T*sser Of The Month Awards: Bentley or Diarra?

You can understand why players could be upset at leaving Arsenal, especially when it’s for a smaller team but David Bentley and Lassana Diarra take it to another level.

Last week it was reported that David Bentley was “close to quitting football” and that he “lost his love for football” during his time at Arsenal. The poor guy had this to say:

“When I was at Arsenal I lost my love for the game. I sat down one day and thought: ‘I go to work, yet I don’t want to’

“When you you’re not enjoying yourself it doesn’t matter whether you are at a top club or not. If you don’t enjoy your time, what’s the point?

“It crossed my mind that football might not be for me. I thought about what I really wanted to do.”

Yeah, I really feel for the guy.

It must be so hard being a professional footballer. Nevermind that millions across the world would kill to be in his profession, and that he is being paid ridiculous amounts of money while the fans work hard to afford tickets just to attend the games.

Jesus Christ.

Seriously, is this guy completely deluded? Many players have career-ending injuries before they even get their chance at the big time and this t*sser is moaning about not enjoying himself. Why not try working 9 to 5 like the rest of us you stupid c*nt.

What planet is this guy on?

He’s obviously spent too much time around Cashley “how can I possibly live on £55k a week” Cole and Jermaine “let’s crash into a lamp-post and tell the Police my name is Ashley Cole” Pennant.

And then we come to Lassana Diarra, who has found a “regular first-team place” at Portsmouth.

He talked about how long he’s been waiting for his chance:

“I need to play. I am fed up of pleasing people. I am 22-years-old and the most important thing to me is football, my job, my passion.

“I know the trainer of Portsmouth and I know that he will play me. Everything has been very clear.”

Of course.

I really don’t understand this guy. He joins Arsenal, a team which actually gives youngsters a chance but is far too impatient – and Arsene usually doesn’t make you wait long anyway! It’s not as if Wenger has given Cesc, Cashley, Flamini, Clichy or Kolo a chance is it? Oh wait…

And I really feel for Harry Redknapp.

Because if Diarra is anything like he was at Arsenal the moment Diarra sits on the bench for a game then he will be throwing the toys out of the pram. The very reason Pompy bought him was because they have lost a lot of players to the African Cup of Nations so when those guys return Diarra is going to be a royal pain in the arse.

Good luck Harry.


34 thoughts on “T*sser Of The Month Awards: Bentley or Diarra?

  1. “…What good english banter can you have…?”

    Well, they could always have a good laugh togetthe about Spu*s.

  2. It’s a very pathetic professional athlete that can’t get through his working day without ‘banter’ – what does that mean exactly? Bottom and willy jokes all day? Do me a favour … if Bentley had any judgement he would have stayed at Arsenal and he’d probably be a first team regular by now. But he’s not the biggest t*sser by far.

    Diarra is an absolute fool for moving to Portsmouth. While they are a good team at the moment I think they are a little bit above their natural place and will most probably drop off the pace a bit as the season progresses, but whatever it could be a worse club. The real insanity to all this is not where he chose to go to but that he chose to leave at all. There is no club anywhere in the world that gives the young guys more of a break at an early stage of their career and Diarra knows that – he’s just little bit THICK … he’s a good player alright but if he doesn’t have the character to fight for a regular place then he doesn’t have the character to play for us – at all. So, I am glad he’s gone, the twerp, and the grand master Arsene has mopped up a tidy 3.5 million profit in a few months! Excellent.

  3. Just think of the profit Rovers will make from the sale of Bentley to a Premiership winning club like Man Utd!

    A profit in the region of 10+Million

  4. Arsenal clearly have an excellent youth system (I watched their youth team completely outclass Burnley last Friday) but clearly they cant ALL stay at Arsenal. I’m just grateful that Bentley chose Blackburn.

    And I managed to say all that without swearing or taking the Lords name in vain !

  5. what the hell would you do if you were bentley? obviously friggin’ talented (do you remember his goal in his debut for arsenal?), still he doesn’t get played. well i’ll tell you: if you were bentley, you’d go to a club that would play you, that’s your job, so that’s what you want. ask -any- footballer. if you don’t see that his decision wasn’t correct, you my friend need to check yourself. when he was at arsenal he didn’t have a massive pay, he still doesn’t. yet he’s gone from a reserve that got played one match for years to blackburn, where he’s got a regular place in the first eleven – and a national team game. silly decision? give us a break, don’t embarrass yourself.

    the day after blackburn bought him from arsenal he scored a hattrick against manure, and yet he barely got a game for you guys. your loss.

