Calling All Arsenal Fans: Paul Robinson Brainteaser!

I’d like to just say that I’ve never rated Robinson.

I never thought he was any good at Leeds, and at Tottenham he’s not much better. They just seem to leak goals from all over the place. Already this season, Aston Villa (hardly the most prolific team in the league) scored 4 at White Hart Lane, and they’ve already conceded 3 goals against Arsenal, Fulham and Everton!

And is it just me, but whoever I talk to they rate Robinson!

I sometimes wonder if my friends are actually blind.

And with the recent talk of Paul Robinson and whether he should start for England, a thought came to mind.

Can someone tell me how many goals Paul Robinson has conceded against Arsenal?

From the top of my head against Spurs, I can remember the 5-4 game a few seasons ago, obviously this seasons 3-1 win and countless other games he’s conceded goals. Then there’s the Carling Cup games against our youth team.

And against Leeds, we managed to rack up some impressive 4 goal wins over them both in the league and the cups, with Thierry Henry having a particular liking for scoring past Robinson.

I am certain that Paul Robinson is by a country mile the goalkeeper who has conceded the most goals to Arsenal in our history.

Can you list the games and the number of goals he’s conceded against us?

So come on guys, can anyone tell me how many it actually is?


14 thoughts on “Calling All Arsenal Fans: Paul Robinson Brainteaser!

  1. 02/03: 4-0 at leeds, 3-2 defeat at Highbury
    03/04: 4-1 twice at leeds, 5-0 at Highbury
    04/05: 5-4 at sp*rs, 1-0 at Highbury
    05/06: 1-1 x2
    06/07: 3-0 at Emirates, 2-2 away, 2-2 and 3-1 in the cc.
    07/08: 3-1 at Emirates

    Thats a grand total of 40 goals conceded in 14 games!
    Great going hippo!
    ‘englands number one’….lard arse!

  2. I could forgive him for being shit if he wasn’t overweight, but I find it hard to respect anybody in football who can’t be bothered to get off their lazy ass and go for a run when they earn so much.

    Shit keeper, shit team.

  3. Great article! I caught this article just before i was leaving work, was tryna work it out on the train journey home, got stuck at 36!

  4. I would rather see Lehman in our goal than Robinson….and I would rather see Stevie Wonder than Lehman..How clearer can i put it?…Robinson is pure PAP….26 carat Doggy-doo..But hey, the girls down at shyte hart lane should sign him for life!

    I’m off to make up some banners…Robbo a yiddo for life!

  5. Great stuff, say no more, say no more! Still want to point something out: this blog post has been copied and pasted as a personal post of one Fido_Dido on teamtalk’s general your say page @ 20:49 – and this is not the first time he’s done it. He copies stuff from other AFC blogs and presents them as his own, and it just bothers me. Unless, of course, you’re him which I doubt. Keep up the good work.

  6. Great article!

    Spot on Ryan, he’s so fat it’s unbelievable. He gets paid at least £50,000 a bloody week and he looks like a complete lard arse. That is so pathetic!

    I’d be more interested in how many clean sheets he’s kept against us! Is is zero?

  7. your all gooner mugs, typical of you all, only see arsenal shirts when your winning and to be honest i cant see you winning a thing this year, man u are too strong and wegner is a peadophile


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