Will Everton Be Easier Or Tougher Than Pompy?

Everton (Goodison Park)
Saturday 29th December 2007
Kick Off: 5.15pm – Live On Setanta Sports 1

Tomorrow Arsenal will travel up to another cold North West away day and face Everton, who are currently in a rich vain of form of late.

They have only lost one of their last nine Premier League fixtures, and that was only because Steven Pienaar had a rush of blood and committed a simply crazy ‘tackle’ on Ryan Giggs with only minutes remaining.

The fact is Everton are going to be incredibly tough to beat tomorrow, which is what Arsenal will need to keep the pressure on Manchester United at the top. Don’t forget, this Everton side came from behind at Old Trafford, and did the same at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal will need a performance similar to those earlier on in the season.

Unfortunately, we haven’t reached our peak in terms of an attacking performance enough in December.

The only decent game we’ve had in December was the Chelsea game at home, where we looked to have our old rhythm back with Hleb, Fabregas and Flamini returning. And then there was the first half at Villa Park.

Against Pompy, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Spurs we’ve looked tired.

Of course, it has been a demanding schedule on the players but to win the league or at least fight for it teams have to overcome this hurdle. United still keep managing to win matches, albeit it you could argue easier fixtures – but nevertheless they get the three points.

I have commented on the poor form of Arsenal and against Spurs it was encouraging that they managed to win a game without playing particuarly well, but the problem we have is against Newcastle, Pompy and Boro we’ve played badly but failed to win those games. And call me pessimistic but I just can’t see Arsenal going out and out-performing Everton tomorrow, simply because Everton know how to make the game a dogfight and David Moyles will have no problems if he can get a result by forcing Arsenal out of the game.

And if a team like Pompy want to defend for 90 minutes then you can expect the same from Everton too.

So this is going to be an intriguing encounter.

We keep on saying it but on these tough away games Arsenal need to score, and need to score early. That’s the only way the other team will come out and give Arsenal space to play their football.

So the question is will Everton come out and play or defend in numbers?

I don’t think you can expect anything more than the latter, so Arsenal will have to dig deep yet again and try to steal the 3 points.


13 thoughts on “Will Everton Be Easier Or Tougher Than Pompy?

  1. How can we be clased as a defending team, we have only scored 2 less league goals than arsenal, and are the 2nd highest scores in the league.

  2. Well Van Persie is officially out of the game tomorrow. Does anyone know what’s going on with him? He was back in the Champions League and came on against Chelsea but seems to have disappeared again! Did Wenger bring him back too early or something?

    And Mark, Everton WILL defend against Arsenal for the whole match. That’s the only way teams get results against us these days.

  3. Also forgot to add that without Van Persie, Ade is expected to do everything himself and just can’t do it alone. Did anyone see the lack of support he got on Wednesday? Disgraceful!

  4. Its typical sloppy work to say we will defend all game. We went to OT and didn’t defend all game at all – in the last 10 mins we looked as likely as they did to score with 2 upfront and actually bringing on fresh legs upfront. Will we throw caution to the wind? No. Will we look to counter attack and when sensible play in your half yes. 18 goals in our last 5 home games (all wins) shows we are not a defensive side. Arsenal are a brilliant, exceptional side, but please dont blame all other teams with the “they will just defend” brush. we’ll give you a game – don’t you worry.

  5. Absolute rubbish. The arrogance of supporters of the supposed top 4 is remarkable and it is quite obvious you turned over towards the end of MOTD missing most of the Everton goals this season. You will get beaten because we are a better team and most of our team talk the same language. You will do nothing in Europe and nothing domestically until you actually weigh up the opposition correctly and stop thinking the opposition should stand around and let you play your pretty football, muppet!

  6. Are you serious Everton are a better team than a year ago. Pompey will fade when African Nations culls their squad. Everton is a better team and Moyes is impressive to have done what he has on a shoestring.They have a great back four but they score a bucket load of goals too. Cahill & Yakubu are very dangerous. They beat us last year in the dying minutes don’t over estimate this team. I rate them better than the red half of merseyside and I think they will finish fourth this year. With all that being said I expect a draw tomorrow and we need some more striker talent in for the window Van Persie is seeming injury prone. We still should edge Man Utd this year we have a strong team and excellent manager in Wenger.

