Why England & The FA Are A Complete Joke

This will be the last thing I write about England, because the whole thing is tiresome, depressing and just a complete joke. I’ve talked about player quotas, why they don’t deserve to qualify and how everyone shouldn’t underestimate Croatia.

But what I think goes against the mainstream media.

And now, the stupidity has got even worse.

FA Chairman Geoff Thompson said today:

“Like every England fan, we are all bitterly disappointed that we have failed to qualify for Euro 2008, and I know Steve feels that disappointment more than anyone.”


I wish I could feel Steve McClarens dissapointment too, because I could do with 2 million quid in my back pocket for somehow managing England to a failed qualification campaign.

I’m sure every England fan could do with feeling ‘McClaren’s disappointment’, as you get a £2 million payoff for the privilege!

The world has truly gone mad.

I will admit though that I thought Sven was a poor manager for England, and we couldn’t do much worse. Well I stand corrected. At least Sven bloody qualified for the major tournaments.

McClaren should really refund all those England fans that turned up to Wembley with their families and watched last nights quite frankly disgraceful display from a bunch of over-hyped, over-paid and pathetic excuse for players.

They simply couldn’t be arsed!

And that was so disappointing.

Steve McClaren called for pride, passion, attitude and character from the players last night.

I saw absolutely none of that yesterday.

Croatia epitomised EVERYTHING England are not. They didn’t need to win, they didn’t have to try, but because they were wearing their national shirt they played for the fans, for their country.

They have pride, they are grateful and honoured to represent their country, and understand what international football is all about.

I’ve seen a hell of a lot more ‘passion and pride’ from Israel, Russia and Croatia in this years qualifying campaign.

It’s not about fancy sponsorships, football boot deals or money.

It’s about giving everything when you have the distinction of wearing the England shirt. Northern Ireland and Scotland might not have qualified for next summers tournament, but they did their country proud.

Can you say that about England?


13 thoughts on “Why England & The FA Are A Complete Joke

  1. Proud? I’m downright embarrased to support the English national team and have been for quite a while.
    cant wait for the premier league to return. I just sincerely hope they dont destroy the premier league in their attempts to save England.

  2. Oh well Croatia were 7-1 and i won a packet – not quite £2mill but enough to soften the blow (oh and i’m irish so the blow wasn’t that hard!)

    But i agree with what you say – i would add
    Quite simply England should have played a 4-4-2 for the entire campaign,
    Lampard or Gerrard never both. Hargreaves, Carrick or Barry to fill the second CM position depending on the opponents.
    Robinson should have been dropped earlier to put scott carson in against the best team in the group in a critical match was insane
    Jamie Carragher should have been given a decent run – his shot blocking would have turned the game last night.

    In short England have a squad littered with potential that has been wasted by Keegan, Sven and McClaren – negative football when you could put most teams to the sword if you tried a bit of positivity

  3. I think the worst thing last night was the sheer lack of technique and composure on the ball. The Croats (or is it Croatians?) were so comfortable on the ball. It’s nice one-two touch stuff, and passing which is penetrating and attack-minded.

    On the other hand, all England did last night was play it square or get Gerrard to hit it long! It was so depressing to watch!

    Seriously, it was like watching Arsenal against Liverpool last month. Arsenal (Croatia) passed the ball around nicely, looked to score and were comfortable on the ball. The Liverpool (England) were negative and just played long balls up to the attacker!

    The defence was a shabbles, and I agree about Carragher. Because Lescott to be considered international class is just insane. Why the hell didn’t Richards play at centre back??

    Only a tosser would have played five in midfield when at home and with the stronger team, and McClaren is clearly is one.

  4. England have quality players. They have players playing at the highest level in club football. They also have egos to match and the media to massage those egos. That showed in their attitude in that game.

    All the buildup was of now that they got a get out of jail card they had nothing to do but go out and get the draw they needed to see them through. And if they put some effort into it they would beat Croatia and top the group.

    Did they all forget the previous game where Croatia beat them. Oh yeah i forgot that was purely down to luck wasn’t it !

    Serves them right in my opinion. The players need to have a good look at themselves and realise that being a good player in the league does not mean they will have an easy ride for England and qualify with little or no effort.

    The FA also need to address the coaching system in the country. Who next for england boss ? Coppell ? The reason they will look abroad is because most english managers are not as qualified, indeed some have practically no qualifications. Then you have the media blaming the foreign players for their failure – thats rich isnt it. Those players will be going to the tournament while the english ones watch from their tv sets.

    Talent + Hard work on the training pitch + Proper coaching from qualified coaches = Potential reached & Success

    not the english model

    Talent – Hard work (because im great, just look at my wages) + Substandard, backward thinking coaching (teach the kids to win at all costs, dont worry about trivial things as technique and tactics) = Potential wasted & Inflated Egos & “Why didnt we win that, we did in 66”

  5. I seriously believe that the England under 21 (Theo & co) could have at least managed to get a draw in that match up with Croatia. Theo Walcott should please write his own autobiography in respond to Gerard and co now. It would be a massive sell out.

  6. Will the FA go for an english manager or will they go foreign. Surely all those foreigners are ruining the english game …..


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