I Don’t Know What To Say. I Am Speechless…

Everton (1) – (4) Arsenal
Eduardo (47′, 59′), Adebayor (78′), Rosicky (90’+4)
Goodison Park, Liverpool

Absolutely stunning.

Stunning in terms of the character, stunning in terms of the comeback and stunning in terms of Eduardo’s sublime finishing.

Seriously, you won’t see better taken goals than those two this season.

And under pressure, this fella is simply ice cool.

What you saw tonight was a Champions performance.

Everton to their credit, took the game to Arsenal and for the first 40 minutes deserved their lead. They didn’t give us any time or space on the ball and the main creative players Fabregas & Hleb couldn’t get themselves into the game. Bendtner and Eduardo looked isolated, and Diaby couldn’t insert his influence either.

But whatever Arsene Wenger said at half-time certainly worked!

Before the game, all the hype was about Nicklas Bendtner – especially after his match-winning goal against Spurs last week – but the man who made the difference (and a VITAL difference) was that man Eduardo Da Silva.

A long ball from Clichy early in the second half was met by Eduardo in the area, where time seemed to stand still. Eduardo has that amazing and unique ability to be so, so clinical whatever the situation. The coolly clipped the ball over Tim Howard to score the equaliser.

What a massive goal.

With Everton dangerous from set-pieces and crosses the game was still there for the taking for either side, but it was Arsenal who got the next goal. Another ball from Clichy from the left was flicked on by Bendtner to Eduardo, who smoothly knocked the ball passed Phil Jagielka and slotted the ball into the corner.

A goal that had class written all over it.

I am still stunned. This guy had two half chances and took them both with ease. Arsene Wenger has said Eduardo will be Arsenal’s secret weapon in the second half of the season and who can argue with that?

Two chances, two goals.

When games get tighter nearing the end of the season Eduardo could just be the man who could make all the difference.

Everton still piled on the pressure but Arsenal stayed strong, with the back four performing excellently. And Fabregas and Flamini in particular were outstanding in protecting the lead against the 5 man Everton midfield.

As Eduardo was having a huge impact on the game, his strike partner Bendtner was having problems. He unwittingly knocked the ball to Tim Cahill in the first half to concede the first goal and then on 74 minutes when he was about to be replaced by Adebayor the young Dane scraped his studs down Andy Johnson’s leg for a second yellow card and was sent off.

No arguments about the sending off, it was a nasty challenge.

And unfortunately Eduardo had to be replaced instead, which was a shame after he literally saved Arsenal from the abyss.

We know Arsene seems to have a knack with his substitutions of late, and only 5 minutes later Adebayor took advantage of an Everton mistake. A goal kick from Almunia was punted upfield, only to be missed by everyone. The ball bounced in between Yobo and Howard, and Adebayor simply nicked in and converted a simple third for Arsenal.

After that the game was over, and with tempers flaring Mikel Arteta compounded Everton’s misery by elbowing Cesc in the face and getting a straight red card. Things had threatened to boil over throughout the second half and Fabregas was wisely replaced by Rosicky with only a couple of minutes remaining. It signalled another inspired substitution by the boss, as the Czech smashed in a fourth deep into stoppage time.

It was hard to think rationally after the final whistle, and the ruthlessness of Arsenal was amazing. Champions win games they don’t play well in and Arsenal had smashed Everton (who have been excellent this season) 4-1 in their own back yard.

And even more importantly perhaps, Arsenal retained top spot virtually straight after losing it only a few days ago. Talk about bouncebackability!

You have a feeling now that after losing top spot and getting it back, Arsenal won’t be giving anymore second chances and will give absolutely everything to stay in that position.

I hope I’m not tempting fate here by saying this, but tonight’s game was a classic performance of a Championship winning side.

A fantastic way to end to the calender year, a fantastic game and that result really does sum up the season so far.