  6. U prat! Why not slag off 131k earners like lampard, who really is a piece of sh**. Bet u wudnt comment on Mr. Fabregas on a wage of £75k a week! Bentley’s only on £25k a week. GET UR FACTS RIGHT!!!! UR two top strikers (Adebayor and Van Persie) earn more than our entire squad put together (I’ve checkd thats right)! Bentley never got a chance until he went 2 norwich on loan! He went to a dodgy, shitty team (Rovers) and turned them into a team with top 4 potential! We have limited funds and no fans from korea, yet we remain a premiership team pushing for europe. The few fans who can actually be arsed turn up to ourr games are very loud, mind! Bentley got his real chance at blackburn and is the only player to score a hat-trick vs ManYoo! lets clear up the eng U21 thing while i’m here: He didnt say he was tired! He said he didnt want to ‘burnout’ during this season and ruin his chance of a full eng debut! One more thing:

    Cud ur team not think of a name with out ARSE in it? Is that all you nobs think about all day? Kissing the sweaty arse of Thierry Henry!?!?

  7. Joe:

    I never actually criticised Bentley’s decision to leave Arsenal, and in fact I was glad we got rid of the him. I’m not sure how you thought I said it was the wrong decision by any means.

    The condemnation if you like was for his attitude towards Arsenal. Not everyone makes it here but to keep having a go at Arsenal is not on, because he doesn’t actually have any valid reason to. The specific comment I was talking about was the ‘love for football’ comment which to me is completely ridiculous, especially when every fan would love to be a footballer. He is in a very privileged position and to tell the public he almost quit ‘because he wasn’t happy’ is pathetic.

    Do you think the fans who graft 9 to 5 enjoy their jobs?

    Mike Blackburn Fan:

    All footballers get paid ridiculous amounts of money, but the difference between players like Lampard and Fabregas is that they know they’re in a fortunate position being footballers and they don’t moan about it.

    Bentley on the other hand is a moaning c*nt with an obvious chip on his shoulder.

  8. Hold on…Maybe you should read up on the history of Arsenal then carry on talkin crap! Come on…you actually fell for that dumb excuse of bentley not wantin to be ‘burnout’…bentley obviously thought he was too good to play wid the under 21’s n so went into a strop, which dumb mclaren brought into.
    If a bigger team, went in to buy bentley, he would leave blackburn straight away. If he couldn get into our first team on a regular, then obvioulsy he wasn that good at the time to compete wid the rest. Arsene didn say he was crap, bentner left, so if he was a bit more patient he couldve got first team regular, instead of bein so arrogant. When we play blackburn, you can jus tell he wishes he was at Arsenal than Blackburn…guaranteed Champions league, LOL!
    Tosser of month: Diarra.

  9. hold on, indeed. evidently he’s done the right thing, he’s been in magnificent form all year. he would do it again, and that’s -after- all the booing and mocking, just because it was the right decision for him at the time.

    arrogant? do you know david bentley? the obvious answer is no. do you often judge people you don’t know? what does that say about you, sir? there’s one more thing: “Arsene didn say he was crap, bentner left, so if he was a bit more patient he couldve got first team regular, instead of bein so arrogant.” – how long should he wait? it’s so obvious to everyone else, but you gooner-fans that he made the right decision leaving arsenal, there are none outside of your camp that would agree with you. to say anything else is diluded.


  11. You criticise Bentley here for not wanting to wait for his chance at a big team then go and idolise Cesc Fabregas every weekend, See the hypocrisy?

    Arsenal is a big club but you’re seriously deluded if you think you’re bigger or near equals with Barcelona. Here’s a snippet from Cesc’s wiki:

    “Fàbregas started playing his club football at FC Barcelona. During his youth career, he was played mostly as a volante (defensive midfielder), yet he was also a prolific scorer, sometimes scoring more than 30 goals in a season. However, he did not play a first-team game at the Camp Nou. Sensing that he would have limited opportunities at Barcelona if he stayed, he decided to join Arsenal, signing for the London club on 11 September 2003.”

    So is Cesc a tosser for leaving Barca to play team football at Arsenal?

    My second complaint is that Bentley doesn’t actually directly slate Arsenal or Wenger; he simply talks about a sh*t time in his career which just so happened to be when he was at Arsenal. How up your own behind do you have to be to expect every footballer to happy at your club just because they have a fairly well known name and are masters are deluding stupid people into forgetting that the Dutch invented “total football” and did it better than Arsenal ever will. I digress, about him “moaning” as a footballer are you saying that only low paid workers are entitled to have a sh*tty day at the office? Please let me know what the cut limit is in salary then I can see if I’m entitled too.

    You’ve probably not the worst job in the world yourself but I bet you moan about it now and then. Except Bentley’s not even “moaning” he’s just being truthful about a time in his life, it is possible to talk about negative things without moaning you know.

