Ade Hat-Trick Sets Up Perfect Weekend For Arsenal

I seriously can’t go on about Arsenal anymore.

They just keep winning football matches and the scary thing is the swagger and the way Arsenal do it.

Do not underestimate this young team.

People will point to the opposition we have played against this season, and you know what I would say?

I would tell them Arsenal have already beat Portsmouth easily 3-0, while Liverpool and Manchester United struggled against them only managing to earn a point. We also beat Manchester City and we all know what happened to United in the Manchester Derby. And Liverpool dropped two points against Birmingham yesterday at Anfield.

And Chelsea are struggling with themselves.

But you know what? The more ‘experts’ that write us off the better.

Because this group of players don’t give a f*ck what everyone else thinks.

They get on with their game, concentrate who’s in front of them and just win football matches.

People will also point out the clashes with the other teams in the top 4, but as long as we beat the lower teams in the league and manage to get ourselves a few points clear of our rivals before we meet them then even draws wouldn’t be bad results against them.

But then again who says we can’t beat the top 4 teams, especially as we had the best record against them last season without (shhhh..) Thierry Henry.

And Mourinho isn’t there to inflict his hoodoo over Arsene anymore.

But back onto the game yesterday.

After 10 minutes, Abou Diaby – who struggled midweek against Sevilla – quickly found his feet with a simply outstanding goal. From the left he drove at the Derby fullback, easily cut inside and unleashed a stunning shot into the top corner which went in off the post.

15 minutes later, with Derby holding a high line up the pitch were undone with a straight through ball which Adebayor controlled using his chest. He simply rounded the keeper and coolly slotted the ball into the net.

Just after half-time good work from the energetic Diaby and Adebayor saw the ball arrive to Eduardo, who was tugged by Derby Captain Mat Oakley and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Adebayor stepped up and calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner.

At this point Arsenal were all over the pitch with excellent passing and movement and one of Toure’s many bursts up the pitch found Eduardo, who played a nice one-two and layed the ball off to the prolific Cesc Fabregas. His first touch was sublime, moving the ball away from the defender and with his second he unleashed another 25-yard screamer into the top corner.

Will teams ever learn?

He was substituted seconds later on 70 minutes, after scoring one goal and making two.

Not a bad shift from the little man eh?

I cannot praise Fabregas enough. His range of passing and now shooting this season is exceptional. I mean his goals and assists statistics already this campaign is phenomenal.

I am speechless with his form.

Then with the game won, Arsene brought on Song, Denilson and Diarra and it was Denilson this time that was the creator for Adebayor. His long ball found the edge of the area and Adebayor managed to execute a fantastic leap and control the ball on this chest. Then he proceeded to storm towards goal and grabbed a well-deserved hat-trick.

I hate to say it but Adebayor looked more and more like Henry yesterday.

And looking at Arsenal’s position in the table, you wonder how vital the first day of the season was. IF Arsenal didn’t managed to come back and win that game after conceding the lead then who knows where we would be?

This team are growing more and more each week and it’s just a pleasure to watch this young team develop as the season progresses.


5 thoughts on “Ade Hat-Trick Sets Up Perfect Weekend For Arsenal

  1. Arsenal are amazing right now. Arsene Wenger’s young guns are finally playing up to their potential and it shouldn’t be too long before our next trophy. The scary thing is that this team could well play together for more than 5 years. In yesterday’s match against Derby, our oldest outfield player was Kolo Toure at 26! Arsenal have a good few years ahead of them…


  2. I”ve just watched the Chelsea game and to my mind the decisions of the ref caused Chelsea the points. The sending off and penalty reminded off the game when the gunners lost the unbeaten record.Campbell’s offence was deemed to be in the box when tv replays showed it was outside the box.
    Why do I say this?I have absolutely no doubt the gunners will prevail against the rd with their superior passing.What the game needs is a ref whose decisions are spot on and shows 120 @impartiality.
    Incidentally it would be interestin to see the number of penalties awarded to rd agaginst their fiercest rivals.

  3. Like Mohd I was absolutely appalled at the officiating in the Man U game. I know people say it all evens out over the season but not for Man U. Mikel’s foul deserved a yellow but you’ll rarely see a red for that, especially in the EPL. The penalty was, well, a typical OT penalty. I actually felt sorry for Chelsea today, which I never imagined possible. Man U are just shite right now. They made the wrong decisions in the summer for sure. They are not a threat in a game against Arsenal at this moment.

  4. yea well man u have always had decision go their way big time at OT and I suspect they always will do. refs are not strong enough to handle it there. I thought chelsea would probably have got a point without the bad refereeing. though Joe cole was perhaps lucky to stay on later.

    as for Arsenal we are playing so well but things can change so quickly. if cesc and Ade hit some bad form we could be struggling, but clearly I hope that never happens. I always felt that the win against Fulham was a huge huge win. perhaps it was the biggest win of the season. I think had we lost that we would not have gone on to gain the results we have done since.
    WHU is an important game. if we stretch a lead to about 5 points after that game I will really feel we are destined to be heavily involved in the run it at least this season,


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