43 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To Say. I Am Speechless…

  1. I think you’re getting carried away by the result. The performance stunk and Arsenal were very luck to get anything out of this game let alone win 4-1.

    The performance was on a par with the Newcastle and Middlesbrough games, which we got nothing out of. If Arsenal continue to play this badly you can be sure of one thing, we won’t be champions.

    Hopefully we can turn it round soon, but everything – and I mean everything – went our way today.

  2. james , chance prefers a prepared mind.we might have been lucky but damn we were prepared for it.eduardo made 2 goals out of nothing and we are back on top atleast now pple know we have an ugly side to our game.eduado is the key to breaking down teams who get into a game with 5 in the midfield. go gunners

  3. Obviously, there are two ways to stop Arsenal — park everyone in the box, or play very tight defense all the way, if you have the stamina. Kudos to Everton, but they did not have the legs, even against a makeshift offensive line-up. Bendtner showed that super subs do not instantly make the shift to starters, which is fine. And Eduardo showed incredible poise; it was as if time slowed down for him at a moment when his adrenaline levels should be soaring. He knows that he has more time than it seems, if he stays in control. On one of his goals, in the replay, you can see him glance at Howard before commencing his shot. Awesome.

  4. Eduardo’s finishing was top class, but he was lucky as the ball brushed his arm for the first goal and he definitely handballed the second.

  5. I think that after half time we showed serious championship qualities in the way we attacked the ball and made something out of nothing.

    Edwardo will become that secret weapon that Arsene said he would be!!

  6. Stunning performance from dudu he deserved it. But whats wrong with arsenal fans. Never happy. Had we lost some would ask for him to be sold in Jan but now he is a star. Come on u gooners lets support the team no matter what especially not only when we are winning and playing well. The team needs us more when things are not going well. Gooner for life!

  7. whats wrong with arsenal fans. Never happy.


    Same thought crossing my mind.Wish those whinging tossers would feck off!

    It was a game of grit and oppurtunism and we trounced them 4-1 by taking all our chances. If Everton had made this a game of football we would have won even more convincingly as Rosicky and Ade showed at the end.

    Best result of the season by far.

    Any Arsenal fan who isnt proud after that needs to go to a shrink.

  8. Whilst the first half did belong to Everton, I feel The Arsenal did more than enough to win this game. Eduardo’s finishing was the difference, he’s deadly in front of goal. This a fantastic result, especially given Manure lost after much bragging from their personnel about who’s gonna slip up. It seems that others are too busy worrying about the Arsenal’s form instead of maintaining their own. Moyes was quick to point out how his side played the best football, therefore should have won! Now where have I heard that before. Back on top again! Lol Come on you Gunners

  9. It’s interesting what people are saying about Dudu. His overall performance was very poor, however he died what he was paid to do twice in some style and everyone says he was great.

    I think people shouldn’t expect much from him in a game besides goals otherwise they might well get disappointed. But his whole game is about goals, nothing else, so maybe you can call his performance today great afterall, it depends how you look at it.

    His finishing is superb and personally I think any combo of Ade Dudu and RvP can be unstoppable if given some time. And yes time seems to stop for him, I think he holds his breath when he gets 1v1 because I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but in his celebrations he always lets out a huge sigh as if he was holding it. Maybe that’s his secret for not letting the situation worry him.

  10. Think we need a bit of balance here. I thought the performance, particularly in the 1st half was really poor. Our midfield and both forwards weren’t in the game at all. Second half we upped it a little but I don’t think the performance in terms of possession, threat and shape was much better than our other games in the north east which is worrying. What is positive is that we won the game. Last season Arsenal would not have won this game. We are not used to seeing wengers teams being dominated and winning. We are not used to having a player like eduardo who may not contribute alot but takes his chances when they come. We had a team who were kicked and kicked back. All of this is good- and a departure. We will play better this season and draw/lose. What is good is that this team can win (and win well) when not completely on top.
    Bendnter has a lot to learn and personally I don’t think Diaby is good enough.