  7. Arsenal lads, if you think that we will defend, you have another thing coming. I think you will be presently surprised in the difference in quality between this season and last season at Everton.

    Most of your fans seem worried, and so they should be. No team has outplayed us this season, and I don’t expect that to happen tomorrow either. Our midfield is in fantastic form, and even without Osman, their attacking threat breaking with pace (reminisent of yourselves i believe) has been phenomenal.

    I am really looking forward to the game as i know we can finally match you around the park for quality.

    Although Arsenal do have the quality to break Everton down, the one thing that may lack is your desire to win every ball and tackle. Thats where we really missed Cahill, and now hes back, you guys are in for one hell of a game….

    May the best team win….good luck…

  8. I like the way Everton have played this season, and they were unlucky against ManUre at Old Trafford. From what I’ve seen this season Everton have been impressive, although I haven’t seen how they setup and played against United and Chelski.

    Tim Cahill is an excellent player and will be dangerous against us, especially with his threat from set-pieces and hasn’t he scored against both ManUre and the Chavs?

    But remember, Portsmouth were a team that won at home 7-4 against Reading so you could easily say they’ve been an attacking team this season. But this week they defended heavily in numbers against Arsenal!

    It’ll be an interesting game whatever happens!

  9. pompy have struggled at home this season. they beat reading (woohoo) 7-4 but also have not scored a goal in 6 home games!

    i find it a but condescending that some arsenal fans think everton will park the bus in front of the goal!

    have you read cahill’s press bytes? he is up for it and we will be supporting yakubu with pienaar, arteta, gravesen and cahill at every opportunity. and if the yak is not getting the rub of the green andy johnson will be waiting with his white boots.

    it’s no disgrace for you to lose at goodison these days.

  10. Well, Gooners, I normally look forward to seeing you at Goodison to admire your fantastic football (the best in the Premiership over the past few years) but equally I attempt to resign myself to a defeat, so that anything better is a bonus. Not quite the same this year. The “Match of the Day” 5 minutes that we normally get very rarely reveals the level to which we have now risen in terms of “pass and move” football, as well as moments of individual skill by Arteta, Pienar, and the increasingly mobile Yakubu (yes, you heard it!) In fact, sometimes we get a bit frustrated at home because the team tries to “walk it into” the goal. Sounds familiar?

    OK, Gooner Guys, we are nowhere near you yet in terms of technical quality all through the team, but you may be surprised at what you encounter tomorrow. (Arsene won’t be, of course, but some of your players, and certainly your supporters, might be).

    So, looking forward to a great game 2 morrow. I hope it’s a classic football encounter. (s**t, I’ve just doomed it to a 0-0 draw!)

    Enjoy, Guys.

  11. Have to totally agree with the Toffees on this forum. Everton were outstanding at Old Trafford and but for a moment of madness from Pienar (out on his feet for final 15 mins) were well deserving of a point at least. They are the only reallistic non top 4 contenders this year.
    Having said that if we can play anything like our early season form I think we can turn them over today. A lot depends on the energy levels of the boys which will have to be high and equally I feel the Hleb/Cesc axis. I felt against Portsmouth they cancelled each other out but it is very hard to criticise them as both have been outstanding so far. Being reallistic a point is a good result, I know it will most likely leave us 3 behind Man U but we must consider the opposition. A win would be a fantastic way to finish the year. At a wedding today, just hope to fuck can I sneek out for second half at least.
    Best wishes all.

  12. As an Evertonian above said, its gonna be a fight from the first second to the last. But that is what has been missing. With all that firepower and quality you cant afford to sit and wait to nick it and then park a bus in the goal area. I’m sure you know that is what many of our players found it frustrating. Everton are quality now and have ambitions of their own hence alacrity they have shown. This makes them dangerous and also vulnerable to counter attack of our own. I have no doubt this is a game we can either lose by being beaten fairly and squarely but you must also not expect any bullying victims and we can play some on our day- just ask Blackburn Rovers first 11.

  13. If our kids can beat Blackburn Rovers with 10 men, Arsene should field the youngsters a lot more in the league!

    And what does Bendtner have to do to get a start in the Premier League? Adebayor looks shattered playing up on his own week in and week out. Bendtner must be getting frustrated sitting on the bench all the time, especially when he’s made such an impact when he has come on. Plus his touch seems to be far better than Adebayors!

    Can anyone tell me if Everton have actually lost at home this season?


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