    I’m sorry he slipped through your net, it’s sad because as a Rovers fan I’m thankful to Arsenal for producing him (I’ll stop there as I believe Hughes has moulded him); it’s just shame that Gooners can’t be proud of him as one of their successful youth products, ahh well I guess.

  12. As a gooner who in his profession has moved around a bit, I dont begrudge Bentley or even Diarra. To each his own.

    It’s often difficult to know what the better option is – to stay and wait for the pay raise and benefits and share options to improve beyond belief (which they might not – Arsenal was in transition when Bentley left, or he might blow his knee out), or go somewhere else and improve more quickly and experience the thrill of first team football, yet perhaps never hit the heights possible at your first job. Bentley is a showman; he wanted face time. He probably would be playing down Arsenal’s left wing this season and in the Champion’s League, but he’s also happy at Blackburn. Good luck to him.

    Diarra has a screw loose.

  13. Here’s a guy that couldn’t wait to play regular football. If he’d been patient he would have got his chance on the big stage but he felt that if he moved on it might be better for his career, even if it meant playing for a smaller club.

    Who am I talking about? Not Bentley, it’s Cesc Fabregas you absolute hypocrites!

  14. I know Rover_til_i_die, I just can’t get over this either. A gooner slating two players for wanting to move for regular football whilst drooling over their poster boy Fabregas who DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

    I’m shocked the author didn’t consider this small but important fact.

  15. Estebanrey:

    While I understand your comments you have obviously misunderstood mine. I made no opinion about Bentley leaving Arsenal, or his impact at Blackburn Rovers. In fact I think he is an excellent player for Blackburn, and most probably one of your best players.

    The problem I had with him was that he said he wasn’t enjoying himself. Why make a point about that? I have bad days at work but I never moan about it – there are starving kids in Africa for Gods sake so whatever happens to be can’t compare to that. The fact is Bentley is in a privileged position (as all footballers are) and when they moan about ‘not enjoying themselves’ then it annoys me, like I’m sure it annoys a lot of people.

    I mean things could be a lot worse couldn’t they?

    I’m not sure what you’re on about regarding the Cesc comments. I wasn’t criticising Bentley about waiting for his chance at Arsenal, I was saying that not many people get the chance at professional football.

    And Bentley has that at Blackburn.

  16. whom ever posted this article has to receive the ‘t*sser of the month’ award. opinionated, unjustified, and quite sorrowful.

  17. Again Arsenal 4 Life you’re suggesting there is some kind of limit at which you ae entitled to moan about you’re profession? In fact in your last reply you almost say that only starving africans are allowed to be disgruntled in life. Which in itself it bull because Africans are marginally better off than torture victims who in turn are worse of than dead people. You just keep going round in circles with people arguing who are the worse off and are thus entitled to moan about it.

    Have you not learnt that people judge their lives by the standards they live around? You say you have bad days at work but never moan about it, sir I will happily call you a liar. Unless you are unique and not like the rest of mankind that moan about their jobs week in, week out. I certainly do.

    If Bill Gates lost a court case and got sued I wouldn’t begrudge him for being a little pissed off and I certainly wouldn’t go as far as calling him a tosser.

    Arsene Wenger is richer than me but he still moans about Blackburn supposed “rough tactics” evrytime we meet. Next time the interview should just stop him and say “no, there are starving Africans remember”.

    I wonder if Bob Geldoff knows the actual secret to soving world poverty is to stop everyone moaning about their jobs. Silly of him thinking getting money was the answer. On that note I’m willing to bet that David Bentley does more for Charity than you would ever do in 10 life times.

    In fact you wanna criticise players for not considering people less fornuate you should be looking closer to home first.

    May Day For Nurses Campaign
    Arsenal 3 players (2 as Henry was one of them)
    Blackburn 23 players! Including DAVID BENTLEY!!!!!

  18. You gunners fan are just so sore and jealous. HAHAHA

    Good move to Rovers by Bentley! Arsenal is just feeling sooooooooooooo sore at losing him. WHAHAHAHA

    you bunch of goondus….

  19. EstebanRay: Brilliant posts, I agree completely.

    What is most interesting to me is that Arsenal fans get so upset if you say one word that might be seen as bad PR for Arsenal yet they, including their manager and their hero Cesc, can bitch and moan after every game they lose without any consequences. lol

    Oh wait, aren’t they too privileged to moan about their jobs? *would insert a rolling eyes smiley but I can’t be arsed figuring out how*

  20. ‘Arsenal for life’ is so far up wengers arse that he fails to understand that football is not about money for the majority of players (other than judas neill and craig ‘i love this club’ bellamy of course!)
    Bentley was a player looking to further his career. He rejected the U21 team thinking he was a better player (and he is miles better! james milner should move to full eng setup as well)!!
    Note how much criticism ur gettin from most people in this blog u twat!!!!!


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