  11. Hear, hear, gentlemen, perhaps you are familiar with Cassius Clay’s famous “rope-a-dope” technique in boxing? Well, we just witnessed the Arsenal pulling the trick on Everton. The first half was a ruse; allowing the Toffee’s to think we’re still playing Pompey, then appear after the half and play a direct, physical “northern” game. Fair play to Mr. Wenger.

  12. I see Moyes complaining about a HAND BALL? The replays clearly suggest it was NOT a handball. Secondly they are complaining about Everton passing and Arsenal playing long balls, well let me tell you stupid toffees unlike before teams cannot shut us down by being physical and puttin 11 behind ball and defending!! We do not fall for that, we do have a plan B and yes that is dirty football but like said “its more about winning and less about playing beautiful”. This match was not luck it was preparation meeting an opportunity! Everton shut the hell up!

  13. This was the type of game that we would have lost in the last couple of seasons…
    But this season we seem to have what it takes to get the goals…
    We just keep going and the goals keep coming, i love it!
    And for David Moyes to say Everton were the better team?!
    Well, if that was the case Arsenal should have won the league last season….(if you know what i mean)

  14. nothing to say about the strikers that hasnt been said already, but wanted to add that Cesc is a legend. His brash and never say die attitude is one reason we’ve been able to grind out results when weather and geographical location arent going our way. just looking at his attutude when he was substituted off the pitch screams winner, and one that will play for the team. Amazing.

  15. Anyway, it’s nice to hear when other clubs complained that they played better football & lose. When Arsene complained last time, the others would call him a whinger etc etc and the media would showered compliments on them…northern grit …blah blah blah.

    A taste of its own medicine, I would say. Wondered how they’ll find the taste?

  16. I agree fully with the author. these are the sorts of games title winning sides win. the scoreline does not matter. call it 2-1 if you like, but we dug out some goals and clung on for 3 points at a very difficult away ground. forget how we played – man u never play great football for 38 games. I think sometimes people assume that they do. Man u played absolutely awfully at the start of this season and won many of the games they really deserved to lose. people said that was the sign of champions. when we do it though people moan about how the other team passed the ball better than us! please just give us the credit for having different characteristics to be able to win different types of games, as champions have to do.

  17. It’s amazing what can happen when you play with two strikers up front instead of one.

    Moreover, it’s also amazing what can happen when you play with the right personnel. In other words, no Eboue.

    Wenger finally heeded the call.

    And that’s what some of were pleading for.

    It’s not that we whinge and cringe over nothing.

    Today, Arsene got it 100% right.

    Long may it continue.

  18. It is not luck tonight.

    I dare say of all players we currently have, Eduardo has the best finishing skill. Maybe Van Persie can match him, but Eduardo is a no-nonsense guy, no fancy footwork. He is that kind of player that can be quiet for entitle match but when chance arrives, he rarely miss.

    But we have to tolerate more of other clubs for us not playing our passing game after they loss to us. Because we have to play passing game? We are not allowed to play long ball because we are Arsenal? I feel so good…

  19. Maximus – in an post before the match you were saying besides Eboue, that Rosicky, Adebayor, Eduardo, Senderos, Lehmann, Diaby, Gilberto, were not good enough. From what I recall, half of these were instrumental in today’s win. Clearly you are just a fair weather fan with little understanding of the game.

  20. Realised i’ve been blinded by the ‘fresh legs effect’ for too long as the usually useless Adebayor looked so sharp and the usually very useful Bendtner looked like shit. These two should go on subbing each other at regularity for maximum devastating effects.

    Eduardo to me is the original Fowler. (3-0 Sheff Utd, 1st goal, fav goal of the season.)


  21. As several others have pointed out, Eduardo can finish so well he makes it look like he is playing in a different time dimension. 9 goals from 18 appearances (six as sub) and people are saying he’s had a troubled start to his Arsenal career, I can’t wait for him to really get going then!

