opsy, at least Almunia will learn and have something to prove to himself and Arsenal. Lehmann is old, stubborn and I’m sad to say past it.

  17. I agree with the Almunia supporters. Jens is not going to be here for much longer anyway and he definitely seems to be diminishing in stature. I think Almunia needs a shot at a whole season. I don’t think he has muffed it yet.

  18. wow for the first time in 3 years, i am having confidents in the arsenal team, since our invisible days we never recovered from that, not been consistant, i wonder when was the last time we had a good run like this from the start.

    bad news rosicky is injured so is hleb and senderos lets, hope theo finally furfills his potential

  19. i would like to agree with the views on how Diaby has been disappointing but i hardly think shipping him out is either an option or a solution,i remember a time when Flamini would come on as a sub and run around getting some needless tackles in and people thoght that it best we let him go because he disnt seem to have the technical abilty and awareness to fulfill a midfield role at Arsenal but i feel he has since changes all those people’s views and put in some man of the match performances making us all warm to him again.i feel all this rejuvenation has come about because Wenger has shown confidence in him to play him in his favoured role and i believe that is what is needed for Diaby.
    if he were to be given the opportunity to play in that midfield and build his confidence um sure we would see a different Diaby,because eventhough the left side aint his position,if he had gained some self belief from playing in his normal posiion he wouldnt mind filling in at that position once in a while.
    the game against Derby will be interesting because a few names might be rested and it would be interesting to see who wenger starts with in the midfield coz Gilberto might still be rested and that could mean a start beckons for Denilson,Diaby and Diarra.


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