  22. Maximus I dont think u giving Ebouse enough credit I mean what do you mean he is not good this lad have been puting in great preformance (the way he runs down the right flank and combinds well with sagna is great.He his one of our better crossers no wonder wenger converted him into a midfielder) for us and most ppl still dont appreciate him I think we all have to get behind the team and stop running them down.Edurado is really the fox in the box and who the hell says there is notin to his game than scoring : he has the quick one two touchs and can also cross the ball.I think he has two or three assits to his name this season.Cant wait till van perie his back (and what is this rumour that he has 3 more weeks on the side line is it true?)

  23. looks like we have are own little Remario he was lethal in front of goal but absolutly shit in the games i ever watched him in he went on to score over a thousend goals. he was also dudu`s idol.

  24. So far Eddie has scored with great regularlity this season and has only 2 less goals than Ade in all competitions in like probably half as many games and many of those were sub appearances. Don’t jump to conclusions about Bentdner, he played badly and fucked up in the end, but every player does that once in a while, so far this year he has played very well and looks very useful. so I think it’s best all round if we just move on since he knows more than anyone that he made a big mistake and doesn’t need people saying he can never make it.

    I was really glad we used the 4-4-2 and ironically it looked like the players were finding the formation difficult since they aren’t used to it so much these days. But another game or two and we can be back to our best. I just hope Dudu gets many more chances with the first team.

  25. I haven’t seen that kind of deadly finishing in a striker since Batistuta was still plying his trade in Serie A and also with Argentina.

    One chance, once goal.

    Great result for Arsenal.

    Let’s not make any rash judgements about Bendtner until he’s started at least 20 to 30 first team premiership games.

  26. Not sure what some guys talking about here. Once Arsenal beats an opponent with their own game (hit and run) in their own backyard, they are playing ‘ugly’. So you guys expect them to play all the time ‘beautiful’ and lose ? … C’mon you (and the Gunners) can’t be that dumb.
    One more thing, Wenger said before “Listen, we have lost one game since the start of the season so I don’t know what’s wrong with that.”
    In the media all the while whenever the Gunners lose and draw a game, it’s a “crisis”. Once ManU loses – where are those reports ?
    It’s time that some reporters as well as football fans take off their tinted glasses. Cheers and Happy New Year.

  27. great performance the sort we would have lost inthe previous years.wengers team talk must have certainly galvanised the team because at the end of the first half the best adjective to describe their play was inept.
    the finishing of da silva was sublime and clinical,i also was impressed with the general doggedness of the team especially flamini.
    the downside was bendtners performance ,he never got to grips from early on and you could see his frustration building and to be quite honest you could see a challenge like that coming.
    the sending off of arteta was although harsh was a sending off offense(raising of the arm)
    it amuses me to see david moyes in the post match press conference going on regarding cescs broken jaw(i.e he made a meal)cast your mind back 2 seasons to goodision park,last minute of the game and the clash between cesc and that clown cahillcesc got the red card for nothing more than the same that cahill usually perpetrates on the corner flags when he scores.
    ps why does cahill remind me of an aussie robbie savage

  28. Agree with the author, that was simply stunning from Arsenal.

    I had to laugh at David Moyles last night though, complaining about playing the better football! Almunia had nothing to do, and while they did have more of the ball all they did was knock it wide and cross it every time!

    I’m so proud of Arsenal this year, and agree with everyone that this could have easily been a game we would have lost in previous seasons.

    The main differences with Arsenal this season are:

    1) Arsenal have a Plan B. The Eduardo goals were direct and more importantly ruthless. The fact is Arsenal can’t play beautiful football in every single game and a result like this is hugely encouraging. Has Eduardo actually missed a chance yet? Every chance I’ve seen him have has hit the net! And every time the goalkeeper gets nowhere near it!

    2) Arsenal have fight. Yesterday was an example of how the game was getting physical and Flamini has made a HUGE difference this season. His attitude and fight is outstanding. Gallas has it, and now Fab has it too. In seasons gone we would go out with a whiper, but not this season.

    3) Almunia. Not many people will point out his influence, but he is much calmer and a better influence in the defence. With Lehmann we didn’t know what was going to happen and the difference is obvious. This season at Xmas we are top, whereas in previous seasons we have been well behind.

    4) The defence. Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Clichy have all been outstanding this season. Eboue was a weakness at right-back but now Sagna is solid as a rock.

  29. the plain fact of this matter is, at anytime arsenal can strike with brilliance. They got outplayed by everton for the first half, however arsenal are clearly the stronger side, they have the stamina, depth, and drive to pick up three points out of every match. Its obvious that the 4-4-2 is the way to go, and judging by this performance i would say Wenger needs to start eduardo every game, what with RVP being out for another 3 weeks, and i think all of you could agree with that

  30. Whateva James!

    This was an excellent result and really a championship performance!
    maybe we did not play well on a whole but the 2nd and 4th goals were beautiful. Ade deserves so much credit for the 3rd goal as he never stops chasing the ball, this was not just some mistake but he caused much of the confusion. Eduardos first goal though a defensive mistake was so cool – as one US sports reporter says “as cool at the other side of the pillow”

    Arsenal fans please stop loosing confidence at the site of a little difficulty! it will never always be smooth sailing. Please stop looking at Man U as if they must win the Title – so many Arsenal fans r sayng that they do not think we can win in this year, WHY NOT? which team would you pick to win playing at their best? ARSENAL to me without a doubt!

    Keep the faith! GOD BLESS YA!

  31. Fantastic result. Eduardo, what can I say, his overall contribution I will admit was not the best but the two finishes were just sublime. I honestly thought the ref had blown up prior to both, clinical does not do them justice. Apparently we were lucky. Well I’ll take lucky from here on in. 1-4 at Goodison is an astonishing result. James, I was just wondering if you were one of the 4 Chelsea meatheads sitting on the table next to ours at the Arora hotel, Crawley on saturday evening? If so I hope you were the one who decked it carrying your beers back from the bar. Priceless.
    Come on you Gunners!!

  32. Everton supporters are pathetic.

    Let’s look at the game shall we? YOUR goal was from a CORNER, which only resulted in a goal because Bendtner decided to do keep-ups on the goal line. Then Cahill jumped and knocked it into the net.

    After that, all you guys actually did was play the ball wide and then cross it! All your ‘attacking football’ was crosses, set-pieces and corners! Did Almunia actually have anything to do accept save Carsley’s shot in the second half?


    Arsenal meanwhile made opportunities and took them.

    Eduardo’s goals were sensational. To see a ball coming at you from 70 yards away and control it in the area under pressure was breathtaking! The only other person I have ever seen doing anything similar was Dennis Bergkamp.

  33. I just hope this blib continues….yes the blib the press so gleefully anounced after us losing to Boro with 4 great players missing. The same blib that Sky & BBC both announced would see Man U shoot away from the rest and be 4 /7 points up by mid Jan. Yeah lets have another Blib only a big longer please.

    As for the comments from James….I have a brother Gunner in OZ who sees the games in the same manner ie; totally negative . He sees nothing in AdeB or Hleb or Walcott or Diaby or Eboue. In fact if he had his way our team would look more like the Spuds….! All I can say to you all is Arsene has proved us all wrong non stop and its about ti8me to admit it. He has transformed a club that was going nowhere into THE club…perhaps the only club that competes with the Northern teams. I do not count Chelski because they buy everything inc trophies and will buy one too many soon.

    Hope Im right when I say by this time next year players like… AdeB, Eduardo, Walcott, Vela, Diaby, will be world famous, and Gibbs, Lansbury, Randall, Merida, will be well knwon in the UK.

    Happy New Year even to the Jame’s of this world.


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